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Like this video? For more Ben Shapiro and Daily Wire content, subscribe to this channel and the Ben Shapiro YouTube channel youtube.com/c/benshapiro and ring the bell for notifications so you never miss a story!the media can't get enough of Trump aide Sam Nunn Berg social media goes crazy and intersectionality makes people even crazier than usual I'm Ben Shapiro this is the Ben Shapiro show so cable news yesterday was a wild thanks to Sam fun Berg I mean sam nunn berg of course the former Trump aide who decided to go on every TV network and basically vomit his thoughts everywhere and the media just kept featuring and we'll talk about all of that plus I don't get to the West Virginia teachers strike which is really kind of avoided the major news which is kind of amazing I also want to talk about something brewing inside left-wing circles and that is really ugly and I'm not just talking about the intersectionality that animates college campuses I'm talking about something beyond that 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his side BuzzFeed says quote he comes on a bit strong as you know according to Roger stone right Roger stone is a woman more disgusting political operatives in the business because I mean within a week of my meeting him he was going around telling people I was his mentor he's got clips but as they say when men Berg is 36 years old and he picked up a law degree from Toro College in 2009 apparently according to BuzzFeed his first foray into presidential campaigning came in 2007 when he worked as a volunteer for the Romney campaign while attending law school and he was put in charge of organizing turnout for the New York City GOP straw poll and he helped pull up an upset win for Romney over Rudy Giuliani he then went to work for the American Center for Law and Justice which is a Christian conservative Legal Foundation run by Jay Sekulow who works for Trump right now and of course he has made the rounds in the media he was ousted in the middle of the last campaign by the Trump campaign the campaign apparently thought that he was he was a destructive person helped Hicks said quote he's a highly self-destructive individual who makes routine calls begging for his job back this is the interview of a desperate person who is trying to hang on and stay relevant the Trump campaign downgraded him to low-level part-time consultants at the time of his firing his first meeting with Trump apparently is on tape this is from when he was a kid and apparently he met Trump at a WWE event which is perfectly fitting here is tape from that time Donald Trump invited the young somnom book right into the heart of the action we were sitting like behind Trump and he had us move to the first row and another section and it was actually funny because I ended up getting on the video for Wrestlemania with my father we were doing like the bushwacker so there is sam nunn Berg very young Trump political advisor and apparently he was sued during the last election cycle Trump sued him for like ten million dollars claiming he broke a confidentiality agreement or at least threatened to sue him so yeah sam nunn Berg is a colorful character say the least well he's now being investigated by the Muller investigation because the Moller investigation is talking to every single person ever including they haven't talked to me but I think I may be the only person in America they've left to talk to so they want to talk to Sam Nunn Berg so nunberg decides that it's worthwhile to go on every television show he can possibly find and go kind of crazy so he goes on MSNBC and he explains that if Muller wants to interview him he's not going to do the interview in fact he doesn't mind being sent to jail no big deal so it starts off with this at MSNBC if they're trying to build a case against Roger I'm not gonna be part of it I'm not Roger didn't do anything Roger didn't do anything except get treated like crap by Donald Trump the president you keep saying you don't think there'll be a consequence what if the quality for that is going to jail Sam you're not gonna send me to jail you know what mr. Muller if he wants to send me to jail he could send me to jail and then and then I'll laugh about it and I don't make a bigger spectacle that I am on your TV show right now well sir I don't know what they're gonna do okay there was a woman named Susan mcdougal who during the Obama administration refused to testify and she ended up going to jail so this would not be the first time that somebody who's refused to testify or talk to the FBI and they've ended up in jail and then it gets even worse own unbirth apparently was on CNN Jake Tapper and he actually starts asking Jake Tapper whether he should cooperate with Muller so he's just going crazy live on TV he called him to every major television show he called into New York City one yesterday here he is with Jake Tapper and look at the incredulity on tappers base and we want to hear you cooperate should I spend 80 hours comes over my emails shake if it were me I would I mean it's just asking my opinion just because it sounds like a pain but he is the special counsel and he does have every email I talked