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Like this video? For more Ben Shapiro and Daily Wire content, subscribe to this channel and the Ben Shapiro YouTube channel youtube.com/c/benshapiro and ring the bell for notifications so you never miss a story!it's Flag Day and it's the president's birthday and we're the ones getting all the presents for that birthday on the economy Foreign Affairs standing among the international community even sports we will observe something that conservatives usually hate to acknowledge which is that things are getting better then the FBI is Inspector General concludes James Comey and the FBI tried to hurt Donald Trump and helped Hillary Clinton in other news the sky remains blue and water remains wet we will analyze all of those important news stories and then the god-king Jeremy boring himself will stop by to explain why soccer is a threat to Western civilization finally the mailbag and a few of my favorite American flags for Flag Day I'm Michael Knowles and this is the Michael Knowles show [Music] [Applause] [Music] so much to get to today I want to recap a little bit on our talk with Tom Arnold yesterday too before we get to that we got to make a little money honey and thank a great sponsor just in time for Father's Day man crates so you know this the trouble with Father's Day is you might know what to get your mother your sister your whatever your brother or this you ask your father what do you want for Father's Day or your birthday or this I said well don't get me anything wrong and then you know you get him a tie or something and he's either disappointed because that's not a good gift or you know you don't get him anything and then he's sad and feels disrespected this is all solved with man crates man crates is a great gift you've heard us talk about them a lot give the gift to your father that he's guaranteed to love with man crates hand-picked and packaged gifts for every type of dad there's the knife making kit that's for the hands-on dad it's not exactly like for 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at all I like some of the soft rock I like Jim Croce I like John Denver have you ever tasted bacon no I've never tasted bacon I've heard it's fantastic as it is it as good as they say I mean your god it's amazing are you a fan of any other Chicago team yeah I'm a Bears fan I'm also a Blackhawks can the White Sox only win the World Series one several hundred years is your wife a doctor so the rumor is that she is the conversation will be on Facebook and YouTube for everyone to watch but only subscribers will get answers to their questions that's Tuesday June 19 at 5:30 p.m. Eastern see you then I hope that he can finally answer that question is your wife a doctor I've been scratching my head for so long about that so be sure to tune in for that now some of you might have seen yesterday I had this interview with Tom Arnold and well if you missed it you should go back and listen because it actually showed a lot of the differences between the left and the right but if you just want a quick summary here is a quick recap of my interview with Tom Arnold yesterday Freddie the Kosmos for situational tells you what I wrote the participative new committee like I said my friend right here tonight over at University where my friend place and I'm from too many parts samos Monday to the Arizona groom and another person said cool and keen I do but is mine gonna tell you right you show you show you face in the world daylight I'm telling you how I feel gonna hurt your mind gun don't shoot to kill come on come on lay it on me all right I'm giving you one on the count of three to show you step four let it be I'm telling you just watch them out I know your game what about you well I say this guys are limiting to me that's really true but my friend you see nothing just wait'll I get to because I'm bad bad come on come on that bad really really bad you know I'm bad I'm bad you know what you know very bad really really bad you know I'm bad I'm bad come on come on you know a bad bad really really bad and the whole world does the answer just right just tell just tell you once again who's bad that no that clip was a little bit slower than the way that Tom and I were talking yesterday but if you missed it you know I got a lot of mailbag questions about this I got a lot of tweets and everything about what the interview was like with Tom it was pretty wild or moving pretty fast I'll I'll give my thoughts on that in the mailbag because I reacted to it actually differently than I think a lot of people think so we'll get to that later first as president Trump's birthday to sell right we are we're so lucky on this show we get the best guests folks we are gonna bring on Marilyn Monroe to sing Donald Trump a happy birthday before an audience of Hillary Clinton supporters Marilyn take it away [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] that's incredible footage really well done beautiful Marilyn and happy birthday mr. president it's Donald Trump's birthday but we're getting all of the presents aren't we here's a quick rundown before we bring on the god-king to explain to pour a little cold water on all of our happiness and KO FFA and explain why soccer is a threat to Western civilization to begin on the economy new jobless claims fell again last week meaning that the number of Americans on the jobless rolls fell to a forty four and a half year low could you just imagine this so the labor market right now is at or close to full employment unemployment right now is is under 4% slike 3.8 percent the Fed is predicting it'll drop further by the end of the year that's why the