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In honor of Mother’s Day, let’s think of the children! Is the GOP in danger of losing Millennials forever? No way. We will mine the hidden covfefe in the poll numbers and explain why the kids are all right. Well, some kids are all right. The overgrown adult kids, by whom I mean Democrat politicians, continue to make fools of themselves. We’ll look at that too. Then, on this day in history, Lewis and Clark depart for their journey, joined by Indian mother and gold-dollar icon Sacagawea. Manifest destiny and more.

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Subscribe to our YT channel and leave a comment below!in honor of Mother's Day let's think of the children specifically is the GOP in danger of losing millenials forever absolutely not we will mine the hidden calf FA in the latest poll numbers and explain why the kids are alright well some kids are alright actually the overgrown adult kids by whom I mean Democrat politicians they continue to make fools of themselves that'll be fun too then on this day in history Lewis and Clark depart for their journey across the continent joined by an Indian mother and gold dollar icon Sacagawea manifest destiny and more I'm Michael Knowles this is the Michael Knowles show [Music] [Applause] [Music] oh this is a big topic this is a big one there's some disagreement on the right about this now whether we're about to lose millenials forever or if as I think everything is just going great for the GOP on young voters or is about to go right before we get to that before we talk about how much we're 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authentic experiences and for some reason we haven't figured out yet improv comedy here's one millennial who has a parakeet with nine million followers on snapchat here's another who's single-handedly started the hashtags that canceled 12 Network TV shows she found offensive and now I'm told she identifies as a man so I'm being fired hello I'm your new announcer and actually he was just about done thank you and good day that's incredible documentary footage produced by the federal government or by Family Guy I know it's one one one of those two things there's two real though it could be a documentary Millennials they are the much-maligned group of people that are my age and they're much maligned mostly rightly so they mostly deserve the scorn that they get but I come bearing good news so Ben wrote a piece at the Weekly Standard last week and it was observing the leftward trend of Millennials were rad how the Millennials find themselves politically on the left and that's true I don't I don't disagree with that part but as is sometimes the case Ben is a little more pessimistic about the future you know is not and I am like just shooting off khofifah pistols I'm so excited because I think the Millennials are making the correct and the generation after the Millennials the younger generation are poised to move to the right so Ben observes in his piece that the Millennials have stayed on the left they haven't moved they haven't shifted radically to the right they've become less religious they support a lot of gay stuff and pot those are two really big issues for them and his piece cites this survey that came out in January that 82 percent of Republican voters between the ages of 18 and 24 want President Trump to be primary Dinh 2020 not necessarily that they want him to lose a primary but they want him to be prime primary so that's a terrifying figure isn't it 82% what does that mean well it is worth pointing out this was a survey from five months ago that was before the North Korea deal the North Korea diplomacy before the hostages got released before the Iran deal before the economy has continued to explode before the kanye awakening which has moved some numbers also this is just one random SurveyMonkey survey which did not release its methodology so forgive me if I'm a little skeptical of it also in the Weekly Standard last week another friend of the show Kristen Soltis Anderson wrote a similar piece also in The Weekly Standard it points out that we reacted very harshly to pajama boy remember that guy dear this is during the Obama 2012 campaign and it was that guy who basically just looked like me he was wearing these little glasses but he had on a onesie pajama outfit and he was holding hot cocoa and he said make sure to talk about health insurance he you know and it was it's just a perfect picture of this sort of pathetic millennial generation but as Kristen says that we reacted too harshly we've keep too much scorn on Millennials and Republicans need to chase them or we're gonna lose them forever or something I don't see any of that I don't really buy that picture at all I see a much much rosier picture Kristen writes in her article quote Ronald Reagan was able to win an enormous share of the youth for his re-election campaign in the 1980s and as recently as the election between George Bush and John Kerry young voters were still somewhat narrowly divided between the two political parties it is only in the last decade that a new and dramatic right-left old young divide has emerged so you've got to listen to the wording carefully we can just run through really quickly in the last since 1980 how the young voter breakdown 18 to 21 or in some cases 18 to 29 when that those data were not available how the young voters broke Republican for versus Democrat in 1980 Ronald Reagan versus Jimmy Carter it was 44 for the Republican 45 for the Democrat that's among young voters 1984 the numbers changed dramatically 61 for Reagan 39 for his opponent Walter Mondale that is a 40 percentage surge a 40 percent surge is only however many percentage points but a 40 percent surge from that 44 percent for Reagan in 1980 really big why did that happen we'll get to that in a