to Steve and Roger stone eight tons a day do you know what a new well I do I go well I do I have to life and special prosecutors are not fair I guess I would I would cooperate were me but you know I'm a different breed of cat Jeffords puzzled by life right here and then sad number calls into another show and he explains that President Trump really didn't go far enough during the campaign the president Trump should have had Bill Clinton's alleged in an alleged illegitimate black child at the debate this is him calling into MSNBC and talking with Katy tur wasn't some smart idea that we had for us to be fired and then we were to get the emails to Russia if Roger and me were there Katy we would have had the Benghazi parents there at the first debate we would have had Bill Clinton's illegitimate black child there at the second debate and we would have had the women there okay so he was just going wild on TV yesterday call Sarah Huckabee Sanders a fat slob he suggests that there's something there to the Trump Russia investigation says he's not going to talk to Muller but he thinks that there's something going on with the Trump Russia investigation he thinks that term probably colluded with Russia here's nunberg yesterday saying that Lou Dobbs and Jeanine Pirro and Sean Hannity are gonna be very embarrassed when all of the Trump brushes stuff comes out and by the way you're gonna be fine when it comes out what he did but people like Sean Hannity Lou Dobbs Jimmy and Piero they're gonna have to be they're gonna be very embarrassed yes yes so the big question here was is Sam number the crazy person and that's what everybody who's watching yesterday's watching this go on and they were thinking is this person a crazy person and if he is a crazy person is it moral to put a crazy person on TV just to get President Trump and you can see that members of the media themselves people who are interviewing him are suggesting that he's either drunk or high or crazy on TV yesterday ari Melbourne over at MSNBC actually asked Sam Nunn Berg if he is if he's feeling stressed out because he says people are worried about you Sam you and I have both been around these types of situations these types of probes they can be very stressful even for people who are completely innocent did nothing wrong it can be stressful how are you holding up and do you want to take more time to think this through could you change your mind I'm not gonna answer something so why does this this is so ridiculous I'm not gonna give them every email I had with Steve bandana Roger stone I communicate with them every day and are you are you feeling okay you feeling stressed out like this no and I'm feeling kind of I want to see what mr. Miller does it's never been done before okay and then he goes on Erin Burnett on sienna era Burnett says you smell like you are drunk on the air right now like there's an actual thing that happened on TV yesterday you know I've or you're sitting very close to me yeah we talked earlier about what people in the White House were saying about you yeah I've know whether you you were you were drinking or on drugs or whatever they were what had happened today I'm talking to you yeah I have smelled alcohol well you have another drink so that's not no and then he says but he is not anti depressant so here is the big question okay there are two big questions one does this guy have anything useful to say the answer seems to be no number it doesn't have anything useful to say so the question becomes why are the media having him on and there's really a larger question which is do the media have a responsibility not to put people on TV who are humiliating themselves and making reality TV show spectacles of themselves and this is a real open question because is nunberg is it their job to to actually not put him on the air if he's drunk or if he's crazy so I would say the Erin Burnett does the worst job here because she actually apparently thinks he's drunk presumably if an Obama official walked in completely drunk off his butt and walked into the CNN studios security would be called they wouldn't put him on the air so if Erin Burnett actually thought that Sam Nunn Berg was drunk or crazy or off his rocker why put him on the air and the answer is because all these people in the media think that Sam Nunn Berg is going to suddenly drop the bomb about president Trump or because they think that it's humiliating to the Trump administration to have once had somebody like Sam Nunn Berthe working for them so on the one hand you have to say that the media their bias their attempts to get Trump have gone too far there are a lot of members of the media or so interested in getting Trump or he will awaiting trunk that they're willing to violate their own journalistic standards over at Axios the journalists there Jim VandeHei particularly is ripping into other members of the media this is just spectacle that there is no news value to this whatsoever you're putting on somebody who's clearly having a mental breakdown on national TV and you're doing so for the ratings and because you hate President Trump and that wouldn't be a shock that wouldn't be a shock I mean when you look at the media's desperation to get Trump it