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suit they'll fit you better than anything you got in a closet right now Indo Chino Comm promo code Shapiro to let them know that we sent you by the way before we begin I also want to say our tickets are running out very quickly over at our events Dallas and Phoenix I believe we are almost sold out in Dallas we are approaching sold out in Phoenix so go over to Daley slash events if you want to buy a ticket to our live podcast that we will be doing in August it should be a blast and I look forward to seeing you there okay so president Trump is gaining in the polls the polls right now look good for president Trump there's a poll yesterday that came out and showed the Republicans had a generic ballot six point lead in the congressional election now that is an outlier there's no question that's an outlier the poll average still has Republicans down about four points that said there has been a slow but incremental increase in Republican vote share in the Congressional ballot for the last several months and the question is why meanwhile the Rasmussen tracking poll has President Trump up around 50% even if you don't believe Rasmussen he's in the mid-40s his polls have also been trending in the right direction and the question again is why and I think that the answer lies in the fact that so many on the Left have decided to just treat people with whom they disagree in deplorable fashion the latest example of this is Tommy Lehren ok so Tommy Lehren goes out to brunch with her mom and a bunch of people decide to scream at Tommy Lehren and then throw drinks on her so here is what it here's what it sounded like so then person who's tossing a drink at Tommy Lin for no reason because you're so cool cuz you tossed a drink at Tommy Lennon for the great sin of going to brunch with her mother now you don't have to be a Tommy Lynn fan to understand that this is awful behavior it's just garbage behavior but that's no shock because folks on the Left have been engaging in garbage behavior throughout the campaign cycle you know we tend to forget a lot of the things that happen in 2016 because there was so much that went on in 2016 but there were trump rallies where people legitimately showed up and did violence to trump supporters wasn't Trump supporters doing violence to Hillary Clinton supporters it was Hillary Clinton supporters in many cases doing violence to trump supporters other were cases obviously very well publicized of people hitting dissenters inside Trump meetings and all the rest but if you're talking about widespread violence wide scale violence I believe there was a rally in San Jose where violence broke out there was the rally in Chicago that had to be cancelled because of violence outside the Democrats have decided to go full-scale 1968 and this sort of behavior is not going to help their cause now maybe this person feels they're gonna be cheered on social media for having thrown a glass of water at Tommy leerin but I just don't know what you gain through all of the same thing is happening over at Harvard so the Harvard alumni from 20 from 2003 they used their alumni notes to attack Jared Kushner so according to media I once every five years this has been done since the 19th century Harvard alumni right class notes informally referred to as the red book to keep in touch with one another the red book consists of big life updates such as work marriages and children in this year's red book for the class of 2003 15 years after graduation these updates are interspersed with attacks on Kushner according to the Boston Globe one classmate named Sofia Makris wrote shame on you Jared Kushner another one named John Sherman said I for one I'm actually glad a class of o3 finally has a real-life fascist among us who says Harvard isn't diverse first of all I know Jared Kushner is not a fascist this is asinine according to the globe the aim in part of the disparaging class notes a select cushion or know that her service in the Trump White House will have lasting consequences resulting in his potential ostracization from a valuable social network of his peers hey Jared Kushner is relatively independently wealthy meaning like worth hundreds of millions of dollars I really don't think he cares very much whether these narrow do wells from his Harvard class of 2003 don't like him Shonda Prescott Weinstein is another of the class of 2003 she expressed discouragement that only a fraction of her classmates decided to call out Kushner in their entries she said he was in Jerusalem with his wife while people were being massacred I feel so emotional about that first of all who cares how you feel who cares how you feel why would Jordan Kushner sit around wondering how some girl he probably never met when he was at Harvard cares about the movement of the embassy to Jerusalem says people were being massacred he is a person who is doing horrible things as a black woman and a Jewish woman I think it's disgusting he's not alone in doing these disgusting things but he's certainly one of the active participants I think it's emblematic of Harvard culture that people didn't want to call him out I think people thought it was rude and didn't want to be rude but I think genocide is rude and I was happy to be rude so first of all what happened obviously on the Gaza border was not genocide it was come out tossing up a bunch of terrorists to get killed and putting them behind civilians in order to get civilians killed but again it done it demonstrates the utter scorn and hatred that so many folks on the Left seemed to have for anybody on the right by virtually any measure Jared Kushner is one of the more moderate members of the Trump administration the attempt to turn Jared Kushner into some sort of fascist crazy person and then to call him out