second 1988 George Bush versus Michael Dukakis 53% of young voters went for Bush 47 for Dukakis pretty close you know he's still riding Reagan's coattails 1992 George Bush and Bill Clinton here is where the Democrats broke away with the youth vote in part because the economy wasn't doing you know that wasn't doing great and it was the focus of the campaign also Bill Clinton was young very charismatic George Bush Senior not quite as charismatic so that election was 33 to 46 Clinton had a big lead among young voters then Bill Clinton and Bob Dole that lead remained it actually expanded Clinton got 55% - Bob Dole's 35 percent of the young voters vote mm it was evenly split because Al Gore is like the worst candidate in history says 47 47 2004 John Kerry walked away with it again 56% of the young voters went for John Kerry just 43 percent for George Bush then comes Obama Obama just destroys it he just obliterates it 66 percent of young voters for Barack Obama 32% for John McCain that trend maintains ringg Mitt Romney in 2012 so that was 60 for Barack Obama 37 for Mitt Romney and Donald Trump now if these are to be believed that the Millennials are moving further and further away you would expect Donald Trump to do even worse among Millennials right wrong that's not what happened it was still a pretty wide gap but he closed the gap significantly Hillary only got 55 percent of voters 18 to 29 Donald Trump got 36 percent so he basically maintained the Mitt Romney amount he got more than John McCain did and he was able to siphon off some support from Democrats Donald Trump did better among Millennials relative to his opponent than either John McCain or Mitt Romney which shows that this trend is not inexorable it's not constantly moving to the left something else is going on Donald Trump also did better among Hispanics relative to his opponent than Mitt Romney why do I bring that up this is an important figure in the millennial story so it's not that Donald Trump did very well among Hispanics but he did relatively better than Mitt Romney did a lot of this is not so much a generational question as it is an immigration question so it since 1980 since that Reagan election that we're all talking about the Hispanic population in America has nearly tripled it's increased by 2.7 times now that population which has exploded is also extremely young so 60% of those Hispanic immigrants are Millennials or younger so this huge exploding demographic seriously skews the Millennial vote also worth noting that even up to the third generation Hispanic immigrants to America over overwhelmingly identify with Democrats but they're between three times as likely an eight point seven five times as likely to identify with Democrats so this is an overwhelming electoral advantage for Democrats even so Donald Trump did relatively well among that major immigrant group and that's reflected in part in the Millennial statistic okay so what's going on this gets back to Ronald Reagan between 1980 and 1984 we saw a 39% surge in young voter support for Ronald Reagan why is that it's because successful presidencies shape public opinion this presidency so far whatever you think of the tweets whatever you think of the stupid media headlines it's been very successful thus far it has been very successful Donald Trump's approval rating has been consistently higher than Barack Obama's for a long time now at their relative points in the presidency you look day for day Barack Obama on this day in his presidency eight years ago Donald Trump is consistently doing as well or higher the unemployment rate right now in the United States across the entire country is it a 44 year low how about black unemployment is the line they always use what the Democrats always use they say well it's only helping the rich white men and it's not helping right now black unemployment is at an all-time low you know there is it's not at a forty four year low it's at an all-time low it's the lowest ever recorded how about on issues like civil rights the NRA right now there was this huge media onslaught of David hog and the kids in Florida and all of it was being funded by Hollywood in New York there's huge onslaught to take away our Second Amendment rights right now the NRA is getting more donations than practically ever before they are getting their donations by the truckload how about in just the two parties the Republican National Committee of the Democrat National Committee the RNC right now has 40 million dollars more in cash than the Democrats have that is a huge disparity why is that in part Democrats have no message what are they going to run on what on earth could they run on dick morris who is a republican strategist but he also advised President Clinton he says that there is no blue wave coming that there is a red wave coming and that red wave is gonna be red because of the Democrat blood in the water he said this is not what we think and by the way lest you think that I'm just putting a positive spin on this it's just hopeful thinking I just blew too many lines of Caffe before the show and I'm overdosing on it that's not the case well the other numbers bear this out there was a recent poll I think it's just out today from Reuters maybe it was that last week writers left-leaning outlet it shows that Millennials are leaving the Democrat Party in droves so they're leaving the Democrats where are they going a new poll from morning consult that's another left-leaning outlet it shows that the Democrats are in trouble in November in the midterm elections that poll shows the Democrats could lose up to nine seats in the Senate that would be colossal because all of history tells us that Republicans should lose the midterms Republicans should lose the house maybe lose the Senate they should just lose that's just what happens when you have a one party controlling the White