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Like this video? For more Ben Shapiro and Daily Wire content, subscribe to this channel and the Ben Shapiro YouTube channel youtube.com/c/benshapiro and ring the bell for notifications so you never miss a story!it's fight night at the White House President Trump Joe Biden going mano y mano + Mark Zuckerberg this week just got worse and Republicans struggled to pass their big omnibus spending bill will go through all of this stuff and an exclusive interview with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan I'm Ben Shapiro this is Ben Shapiro show so indeed yesterday we were in Washington DC we had a great time we got to go to see all of the sights from the inside we got to meet with speaker Ryan will have our exclusive interview with speaker Ryan a little bit later in the program so which I'm very much looking forward to showing you because it was it was a lot of fun we didn't talk a lot actually about kind of day-to-day politics we talked more about broad things that he should be doing in Congress to change the nature of government which i think is a little more important because we talked to a today pahala fix it on the show we'll get to all of that plus the greatest story of the last two years maybe maybe it's pretty great we'll get to that and just one second first I want to say thank you to our sponsors over at my Patriot supply so right now does it feel like the world may be about to end well it might be you know maybe there's a natural disaster coming your way or maybe there's going to be a North Korean sneak nuclear attack probably the natural disasters more likely in either case you need to protect your family with an emergency food supply and you can do it with the experts at my Patriot supply this is the week to build a foundation of safety today you can get this ben shapiro special offer from my Patriot supply by one four week emergency food kit for only a hundred and ninety eight dollars and you get one free so Buy It Again a four week emergency food kit for a 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check it out right now prepare with Ben calm and again get that kit for two hundred for one hundred ninety eight bucks and an additional four week food kit for free when you go to prepare with Ben dot-com that's prepared with Ben's I can't make sure that you and your family are indeed prepared in case of disaster okay so there is a lot of actual news to talk about but the most important news the thing that we all care about the most is that there's going to be a fight fight fight fight fight between Joe Biden the vice president's of the United States in this corner and this quarter Donald J macfay strum it's gonna be so great okay so here's how it all started so Biden has been trying to out man from okay Biden understand something a lot of other politicians don't you can't actually just fly over the top of Trump you can't say I'll play the highroad and he'll play the low road and we'll be in Scotland before you can can't actually do that with Trump you actually have to get down in the mud with him so Biden gets this and so Biden speaks Trump's language so there's sort of weird reverse mirror images of one another it's like bizarro Trump is Joe Biden and bizarro Biden is Trump so it's it's very weird so it starts off clip 13 Joe Biden yesterday saying that he would have beaten up Trump in high school which is a real weird thing to say beat the hell out of the president of United States says and then he continues this way so Trump is a fat ugly sob and the only people who talk like that are the biggest fattest ugliest sops in the room funny because you're talking like that now right now senator Biden and so just and the or Vice President bite and then Trump fires back so here's what Trump tweets just come on this is great stuff this is a great stuff go out how can you not love this okay here's anybody trace back this morning it's so it's so phenomenal crazy Joe Biden is trying to act like a tough guy actually he is weak both mentally and physically and yet he threatens me for the second time with physical assault he doesn't know me but he would go down fast and hard crying all the way don't threaten people Joe ok so Joe Biden had threatened to beat Trump up actually several months ago saying that if they got in a fight he would take down Trump and now you got the President of the United States imagine this there's a very funny Twitter account that takes all of Trump's tweets and puts them in the format of presidential statements imagine the presidential statement like you wake up from a coma and this is what you see and you're like Oh Donald Trump is in a fight with wait don't force the president you treated that so yeah that's the thing that and I love it I gotta say I love it right he's weak both mentally and physically and yet he threatens me for the second time with physical assault he doesn't know me he would go down fast and hard crying all the way love it fast and hard crying oh boy yes and actually so so they're now booking a fight and the fight will be booked and we actually have some training footage of what's been going on in the run-up to this massive fight I do a million of these a day so just give me [Music] [Applause] [Music] oh man that's hilarious that's Joe Biden pumping iron the guys on the phone he's got like a dumbbell he's pumping iron then it's Trump from WWE just knocking people