Thank You, Lord, That Obama Is No Longer President | The Michael Knowles Show Ep. 150

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Subscribe to our YT channel and leave a comment below!on this National Day of Prayer Michelle Obama who was never proud of her country until it elected her husband president refers to herself in a speech at Temple University as our forever first lady thankfully she's actually Dean ever ever again first lady Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu reveals a shocking intelligence operation that proves Barack Obama practically gave Iran nuclear weapons and threatened the world order thankfully he is not president anymore and finally in what is sure to become a new daily segment we rejoice in the media fallout over Kanye West's newfound conservatism there is so much to be grateful for this National Prayer day then the mailbag I'm Michael Knowles and this is the Michael Knowles show [Music] so much to be thankful for so many reasons to rejoice especially thinking of terrible days gone by before we do that I have another reason to rejoice which is that we have a wonderful sponsor that helps 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practically free and you can get access to all of these things trust me you need a lot of skills in the modern world if you want to look for me when ben shapiro in here finally and fires me I'm gonna need some skills so I can keep my side hustle going go to skill share calm / Michael mi CH AE L get two months of unlimited access to over 20,000 classes for just 99 cents Skillshare dot-com / Michael to start your two months now Skillshare comm / Michael okay it's National Prayer day this is a very good day we're going to be very thankful because at one time I a priest that I listened to in New York he said that there were three prayers that you should always be saying I love you thank you and I'm sorry today we're going to be focusing on the former - we can all repent in our own time and you know flog ourselves and things like that probably we should all do it but we've got a lot to be thankful for because Michelle Obama let's just begin with the first lady first ladies first she is no longer the first lady here is Michelle Obama talking at Temple University everything it takes to succeed I know that you are me and if I can be standing here as your forever first lady then you can do anything you put your mind if I well you can if ifs and buts were candy and nuts we'd all have a Merry Christmas you're not the forever first lady apparently some Democrats on the internet refer to Michelle Obama that way but just imagine the disrespect of that she gets up there and says I'm I am your forever first lady forget about that woman who's him who's actually the first lady who cares about her I'm the forever first lady this was not as bad as Michelle Obama's classic gaffe when she said and by gaffe I mean when she accidentally was honest to the American people and she said that she'd never been proud of her country except when they elected her president or her elected her husband president that she said otherwise I've never been proud of my country this is pretty bad though this uh she says you are me no we're not we're not you we're not why are we you why would we want to be you I don't we I don't know that people like you very much no speaking of this speaking of the National Prayer day and this me me me you are me I'm your forever first lady this is a classic Obama both her and her husband the classic Obama Messiah Complex here was Barack Obama speaking just a little while ago you know I would create a hundred or a thousand or a million young Barack Obama's or Michelle Obama's or you know the next group of people who could take that baton this is the Obama Messiah Complex it's why people call Donald Trump a narcissist Donald Trump is the most humble man in the world compared to the Obamas whenever they need an example of a good thing or something good to be they refer to themselves she says you are me you say you are bright you're ambitious you're talented you're the future you're that no no that all of that pales in comparison to you are me Barack Obama when he says I want to change the future I want to have a wonderful country and the only the best way to do that is to create little versions of me me the greatest American ever because Barack Obama said he doesn't really like America he doesn't like the way that America is that's why he wanted to fundamentally transform America you don't want to fund they transform something that you love I don't say to sweet little ELISA I love you so much honey but I want to fundamentally transform you that isn't what you do and thankfully on the National Day of Prayer they're no longer in the White House ha that is so nice Melania Trump has been wonderful she's been a wonderful first lady she's been graceful she's been elegant she's been charming and Michelle Obama was not Michelle Obama said practically that she doesn't like her country and she's disrespecting the current first lady she's saying I'm still the first lady I'm forever the first lady and all these people they're pretenders I'm forever the first lady there was that incident at the inauguration of President Trump's inauguration when Melania Trump brought Michelle a gift a nice little ritual and she hands her a box and Michelle acted as though this were some terrible thing she said later on The Ellen DeGeneres Show she said quote I mean this is like a state visit so they tell you that you're gonna do this they're gonna stand there before you get this gift so it's never happened so I'm sort of like okay that's a direct quote from The Ellen Show you know she said what am I supposed to do with this gift everyone cleared out no one would come and take the box waa waa waa just uh just not nice not elevated and a lot of people said that Melania Trump would would not be a for a good first lady because she was a supermodel perhaps