in the Harvard red book which is supposed to be for like sending each other nice notes demonstrative of the fact that the left has become so nasty toward people with whom it disagrees that they are actually alienating people into the moderate Center or to the right that's the reason that Trump is gaining in the polls and the Democrats just keep campaigning further and further to the left and Meghan McCain she came out yesterday and she's on the view and she said you know I'm on the view I'm so sick of people on the Left submitting the Planned Parenthood is the number-one issue for all women why are you playing this identity politics game or if I disagree with you it's because I must disagree with all women because all women deeply care about abortion we've talked about this many times on show for me my women's issues foreign policy number one two three four five yeah when the idea that like plans parent for women in America there are issues there are issues that are specific to women and women legislators are more likely to introduce legislation that specifically benefit women and that's just a step elections with that message you it is not going to be the blue ok Meghan McCain is exactly right here the blue wave that was supposed to crest in November is actually petering out pretty far from shore here and again the reason for that is the antipathy that so many folks on the left hold for people on the right it's also thanks to the cultural hegemony that is that is experienced by folks on the left at the same time you see people throwing glasses of water at Tommy Lera and Harvard alumni trying to share it shame Jared Kushner and folks on the left implying that everybody on the right hates women and all this kind of stuff at the same time you have this nice warm cocoon of culture that has been created specifically for folks on the left so it was revealed over the last couple of days the Barack and Michelle Obama will work both in front of and behind the camera in a multi-year production deal with Netflix hey listen I love Netflix I'm a subscriber to Netflix I'm a subscriber tom is on prime there's a lot of material they generate on Netflix that I am NOT a big fan of but let's be frank about this do you think they would ever consider doing a deal with george w bush like a faith-based deal to make faith-based movies with george w bush of course not of course not there's a reason that YouTube helped sponsor The Young Turks but YouTube will D monetize dave rubin there is a reason that all of these major media companies are happy to side with the left while exercising the right according to the unique pack was announced on monday the first content from the Obamas will appear in 2019 at the earliest according to a person involved in the deal Netflix did not specify a timeline but the company's announcement of the deal said the Obamas will produce a diverse mix of content including the potential for scripted series unscripted series docu-series documentaries and features now you might ask what does Barack Obama or Michelle what do these people know about producing film the answer is of course they know nothing what do these people know about great narrative art the answer of course is they don't know anything but because the people of Netflix are so blown away by the celebrity of the Obama the Obama clan they've decided that it's time to give them a multi-picture deal you know many people struggle in Hollywood to ever get one picture from Netflix and Netflix is giving this entire broad spectrum deal to the Obamas for no reason other than Barack Obama was a Democratic president that they admire and love that warm cocoon is what's driving away so many Americans according to against CNN sometimes the former President and First Lady will be on camera as hosts or moderators the source said on condition of anonymity in other cases they will stay behind the scenes as producers financial terms were not disclosed the Obamas are giving that it's valuable content that many of the streaming services 125 million members may want to watch and netflix is giving the Obamas valuable platform to stay visible in their post White House years I love that editorializing from CNN you know the ratings are gonna be on the is Obama series zip you know who actually wants to watch the Obama's some more no one hey there was a movie that came out about Barack and Michelle Obama's first date it did like one dollar of business because no one cares but the whole point here is that when you feel ensconced in a cultural ivory tower where everyone loves you everyone thinks like you it is very easy to look down on the people outside the ivory tower and say look at those rubes look at those charlatans all those people like Tommy Lehren look at these people who like Donald Trump what a bunch of morons let's just sit up here and spit well hawk loogies from the front of the ship just like the characters in Titanic that'll be our new thing we'll spit down on the crowd below Barack Obama said we hope to cultivate and curate the talented inspiring creative voices who are able to promote greater empathy and understanding between peoples and help them share stories with their entire world yeah because if there's one thing I think when I think the Obamas I think empathy for their political opponents whom they slandered routinely and repeatedly throughout their political career these are the creatures of empathy but this is the whole point people can see themselves as empathetic so long as they are members of a tribe because they look at other members of their political tribe and they say well I care about those people and those other people I don't care about that's because they're inherently uncaring they're inherently intolerant it's okay to throw water at Tommie leerin because after all she's a