over oh it's so great so I have volunteered if they do this fight first of all there's no way this is bad for America okay America's already toast when it comes to our vulgar political culture we're done okay Donald Trump is the president Hillary ran Joe Biden is an idiot he's gonna run a meme a win in 2020 oh my goodness okay so I've Ahlan tear okay I volunteer I won't I won't get paid for it I wanna be the announcer on this okay I wanna be announcer on this I tweeted out some of the things that I thought would happen some people tweeted back some lines so not all of these lines that we're about to hear on my own but I do want to announce this fight I think it would say on something like this something like this welcome ladies and gentlemen to the ruckus in the hospice the brawl on Geritol the melee over the jello tray the headlock on Matlock this is a 12-round bout between 74 year-old Donald J Trump and 78 year-old Joseph R Biden fought at the catch weight of 245 pounds Biden has had to drink for insurers per day to make weight Bernie Sanders was invited but there was not enough pudding in the world to ensure that he reached catch weight let's get ready to stumble oh and here we go Trump comes out jabbing insulin Biden hits him with a hard left and Trump is spinning dentures Trump responds the clap to Biden's cheek he clapped on and Biden clapped off Biden's gonna feel that in his walk-in bath tomorrow Trump's out there looking a little bit fuzzy out there as fuzzy as a tennis balls on his Walker and now they're both down on the mat they're both down on the mat they are both napping oh and they're back up again circling each other warily looking for an opening and boom Trump just pulled the old reverse mortgage on Biden and Biden is down Biden is down he's fallen and he can't get up he's punching his life alert button oh my goodness both of them now being carted off in wheelchairs but to be honest both of them were carted in in wheelchairs but still so they would sound something like that I mean wouldn't that be great come on come on great for American politics there's no way this goes wrong are things incredibly stupid yes things are incredibly stupid ladies things are incredibly stupid well in other stupid news it's time for Congress to pass another crappy omnibus package so this is a big omnibus package coming out Congress is no longer capable they actually just passing appropriations bills here is the problem the the Congress the House of Representatives will go forward with appropriations bills they will pass through the normal appropriations process the way that you're supposed to do budgets is you are supposed to fund individual departments and then you're supposed to send a bill to the Senate and the Senate is supposed to fund that individual Department and the president signs it instead what has happened because Mitch McConnell does not have a governing majority in the in the Senate he has 51 votes but they're all fractious instead they just slap everything together in a crap sandwich with a bill that's two hundred and twenty two two thousand two hundred and thirty two pages long and then they give people 48 hours to read it and say we got a vote and they put a bunch of good stuff in there and they put a bunch of bad stuff in there so some of the good stuff that is in there okay there is there is some funding for the wall like a very very very little bit of funding for the wall there there you know there's some things that are being pushed by sort of the left wing of the Republican Party there's increased funding for the child care access means parents in schools program which means that parents will have access to on-campus childcare and the sort of thing if this is if this is your stuff if this is the stuff that you like the the funding is there for the military this is what Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has focused on he says that this is the biggest increase in the military in 15 years the biggest pay raise for our men and women in uniform in eight years we need to rebuild our military so there's an increase in funding for the military it does a little bit of funding for the wall it has a little bit of funding for fighting opioid addiction and it but and it does not in fact enshrine daca so this is one of the things Democrats are saying Democrats are saying they're gonna vote against the bill because the bill doesn't provide full funding for the daca program to allow people in the country legally to remain here working legally but that's because Democrats don't actually want to deal on daca as I've been saying for literally years at this point on this show Democrats want to use illegal immigration as a hot-button issue when it comes to the elections but they don't actually want to solve the problems for illegal immigrants in fact Paul Ryan went to the Democrats and he offered them a really sweetheart deal he offered them three years of funding for the wall so 25 billion dollars over three years for the wall and in exchange three years of additional funding for the daca program right we push off the a con nobody'd get supported Democrats turned that down flat okay and they waited until the last minute to do it and now they'll vote against the bill saying that Republicans didn't give enough so Democrats were offered what they wanted on zakah and would have brought them past the next presidential election actually and they turned it down anyway