really has reached fever pitch I mean they are now reporting on things like CNN now traveled to Thailand they sent somebody to Thailand to dig up clues about Trump okay so first last month the network actually sent a reported saint-petersburg to literally dig around in a dumpster looking for leads about president Trump and now they sent a reporter to Bangkok to speak with a prostitute who claims that she has goods on the Trump camps alleged collusion with Russia according to grey being calm the woman her name is Anastasia by shukhevich who's also described as a sex coach is currently in prison and hopes that America will offer her Asylum in exchange for her story so CNN promptly sent a reporter over there his name is Ivan Watson he met with the woman in reported quote she is she described herself as a seductress this woman claims to have evidence of Russian meddling in the u.s. election the question is this a desperate ploy to get out of jail or as her friend claims is this young woman truly in danger because she knows too much it's a CNN has heiped everything that is possible the hype about Trump and Russia obviously and that's pretty damning stuff when it comes to why they're having people like same number on TV I don't know that that's the whole story don't I want to be fair to CNN I want to be fair to MSNBC you know explain in just a second first I want to say thank you to our sponsors over at Dollar Shave Club so dollarshaveclub.com the folks who will make give you everything you need to feel look and smell your best it's not just that they have the best razors in the business though they do it's not just that they have the magical fame dr. 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famous ham nunberg had phoned me from Dorian's Red Hand restaurant a yuppie hangout on Manhattan's Upper East Side where he was reveling in his triumph after announcing earlier that day his intention to defy a grand jury subpoena he says he received in the Russia investigation the former Trump aide had spent the day conducting a manic media blitz popping up on multiple cable news programs granting interviews to dozens of journalists and hijacking the news cycle with car crash procession of blustery sound bikes legal experts were warning his failure to cooperate with Muller's investigation could put him in serious legal jeopardy but none Berg was in a celebratory mood so when I talked to number of months ago he was always in a celebratory mood this is a guy who's kind of manic he said can you report this he says you have to report this the champ champ does whatever the f he wants the champ champ apparently is a reference to one of his favorite UFC fighters and apparently he was it he was alternating between an unalloyed bravado and a kind of meta amusement so what exactly was he doing what exactly what he was he doing apparently the mystery of his motivations had hovered over the day's astonishing events theories attempting to explain his bizarre behavior proliferated quickly according to Coppins some believed he's responding to being caught in a genuine conspiracy auditioning for immunity perhaps are covering up crimes admitted and committed by allies in the president's orbit but here's it none Berg's own explanation after being ordered to hand over his past private correspondence with several former Trump he was sorting through his inbox Monday morning and determined that complying with the subpoena would be an intolerable hassle he said after all I have a life okay that is that is fully possible but there is a question to be asked okay let's assume that Santa nunberg is borderline nuts let's say that the guy is a kook which apparently he is what's the media's obligation not to put Kooks on TV what's the media's obligation not to put crazy people on TV because half the people in politics are totally crazy let's say that I had told you back in circle like 2012 that there was some guy who's wandering around saying things like the President of the United States was born in Kenya let's say that he was wandering around commenting on Robert Pattinson 'he's relationship with Kirsten Stewart let's say that he was wandering around saying weird things about reality TV and also weird things about politics and just sort of generally mouthing off and in somewhat crazy fashion would you put him on TV the answer's maybe put him on TV because now he's the president of the United States in other words we've had some pretty crazy people in politics for a while so well I'm ripping on the media I'm not sure that it's fully justified to rip on the media for putting this guy on TV I will say I'm not sure the treatment would have been the same if you're an Obama official versus being a trump official I also think that there's a difference between people like Jake Tapper or even our email we're putting him on TV and people like Karen Burnett if Erin Burnett actually thought that he was drunk if Erin Burnett actually thought that this that that Sam Nunn Berg was a loose cannon off his rocker then that is irresponsible journalism but it does raise the question of what kind of journalistic ethics the media have been using recently and the answer is not very good you have a lot of partisan hacks on both