Donald Trump's wealth and success played some role and in his charming her and wooing her and she has been wonderful and yet you still hear these people say Oh Michelle was so much better Michelle was not a good first lady I know I try not to give too much flak to the family of politicians except when they make themselves a spectacle except when they put themselves in the public arena more than they have to be she wasn't very good at being a first lady and Melania has done a wonderful job but of course that's all just the prelude that's just the amuse-bouche - the real thankfulness which is that Barack Obama is no longer president there's a major news story this week that shows us just how wonderful it is that Barack Obama is no longer president but before we get to it before we get to how Barack Obama more than any president in recent history imperiled the world order a an utterly failed president before we get to that let's just that's just recount some of his other failures Barack Obama people forget this when you know history wipes away all of these sins and all of these bad decisions and all of these bad policies essentially everything the guy did was a failure and made the country worse he entered office during a bad recession and he made the recession worse usually in economic crises the deeper the recession the more robust the recovery that's just the way it works the Obama recovery which he says it was the worst recession since the Great Depression okay the Obama recovery was the worst recovery in seven decades it was the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression you should have had a good recovery but he didn't because of his own policies during that recovery GDP averaged a two point one percent I think that's the worst economic performance of any president since World War two his economists said you know that's just the way it is that's just the new norm well that's the best we can hope for yeah 3% for it that's not gonna happen Donald Trump comes into office he immediately starts posting quarters of three percent or greater economic growth Barack Obama spent more on stimulus money than all of the stimulus packages ever combined you take every stimulus bill in history add them together Obama spent more with worse results with counterproductive results so it's it's adding insult to injury not only did he not help the economy recover or allow the economy to recover he also blew an unprecedented amount of taxpayer money on it during the Obama administration millions of Americans fell below the poverty line food stamps soared you heard he was called the food stamp president and then lefties racist lefties said that that was a racist comment and if this always boggles my mind what would they said that if you use the phrase food stamps then that's racist you're talking about black people say black not all black people are on food stamps what are you talking about you're you're the one who said that I didn't say that I it's absolutely not racist at all no yeah when you call someone a food stamp recipient you're calling them black no that's you pal you're the one who has that image in your mind not us during the Obama administration the national debt doubled Millennials under the Obama administration lived with their parents at the highest rates since the Great Depression there's a cultural aspect to that and there's the economic aspect Obama did a terrible job managing the economy what else did he do oh right he destroyed health care Barack Obama destroyed one-sixth of the economy when he upended our health care system and he lied he lied blatantly to the American people and he even admitted that he lied he said oh you can keep your doctor Oh premiums aren't gonna go up oh it's okay PolitiFact named keep the if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor they named that the lie of the year and Obama even admitted this when when the premia started going up when costs started to rise when people's coverage changed he said well why you didn't yeah and think you were gonna get all that good stuff for nothing did you say well yes we did we did think that because you promised us that that's exact all come on what you what you're gonna believe me is Chicago politician what's the matter with you that's basically what he told us even he snubbed his nose at the American people he says what you were so stupid that you believed me so the premiums rise and after all of this we were told this is universal health care this is the that we've been wanting this for a hundred years after all of that 30 million Americans remained uninsured after all of that appending a sixth of the economy shooting up the prices of health care premiums diminishing the quality of coverage people losing their doctors and 30 million Americans uninsured an abject failure how about on foreign policy well on foreign policy Barack Obama managed to lose a war that we had already won we lot we had one of the Iraq war the troop surge in 2007 one for us the Iraq war Barack Obama chose to lose that war he chose to pull out troops without a Status of Forces Agreement he chose to lose it what happened Isis came up in its wake but don't that's okay Barack Obama restarted the war in Afghanistan for no reason the actual reason that he did it was because all of his campaign was running against bush so he had to run against the Iraq war but he didn't want to seem like the weakling that he is so he had to pretend that Afghanistan was a good war I don't know what the Iraq war was the bad war in Afghanistan's a good war because he needed a good war to win his election so he restarted that war and it's no coincidence that the vast majority of American military deaths in Afghanistan occurred under Barack Obama's watch not george w bush over 75% under Barack Obama's watch they told me if I voted for John McCain we'd get more war in the Middle East and they were absolutely right what else did Barack Obama do on foreign policy well