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Join the team! breaking piece of news with regard to Roy more allegations Al Franken fallout plus CNN does its best to go after Trump on Russia and falls directly on its face as does the entire media I'll tell you about that one plus the mailbag I'm Ben Shapiro this is the Ben Shapiro show so the news coming fast and furious today if my energy level seems a little bit down is just because I was back from San Francisco I was there last night doing sam Harris's podcast was really entertaining and fun Tim's a really good guy and while we disagree strenuously on issues regarding religion we have a lot of agreement about how arguments are to be approached and so it was really entertaining a good time that podcast should be up I think in the next couple of weeks is some time so you should listen for that but I want to get to all the latest news particularly a piece of breaking news with regard to Roy Moore's chief accuser there really - chief accusers in the Roy Moore case one is a woman named Lee Kaufman who says when she was 14 years old that Roy Moore attempted to molest her and a woman named Beverly young Nelson who accused Roy Moore of basically putting on her car and almost attempting to rape her when she was 16 years old she's the one of course who came out with the yearbook the signed yearbook we'll talk about a breaking piece of news in that case that really throws Beverly young Nelson into credibility crisis I will talk about that in just a second but first I want to say thank you to our sponsors over at quip so let me give you a challenge find a gift that's affordable practical instagram-worthy and on top of that list I will tell you is quip the electric toothbrush that looks like it was designed by Apple without the high price so quip is an electric toothbrush you can carry it with you on the road because it doesn't have one of those expensive and heavy chargers it works it's very slim package you stick a battery in it it's ready to go now they will ship 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Alabama when she was 16 years old so all the way back in 1977 she claims that Roy Moore had met her at a restaurant was hitting on her wrote her a note in her yearbook and then one night when she wouldn't when she'd have a ride home he offered to give her a ride brought around the back in the car to lock the door and then proceeded to try to molest her that was her claim and she trotted out this yearbook as proof that she knew Roy Moore because Moore said he never met her he'd know who she was so she trotted out this yearbook and Moore said it's a forgery and she said it's not a forgery and actually Gloria Allred went even further to Gloria Allred said the entire thing the entire thing is genuine and the entire thing was written by Roy Moore well a very bad thing happened on the way to Beverly young Nelson's credibility okay and that is that Beverly young Nelson admitted in an interview with ABC News that she wrote part of the inscription now she didn't write according to heard the actual note she didn't write Roy Moore's actual signature but she did write the date and the place underneath right now the reason that this is a problem I'll show you I'll show you what she had to say the reason this is a problem is because if they just come out at the very beginning and they'd said Roy Moore wrote this note and then to remind myself where this was I wrote the eight and the place underneath right just like you would on the back of a photo everybody would have gone okay especially because there's now a second note that Roy Moore wrote a graduation card to a seventeen-year-old that looks very much like this no right the signatures look pretty much the same but because people were automatically saying this was a forgery and because Gloria Allred refused to turn it over to any sort of impartial third hand source or secondhand source or refused to turn over to any sort of handwriting expert because of all that this now throws the entire story in jeopardy here's Beverly young Nelson talking about this and admitting that she wrote the little inscription under the note Young's proof that she knew more her yearbook with this inscription but Moore and his supporters have called into question that inscription noting the riding under the signature appears to be different let's look at Beverly Nelson everybody knows her in yearbook is a forgery Nelson says she did make notes to the inscription but the message was all Rome or Beverly he signed your yearbook he did sign it and you made some notes underneath yes okay so how number one does the GMA reporter who's reporting that's not ask why when were the notes made what were the specific notes made right it says the date and the and the and the the place the this steakhouse that apparently she worked now does this throw the entire story into into severe a credibility crisis not quite because Roy Moore said he never knew the woman he said that the restaurant didn't exist the signatures again looked the same they should submit it now to an independent handwriting expert they should have already Gloria Allred is a hack it's unbelievable to me that Gloria Allred's didn't submit this in the first place but there is a tendency to run too far with the story so I'm seeing headlines today as a headline from Breitbart bombshell she admits she forged the signature no she did not admit she forward