bad person she doesn't care about us so why should I care about her when you don't see each other as brothers and sisters when you see each other instead as enemies it's pretty easy to make a case that the other person should be treated like garbage it's easy to make the case the Jared Kushner as a fascist when you haven't spent any time with Jared Kushner or even looked at what he's done it's very easy to make these cases but you know that's that's the leftist tended to do and the American people are responding pretty badly to that whole spiel they're responding pretty badly and they're also resonating to what President Trump has to say in response to that which I'll get to in just one second first I want to say thanks to our sponsors over at helix sleep so there's nobody on the planet who is just like you thank God because who would want to of you but you should have a mattress that is tailored to you we have a huge sleep mattress at our house the way it works is you go online and you take a sleep quiz basically it's and it uses a proprietary algorithm to determine what is the best mattress for you do you want a firm mattress a soft mattress a breathable mattress one that is more heat absorbent do you want that do you want what size mattress do you want do you and your spouse actually want to 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people who seem to hate you just because of your political points of view it's no wonder so many people are resonating to President Trump because now if people are enemies you want the biggest hammer you can find and that's what President Trump has been doing so president Trump comes out yesterday he's at pro-life gala and he's slapping and all of his opponents including Nancy Pelosi Pelosi of course you'll remember essentially said that Trump was wrong to call members into ms-13 animals the great ironic story yesterday of course is that there was an ms-13 member who was arrested whose actual name his nickname was animal which is pretty hilarious but in any case here was Trump going after Nancy Pelosi at a susan b anthony list dinner just the other day Nancy Pelosi came out in favor of ms-13 that's the first time I've heard that she wants them to be treated with respect as do other Democrats that's not going to be happening we're not going to release violent criminals into our country now as I've been saying for a long time the most effective tactic to take in politics is not necessarily the best tactic to take for the country so I wrote an entire book called bullies in 2013 the entire premise raised a long time ago the entire premise is that the Democrats were spending all of their time engaged in character assassination against Republicans and if Republicans continue to play this game where they talk to policy alone without rebutting the character assassination by attacking character of Democrats than they would lose Trump took up that mantle in spades right President Trump understands character assassination better than pretty much anyone else in American public life he's been both the victim of it and the perpetrator of it for virtually his entire career and that's why so many people have flocked to his banner the reason a lot of people are supporting President Trump right now is because you see a lot of people on the Left and you look at them and they're and they're yelling at people in megawhatts or they are trying to crash the party at particular Trump events or they're throwing water at conservative commentators and people go okay well at least Trump is fighting back I promise you that's the number one phrase you get from from supporters at least he's fighting back and that is the perception that he's fighting back and this isn't to say that Democrats have to surrender their political principles but if they actually want to be successful they might want to think about treating the American public as potential friends rather than as current enemies if they continue to treat them as enemies those enemies will go look for the best fighter they can find in the perspective of a lot of conservatives with perspective a lot of Americans who don't like what the left are doing right now is the same perspective that was attributed apocryphally to Abraham Lincoln about ulysses s grant I can't spare this man he fights so who cares about Trump's heresies so long as the dude is slapping the right folks well I mean what are you gonna do bend over for all these folks who are throwing water at you and and yelling at you and taking out ads in the Harvard alumni newspaper to target you and calling you a Rueben an idiot and signing deals with the Obamas and Netflix it better to have somebody who fights then somebody who's not gonna fight properly at all and that's one of the reasons why I think the Trump investigation the Trump Russian investigation is actually not resounding to Democrats benefit so let's talk about that for a second Democrats are very very upset that President Trump appears to be pushing the DOJ to investigate the so-called FBI spying into his campaign as I say I am very skeptical that the FBI launched a politically motivated attack on the Trump campaign during the 2016 election campaign in order to uncover Russian collusion and then didn't drop any of that information the entire campaign cycle and waited until after the election cycle in order to start leaking that information that just doesn't make a lot of that conspiracy theory does not watch for me and again Trumpkin declassify any of that material at any point well this is not stop President Trump from going on a Twitter and so category five president Trump tweets storm this came out this morning he says if the person plays very early into my campaign wasn't a spy put there by previous administration for political purposes how come such a seemingly