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Be sure to also tune in for next month’s episode featuring Andrew Klavan on Tuesday, April 10th at 5:30pm ET / 2:30pm PT!three two one hey everyone we're live with our newest episode of the conversation i'm your host elisha krause and our very own ben shapiro will be taking live questions for an entire hour so please remember our conversation is live for everyone to watch but you can only be a part of it if you are a subscriber to the daily wire subscribe to now and join us and be sure to tune in for the next month's episode featuring our very own andrew clavin on tuesday april 10th at 5 30 pm eastern 2 30 p.m pacific time we promise we'll try our very best to start on time ben just takes forever to get done with hair and makeup and it's all his fault yeah that's the problem alicia that's the big one yep yep probably that exactly that right why aren't you wearing green because i don't partake in this treacherous stereotyping of the irish but we're on your set and it's all green shut up aren't you the boss around here wow i wasn't expecting this kind of grilling to my own employee we're waiting for my goodness we're we're just coming here just getting abused by my own employees oh we're just waiting for the questions to pour in so i have to fill time and i have to chit chat with you about things i know that's always so awkward okay fine so i'm going to tell a story about my daughter because we have nothing else to talk about so before i was so rudely interrupted by staff telling me it had to be silent on set okay i was telling you the story of what my daughter did yesterday because she's an adorable person so she's four years old and she's simultaneously brilliant as well as evil so she takes it like her father correct so that's very computer though she's a very cute person so she so she had her violin lesson yesterday and my dad has a habit of taking her to ice cream after her violin lesson every every time and so she finishes i had to take her yesterday my dad's out of town so i took her to her violin lesson and afterwards she says i want ice cream and i said well we need to go home and get your brother and then mommy will come home later and maybe we'll go for ice cream then and she wants to go to menchie's which is a frozen yogurt place out here in the west and so she uh my daughter is also a fan exactly and so my i said mommy's gonna come home and mommy will bring ice cream so mommy was coming home from her doctoring and she and she brought home some doctoring yes i mean this goes without saying and she brought home ice cream bars and my daughter says well what if i don't like those ice cream bars and i would prefer menchie's and i said well then you can tell me and then maybe we'll go to menchie's afterwards so we get home she opens the ice cream bar she eats the entire thing and then she turns to me she goes i didn't like any of that i was like that's my girl right there smart like she manipulates the system so what did you do i gave her as much ice cream as she could eat no seriously no of course man i told her she'd already have an ice cream bar what do you think i am some sort of parental monster i'm just saying how dare you you started the story complimenting her right so i thought that maybe you know her wit got she's not getting she did not get she'd not get rewarded for for being a terrible person okay but she'd get rewarded for her brilliance my life when she's rich and you will share that story for wedding one day yeah presumably so are you are you like my husband and that i we have two daughters you have a son and a daughter correct and obviously you parent a daughter differently than a son yes and you kind of feel about them differently because it's a girl yeah boys are crazy you know not very politically correct right now but so do my husband will get very mad if i mention their wedding day oh no no i really get mad it makes him mad and sad all at the same time she's not old enough for that yet when she gets a little bit older then i'll get ticked off about it i'm sure but right now not so much for him i just like just give him stuff to do all day until he falls asleep that's that's basically yeah it's exactly like if i were actually president trump's handler i'd have the same plan for him yeah exactly my son doesn't have a phone the president wouldn't have a phone and then you just schedule them all day and then all day long right exactly and the president could do like nice and cute things would be great so uh let's start speaking of the president it's the revolving door over there yeah that's true today was a good revolving door though yeah because rick sellerson yeah was terrible they never should have selected tillerson in the first place and are you happy with pompeo yeah i like pompeo so i i think that it was very amusing to watch is the entire left which suggested that trump had been colluding with russia when he hired tillerson because tillerson's close with putin now when he fires tillerson they say this is also colluding with russia so everything is collusion with russia it's an unfalsifiable thesis it's pretty it's pretty astonishing and uh so you tune in to fox news this morning and you hear that the news the head of the cia is like amazing and wonderful and then you tune in to cnn and you hear talking heads over there saying it's awful she's horrible she's okay with torture right where do you fall on him so i don't mind torture so that's not a problem for me but right no generally people no it's it's mostly good because sitting here is torture yeah i know that's it but i pay you for it so that's that's the way that works okay so here is the deal with that so when it comes to the discussion of torture it's about enhanced interrogation techniques