all we hear these days is about Russian collusion Donald Trump colluded with Russia Donald Trump had a bowl of borscht at the Russian Tea Room in Manhattan in 1976 he colluded with Russia what did Barack Obama do Barack Obama allowed Russia to invade Crimea and much of Syria under his watch he gave them Barack Obama said across from the leader of Russia or the the fake leader of Russia Medvedev the the Putin crony and he thought that he was not being recorded he thought their cameras and the microphones were off and he said hey listen I know that I said all that stuff you know about how I'm gonna be tough on you but direct quote I will have more flexibility after my election to which Medvedev responded duh duh I've who transmits this information to Vladimir Dada we actually have video of Barack Obama colluding with Russia and admitting that he's misleading the American people on his stance on Russia that's the only explanation if he weren't misleading the American people he would have said hey don't work we don't have to wait until after the election I'll just tell them that I'm gonna give Russia flexibility but he didn't he said in order to win my election I have to pretend that I'm tough on Russia but don't worry you can invade and rape the lands of anybody around you and do whatever you want what else did he do on foreign policy well he gave the Cuban slaveholding Castro regime a bunch of money now in fairness I have smoked a couple cigars in my life so I but what he did was he decided that he was going to give the Cuban regime everything they wanted in exchange for nothing in exchange for absolutely nothing as a matter of national policy a terrible idea you've got to give John F Kennedy credit John F Kennedy liked Cuban cigars as much as I do and he ordered all of his boxes of Cuban cigars and then he instituted a trade embargo because he had to punish the regime for upsetting the world order and for its horrible human rights abuses stealing property killing people enslaving political dissidents is a matter of national policy was a sound policy Barack Obama said okay we'll just give you whatever you want for nothing then just a penultimate aspect of Barack Obama's foreign policy he managed to destroy Libya and Egypt both now he didn't destroy it when he went and gave apology tours and apologized for the middlee for American policy in the Middle East at the beginning of his presidency but instead he turned on a long-standing American ally Hosny Mubarak let let him crumble and in Libya he allowed that situation to decay so it's now a failed state and led directly to the chaos that allowed terrorists to come in there and kill our first ambassador overseas since 1979 that's not a great record by all accounts a terrible president but that's not even his biggest blunder the thing that he will be remembered for because Barack Obama knew he said during his presidency well I can't get anything passed through Congress because I'm a horrible negotiator and I don't have any friends even and really in my own party but what I what I can do is I have a pen and a phone so I'm okay Congress isn't gonna pass laws but I'm Anna sign executive orders with a pen and a phone and this leads to the Obama rule I guess you could call it the Trump rule that which can be enacted with a pen and a phone can be repealed with a pen and a phone hahaha so he was desperate at the end of his administration to get the Iran nuclear deal the big deal it was going to prevent Iran from having nuclear weapons and anybody who wasn't one of the 22 year old failed novelist writers who were advising him on foreign policy for some reason who were in any of those people people who had any proper sense of the world said the Iranians are liars they've been the greatest threat to the world order since the Iranian Revolution and you don't give them nuclear weapons he said I can handle this I don't worry I can handle this so here is what Barack Obama promised us today after two years of negotiations the United States together where our international partners has achieved something that decades of animosity has not a comprehensive long-term deal with Iran that will prevent it from obtaining a nuclear weapon total lie complete lie everything about that is not true how do we know that because the Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu who during the Obama era was the leader of the free world he explains in a one of the greatest presentations in modern political history he didn't have any program to develop nuclear weapons anyway we consider nuclear weapons both irrational as well as immoral well tonight I'm here to tell you one thing Iran lied big time after signing the nuclear deal in 2015 Iran intensified its efforts to hide its secret nuclear files a few weeks ago in a great intelligence achievement Israel obtained half a ton of the material inside these vaults and here's what we got 55,000 pages another 55,000 files on 183 CDs everything you're about to see is an exact copy of the original Iranian material you know if every TED talk were like that I would watch them or every it's like when they do the new iPhone and they're walking they said this is the new iPhone Bibi Netanyahu a master showman and if this is really humiliating for Barack Obama this was supposed to be Barack Obama's one lasting achievement and we now know it's a total failure everything Obama told us about the deal was a lie and every promise of the deal is of course a lie because it essentially hands Iran nuclear weapons so with this me I mean this was the last thing Obama had to hold on to and it just turns out it was an abject failure so all of the Obama alumni who I think just her in 16 I so happy 16th birthday to all of the Obama senior policy advisers they all of these alumni are out in force to defend the Iran nuclear deal but it's very funny because they're contradicting one another so they I guess they didn't text each other beforehand and say okay we're