Fed is finally raising interest rates for a second time this year after not being able to do that because of Barack Obama's stagnant economy they're saying the labor market is continuing to strengthen that job gains are strong the Fed says that economic activity is rising at a solid rate layoffs right now are very low there there are signs of workers shortages across all sectors of the economy 6.7 million job openings in April people are receiving unemployment insurance at the lowest level since 1973 there are more job openings in the United States than unemployed workers to fill them imagine this in October 2016 if somebody told you they said hey these what do you think the headlines are going to be under a Donald Trump presidency say I don't know the Western Hemisphere exploding and the eastern hemisphere exploding I don't know the core of the earth exploding right that is what you would predict and you get these absurdly good economic data points on foreign affairs the historic Kim jong-un summit is a big win for the United States a Michael Goodwin points this out in the New York Post today there there are plenty of good reasons to be cynical about the Iran deal plenty of good reasons the Kim's are murderous and deceptive there's no reason to believe that this Kim is any better than his father any less treacherous the Kim's have backed out of plenty of deals that they said they were gonna do before and they you know they've run right out before the ink is dry also China might not let North Korea denuclearize fine yep I get it there are a lot of reasons to be cynical Goodwin makes this great point in the post he writes quote today should be declared a holiday from nitpicking a time to celebrate what has been accomplished instead of fixating on the possible pitfalls it's an occasion to look forward with hope instead of backward with suspicion and this is such an important point conservatives sometimes forget this because we want to like frown all the time cynicism is very stupid it's very stupid that you know Norm Macdonald one of my favorite voices in the world the great voice of our age yesterday he referred to something called the profanity of cynicism in a tweet and he's so right this is such an astute observation cynicism is profane if the cynicism is the the crutch of anxious people who can't tolerate uncertainty and they're terrified that they're gonna look foolish if they end up being wrong and so they don't want to have any hope or smiling to begin with they just want a frown and say everything's gonna be terrible but the world is a hopeful place there's nothing virtuous about cynicism you know you should be courageous you should be a prudent certainly you shouldn't be reckless or stupid but you should be courageous you should be prudent you should be manly not cynical that's what the word courage comes from courage comes from core from from heart right and cynicism is discouraging takes the heart out of everything you should take heart could it go wrong of course are we in the early stages of whatever kind of nuclear deal we're trying to work out yes what are the odds that it works out who knows there's a good first step take heart on Foreign Affairs also and this is right before we'll bring in the god-king to pour cold water on everything we're getting the World Cup in North America it's gonna be this nice alliance between Canada the United States Mexico a Donald Trump by the way has been lobbying since March to bring the World Cup to North America meanwhile Los Angeles is getting the 2028 Summer Olympics as well so we've got two major international sporting events that are coming to the United States because of Donald Trump everybody predicted that Trump would hurt these bids because the whole world hates him right he's you know he's humiliating on the or allies hate us and instead he actually helped now look I do not care very much for the Olympics I don't watch the Olympics other than curling curling is one of my favorite sports in the world but other than curling I don't like it I also think that soccer basically should be outlawed in the United States but it is a very good sign nonetheless of this global leadership the United States has global leadership president Trump has picked up two major international sporting events that's a good thing so say I now I think the god-king the the founder of my feasts and the man who signs my checks disagrees with me on this can we bring on the god-king hey look it's Donald Trump's birthday it's Flag Day I'm feeling so good tell me bring me down what's interesting to me is how everyone who supports the president uh-huh carries water for the president you can't just be a general fan of the guy you have to be basically an evangelist you're Donald proselytizing ff' and so when he says for example he calls Kim Jong than Rocket Man never offers things like yes we have always wanted war on the Korean Peninsula and when he says things like I really trust in there it's like yes we have always wanted peace on the Korean Peninsula and no one ever knows where they stand with you people and this is the greatest example this is a microcosm yeah of all things Trump that one of the great arguments on behalf of Donald Trump is he's going to be a global leader he's going to rebuild America's supremacy he's going to salvage Western civilization America great and make America great again he's gonna salvage Western civilization and now you're that he is bringing this bastard sport of soccer to the United States this is Obama level leading from behind you call that global leadership global leadership is called baseball yes that's baseball maybe four but global leading from