because they just want to run on this issue here are some of the conservative concerns with all this the freedom clock is the house freedom caucus has officially opposed the Omnibus I've spoken to a lot of members of the house freedom caucus spoken to several senators who have opposed the bill Senator Mike Lee in Utah is opposed to the bill he says it's it's just unconscionable that Mitch McConnell is forcing through another one of these omnibus packages that is essentially a giant crab sandwich then nobody is going to read here's what the freedom caucus says in their statement they say the policy proposals outlined in this 1.3 trillion dollar spending bill are not consistent with what we told the American people we would do when they sent us to Washington many of the policies in the bill are in fact the opposite of what we promised in fact one of the members of the freedom caucus was saying to me yesterday that he was tempted to call this the broken promises Act of 2018 this bill barely provides for border security yet continues to allow federal dollars to flow to sanctuary cities it also includes the fix ni CS proposal without including reciprocity for Americans with concealed carry licenses something congressional leadership promised would not happen it continues to fully fund grants the co 2 Planned Parenthood it makes no changes to reduce Obamacare's burdensome regulations on America's families doesn't get rid of Obamacare regulations and on top of the massive price tag leadership is forcing a vote on this 2230 two-page bill in under 36 hours it's an insult to American taxpayers as well as many rank-and-file representatives who had no say in the omnibus negotiations and the house freedom caucus coming out extraordinarily strong against all of this now will it probably pass anyway sure because the majority of Republicans will vote for it and then there will be a bunch of Democrats who vote for it because the big omnibus package but there's a procedural hurdle they have to jump today it'll be interesting to see whether they are able to do so because in order for that procedural hurdle will be jump every Democrat is gonna jump against it it's possible that this is this bill gets voted down and is brought back for further changes so one of the things that the freedom caucus talks about there is the NIV fix an ICS bill so what exactly is that Jacob solemn over at Reason magazine says this he says legislation aimed at improving background checks for gun buyers may be included in a must-pass spending bill Congress is expected to approve tomorrow or Friday the bill would encourage data sharing with the FBI's National instant criminal background check system is faced a bunch of resistance for a measure that has broad support some the resistance is tactical because Democrats want broader gun control but there are also substantive concerns about the bill raised by supporters of gun rights who worried that it will help block firearm sales to people who pose no threat to others I'll explain why in just a second first I want to say thank you to our sponsors over at Lending Club so listen we all need a helping hand 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records but for example senator Lee has due process objections to the bill he argues that the Department of Veterans Affairs wrongly identifies veterans as mental defectives which disqualifies them from gun ownerships when they need help managing their benefits right this was a serious problem with an executive order that Obama had tried to put out last year and it was revoked by President Trump that executive order was an attempt to prohibit seniors who had other people do their finances from owning weapon well this sort of does the same thing because the Department of Veterans Affairs will say that veterans have mental defective are mentally defective if they need help managing their benefits Lee says about 168 thousand veterans have lost their second Amendment rights as a result of that particular policy Lee favors an amendment requiring a judge to determine a person's danger to himself or others so nobody's against more transparency in the National instant background check system but the question is what standard is going to be used to deny people a gun and that standard does have to be changed other conservative concerns with this bill aside from the process aside from the fact that these omnibus packages stink that they are garbage and again I think this is less on speaker Ryan because the house has consistently passed appropriations bills and it's more on on Senator McConnell now listen it's up to Ryan to pleased McConnell right he could just tell McConnell listen Bob you're on your own got it right do the appropriations process do what you need to do right and you do this but he's not he's working with McConnell bat-channel this is one of the great intentions that exists on the hill just was in Washington DC yesterday my speech of Georgetown was canceled by actual snowflakes not like the students by like actual snow I spend some time talking with a bunch of congressional staffers and a bunch of Congress people including members of the freedom caucus and this is the difficulty okay people like me actually have a relatively easy job my job is to get on the air every day and to talk to you about the things that are going on and to explain what I think is right and wrong about these bills and to analyze and to stump for