gonna lie about it this way instead of this way Jim Garrity at National Review pointed this out it's really funny Tommy Vietor veter fighter I don't know former National Security Council spokesman under Barack Obama I he I believe was a senior policy adviser for Obama during eighth grade he said quote after years of bashing US intelligence agencies for getting Iraq WMD wrong Trump is now cooking up Intel with the Israelis to push us closer to a conflict with Iran a scandal hiding in plain sight okay so Tommy little Tommy's point of view at Tommy's point of view is that he this is all a lie Bibi Netanyahu and Donald Trump are lying and look Barack Obama his entire administration appeared to hate Israel Barack Obama and his campaign apparatus tried to get Bibi Netanyahu kicked out of power there so you're saying oh they're just lying it's just a lie but ben rhoades another former foreign policy adviser to the president at the same time said quote by reminding everyone of the well known pre Iran deal history Netanyahu inadvertently made the case for why the Iran deal needs to stay in place without it all the restriction restrictions on Iran's program and the inspections regime that verify compliance go away so Ben Rose's answer to this is you know we knew about all that such so these guys both worked for Obama but the same guy the same time same issue as a matter of fact and one of them says oh this is a total lie totally cooked up by those those Israelis and by Donald Trump and then the other guy at the same time says yeah no we knew about all of it so okay maybe next time you should text each other and figure out which lie you're gonna try to spread to make up for your abject failure this is a major difference between the right and the left because this hasn't been said enough Donald Trump is much much better at being the president than Barack Obama the country under Donald Trump is much much better off than under Barack Obama the world order is much much better off under Donald Trump than under Barack Obama the left they said what are you Audrey that's crazy what are you talking about this is a major difference between the right and the left the right likes the thing itself the left likes the appearance of the thing without the essence of the thing the right likes practical things the right or the left rather prefers the theoretical they say so here's an example Donald Trump doesn't look like the President does he he doesn't talk like the president he doesn't walk like the president he doesn't tweet like the president so it's crazy and this is a threat to the world order except he's very good at being the president on every marker on the economy on foreign policy on on domestic policy certainly on deregulation he's just very good at it on making deals with people even on getting the pop culture on his side we'll talk about Kanye in a second but he doesn't so Donald Trump doesn't look like the president he's very good at being the president Barack Obama looks just like the president he talks like the president he comports himself like the president he uses all the right words he smiles like the president smile in a wink but he was terrible at being a president he was too mean he was utterly a failed president he has no accomplishment in office everything was a failure major difference between the right and the left and now when people clutch their pearls when they say but talk Trump B he doesn't hold a Chardonnay class right guys that's okay that's fine he's good at being the president and by the way people like Kanye West are waking up to this which brings us to what is sure to become a daily segment Kanye watch I'm really happy for you I'm let you finish Thank You Kanye I appreciate that the latest fallout from Kanye saying conservative things what do we have let's do a quick rundown before we get to the mailbag a CNN op-ed writer wants to censor Kanye West it will actually want to shut him up the CNN writer says quote the time has come to stop amplifying his platform when he continues to Miskin truth misconstrue facts and distract the public from truth shutting him down is not a matter of censoring opinions it's a matter of being responsible in how we elevate or endorse the cult of celebrity in situations that further espoused toxic lies the cult of celebrity that the Left invented at this point any outlet that continues to allow Kanye West a platform to knowingly speak such misinformation is enabling the former exploiting his status for ratings on the misinformation by the way it let me just point say this the one thing that all of Kanye the Kanye's critics are saying is that he lied about slavery because he said if they're if you've been a slave for 400 years that's a choice that is true that is historically and mathematically true now they're saying well no he's talking about the transatlantic slave trade the transatlantic slave trade began in 1619 it didn't be the Dutch brought African slaves to America in 1619 if that number were true then the Trant then for 400 years that would mean that first of all we'd be in the future it would have to be 2019 right now and the transatlantic slave trade would have to still be going on which it's obviously not and ended centuries ago the the point he was making is that there is a mental imprisonment and these guys make his point for him on CNN they say no we're not trying to mentally imprison you hey hey guys in prison Kanye West stop shut him up don't let him talk anymore so that's one aspect another wonderful aspect of Kanye watch which we all predicted because cult politics is downstream of culture and major pop culture leaders who speak to specific demographics can really affect politics Donald Trump's approval rating among black men in particular has doubled in a week in one week that approval rating is now at 22% previously it was at 11% also at the same time his disapproval rating among a black man has dropped significantly from 87 percent to 71 