behind yeah it's called soccer I have to say when I was reading all the good news today well we'll get to the we'll get to the great explanation because I have to say this is the best never Trump argument that really sort of compels me before we get to this we got to make a little money honey we got to keep the lights on in here keep me employed by this guy we got to talk about Boleyn branch sheets and I love Boleyn branch sheets you need to go out there and buy Bolin brand sheets not only cuz they're so so good but because when enough of you buy Bolin brand sheets they'll like me more and send me more Bolin brand sheets and they're the best thing that I've ever slept 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Forbes Wall Street Journal Fast Company all talking about them three u.s. presidents leap on bull and branch sheets three u.s. presidents one blank book author into God king sleep on Boleyn branch sheets shipping you can try them for 30 nights if you don't love them send it back for a refund you're not gonna send them back you're not going back to that gas station don't do it baby get started right now you and my listeners get $50 off your first set of sheets at Bowen branch com promo code Michael mi CH AE L that's a birthday present for the president's birthday Boland branch comm $50 upper set of sheets bol L and branch comm promo code Michael what's so bad about soccer what's so bad about soccer it's like saying Jeremy yeah everything's going really well I noticed in in a world history until like the late 1930s what went wrong soccer is listen I actually don't hate soccer you know I I think that soccer is a perfectly good sport for the third world and that's what it is it's the sport of the third world because all you need is something roughly the size of a ball doesn't have to be able doesn't human head would work and I think that's probably how it all started and you need a patch of relatively flat earth and then you need a bunch of people to chase after the rolling object and occasionally fall down as though they had been hit yeah pretend it hurts pretend it hurts that is soccer and that's fine because everyone needs sports yes sports teach children about competition they teach children about work ethic they teach children a set of rules and how to succeed within those rules and sports help adults too because they give us an opportunity to play out a competitive aggression in a controlled way that doesn't result in violence although sometimes at soccer games the fans actually participate in the greater contact sport than the players through those hooligans hooligans yeah but you know they bring us together they give us a sense of of pride it's a nice distraction from the hardship of life everyone needs that yeah and so I'm I am glad that Ghana has a soccer team it's good yeah I'm glad that the Ivory Coast has a soccer team I am offended however that Great Britain also participates in this I'm and I am mortally offended that the United States would condescend to have a soccer team I tend to agree - except for six-year-old children and it's it's good yeah well it's really good I wonder at the World Cup now is because it's gonna be a host by Canada the United States and Mexico who is gonna provide the minivans to pick up the players afterward and give them juice boxes and cracker snacks exactly tell him tell him good boy it listen it matters when Great Britain was in her ascendancy the height of the British Empire she had the most complex sport in the world cricket cricket whatwhat did days - bleh sorry no one understands that the smartest guy on the block doesn't understand it that is the sport of an ascendant power America in her ascendancy had baseball a complex sport the offense the defense has possession of the ball fly rule infield fly rule yeah those are the sports of an ascendant nation they're complicated they're intelligent more importantly they're expensive because our sports reflect something about us you can't play baseball with just a ball and a piece of flat earth right right bait the recent little children play soccer is because it's the simplest sport you basically chase the moving ball that's all that's require a ton of training and specialized this and that's right and doesn't require money now America is a superpower our sport really we don't have to like it but the truth is its football right that is the national pastime that is the national pastime of our generation it is the most complex and expensive sport ever conceived the pads alone would break the GDP of many nations that have perfectly serviceable soccer team that's true and that's not bad again I'm not against third world nations having soccer I am against us saying that that's as good as baseball or football and I'm against the idea that we need to reach down and play the sport of the world instead of showing actual global leadership and saying no the entire world needs to be rich enough and powerful enough to play sports that require you not only to chase something but to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars preventing brain damage that's true and you know it's maybe we need like a new Marshall Plan I would be perfectly willing I'm a fiscal conservative so are you if we could invest in the infrastructure required to create booming economies such that these third-world countries can buy very expensive and elaborate equipment to play real sports that are civilized absolutely I would do it in a second I think that absolutely I agree if Trump were to scratch his infrastructure plan and instead you know support the world becoming baseball and football players yeah I'd vote for him for sure for