sides of the aisle or either willing to cover for the president or willing to slander the president with anything that they can get their hands on and if they think that Sam Nunn Berg is gonna come out of the woodwork and ramble on incessantly about crazy things they will put him on the air just for the sake of putting him on the air which is not a good look it's really not a good look for the media and it's and you know they should be a little bit more careful apparently who's booked for like the Today show this morning it's easy if you're Omarosa apparently yeah but look some of the responsibility here also falls on the Trump campaign they really have to stop hiring top men from the end of India and Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark right their top men are not top men and sam nunn Berg is just more proof of that okay so meanwhile in sexuality continues to make people on the left insanely stupid so overnight literally over a 24-hour period there were a bevy of anti right-wing disruptions on campus so christina hoff luck christina hoff sommers friend mine the factual feminist she's professor she was speaking about feminism and she was speaking about the the failures of the social justice warrior program and she was shouted down is it a law school okay so this is this was happening at Lewis and Clark law school which is one of the better schools in the country and a coalition of student groups had demanded that what they called known fascist christina hoff sommers be no platform meaning that they shouldn't allow her to speak and they put out the Portland National Lawyers Guild put out a statement saying we are proud of our student chapter for taking a concerted stand against fascist racist and misogynistic views being broadcasted on campus the National Lawyers Guild boos and Clarke choppers joined with the minority Law Students Association black Law Students Association women's law caucus immigration student group Jewish Law Society Latino Law Society outlaw and Lewis and Clark young Democratic Socialist of America to ask the Federalist Society rescind their invitation they did not they did not rescind the invitation and and christina hoff sommers showed up anyway I really like Christina she is a charming woman and not only is she charming she's also quite intelligence and had a quite intelligent that has a lot to say she is not a fascist okay there's no evidence that she's a fascist and the attempt to boil down fascism to anything I don't like is simply idiotic which is more fascist christina hoff sommers coming and speaking about the the lies of the feminist movement or the people who are suggesting that they should actually be able to shut down her lecture by use of force that seems a little more fascist to me so here's a little bit of the video when Christina started trying to start her lecture last night at Lewis and Clark law school [Music] [Music] [Applause] okay nothing quite says bucking trends like repeating verbatim word-for-word what people are telling you to say nothing really says that you're thinking for yourself quite like repeating in North Korean fashion exactly what your dictator tells you to say pretty amazing I love that the woman who's walking around here with a jacket saying stay woke he's just standing at the front and shouting at people and then according Cristina what happened is that the diversity officer from the university came up to her and asked her to cut short her lecture and go directly to Q&A instead of finishing her lecture just absolute class shown by the university over at Lewis & Clark disgusting stuff but not a shock I remember they tried to do this to me over at University of Wisconsin if I were Christina I immediately would have done exactly what I did at University of Wisconsin she's got an entire white board behind her that gives her the ability to create some pretty fun visuals with the people who are standing right there I remember I wrote on the blackboard it was a rising blackboard at University of Wisconsin I wrote in very large letter idiots with a look with an arrow pointing to the people who are protesting and so that was in all the pictures which is kind of funny I would recommend it to Christina that she do that as well it's just it's asinine but that wasn't the only place that this was happening yesterday so my friend Jordan Peterson he was speaking over in over in Canada at I'm tremble which University this was and while he was be is Queen's University and while he was speaking people started banging on the windows trying to shatter the the windows at this church I'm is happening in Grant Hall I guess I'm not sure if it was a church if it's just a lecture hall and people started banging on the windows people attempting to stop the lecture they were followed by a bunch of violent people afterward here's a little bit of the video from Jordan Peterson's lecture again this is all happening in the same 48-hour period just demonstrating to you how intersectionality has made the left completely insane [Music] okay so well done for the college where is their security why is security not removing those people why security not preventing those people from disrupting what sure the answer is because