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Daily Wire Instagram: the.daily.wiremm-hmm it's a part of that hour that's true I'm so excited I hope the clock is already running because right now there you go there it is right now I just want to kill myself I'm just that tired don't do that that's true no one gets paid if I die hi everyone I'm Alicia Krause and we're live with our newest episode of the conversation once again I am your host Alicia Krause and our very own Ben Shapiro will be taking live questions for an entire hour you are ecstatic about this oh goodness oh goodness have I ever please remember that our conversation is live for everyone to watch but you can only be a part of it if you are a subscriber and by being a part of it you can subscribe to daily wire comm right now and check out our pin comments on this video for info on submitting questions be sure to tune in for next month's episode on Tuesday July 17th at 5:30 p.m. Eastern 2:30 p.m. Pacific starring the great Andrew Clavin I wish that he were here right now and I were not well and that is not just me listen I like doing the conversation tonight it was really rough okay so like at 11:00 p.m. I'm ready to go to bed at 10:30 actually in a greater good but early it's gonna be awesome and then I go in the bathroom and the bathtub is filling up from the drain and so we have to call the plumber at 10:30 at night you snake the entire main line so that took till 1:00 in the morning and then my my four-year-old decided you know it'd be awesome let's get up in party at 3:00 a.m. and then my two-year-old is how you know it'd be even more awesome at 5:30 a.m. I'm up for the day and they're like party and partying yeah you're even more irritating when I'm this tired I just can't I can't so I just tweet that angry Ben I think is the most fun Ben I'm glad you appreciate it going going back to our morning radio days oh man how many angry days were on that radio show angry day some of your angriest days were the best radio okay well let's find out if this ends up being the best episode of the conversation ever kicking it off with Spencer in your opinion how much time in practice does it usually take for an aspiring writer with some natural talent to become an excellent writer years I mean really I'd say it takes a long time to become a very good writer and you have to start young it's all about how much right how much read and churning and and there is no substitute for writing and in writing and editing and it's good to have some people around you who are capable of editing your work and making sure that you're you're getting better and what you're doing but it's not just how much you write obviously it's also how much you read and what kind of writers you you tend to read because especially when you're first starting out it's hard to it's hard to create a distinctive voice I remember when I was first writing my syndicated column my voice sounded a lot more like it well no 17 my my article sounded a lot more like Ann Coulter because that was sort of the voice that I was reading a lot at the time and now my articles don't read like Ann Coulter they read like me and that's just a voice that comes out naturally over time I think so a little behind the scenes here for our subscribers and everyone watching I was talking to my girlfriend Mary Katharine ham of course a literalist in CNN Fame and she and I were griping to each other about how sometimes we get a really great idea for a piece we feel like we knock it out but then by the time it gets edited and all this stuff we're like yeah is that out of the news where as you and our girlfriend Bethany Mendel literally can turn out pieces like from your iPhone yeah I have a thought for a piece and Ben's already written it like how do you do that my mind my brain I'll try to type one hundred and thirty eight words per minute or something but yeah and yourself edit I do self edit and I have the ability to post my own stuff so I don't have to deal with my editor matters me so that's good it's it's incredible but it's a good skill to have let's go again you just you write quickly and also learn to write under deadlines you know you see how fast you can turn the stuff out instead of trying to be a perfectionist about everything you know first first try and see how much you can write how quickly and then go back and edit okay Samuel says Ben do you believe in for a particular vocation meaning do you think there is a particular calling by God for each person pertaining to whether they should marry what they should do for work etc yes I mean I think that your skill set generates a personality generates certain choices in life and I think that all of us are tailored for particular choices and how we act in accordance with those choices to make us happier or less happy so if you have a skill set that is tailored for one profession and you have an aptitude for that profession to liking for that profession we like another one a lot more and you suck at it then you're probably doomed to be unhappy because the fact is that you should be finding the place where you can do something you like something that you're good at and something you feel makes the difference if you can find the sweet spot that has all three of those characteristics then you're likely to have a happier life do you find that you do you think that you have a job that has all three of those characters well yeah I mean I I I love what I do I'm pretty good at talking it turns out and I'm a pretty good writer I love the inflection when you talked about I love what I do I'm so tired right now Alicia I'll strangle you figure out what they're good I won't actually I won't actually strangle Alicia also okay by the way and if you want to figure out what they're good if you don't to figure out why you're good at holding some skills then perhaps you should take a look at Skillshare which is an online learning platform with over 20,000 classes in business design technology and 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start that two months now again skill shared comm slash Shapiro to go check it out all right let's keep it rolling because we'd love to get as many subscriber questions and as possible next person is Christian what are the problems with the French Revolution oh there are so many problems didn't see what John the Goldberg talked about this ah yes there are many problems of the French Revolution so number one lots of beheadings so that that's her net suck but also the French Revolution is religious artifacts in history lots of terrible things as it turns out and leading to the Napoleonic Wars so it was just great all the way around but the if you're gonna talk about the real problems of the French Revolution you sort of have to juxtapose it the American Revolution okay so the American Revolution was more conservative in orientation because the American Revolution was based on the idea that we ought to preserve certain anglo-saxon traditions of law and judeo-christian