for use on terrorists okay the whole purpose of the geneva convention is not to prevent torture of people who are specifically hiding among the civilian population it's to ensure that people who actually garb themselves in uniforms are not tortured the idea being that you want to force soldiers into uniforms they don't hide among civilians you don't have to kill civilians when you're fighting soldiers the problem with terrorists is that they hide among civilians and so they should not be held to the same standards under the geneva convention so that we create a deterrent effect for people who are attempting to meld into the civilian population so you're okay with the new nominee for or new cia direction yeah she's not passionate she's in good yeah i don't have a problem with her okay sorry guys we have a problem with the system but we never fear we have some questions from the mail bag that we're going to roll through that you haven't answered before from lucas he says is the idea of god having a plan for the future not directly undermining of the idea of free will so the answer is no in that this is obviously a question that is constantly asked by religious philosophers if god is omniscient and omnipotent then do you have free will and the idea in judaism is that god has limited his god has limited his intervention in the universe in order to provide for that free will now god can have knowledge of the future because god exists outside of time so when we think of time we tend to think of time linearly right this is how c.s lewis describes it he says that we tend to think of time as in like there's today there's tomorrow there's the day after but god doesn't exist in that timeline so for god it's always what lewis has the eternal present so when we say that god knows what's going to happen to us it means that god knows what's happening in the moment that is the future it doesn't mean that god is sitting there and he's saying okay well three days from now somebody's going to plot instead it is when that three days god is already existing in that time because god exists outside of time do you feel it's a little complex that's the basics do you feel like lewis because you just mentioned him is one of the ones that describes that the best yeah his description in mere christianity of the free will uh versus seeing the future problem is is quite good okay charles wants to know you talk about the morality of capitalism it's a view with which he strongly agrees however how would you describe the perfect balance between capitalism and entitlement spending including medicare medicaid disability unemployment etc to expand a bit via example take someone born with a severe disability the costs can financially a family what kind of safety net should be in place as a cap in this capitalist world right so i've said it many times one of the big problems with government intervention into these systems that government rarely stays confined to helping the widows and the orphans social security was originally designed specifically for widows and orphans and obviously now it encompasses one-third of the american net spending on on services so well on everything actually it's one-third of the budget so the the main social safety net should be first your family then your community then your larger community and then the state so one of the big problems now is that we've reversed the polarity people don't actually go to their family before they go to the state once they lose their job they don't go to their family for loans or sleep on their couch they instead go down to the welfare office because the state has created this barrier well once the state is there taking care of these problems people stop being as charitable they stop being as giving obviously there has to be something for people who can't take care of themselves children the mentally ill people who are phys who have serious physical disabilities but the state never limited to that the state because they understand that there's a lot of political hate to be made end up expanding that beyond the limits of people who can't take care of themselves to people who probably could take care of themselves but are have either fallen on hard times for a short period of time or who have decided that they are going to be dependent of the state for for long periods of time do you ever think that we can cut back yeah i mean i do think that we are going to be able we're going to have to i mean i don't think we're going to have a choice about it you see austerity programs that are happening in europe i do think that we're going to have to restructure social security it is not sustainable at the current growth rate and it's certainly not sustainable given the fact that our population is aging so rapidly and not having any kids i think that the welfare programs are going to have to be restructured they should be restructured on the local and state level they should not be restructured on the the federal level as much i don't see why people in california should be paying welfare for people in new york for example it seems to me this is more of a local government issue more than anything else and people want to join communities and become part of an enmeshed community when they feel like the safety net is coming from the community i live in a very strong orthodox jewish community and every sabbath there's an appeal for charity for family people for families who are in need passover's coming up and just this this past saturday we had an appeal in shul for people to give money for for families who need money for passover i've done it personally for people and this is i think a very good thing a much better thing than government confiscating wealth and then that program tends to become political football