us the signature what you just saw is the entirety of the tape right the actual headline over at Breitbart right now I want to make sure that I don't I don't give a steer you bomb on what exactly their headline is bombshell more accuser admits forging yearbook silence for weeks as evidence of hoax grew write more admits admits forging yearbook she did not admit forging the yearbook she admitted to writing a note underneath the signature so again this throws no credit to things can be true at once won her credibility can be it can have serious problems now because she didn't admit the from the start and because gloria allred openly stated the entire thing was written by this woman but it's also true that she didn't admit to forging the entire note she specifically said she didn't Forge the entire note in this particular element so I don't know why people have to lie about what yeah I really don't know why people have to lie about what exactly she admitted in order to throw this woman's credibility into crisis I don't really understand how how that's the case it's it's confusing to me but again it does have a real credibility problem and there gonna be a lot of people who hang their hats on this peg now again she's not the only accuser against forum or there's another accuser who says she was molested when she was 14 that was the one that was tracked down by the Washington Post they're a bunch of other women who say that Roy Moore was dating them and trying to kiss them and hit on them when they were under the age of 18 there were many of those women there were reports that he was banned from the local food court at the mall but all of that said is this a problem for beverly young nelson it is but it shows the dishonesty of our politics number one that gloria allred didn't admit this stuff up front and number two that GMA didn't bother to press the questions and number three the people are now saying this discredit the entirety of the signature and the note because it doesn't okay so all of those things can be true once it can also be true that this doesn't really change some of the underlying other allegations that people are using this to to dismiss all the allegations all the other allegations are now dismissed because there is this this problem with Beverly young Nelson's credibility now that seems to me overkill as well so with all that I'm trying to give you the most intellectually honest take I can it's a serious problem for her credibility it's a serious problem for Gloria Allred who once again demonstrates to the world that she is terrible at her job and as a hack lawyer and Ana troll but it doesn't do it doesn't do it doesn't carry all the heavy weight that I think a lot of people wanted to carry the weight that says that Roy Moore is now off the hook I think that's that's a little bit that's a little bit of a stretch all all that being said Roy Moore is gonna win there's no question the Roy Moore is gonna win this election now he's gonna win the election by eight to ten points he was already winning the election these charges that started to fade in the public memory and not only in the public memory but in the minds of a lot of conservatives because conservatives have made the concerted effort now the concerted move that they have decided that when so on the initial attack on somebody like Roy Moore is initially over an issue where they agree with Roy Moore then all further attacks will be attributed to malice add motivations and fraud right it's not just with Roy more this is true for Donald Trump too when the initial attacks on Donald Trump were suggestions that his right-wing views made him unpalatable then when there were later suggestions that were of a more personal nature everybody just rocked that up to media animus for Donald Trump the same thing is true of Joe Arpaio Joe Arpaio in Arizona is now apparently considering a run for the Senate he told the daily what are the daily beast that he is seriously seriously seriously considering running for the US Senate to repeal to replace Jeff Flake he'd obviously have an upper hand in the primaries because specifically because of all the media attacks on him because he had to be pardoned by President Trump and that means that a lot of people on the right think that he's a martyr to the cause right that he's somebody who is anti illegal immigration he is somebody who used to dress up his prisoners in pink outfits we like that sort of stuff since we don't like crime and we don't like illegal immigration and the initial media attacks were on that stuff not on corruption in the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office which apparently did exist they paid a 3.5 million dollar settlement to a local newspaper after trying to arrest newspaper reporters for reporting on a subpoena but all of that puts it aside one of the things that unites the sort of feeling for Trump and Roy Moore and and ang RPO is this feeling like if the initial attack on them was over their conservatism or over their right-wing views then all further attacks must be discredited based on the malice of the media and the media doesn't help its own case when it doesn't press Beverly young Nelson for a better explanation of why they didn't come out with this fact earlier why it was weeks before they came out with the fact that the last two lines of this thing at the very least according to Beverly young Nelson were written by Beverly young