House and yet that's not what we're seeing possibly bear out if we were able to pick up seats in the Senate if we were able to hold the line in the house that would be colossal that would be a mandate to govern there is a new poll out today by Zogby analytics also not a right wing analysis firm which says that that blue wave that they'd all been promising us remember it's coming get ready here comes a blue wave that it's collapsing that trust in Democrats is collapsing nationally and here's the kicker folks because support for Democrats nationally has decreased by four percent but it's been especially pronounced that that collapse has been especially pronounced among Millennials and racial minorities those very people that we're supposed to be afraid that we're losing forever they are fleeing the Democrats Democrats lost 14% of their support among Millennials and 20% of their support among black Americans since January just the last five months and who knows what those numbers look like more recently as we've had these extraordinary foreign policy accomplishments great economic news and this cultural cracking where you see Kanye West's biggest pop star in the entire country maybe in the world saying yeah I like Trump he's my boy I really like him he's my he's my brother I love him what happens then what happens when you have even chance the rapper who doesn't like Donald Trump but he's a very popular entertainer saying you know black people don't have to vote for Democrats what happens that this is a cracking of a narrative that has been used to keep people in line for so so long and that popular culture is cracking so overall support for Trump is or support for the Democrats rather is down 4% nationally what does that mean if you take out minority voters and you take out the Millennials that means that the Democrat stalwarts the Democrat diehards are decrepit old white hippies and of course that's the case we see that with a Larry Clinton we obviously see with Bernie Sanders Bernie Sanders is 485 years old right now I you know he who else do they have what else do they have that is there but these are the guys they nominate who do they run in 2016 Joe Biden Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders you know just the oldest most boring white people ever that's not the narrative that the mainstream media is portraying but that's what we're seeing reflected in polling that's what we're seeing with our own eyes you know you can believe your lyin eyes sometimes conservatives try to be pessimistic that's just sort of in our nature sometimes I think because and it's not really a pessimism but that is the tendency what it really is is saying this is a fallen world some things things get better sometimes things get worse and there is that old get off my lawn everything's terrible kids these days you know that attitude I don't buy it I think the kids are all right I think they're doing really good Millennials grew up in the shadow of george w bush's presidency and i i like george w bush I support that presidency but the mainstream media was able to successfully portray it is absolutely terrible with very little pushback they the the White House the Bush White House didn't want to fight back quite a difference with Donald Trump he fights back on every little syllable they utter but they were able to paint it that way and of course at the end of the Bush presidency we had a financial crisis and so when Millennials think about the Bush years and the Republican Party they think of economic collapse and they think of the ridiculous narrative painted by the mainstream media which is demonstrably untrue the lies that they spread about Bush with regard to war with regard to domestic policy with regard to social policy but that doesn't matter because that's what that's all the people remember now we're seeing huh maybe that narrative isn't true you know the Millennials grew up with Barack Obama the mainstream media depicted him as a god he depicted himself as a god he said I'm gonna part the Seas the oceans are going to come if you elect me and everyone else played along on the world stage they gave him a Nobel Peace Prize for absolutely no reason so this is the image that they've been brought up in and they don't have a long historical memory now the the Millennials are getting their first taste of economic prosperity because they were told oh unemployment 2% or less economic growth that's the new normal get used to it that's so that's what they thought now they're saying oh well we're blasting past three percent economic growth things are going well record low unemployment ooh oh I guess there is a different way me me maybe that mainstream media maybe those those guys are liars maybe the narrative that they've been telling me isn't true oh I can see that it's not true because Donald Trump is using his gigantic platform just on Twitter which is bigger than the New York Times platform to point out all the times that they lie that is great my take on the kids these days it is cool man Keep Calm and Kofi fake now I should I should clarify that because the kids the actual kids you know people teenagers up through their 20s they're doing all right I'm pretty pleased with them the adult kids the overgrown buffoonish children who are Democrat politicians those guys aren't doing that well so here's more evidence that the Democrats have absolutely nothing this election cycle here is Pat Davis Democrat running for Congress in New Mexico's first congressional district he just released this ad the NRA their pro-gun policies have resulted in dead children dead mothers and dead fathers I'm Pat Davis and I approve this message because if Congress won't change our gun laws we're changing Congress yeah yeah you tell him Pat yeah by the way in the ad that he ran it's not bleeped we had to bleep it because you