re-election what I don't like though is this game of equality being a sort of the Thatcher view of equality that you know the left you can be here and poor people can be here in the less thinks it's bet the world is a better place if everyone's down here that's right That's not me I think that we should set an example in the world and give some give people something to rise up to and that thing is not chasing a rolling human head across a flat patch that is exactly right and it's so it is this degrading going back and it's bad for us that we yeah it's a and it's not as violent you know there's that there's that other aspect if you're a rich powerful ascendant company you can take some hits you can weather some you know you can pay for expensive hospitals that's right they used to flood the Coliseum and play out in naval battles from antiquity at the height of the decadence of Rome I feel like we can do much the same that's right and we should mm-hm not only that but I think that part of the problem with the rise of soccer in America is that you can trace it one to one to the decline of our culture mmm right when America was putting a man on the moon were grown adults in the freest country on Earth playing soccer Michael no they were not they were not because all that scrap metal was going to the Space Shuttle and not to make more minivans to keep Pikul of people of the field that's that's exactly right and by the way ever since women started to enter the workforce right that's right more women in the workforce yeah more soccer fields in the United States of America look at that's just science that's a correlation how do you even do you even study science you even study correlates with divorce rates it yeah I'm sure it does someone do the math you know you've made a really compelling argument it is the first anti-trump argument that has really started to convince listen I'm not anti Trump I'm a Trump skeptic Trump has done a lot of things that make me very very happy mm-hm this is not one of them I feel like if if previous Jeremy that's Jeremy from 2016 yeah who was busy expressing off his concerns about the worst case what will happen if Donald Trump becomes president you know I was worried the Republican Party would fracture I was worried we would lose credibility with Millennials who are becoming the largest voting bloc I was worried that we would lose our principles in service only of our of our victories yeah I never thought that I would see the President of the United States cheering the ascendancy of soccer yeah I'm sorry you make a great point I'm mr. president I hope you're watching it's been such a good you know it's been such a good year and a half but please you've got to rethink this you've got to rethink what you're doing mr. god-king thank you for being here thank you gotta get Tommy the chief executive dog was here I don't know CED is there any way to lift him up get on stuck because this is my real boss right here this would be the chief yeah he also sleeps on Boland branch that's because we're very wealthy decadent country thank you sir always good to see the god-king all right do we have time to we got a little bit of time to wrap up on the FBI before we have to get to the mailbag okay the investigator a general and Michael Horowitz who's the FBI watchdog he is concluded that a James Comey has deviated from a bureau and Justice Department procedures in handling the Clinton probe which damaged the agency's image I know you're shocked aren't you sure we didn't think we thought they did everything just right we thought James Comey totally aboveboard not political at all turns out that was all why they wrote quote this is from the IG report by departing so clearly and dramatically from FBI and department norms the decisions negatively impacted the perception of the FBI and the department as fair administrators of justice now they say that there's no evidence this was politically motivated what does that mean what we know is the James Comey treated Hillary Clinton differently than he would have treated other people and we know that they were trying to this was during a presidential election they were what is not political about that anything involving Hillary Clinton is political that's it that's absolutely absurd the report also by the way uncovered previously hidden text messages that the FBI was just not release it was just totally covering up between disgraced FBI agents and saucy lovers Peter struck and Lisa Paige Paige writes quote Trump's not ever going to become president right right - which struck responds no no he won't we'll stop it it's like the worst saddest soy boy flirting I've ever heard also also probably criminal and anti-american and anti-constitutional he said Peter struck of the FBI key investigators saying we will stop Donald Trump from becoming president what more evidence do you need what more evidence do you people need now right now at this moment the left and the anti-trump right are trying to lionize the FBI and demonize the president there are all of these distractions right there you're looking at this you're seeing a text from Peter struck and a key investigator at the FBI that says we're gonna stop Trump from being president they say look at stormy Daniels so what what do I care about some porn store they said look he said naughty words on a video tapes the FBI is saying he's gonna stop a interfere in a presidential election beyond the smoke and mirrors who has the better track record here who looks better who looks good who looks dirty between Donald Trump and the FBI it's no question it's no question and so it's a happy birthday eat soccer notwithstanding I guess