Nelson so yeah I think that Republicans are being a little disingenuous if they say that all allegations against Joe Arpaio are false because the initial attack on Joe Arpaio was wrong or all the allegations against Roy Moore are false because the initial attack on Roy Moore was wrong over the 10 commandments stuff like the fact is that Roy Moore says a lot of stuff that is inappropriate he says a lot of stuff that is bad but because again I think that you basically have ten seconds in the public eye to make people's minds up about what exactly you are then once their minds been made up it's almost impossible to change them is actually what the social science data tends to suggest then when you walk down the street you make a decision within the first 10 seconds of meeting someone whether you like them or not and it's very difficult to change your opinion the same is true in politics the first impression is the lasting impression that people have about you with regard to politics the first impression about Roy Moore is that he was a very religious guy who took the Ten Commandment seriously and wasn't going to bow to judicial supremacy and that image has basically carried him through all of the credibility questions about him it carries him through with saying ridiculous things right in just a second I'm gonna play you a quote by Roy Moore himself that if any Democrats had at the right would be going nuts but the right doesn't care because anything that is used to attack worry more is now being seen as bad faith here is a little bit of the the tape that I'm talking about Roy Moore was asked by the Guardian about Ronald Reagan once saying that the Russians were the the evil empire and the focus of evil in the modern world and here was Roy Moore's answer he said the Russia was the focus of evil in the modern world you could say that very well by America couldn't you do you think well we promote a lot of bad things you know like same-sex marriage that's the very argument of aladdhin mere Peter makes well then maybe Putin is right maybe he's more kin to me than I know okay so if any Democrat said that right that America's the focus of modern evil in this world and then they cited say not same-sex marriage but but high tea but low taxes and then they said maybe Putin is right we'd lose our minds but Roy Moore says that is totally fine again because people have made up their mind about Roy Moore already the same is true there's a quote apparently and I don't want to put too much stake in this quote I'll read it to you and then I'll tell you why according to the LA Times Roy Moore in September was asked about when he last thought America was great because he's run very much on they make America great again kind of bandwagon and more apparently acknowledged the nation's ugly history of race and racism and then he said I think it was great at the time when families were united even though we had slavery they cared for one another our families were strong our country had a direction so the way the media has run with this is saying that Roy Moore says the last time America was great as when there was slavery I don't think that's what Roy Moore is saying but it's certainly badly our it's another one of these cases where because we just trust the media on the right we want the entire context we don't trust them to tell the truth and this is just another example of why that is so that distrust of the media allows people to take a molehill and make it into a mountain in the case of Beverly young Nelson and all the rest of the accusers it allows them the ability to hang their hat on pegs that are not particularly sturdy again does this call beverly young Nelson herself in a question absolutely does it call Gloria Allred in the question absolutely and I will only follow where the evidence leads when she first came out I said I thought this was very credible I think it's a lot less credible now that that you have this this statement that she wrote in the yearbook herself do I think it completely destroys her credibility no I'm not willing to go that far but it's a problem for her that said for people to say this destroys all of the allegations against Roy Moore is is an overkill that I think is pretty shameless okay before I go any further and I'll talk a little bit about Al Franken first I want to say thank you to our sponsors over at us ECA so right now do you remember that gun giveaway I told you about a little bit earlier this week well if you want and you really do have to hurry the US ECA wants to give you for free chances to win a brand-new gun plus all the ammo you will need to break it in entry is simple easy and free but it's almost over go to defend my family now one calm is defend my family now the number one dot-com to lock in your entry this is your last chance to register if you win you'll get $1,000 for a brand new gun in the ammo of your choice remember it's not just one gun you get four chances to win not only is the US ECA on a mission to make sure every responsible gun owner is educated trained and insured they like giving away guns to law-abiding people 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want to put a baby in you in which case it is sexual harassment but if it was you work here I trust you seem like a nice gal have you ever considered surrogacy I'm not sure why that sexual harassment per se like I just may be the power melons but that doesn't seem like