know we have some self-respect but he didn't bleep it then the first word is the f-word and this is what you get from Democrats now it's the same thing is shout your abortion it's all they've got is just profanity as though our as their the popular culture weren't profane right as though that's subversive the whole culture is profane the thing that's subversive now is to use words that are nice and that aren't you know swear words or something but that's all they've got they say fu fu that's not an argument fu is not a political argument but what else do they have everything's going so well they've been so thoroughly discredited that all they have is fu it's getting really tedious even the left is admitting that it's getting tedious by the way the the Saturday Night Live cold opens that if anyone still watches it no one still watches it but we sometimes see the clips on the news Saturday and I live cold opens have just been basically celebrity cameos and the Alec Baldwin very subpar Donald Trump impression that's all they've been for the last like 50 years now at this point check out the Mother's Day cold-open that we saw this past weekend do you like the sale right mom I do except for all the political stuff we get it all right thank you this is my mom Sylvia mom do you ever think that I'd be on SNL someday no awesome remember I was in that production of The Crucible in high school right yeah you know the truth suppose a lot like witch-hunt against president Chuck okay don't let that let's go this is my mom Cindy mom I love you because you always give me the best advice thanks Luke here's more enough with the Trump Joe's mom I don't write those and why doesn't us now ever talk about crooked Hillary mom I'm so new here please do not do this to me so even SNL has to admit an SNL hates this guy when Donald Trump won the election they played this long piano song this ballad it was they were tearfully crying about Hillary losing that wasn't a joke they actually did that sincerely but even they have to admit gosh maybe maybe we're going a little crazy with this maybe people don't love it when we just screech and whine and yell about politics all the time even Jimmy Kimmel speaking of screeching and whining every single night Jimmy Kimmel admitted this to Deadline to the trades paper out here in Hollywood he said that he's gonna steer his jokes away from Trump jokes at an upcoming show business industry event because people have had enough they've had enough of it Jerry Seinfeld doesn't do Trump jokes of recently David Letterman asked Seinfeld on his show he said are you doing a lot of Trump jokes and he said no I'm not interested I want to tell jokes about raisins Ida because Trump jokes they're easy they're cheap and the people are sick of it another overgrown child former future president Hillary Clinton she has not gotten this memo she didn't get it she is still going around just whining about how she lost the election how terrible everything is here's a clip of her recently in Australia doubles and 'red is alive and well and it is more difficult for women in public positions well we'll talk about politics but it's true in business it's true in the media it's just true across the board because there are expectations about women's appearance that are deep in our collective DNA so that people feel free to comment either favorably or unfavorably about hairstyles clothing fashions and all the rest of it are you kidding me we are you that's your example you're because you're whining making all these excuses and saying I didn't win because it wasn't fair ba ba ba and the example you're using of the double standard is that women have their hair made fun of when you ran against Donald Trump the the man who possesses the most mocked hairdo in maybe the history of the world everyone since the 80s people have been making jokes about Donald Trump's hair but Hillary Clinton lives in this fantasy world where everyone's against her people only criticize women they only make fun of women they only do what are you talking about how about all of the statues that went up in New York showing Donald Trump's grotesque body allegedly grotesque physique and all of the cartoons and they're all no you're just you're just first of all she's isolated so everything is just in this really tiny bubble for her but it's it's not that it's unfair Hillary it's not that other people don't get made fun of and don't get put through the wringer it's that they deal with it with any bit of grace whatsoever which you have never ever been able to do Hillary Clinton went on by the way she said quote there is still a very large proportion of the population that is uneasy with women in positions of leadership there is this fear there is this anger even rage about women's seeking power exercising power okay so by the way when you look for the video of this on the Internet where they put this up the comments are disabled that tells you all you need to know when the comments are disabled it's because the people putting up they know they're like this probably isn't true this is gonna get a big blowback isn't it so your first thought is just like a good grief you know the second thought is thank goodness this woman isn't president because she hates her countrymen and she's criticizing u.s. foreign policy abroad she's criticizing the Iran deal she's criticizing North Korea it's a very unpatriotic and it's her never-ending campaign this is the never ending campaign but good I actually I mean it's so disgusting it's so undignified but keep going Hillary keep going stay on TV I hope you do people don't like this they don't let you're turning people off from your own party that's fine by me that is absolutely fine by me there's a good before we break I'll draw this analogy they're trying to get Trump like their truck they were trying to get Richard