better bills when you're in Congress there's also a tendency to try and get things done right the government needs to be funded we need to somehow we need to somehow bridge the gap between what we want and what we can get well sometimes that makes things pretty awkward because there are a lot of Republicans are going to vote from an omnibus package number one because they want to maintain their seats and it's better to have a Republican in that seat than the Democrat and number two because they're seriously concerned about things like military spending so what's the easiest way to do this the easiest way to do this is slap together a crappy omnibus package and then you say to your constituents listen I didn't like a lot of the stuff in there but I liked some of the stuff in there and I needed to vote for it because of that this is why it's up to Mitch McConnell to do a better job of keeping his members in line now what's amazing is that a lot of senators are afraid of Senate Majority Leader McConnell a lot of senators are afraid that he is sort of in de facto control the National Senatorial Committee for the Republicans the NR and the NRC that he is willing to remove money from them or undercut them and so they are willing to go along get along with Senate Majority Leader McConnell but the reality is that if they don't stand up at a certain point and say to McConnell listen we're not gonna vote for these omnibus packages anymore we're going to only vote for packages that we like then you're never going to get anything better the government is just going to continue to grow so the Republican Study Committee stayed up all night last night to try and read through this egregious bill and and some of the stuff that they found in there truly is truly is not great so let's start going through it so here's what they say yeah here's the statement from the Republican from the Republican Study Committee they say some conservatives will be concerned that the bill would fund the federal government at a level that exceeds the BCA discretionary spending caps for fiscal year 2018 prior to the passage of the bipartisan Budget Act of 2018 particularly concerning is the increase in non-defense discretionary spending which exceeds the cap by sixty three billion dollars in fiscal year spending by sixty billion dollars the boost in non-defense discretionary spending represents the largest single year increase in non-defense discretionary since the BCA CAPTA stood be the sequesteration caps were created conservatives may believe this is a reflection of the fact that Democrats have been successful in handcuffing ndd spending to fully funding at the national defense together the omnibus is increase in defense and non-defense spending will increase the deficit by 143 billion dollars this goes to a point that I've been making for a long time Republicans are in the business of cutting taxes they're not actually in the business of cutting spending too many Republicans don't care about cutting spending see it's fiscally hard to cut spending it is politically hard to cut spending now you take a lot of crap for cutting spending you never take crap for increasing spending and this is one of the problems here is that so many folks are focused on being popular and not enough focused on doing the right thing especially in an off-year election right in 2018 there's a fear that Republicans gonna lose the house and then what do you have then you have Nancy Pelosi in charge of making these laws so listen I have a lot of sympathy for Republican staffers and Republican House members trying to figure out what to do here go back to the drawing board give us something better this bill is not up to the standards and what's the point of you winning elections if you're not gonna do anything with the power once you finally have the power right it continues to fund things like local transit programs it funds the DC Opera House it has large spending increases in the agriculture appropriations division which is idiotic it funds the National Endowment for the Arts and Humanities it funds the refugee and entrants assistant programs it funds the Social Security block grant program it doesn't change Obamacare in any significant way it does not include dodd-frank rollback language it doesn't include a provision prohibiting funding for administrative expenses of an Obamacare multi-state plan that provides coverage for abortion it doesn't include a provision to prevent to prevent federal funding for ice enforcement to provide for abortions the bill does not contain the conscience Protection Act the bill contains a treasury forfeiture fund no explicit provision prohibition on the gateway tunnel funding the bill doesn't include a provision to prohibit the EPA from implementing greenhouse gas regulations in other words to garbage program to fund the government so that people don't actually have to do anything and now again is there some good stuff here yes I mean we do have to fund defense ok defense has been just slashed tremendously by the number of but by by the Obama era cuts and that's really you know quite disastrous that the Obama did that in the first place we have to ramp up our defense spending again but Republicans are in charge and it's report on Republicans had what they what they pass here go back to the drawing board make some changes I have a feeling you can get at least something better and get at least something better because