pretty quickly okay uh so today's sponsor is skillshare absolutely they have skills really cool things oh yes an online learning platform with over 18 000 classes in design business technology and more so you want to get good at stuff you want to make your resume better well this is how you do it you can take classes in graphic design social media 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conversation and you should subscribe also to pay alicia's salary because let's face it i mean somebody's got to and it's only 77 cents on the dollar so that's true she's much cheaper than the alternatives which is why she's working i'm cheaper than michael don't get me started michael this is not my call this is not my call okay okay okay pablo is asking ben how do you think judges should be chosen appointed elected or the missouri method uh so i think that the system that we have in which they are appointed is correct i'm not sure they should be appointed for life so i think that the appointments with it with a set term as to when they expire would probably be a good thing simply because having judges on circuit courts for 30 40 years uh i i understand it was supposed to be free of political calculation it has not been instead you see judges who feel completely uh non-uh non-related to to the politics that are going on outside and more interested in what their buddies on the bench think and i think that you do need to do something that changes the system a little bit also there's a ghoulish death watch that takes place with a lot of these courts we're just sitting around waiting for ginsburg to die for example yeah in order to get a different justice on there it seems to me that if you had a regular rotation it would take a lot of the politicking out of the system you wouldn't have as much okay well who's going to die when who's going to stick around it wouldn't it wouldn't be as much of a reality tv show it would just be okay we know that every 10 years justice is going to drop off the bench and so we're preparing for that battle for years in advance and staffing up for it and do you think that i mean obviously this last presidential election cycle had that seat was something that was so talked about yeah absolutely and it became i mean my family members some friends of ours for sure it became a decision it was a big thing i mean gorsuch was a big thing and the fact is that if justice kennedy right now steps down then you're looking at a possible swing vote although i do think that it's a mistake to think that kennedy is the only thing standing between uh pro-life advocates and pro-life policy i think that actually the swing vote there is probably going to be roberts just as much as kennedy i'm not sure that roberts votes to strike down roe v wade okay daniel says hi ben over the last few weeks you have expressed support for gun violence restraining order laws while a good idea in principle how can we ensure the system is not abused and a liberal but like by a liberal neighbor right so i think that actually i love this question because it's a thought i've had as well it's very difficult so i think that number one you'd have to actually show that there's a close relationship between the person who is applying for the gun violence restraining order and the person who the gun is being taken away from so it can't just be some rando on the street who decides to find that number two it has to be an initial short period so you have to show new evidence every so often and you are going to have to rely on judges in the end to determine whether or not somebody is mentally confident but we have that right now i mean you can you there there is a de facto gun violence restraining order in the form of you know if you're on a 24 48 hour hold for psychiatr for psychiatric reasons this can put you on a registry uh if you have been forcibly incarcerated for uh for mental illness before if you've been voluntarily incarcerated for mental wilson for mental illness then you are put on this gun registry essentially so it would be an expansion of that but obviously you want to make sure that there's some pretty good checks and you want to make sure the burden of proof is high enough that that it's not just somebody comes in calls you crazy and we're done interesting joel j says what's up ben would you consider yourself to be an audiophile or what gear setup do you use when consuming media both musical and information so i wish that i were an audiophile i know that dennis prager our friend is a huge audio of how to spend thousands of dollars on the speakers from which the music comes and his producer alan oh yeah they're very very into this um i don't know enough about it to actually to actually do it i know people who are you know who only buy vinyl records for example because they think that the sound is better um yeah exactly i i've never done any of that i listen my music music digitally and i just discovered apple music and it is the greatest thing ever really it's so good the access to like you pay a subscription fee and then you get access to thousands of albums i mean it's oh it's it's fantastic you love it oh it's so good and what were you listening to today um let's see well today was uh brahms's german requiem so some happy light music and uh and then yesterday was uh i've been really on a brom's kick lately like a serious brahms kick so so a lot of brahms the the string quartets the first string quartets fantastic particularly fourth movement uh the string quintet is uh is also terrific uh the piano trios the first piano trio is just beautiful so i need to find a trellis because my dad plays piano i play violin if we find a cellist then maybe we can play some bronze trios we can have some interesting lobby music happening up here at the