typical sexual harassment to me so I'm not sure we're getting the entire story on that well all that breaks down on the Republican side the Democrats are preening the Democrats are walking around preening we are just the moral guideposts for the United States we are the most moral of the moral this is the new shtick that Democrats have been trying out on a regular basis yesterday Al Franken did a bad job with it right he he tried to grab the moral high ground but that failed because Al Franken wasn't really willing to acknowledge that he'd done anything wrong here's what Al Franken said yesterday and in saying that he was going to resign now that he did resign yesterday but he would resign in short order if more gets elected and is not thrown out of the Senate I think there's a significant possibility that Franken actually retracts his retirement and says you know what I'm gonna stick around now if the Republicans aren't gonna clean house I'm certainly not gonna leave over this here's what Moore said yesterday Franken said yesterday nevertheless today I am announcing that in the coming weeks I will be resigning as a member of the United States Senate I of all people and aware that there is some irony in the fact that I am leaving while a man who is bragged on tape about his history of sexual assault sits in the Oval Office and a man who has repeatedly preyed on young girls campaigns for the Senate with with the full support of his party ok so there he there he does is he also called himself a champion for women and said that the women who are accusing him and gotten it all wrong but he's stepping down anyway it's hard for you to claim the moral high ground when you're blaming the women right I thought the whole shtick here is that women always have to be believed unless you're Al Franken and Franken himself he you know he is his accusers are angry at him and I think for good reason one of the Franken accusers she comes out and she says she's just appalled that Franken won't up to own up to the situation and so is there anything that for you would be justice I I have to say that I I'm so sad and appalled at his lack of response and him owning up to what he did I feel that he just keeps he just keeps passing the buck and making it out to be something that we we took his behavior the wrong way or we misconstrued something it's hard for them to grab the moral high ground in any case while they're busy giving it away but they're trying to grab the moral high ground anyway right they're trying to say that Republicans don't understand the plight of women but we Democrats we understand the plight of women now this is all cynical pandering I mean what they're actually attempting to do is flip the script so they can go after more and Trump right that's the whole goal here is that okay we'll sacrifice one of ours and then we'll use their bodies as a bridge in order to in order to climb the ramparts of Trump and and Roy Moore that's the whole goal here and you see Chris Matthews did the clearest and dumbest version of this so last night on his show he got up younger they show good I might say he talked about Democrats a great people the entire world is just that does fantastic go chasing your thoughts about the possibly positive education that the public hearing I don't know how you can avoid the education in this the worst you can say about the Democrats is they're too pure and that's the good thing to say but that's the worst thing you can say about these guys said to highest standard for public office yeah that's clearly the worst thing you can say about Democrats and their to appear the only pets the only you can say I mean preening just self-aggrandizing stupidity of this nonsense that the only thing Monica Lewinsky's dress disagrees all right the Ted Kennedy's sexual assault victims disagree the worst you can say about Democrats that they're too pure but this is their new routine we have the moral high ground and you can see how cynical this is right Democratic Representative Katherine Kathleen Rice she comes out and she says you know really the guy who should resign here is of course Trump Trump is the one who should really go now although Democrats you know our leadership came to this issue a little late they did call on the resignations that have happened and we need the Republicans to do the same thing we need Paul Ryan to stand up and be the leader of his party I know it's difficult for him to do that when the standard-bearer of the Republican Party for right now is the President of the United States and we know his history with this issue of harassment so my hope and my call is for Paul Ryan and the Republican leadership to get with the program and start forcing people out why shouldn't he resign today like Franken did if you're being consistent said before that he I have said before that he should I don't think that's gonna happen right that's the cynical move the Democrats are making but they're claiming that they have the moral high ground while they're doing it again two things can be true that Franken probably should go and also the Democrats are using this for cynical reasons but the preening is a little much or I mean that the Democrats for claiming themselves on loan from God is pretty astonishing Nancy Pelosi did that as well yesterday she extended it right not only are they Nancy Pelosi was defending Al Franken until five seconds ago and John Conyers until five seconds