massive amount of money was paid for services rendered many times higher than normal well apparently the guy who was the quote-unquote spy was a professor who'd written a couple of books none of them very good he was actually the professor who was the apparent spy is worth noting was actually considered by Peter Navarro current trump administration member for a position inside the Trump administration after Trump's actual election he's paid to let use offer like three thousand dollars for a piece of writing to write an essay or something not sure why that is a a giant a giant overpay in any case Trump continues he says follow the money the spy was there early in the campaign and yet never reported collusion with Russia because there was no collusion he was only there to spy for political reasons and to help crooked Hillary Rinne win just like they did to Bernie Sanders who got duped okay now none of this makes any sense so the spy was there to report on collusion but he didn't report on collusion so he was there to spy for political reasons to help crooked Hillary win but he didn't help crooked Hillary win because crooked Hillary lost because none of this information came out during the election cycle so that's weird and then President Trump continues along these lines look how things have turned around on the criminal deep state all caps they go after phony collusion with Russia a made-up scam and end up getting caught in a major spy scandal the likes of which the country may never have seen before what goes around comes around now as I say if it turns out that the Obama administration was siccing informants on the Trump campaign in order to crush the Trump campaign without any evidence it is significantly worse than Watergate I haven't seen the evidence to support that quite as of yet and then Trump continues he's really ranting now it is clear that they had eyes and ears all over the Trump campaign Judge Andrew Napolitano he's quoting Napolitano from Fox & Friends this morning and then he continues along these lines he says Spygate could one be one of the political biggest political scandals in history well I mean it was one of the biggest football scandals in history ask Bill Belichick and then Donald Trump continues he says trying trumpet should be happy that the FBI was spying on his campaign no James clapper I am NOT happy spying on a campaign would be illegal and a scandal to boot fair enough James clapper is an idiot and then he finally concludes witch-hunt right all caps would chante which as soon as he says witch-hunt i just think of duck hunt and I'm seven years old again playing my grandmother's basement and shooting the ducks with the with the gun right up to the TV so much on this is like the this has to be the sixth or seventh time the president Trump has tweeted out witch hunts and this of course has prompted great hilarity on Twitter people tweeting out actually about duck hunt with the picture of the Laughing dog there was somebody who tweeted out a gif of Tom Cruise descending from the ceiling Ethan Hunt is there was a rather obscene one that was going around that I'm sure you can guess that ends with hunt so there's that as well yeah look does president Trump have solid backing for these accusations no but we're gonna find out in this investigation you would hope but the point is this Democrats have decided that President Trump has no authority to do any of this and so they've decided that he is a dictator now two things can be true at once Trump may not have support for this position that he was spied on by the deep state in any serious fashion and by the same token or at least not an unjustified fashion and by the same token when Democrats say things like Trump is a dictator it's really stupid so when you have mazie Hirono who is the democratic senator from Hawaii saying the Trump is like a dictator how is he like a dictator we have a system of checks in what what what but this is what this is their routine so you have a president Trump who has attacked the media he's gone after the gone after judges who don't agree with him he's certainly going after the intelligence community the FBI a Department of Justice and these are the kinds of actions taken by people like erawan in Turkey to charity and the Philippines and of course the Putin in in Russia yeah exactly because it all all three murdered their political opponents has Donald Trump murdered any of his political opponents lately I missed that part see this is the part where Donald Trump has a gift that is just keeps on giving and that is that everybody on the Left will always overreact to everything he does so what they should say is President Trump has no support for any of the things that he is tweeting and it's a slander on our intelligence community to suggest that they were politically motivated in their investigations into George papadopolis and Karger page and they should just stick with that that this guy's talking nonsense instead they go to he's a dictator he's like doTERRA tea in the Philippines who who kills drug dealers he's like Errol who do in in prisons and murders his political opponents like Putin who's done exactly the same and really really no wonder Americans are not resonating to the Democratic message right now no wonder Democrats are really disheartened because the data says Makana is not coming okay Miller is not gonna save you from Trump okay so in a little while I want to talk about Democratic policy but first I want to say thanks to our sponsors over at zip recruiters so every business needs great people or you need better people right now you're constantly looking to upgrade your staff that is why you need a zip recruiter zip recruiter knows there is a smarter way than just randomly posting jobs on random sites instead zip recruiter learns