daily wire that's what we would do yeah we just plant ourselves right in the lobby there you go not like if you write on articles yeah exactly bryce says i have a friend who believes there's no place for patriotism in religion like christianity what are your thoughts on this and now how would you respond to such a statement so i think first of all most religious thinkers would obviously disagree uh augustine particularly was the first one to deposit the difference between the city of god and the city of man i mean it says right there in the new testament that you're supposed to that the caesar you know you follow the rule of caesar follow the law of caesar uh but that's that's something that's existed in judaism forever it's it's a principle called dino de duma lucidino meaning that you actually have to follow the law of the land the notion that you can't be a patriot if you are a religious believer is only true if the country is irreligious or anti-religious would be more appropriate if the country actually seeks to crack down on your religious faith then i guess that you would be unpatriotic to disobey the country but okay i mean that's why i judge the quality of a country not based on you know where i was born or where the borders are i judge the quality of a country based on the ideals the country upholds what makes america an incredible country is the fact that we do care about religious freedom the fact that we do not want the government intervening in people's religious lives that we don't establish an official state religion all of these things are amazing things and also we don't allow the government to crack down on religious believers like these are these are very very important things it's why i'm a patriot and a religious believer but i don't think you should be a patriot if your country sucks i think if your country is is based on immoral principles or is is ethnically uh is it or the country is the nation is based on ethnic solidarity alone i think that's idiotic ben wants to say hi ben would you be open to having a live debate with elizabeth elizabeth brunega on to iron out your differences once and for all i mean i'm not sure that we would actually iron out our differences i mean she openly advocated for for socialism uh she advocated for socialism you responded then she said well i was talking about norway and then you had a really great piece yesterday that responded to norway yeah let me talk about norway like i'm perfectly happy to have a conversation with her publicly or privately i mean i think that it's a really interesting conversation but she did shift her argument between article number one and article number two her original article suggested that socialism itself should replace capitalism her second article suggested that certain socialistic aspects of redistributionism should replace certain aspects of capitalism like in the socialized medicine system okay well that's a different argument okay if you're arguing that the full-scale government takeover of all industry would be a would be a positive then you'd have to show an example of how that's worked well for a long period of time and using norway as an example of that seems really weird because all they did was essentially essentially nationalize their oil industry and then use all the wealth from that nationalized oil industry for a giant pension fund the population of of norway is 5.6 million people right the population of los angeles county is 4 million people so there's no people in norway it's not only an ethnically uh an ethnically homogenous country have have a special culture that goes back hundreds and hundreds of years norwegians in the united states actually earn more per capita than norwegians who actually live in norway so if you're gonna make the case that norway's so great for norwegians well america is better for norwegians than norway is for norwegians in terms of gdp uh per capita so it's uh it's it's an interesting argument i think it's an argument that's worth having and it's worth i'd like to hear bruning's definition of what exactly socialism constitutes because she seems to have shifted it originally it was uh state originally it was uh full state ownership of all resources and reused those resources on behalf of the workers which sounds a lot like classical marxism and then it turned into well the state can sponsor industries in sort of mercantilist fashion and run them like capitalistic enterprises and not redistribute all income and that's still socialism so yeah again i think that it's a problem of definitions i want to hear what her definition is or what program she's espousing is she suggesting that america's government nationalize the oil industry for example is she suggesting that america's government uh imposed forty seven point eight percent top tax rates uh is she suggesting that we double the price of consumer goods in the united states which would be bringing on power with norway like i i'm she's not being specific she's just saying socialism is great and then we say it isn't she says well but norway is great and then you say well there's some problems with norway and then she says well but norway but now you're you're strong-minding me so i need to know what she's talking about okay joel says thoughts on the quote fear of a name only increases fear for the thing itself in reference to not naming mass shooters this quote comes from harry potter by the way okay so read another book read another book it's not the only book okay so i assume that that was spoken about voldemort right he who shall not be named okay so it's uh so i did i generally agree with the sentiment that you should name people who are bad but that does not apply to people who are driven by by publicity to go and shoot people right um when you