this is just not a thing right this is just not a this is this is not good enough for a Republican House to pass okay meanwhile meanwhile Facebook is finding itself in additional trouble so Mark Zuckerberg has been on the hot seat for quite a while here and he's continuing to be on the hot seat but not for a good reason yeah I think there are lots of good reasons for Mark Zuckerberg to be on the hot seat I think it's a conservative the discrimination against conservative news outlets has been egregious over the past several months and that's why you've seen traffic drive traffic decline for every conservative website you know like all of them okay but the reason that he's really getting flack is because the left has decided that Mark Zuckerberg is responsible for Hillary losing so let's count all the people responsible for Hillary losing according to the media it's not Trump right Trump didn't win the election he lost the people responsible for Hillary losing are in order James Comey the Russians the conservative media and social media right and so they've finally gotten to the last time there was social media and they're trying to encourage everybody on social media to change the nature of their algorithms in order to prevent conservatives from disseminating information so CNN is hot and bothered about Facebook having allowed companies to gather information from Facebook okay which as I've said everyone does on Facebook if you join farmville on Facebook you are go if you play farmville you are having your information drawn for Facebook every time you click on anything on the internet somebody is gathering that information in order to drive an ad program to you this is how people make money on the internet okay but CNN grows a car Berg and ask can people trust Facebook the answers of course people can't trust Facebook they never could trust Facebook and if you thought that that Facebook was your friend and that Facebook wasn't attempting to market to you how do you think they made their money it's ridiculous Facebook has asked us to share our data to share our lives on this platform and has wanted us to be transparent and people don't feel like they've received that same amount of transparency they're wondering what's happening to their data can they trust Facebook yeah so one of the most important things that I think we need to do here is make sure that we tell everyone whose data was affected by one of these rogue apps right and we're gonna do that we're gonna build a tool where anyone can go and see if their data was a part of this but the 50 million people that were impacted they will be able to tell if they were impacted by this yeah we're gonna be even conservative on that so you know we may not have all the data in our system today so anyone whose data might have been okay this is such nonsense I mean okay we want to know whose data was affected everyone's okay on Facebook because everyone is gathering information for it from you all the time on Facebook it's how Facebook makes their money okay that's this is just silly talk it's silly talk and Zuckerberg pretending Oh we'll be fully transparent Oh we'll finally reveal everything that we know oh we're finally going to show you the inside workings of our car none of this is going to happen none of this is going to happen Zuckerberg is pandering by the way is really egregious I mean he even says that he would love to see regulations on Facebook okay this is just nonsense here's Zuckerberg saying that he's not even sure that they shouldn't be regulated given the stakes here why shouldn't Facebook be regulated actually I'm not sure we should be regulated what the hell okay of course he's sure they shouldn't be regulated why do you think he's attempting to self-regulate right now he doesn't want to be regulated because he's afraid it will cut into his bottom line so what's he doing he's doing what Democrats want so they don't regulate him okay this is outside democratic pressure in order to ensure that social media companies do a Democrats want in a second I'm gonna give you the update on what Zuckerberg posted cuz he posted this long ridiculous letter about about what's been going on with the Cambridge 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gives a timeline of events races in 2007 we launched the Facebook platform with the vision that more apps should be social your calendar should be able to show your friends birthdays your maps should show where your friends live in your address book should show their pictures to do this we enable people to log into apps and share who their friends were and some information about them in 2013 at Cambridge University researcher and Alexandra Cogan created a personality quiz app it was installed by about 300,000 people who shared their data as well as some of their friends data given the way our platform works at the time this meant Cogan was able to access tens of millions of their friends data in 2014 to prevent abusive apps we announced that we were changing the entire platform to dramatically limit the data apps could access most importantly apps like Cogan's who no longer ask for data about a person's friends unless their friends had also authorized the app okay so here's what I want to point out here okay what happened in this timeline he goes from 2007 to 2014 he just skips over everything else what huh what happened

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