percent according to this latest survey the black men surveyed also who said that they have mixed feelings about Donald Trump rose from one point five percent to seven point one percent so you've got this twenty two percent approval and then you've got this huge bump five and a half point bump on mixed feelings so what has mixed feelings mean it doesn't mean they're starting not to like Donald Trump it means they're starting to like Donald Trump and before you accuse that poll of being some cooked up Republican thing that's from Reuters Reuters is reporting that that isn't some right-wing source so we're seeing this political effect we're seeing the Breitbart effect Andrew Breitbart effect come into play the politics is down stream of culture that's great and Kanye West has all the right enemies USA Today ran a headline greatest rapper alive how Kanye West evolved into just another internet troll Ramar yeah right okay okay buddy sure sure yeah I'm sure I bet as many people are reading USA Today or listening to Kanye West totally then the really heinous one is USA Today ran a headline Chris Brown tears Kanye West to shreds over his slavery comments and this is an improvement for Chris Brown because Chris Brown usually just tears into his girlfriends so it's good when he's tearing into other male rappers I guess Chris Brown said quote this is just entertainment to y'all this man is a clown wake the heck up Kanye he didn't say heck please slavery was a choice what hey Chris how about you learn to read so that you can find out the Kanye was exactly right please black people do not follow West on his path to destruction whatever help you think I need get it for him ASAP and this really bothers me it bothers me anytime Chris Brown does anything because the judicial system should have taken him out back and put him down like Old Yeller a long time ago Chris Brown is just let's just read his police report is publicly available this is just a little snippet from the Chris Brown police report the guy who's lecturing Kanye West and Americans on how we should comport ourselves historically and politically this from the police report quote a verbal argument ensued and Chris Brown pulled the vehicle over on an unknown Street reached over Robin F that's Rihanna with his right hand and opened the car door and attempted to force her out Braun was unable to force Robin out of the vehicle because she was wearing a seatbelt when he could not force her to exit he took his right hand and shoved her head against the passenger window of the vehicle causing an approximate 1 inch raised circular contusion Robin turned to face Braun and he punched her in the left eye with his right hand he then drove away in the vehicle and continued to punch her in the face with his right hand while steering the vehicle with his left hand the assault caused Robin Epps mouth to fill with blood and blood to splatter all over her clothing and the interior of the vehicle Braun looked at Robin and stated quote I'm going to beat the S out of you when we get home you wait and see that is that is the only part that I can read on air I think it it's much much worse that that's Chris Brown Chris Brown also got a neck tattoo of a battered woman and he never served any actual time for his many vicious crimes this is the guy telling Kanye West to get the help that he needs absolutely outrageous there are very few political or culture stories that actually get me physically angry and Chris Brown anytime he does anything is one of them so that's where that's one of Kanye's enemies then another one finally Eric garland from the Atlantic he writes that Kanye West this is a this is a great one this is my favorite one Kanye West is an agent of Moscow this is the new thing this is the new I don't like you on the Left if the left says doesn't like you they'll just say you're a Russian spy so Eric garland writes quote both are witting or implausibly unwitting at least assets of Russian intelligence theater Roger stone likely Jones's case or other corrupt elements they're calling Kanye West a witting asset for Russia a witting Russian spy Eric Garland by the way bills himself is a strategic intelligence analyst that's really something it's this is the best it's sad because the Atlantic used to be a good magazine and now it's 90% trash I still subscribe but it's just awful and this is it these are the this is the strategic intelligence from the Atlantic you can tell a lot of man but tell a lot about a man by his enemies you can tell a lot about look at all the enemies coming after Kanye West I sort of have to defend been here I spend most of my time provoking been but there was the funniest thing on Twitter yesterday is when a shirtless vitamin salesman started sending a lot of mean tweets about Ben you can tell a lot about a man by his enemies okay we've got to get to the mailbag we're running way late so before we get to the mailbag I'm sorry we've got a great mailbag today but I've got to say goodbye to Facebook in YouTube if you are on those places go over to Daley wire com if you already there thank you you helped us keep the lights on you know right now daily wire is on Apple news it is a just a little beacon of light in Apple news it's like a lot of CNN and you cut through that darkness and just get to the Daily wire you can find this show on Apple iTunes Google Facebook YouTube myspace saengil geranyl a AOL Instant Messenger Commodore 64 Palm Pilot I think we have a version on Palm Pilot do you find a lot of places if you subscribe to daily wire it's 10 bucks a month 100 dollars from annual membership you got me the end replevin show them in Shapiro show my conversations coming up folks you can ask questions in the conversation I will answer them everybody can listen for you can ask questions many are called few were chosen none of that matters oh that's really good let's just see is is Michelle Obama

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