what you're looking for identifies people with the right experience and invites them to apply it for your job these invitations have revolutionized how you find your next hire in fact 80% of employers to post a job on zip recruiter can a quality candidate through the site in just one day zip recruiter doesn't stop there they spot like the strongest applications you receive so you never miss a great match the right candidates are out there and zip recruiter can help you find them right now my listeners can try zip recruiter for free so just go to zip recruiter dot-com slash daily wire that zip recruiter comm slash daily wire use that slash daily Wireless they know we sent you it's the best way to try out zip recruiter for free it is indeed the smartest way to hire there's no reason not to use super career if you are looking to make your business better and again we're all looking to make our business better make our business more efficient make our business more useful that is what zip recruiter is for again eighty percent of employers who post a job on zip recruiter have a quality candidate through the site in a day you could be one of them zip recruiter comm slash daily wire alright so and what about Democratic policy so they spends all of their time ripping on President Trump and suggesting the President Trump is on the verge of being taken down and they're their favorite story now is that Michael cones business partners and Evgeny Friedman has agreed to cooperate as part of a plea deal it is not clear that this is going to have any ramifications for Trump in any serious way according to CNBC Evgeny Friedman has agreed to cooperate the cooperation by the taxi King Friedman could spell very bad news for Cohn who subjects of an ongoing criminal investigation by federal prosecutors in New York City the time suggested that Friedman's cooperation could be used as leverage to pressure Cohen to work with the special counsel but again all of this is speculation bottom line is Democrats have nothing they do not have anything right now to run on other than just anger just anger at President Trump they certainly don't have power see to run on okay and the latest indicator the Democrats do not have policy to run on is the way that they are wrecking major cities they've wrecked Los Angeles and they've turtle they've turned my city into as president Trump might say a bleep hole yeah the city of Los Angeles now has 55,000 to 60,000 homeless people who are sleeping on the streets every single night okay enough people to fill Dodger Stadium are sleeping on the streets of Los Angeles they have not filled the potholes they have not made the city better they've not made the city cleaner they've made the city more crime ridden this is true across the state of California and it's not just in Los Angeles it's in Seattle Seattle is a beautiful city I used to do a show exclusively in Seattle on a station Katie th okay now let me tell you Seattle gorgeous it is an upper-crust city okay by incoming is an upper-crust Hippias growing city it has three major companies more than that actually that are located there it has Microsoft Amazon and Starbucks all of which are located in the city of Seattle and Boeing which is located just outside the city of Seattle Tacoma Seattle area okay so here's the problem Seattle has determined that they are so interested in social justice warrior ring and they're gonna empty out their city what's the latest so as you recall last week Seattle decided on an Amazon tax maybe it's a head tax the head tax was a couple of hundred bucks per employee for companies that make over twenty million dollars a year and this money was supposed to go to alleviate the homeless problem it will not alleviate the homeless problem because the homeless problem is created by the fact that if you won't arrest people who are sleeping on the streets and if you won't allow people to build more housing because of building regulations then you are going to end up with more homeless people on the streets and that's especially true if you implement maybe like a $15 minimum wage which Seattle did a couple of years ago and in doing so helped crush a lot of small businesses and force a lot of people out of jobs well now they've decided City Seattle City Council they've decided to go even further now they're considering an enormous property tax on all of these people so according to q13 Fox King County homeowners which is where Seattle is located they saw a bump of seventeen percent in their property taxes in 2017 but now City Council members want to see property taxes increased even more council members Lorena Gonzalez and Rob Johnson are sponsoring the measure which states the council wants to lift the limit on regular property taxes in order to levy additional taxes in 2014 Seattle voters approved a fifty eight million dollar levy allowing low-income kids to go to preschool for free since 2015 the city says the program has allowed affordable or free preschool to 850 families so just to do that quick calculation okay that means that there are 58 million dollars that means that they have spent to put each of these preschool families in preschool and I assume that's about one child per family $68,000 okay so well done local government yay local government all you had to do was spend 58 million dollars to let sit to give affordable and free preschool to 850 families it's a sixty eight thousand dollars per family he could just sign him a check gang now the city wants to send hundreds more to preschool and mayor Jenny Durkins office is pushing to send high school graduates to Community College for free so you're going to establish their socialist utopia on the back of or a redistributionist the very least utopia on the bac

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