Nixon they just ate him they're trying to get him there was a good piece of Bloomberg last week on Watergate and the drawing the parallels they said you know the Democrats won Watergate they won this political battle we think of it as a legal battle it was really a political battle they won the political fight to get Richard Nixon to resign and it's because they had huge majorities in the in the Senate and in the house and they were able to force him to resign because he couldn't survive an impeachment hearing Steven calabria has a good piece on how this relates to Donald Trump he has it in the Wall Street Journal there is a case Morrison versus Olson which is famous both for its opinion and for its dissent it was after the Watergate debacle and Scalia dissented here this was all about the constitutionality of these independent counsels these special counsels do they have too much power do their so Scalia says this is unconstitutional but even the majority opinion of the court which has been upheld in Edmund versus the US a free enterprise fund versus the public company oversight board it's been upheld it said that the special counsel the Independent Counsel is limited in scope we can't have people here who can just do whatever they want and have unchecked unlimited power in the United States but that's what we're getting in robert motors investigation he's indicted all sorts of people for alleged crimes that have absolutely nothing to do with his investigation which was supposed to be about collusion with Russia during the presidential election he's got way too much power and this is only certainly unconstitutional what it is an example of his Democrats once again trying to overturn a presidential election they did it in 72 they're doing it in 2016 Richard Nixon was elected in 1972 by a landslide he won 49 states he won almost the entire country he won 520 electoral votes to 17 for his opponent Democrats couldn't deal with it so a swamp creature policy analyst named Daniel Ellsberg he stole classified documents and he gave them to the New York Times in the Washington Post that's what he that's that was the big that's how Watergate broke is a government bureaucrat stole classified documents and leaked it to the media which had been trying to get Richard Nixon for decades but that didn't turn out very well for Democrats it didn't turn out very well sure they got Nixon out that's fine and then in 1980 six years later they were able to elect Ronald Reagan and we had basically conservative governance for 28 years even the presidency of Bill Clinton was relatively quite conservative so let's say you're you're a regular old American who doesn't follow politics religiously what are you seeing right now what are you seeing you're seeing things working just just look at the embassy in Jerusalem you're seeing on the walls of Jerusalem you're seeing thank you president Trump god bless president Trump that's what you're seeing you're seeing the president the Prime Minister of Israel Netanyahu praising Trump for real leadership you're seeing in Korea you're seeing South Korea give Trump credit for peace talks possible denuclearization you're seeing a president actually fulfilling his promises so what does the left do the desperate left and the desperate anti Trump right I think we're now all that's left of the anti Trump right is Mitt Romney basically what do they do they criticize how he does all of the successful things he does so Romney now is criticizing the evangelical pastor Robert Jeffress for us speaking at the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem he tweeted out this is Romney such a religious bigot should not be giving the prayer that opens the US Embassy in Jerusalem and he's saying this because this pastor called Mormonism and Islam heresies which by the way is the mainstream position of virtually every Christian and it's the traditional position in the church so Ronnie says he's a religious bigot religions are exclusive meant first of all so yes religions say this is the way to heaven this is their way to have a relationship with God this is the way and if you do this want religion then you can't do this religion if this religion is true then other religions are not true that's just the nature of religion religions are exclusive if they can't all be true at once because they make contradictory claims so by the way if this pastor is a bigot then so is Mitt Romney isn't he because his church makes certain claims about religion and who gets saved and how people get saved Jenna Ellis pointed this out in the Washington Examiner I think right now people are looking at Romney they're looking at these Trump critics and they're saying seriously Donald Trump has done what so many of his predecessors promised to do and refused to do Trump did it took real political courage and you're knocking him because the evangelical pastor who spoke at the opening is an evangelical pastor Mitt Romney invented Obamacare when he ran for Senate he said I didn't support Reagan Bush and I don't want to go back to Reagan Bush he ran a terrible 2012 campaign he refused to take the fight to the president he refused to fight back at the mainstream media he tried to swing the election for Hillary in 2016 you're the guy you're the guy criticizing Donald Trump who's actually doing something to advance the conservative cause and make America great again and improve the country and I think people are on the Left right now they're looking these lefties or looking and they're wondering you know we had eight years of a stagnant economy two percent economic growth unemployment underemployment now everything is doing a lot better and these people on the left and these Millennials people who used to be on the left and then maybe they're changing their mind a little

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