security allows people to do all the sort of stuff because they don't want to be seen as repressive of the actual repressive forces it's the same reason I get shuttled to satellite campuses at University of Minnesota it's the reason they shot my lectures to the public at University of Connecticut and University of California Los Angeles and University of California Berkeley it's the reason why we have trouble at every campus because the administrators are too chicken bleep to actually stands up to the violent people okay and it's not just them it's not just that there was another case of this last night as well and I will tell you about that case and I'll tell you more about the intersectional failures of the left in just a second first I want to say thank you to our sponsors over at Indo Chino so nothing makes you look better than a custom-made suit nothing right you're going to instead a department store and you buy one of these things off the rack and then a tailor has to reverse engineer it instead you should be getting your suit made from scratch just like James Bond that's what endo Chino is for it's the world's largest made-to-measure menswear company they've been featured in 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in Sochi know ing OCH ino endo chino calm promo code Shapiro and again any premium suit 379 bucks and free shipping it's an incredible deal for a suit that's gonna fit you better than anything else you're gonna be able to get use that promo code Shapiro to make sure you get the $379 deal ok so it wasn't just Christina it wasn't just Jordan Peterson it was also Yaron Brook so yarn Brooke is an Objectivist meaning that he is a devotee of ein Rand I find his thought really interesting he and I disagree about about some things obviously because I'm not an Objectivist I think that Iran is great on economics and not great when it comes to extending her philosophy to personal relationships but in any case he was speaking at King's College I guess and he in in Britain and in antifoam AAB up and shut him down so here's what that looked like [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] hey then violence breaks out one of the students who's doing the filming has attacked just wonderful stuff according to the examiner this is the London examiner I believe the violent protests also broke out around outside after around 200 students were turned away when King's College decided to prevent an eye on students from attending the event again King's College did exactly what so many colleges have done to me they've suggested that people should not be allowed to attend from the outside world students told the examiner they believe King's College turned a blind eye to the ante for members because they disagreed with the content of the speech but they couldn't legally prevent Yaron Brook and Sark on as sargon of akkad is kind of a YouTube figure from speaking on campus students who waited outside the auditorium became in mesh inner protests the school knew was coming and Antipa released smoke bombs and threw punches students were in the line of fire one student told the news organisation quote I feel strongly the university caved into the ante for protesters they need to protect speech and not prevent people from joining peacefully they changed criteria just 2.5 hours prior to the event despite it having been scheduled for months I'm very disappointed in an institution a top university in the world acting cowardly like this okay and but this has become obviously the thing the left does now why is the left so angry christina hoff sommers or jordan peterson or Yaron Brook and sargon of akkad why why are they so angry at these people well because all of these people violate the tenets of intersectionality intersectionality is the philosophy it's identity politics it's the philosophy that says your identity as a person is your group identity you're not an individual you are a group identity so you're a black guy you're not a person with individual viewpoints and if you're a black guy your viewpoint should be of left because otherwise you're not truly black if you're a Jewish person you must be of the left because as we all know Jews about Democrat and that means that if you're Jewish and you're not of the Democratic Left then you must not be a good representative of Judaism you must not be a good Jew and therefore we rip away your intersectional identity ok the foolishness of this obvious is pretty obvious and pretty astonishing but unfortunately it has infused the entire left it really has infused a large portion of the left identity politics predominating over meaningful discourse over meaningful discourse and it's not just these idiotic students these Antipa members attempting to shut down debate on college campuses the most obvious example it happened actually last night so my good friend Bethany Mandel who used to write over at comment a magazine she writes for the Federalists on occasion and Bethenny does a podcast as well so Bethenny had one of the worst childhood experiences ever right so Bethenny grew up dirt poor in a trailer park she heard her mom died she had to pull the plug on her mo

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