ago not only does it turn out that the Democrats have a direct pipeline to God when it comes to sexual harassment they also have a direct pipeline to God when it comes to legitimizing the children of illegal immigrants who came here when they were kids we're not going to turn this country into a reign of terror of domestic enforcement look at the jet and have the daca the dreamers pay that price but the I'm optimistic I always have been God is with us on this our country is great we know their greatness Springs from the vitality that newcomers bring to our God is with us you understand they're so holy now don't you see the holiness that they have in getting rid of Al Franken has now translated over to everything including daca and the killing of human babies in the woman till the ninth month it's just amazing how this has happened so before everybody jumps on their high horse and talks about how the Democrats have their holy and now they're they're all wonderful and they're too pure as Chris Matthews says yeah not so much okay so I want to talk a little bit about media malfeasance this is an amazing story so CNN reported this apparent bombshell and they got it totally wrong I'll explain all of it to you in just a 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skeptical of the media even on things like Roy Moore you cannot count out the fact that the media are willing to jump over any barrier in order to get Republicans they really are and so when you ask when the left looks at us and they say on the right how could you possibly how could you possibly not just credit the media with great reporting when they report something it's because within three hours half of this stuff gets discredited half is a little much but a certain percentage of gets discredit so for example there was a report from CNN and the report from CNN said that on September 4th there was an email that was sent to the Trump administration - Donald J Trump - channel 2 Donald Trump jr. - other members of the administration and that this email had a key code a decryption key for WikiLeaks that had not yet been released publicly as a big scandal if it turns out then that's one step removed from actual collusion right if it turns out that the WikiLeaks people at the behest of the Russian government send a decryption key the Trump administration the Trump campaign and that the Trump campaign used it in order to go in and spy on Hillary Clinton's emails before those things were released publicly that would look a lot like collusion would it not it turns out every elements of the stories bullcrap every single one so first of all the email was not sent on September 4th before the wiki leaks were leaked it was sent on September 14th after they were all are in public information you didn't need a decryption key for public information number two there's no evidence that Donald Trump jr. or Donald Trump ever saw this email number three there's no evidence that the email itself is legit that it didn't just come from some spammer so the way that this originally was run the way the original headline was run was something like I want to I want to find if I can the actual headline CNN report Trump and Trump jr. got September 2016 email with decryption key right here's what David Wright from CNN tweeted he tweeted candidate Donald Trump Donald Trump jr. and others in the Trump org received email in September 2016 offering a decryption key and website address for hacked WikiLeaks documents according to email provided to congressional investigators write bombshell before any of this was public they were being offered a special in by WikiLeaks aka the Russian government except again it turns out it may not have come from the Russian government there's no evidence Trump looked at it and the email came ten days after the initial CNN report said which means that the email came out after all the information was public I mean this is a Brian Ross level screw-up it is a massive massive screw-up somebody needs to get suspended for it at the very least because to misreport in that from Attica fashion does a disservice to the Trump administration then you wonder why Trump runs around shouting fake news you wonder why Republicans distrust reporting from places like the Washington Post you wonder why Republicans have now come to the conclusion then nothing can be trusted part of it is because they're taking the message too far but part of it is because there is a grain of truth which is that a lot of the media are willing to jump on stories that have not been vetted and are not true in order to promulgate a particular narrative and this is just the best example of that Democrats are doing this too representative hooli and Castro who has presidential aspirations he comes out and he says that don't worry even though there really is no hard information connecting trump and russia at this point disturbing things will definitely come out I mean come on well as you know I can't discuss most of that stuff now but you know I told you months ago and when I said it back then I think it was considered a little bit brash but I said I think in April that I thought that there would be people who would end up in jail and and as I stand here now I think that there gonna be some things that come out that will be very surprising and disturbing right they just want to read the chyron right this i

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