it's good we nabbed these international sporting events and I use sporting loosely but you know we got to be careful here folks we can't let our exuberance get away with us and do things like like try to elevate soccer as a sport oK we've got a lot of mailbag to get to then i want to talk about my favorite flags for Flag Day you got them on my desk right here so by now this isn't this is a new announcement you have surely heard that the Michael Knowles show is available on Amazon Alexa and the Google home so I don't want you to be confused there was a video going around YouTube that was just an Alexa commercial but somebody replaced the all the sound with clips from my show so it's just me Alexa answering as me like I'd become Alexa this is this is sort of like that I am now on Alexa as well if you use one of these virtual assistants you can get my podcast with a simple voice command you just have to enable the skill on Alexa or ask Google to talk to the show for more information check out our pinned tweets daily wires pin tweets on Facebook and Twitter just starts screaming incoherently think that's what that's what starts to put my show on on the Alexa app you got to go over right now I gotta say goodbye to Facebook and YouTube but I'm still saying hello to Alexa I guess I guess we're still in there go to daily wire.com subscribe you get me you got the Andrew Klavan sure you get the Ben Shapiro sure you get to ask questions I'm the mailbag in the next one is the big boss himself you get to do all of that for ten bucks a month or $100 for an annual membership it is so simple man go over there right now we're going to get to the mailbag right away we'll be right back mmm oh that's did I forget to mention something did I forget to mention what you get when you subscribe ooh you know what that tastes like today it's got this distinct flavor of 3.8% unemployment it's got this distinct flavor of 44 and a half year low in jobless claims it's just mmm it's really good haven't tasted in a long long time very delicious though let's get to the mailbag before we have to go from Tyler dear Knowles the smoking jacket in combination with the bow tie was truly a sight to see my question is how do you explain the irony of the all-powerful argument in relation to God for example can God create an object too heavy for him to lift or can he lift anything meaning he's not powerful enough to create that object from Tyler yeah this this stupid question I'm sorry I don't mean to insult you Tyler this question is so stupid so the question is can God create an object so heavy that he can't lift it this was asked in the Father's Day video the god-king said Jeremy boring lower case G lower case k said that yes God can create an object so big that he can't lift it and then he would create a mechanism to lift it that's a that's a interesting explanation of Christianity I would put it differently though basically the same point and this is a big difference between Christianity and Islam in the Christian religion and the Christian God submits himself to logic he is not a god of infinite pure irrational wrath he's a God of logic in the beginning was the word the logos and the logos was with God and the logos was God the logos being the divine logic of the universe it is a perfectly logical God a God who submits himself to the own logic that he creates and so the question can God create a rock so heavy that he can't lift it is basically akin to saying god bla bla bla bla bla bla right it's like saying parrot yellow elephant banana four times green it is words like there are words together but it doesn't have any meaning it doesn't have any any internal logic so in short answer to your to your question this God is a God of logic that's not true of other religions the God of Islam is not a God that is bound by logic it is a god that can do what it can act very capriciously and do whatever he likes that's a that's a different God it's a different object of worship and it's a different culture that comes out of those things but ours is a god of logic and there is a mechanism by which God lifts that that rock that seems so heavy that he can't lift it and it's and it's God giving His only begotten Son to be incarnate to die for the sins of man that's a that's a pretty beautiful logical way to solve that problem from Lynn dear Michael I'm listening to your interview with Tom Arnold right now you deserve an Emmy for keeping your composure had he'd do it thanks Lynn if you didn't see the interview it was pretty wild as ésta marled famously is he's a pretty wild guy I gotta say though because some some people kind of got it I think and some people gave these were saying pretty mean things about Tom I genuinely like Tom Arnold I do I really like the guy think he's a nice guy I think he's a genuine guy he's not he's really not rude regardless of what you saw in that interview I think he's a really nice guy who's a little out there on some of his premises so he said something very important yesterday about the difference between the left and the right right now he was so honest in his answer because I said Tom here are the facts and he said I yeah I don't care about that I don't care and I said but Tom there's just one reality because he said well this is how I feel and this is what it seems to me and if you're this and that Andrew and I said but there's one reality he said no there isn't there are multiple realities reality is subjective there's no such thing as objective truth and that is the disagreement between the left and the right that's the underlying premise that is why the left and the

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