say radical islamic terror i'm not sure that that actually creates more radical islamic terror but if you were to give glory to the person who was the radical islamic terrorist that may create more incentive to be radical as long terror i think that naming naming villains generally is is i think a problem because there are a lot of people who find solace in that and they find an honor in that and they think that that's a good excuse to killing people which is something that's why yeah the daily wire we don't we don't print the names or the pictures of mass shooters specifically because there are some studies that suggest that that would actually uh to name them and show their pictures would heighten the possibility of mass shooters daryl says hello from ireland wow hello he also says you're awful for not wearing green ah donald no i'm kidding i added that part he says ben what is your opinion on andrew tate's proposition that depression is just a safety crutch and an excuse when people fail at life i think that's largely a bunch of crap i think depression is a chemical imbalance i know people have been depressed i know people for whom anti-depressants have been highly useful um listen do i think that it is possible to intervene with people who are suffering from depression sometimes and then use the and use for example cognitive behavioral therapy to get them out of that spin out of that funk i think that's that's possible i think that the rise in depression rates in the united states is in india of the is an indicator of the the loss of purpose broadly across american society that's happening i'm writing a book on that right now but does depression exist as a clinical condition absolutely it exists as a clinical condition uh and i don't think that uh and and i don't think that it's fair to folks to suggest that you know just toughen up and get over it i think that a lot of people who actually do need some chemical help amy says hi ben i'll be graduating soon and we have a tradition of decorating our caps with quotes or images any recommendations um well it depends where you're graduating from right if you're graduating in like a gender studies program then i would just put need a job and your phone number on the top of the hat because that's absolutely true you will need a job and so that's i would start there okay uh also i mean you can quote me i mean not to be self-aggrandizing but i mean sure why not i since you suggested absolutely uh but uh uh let's see what else um now they're a bunch of good winston churchill quotes that uh i think the problem is most of these quotes are too long right if you quote john adams constitution was made for only a moral and religious people it is insufficient to the cause of any other i i really think that's going to be a little long for the hat any any maggie thatcher quotes or something she could throw on there uh i mean she she i think it's a maggie thatcher quote well i mean the famous maggie thatcher quote is of course i think a paraphrase from orwell that uh that that he who robs peter to pay paul can always count on the vote of uh can always count on paul's vote so that's always a good one right if you want to go into politics it might not work yeah exactly this is a really fun question maggie says hi ben if you were stranded on an island with somehow only enough technology to watch one movie over and over until you died escaped or were rescued which movie would you choose ooh that's a what that's unique too good for her yeah you did that have to be a really long movie right over and over and over again that's true it could be a three-part question like if you died how long or rescued oh yeah yeah i mean so it's that's true so you know they're so i would say if you only have one movie and you're going to be there forever then you almost have to pick kenneth broner's production of hamlet it's four hours long and it's hamlet right that'll at least give you some at least give you some analysis but if you're talking about like what's the movie that i think is most meaningful and uh and most well done i think there's good arguments made for the lives of others this is william f buckley's favorite movie okay this is a foreign feature that came out i think 2005 won best foreign film 2006. uh and uh it's a fantastic movie about the east german stasi spying on this artist in east germany who they think has become a dissenter even though he really hasn't and how the the stasi spy is actually changed by watching people interact it's really it's a fascinating movie check it out the lives of others it's a very anti-communist film never seen it so we are very grateful for our sponsors over at skillshare of course so skillshare as we told you it's an online learning platform over 18 000 classes in design business technology and more you can take classes in graphic design social media marketing illustration mobile photography i've taken some in social media marketing i've taken some in watercolor so whether you're trying to deepen your professional skill set or start a side hustle or just explore a new passion skillshare makes sure that you're learning listen if you lose your job you want to make sure that your resume is constantly growing if you don't lose your job make sure that your resume is constantly growing increase your level of pay okay this is what skillshare is for and there are millions of students already learning on skillshare today they have a special offer for my listeners two months of skillshare for just 99 cents which is 44.5 cents on average that's right skillshare is offering my listeners two months of unlimited access to over 18 000 classes for just 99 cents to sign up go to shapiro that's get those two months right now s

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