traditions of morality in the context of a libertarian government that was smaller and allowed for personal freedom the French Revolution essentially said that while the American Revolution said the individual Trump's the the needs of the communal the the French Revolution said the opposite so the French Declaration of the Rights of Man specifically says that if your rights run up against the rights of the state and the rights of the state win and there is all so a real attempt to throw religion out the window and so there for example during the French Revolution there actually was something called the cult of Reason they went into the the notre-dame Cathedral and they took down all of the crosses they took down all of the all of the icons and instead they put up statues of the goddess of reason they actually held back an owl's to the goddess of reason at notre-dame Cathedral the cult of reason was one there's also the cult of the supreme deity which was Robespierre sort of DS version of the cult of reason and all of this resulted in this this manifest belief that human beings were fully capable of forming their own moral system on the communal level and that true happiness was to be found in shaping the world through communal power and this leads off is that it's not just what the French Revolution itself was it leads off some of the the worst ideas in human history the French Revolution it leads off the idea of romantic nationalism that nationalism disconnected from any sort of ideas of liberalism or freedom is in and of itself a good because what one of the things the French Revolution did was unique is that they were fighting a series of Wars at the time with Prussia and later with the British and they for the first time in human history until then war was not something that the citizenry took pardon until then he basically had the feudal lords and the knights and these people would go out and they would fight and then there that was the literal leader job right they would protect the the fiefdom and all of these citizens would live as serfs and and that's how you would do things you'd have a professional military class and then have everybody else the French Revolution undid that they said now you are a citizen that means you're a soldier so everyone is now soldier so have a complete integration of the civilian population with the military population and that is an overwhelmingly powerful move in terms of military history it also leads to the idea that great power can be found in nationalistic unity and that leads to the unification of Germany Germany responds with this romantic fervor of nationalism and the movement from Prussia and Bavaria being separate states for example into a united Germany by 1870 under under Bismarck and says I mean that's one thing the movement toward rationality unbounded from moral considerations that was the the movement away from judeo-christian moral systems that leads to the rise of alternative moral systems ranging from communism to to Nazism Minh fronts revolution really it really a devastating period world history and good ideas gone wrong differences Jonah says between Locke and Rousseau lock again believing in the of individual liberty as springing from a state of nature and Rousseau believing that human beings are naturally good and that if we could just give all of our power to the the state through the general will then the state would ends up doing all sorts of wonderful things for us that's turned out to be dangerous yeah I mean literally hundreds of millions of dead people yeah Brandon says hi Ben and Alicia oh thanks for saying hi Brandon children have been separated from their parents for years now but what is the solution to keep families together I assume he's talking about the situation at the border I'm not sure actually no I think that that could be what will answer both questions okay if we're talk about the situation at the border then the simple solution is for there to be a piece of legislation passed that overrules the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decision in a case that was decided in 2016 about the Florida settlement in which they basically said that you have to discharge all children regardless of the situation even accompany minors have to be sent into the system and that can be overturned by a simple act of Congress the fact that Congress has not done that I think is stupid already as far as the solution to keeping families together generally like the anti divorce anti family breakdown number one you actually have to have some skin in the game so that means marriage it doesn't mean you get together and you live with each other it means you actually have to have skin in the game that means an actual pre commitment to stay together no matter the situation barring some sort of horrific infidelity or physical violence or something and beyond that I think that the solution to keeping families together is to think of yourself as a family unit like what for me I think the most beautiful thing in my life is the fact that when I go home and I look at my wife and I look at my children this is the this is the Kingdom that I have built along with my wife and this is a unit that is inseparable and if something were to happen in one member of the unit the unit would be irrevocably broken to see yourself as an individual in the context of a families mistake I think Joan actually makes a very good button Journal Goldberg makes you the point he says but we're all communist when it comes to our own family but we should be capitalist when it comes to the general society at large when it comes to your family it is a matter of from each according to his ability to each according to his need because my wife and I have a joint bank account when it comes to taking care of the kids you take care of the kids catches catch pan that's just the way that it works exactly and if you think of it that way you're more likely to have a happy family life and to stay together okay good question from Brandon there Elyse says how do you prepare for the show every day what goes on behind the scenes that makes the show so brilliant well I appreciate it thank you I mean what goes on every day aside from massive and copious amounts of rage is is is the the constant engagement with the news so I'm in the news all the time and not just on Twitter all the time but I'm writing at least four pieces a day for our website I write a piece of week for National Review I write a piece a week for Newsweek I've been write a piece every couple weeks for the the Jewish Journal area syndicated column every week so I write get bored not really thank God so I'm writing on average you know somewhere between 20 and 25 pieces of plenty of content yeah exactly so when you're engaged with the news all that much that means that you are going to be on top of it and you already sort of have the narrative going at any given time of the day so what the nerve is gonna be for the next morning so actually show prep the formal show prep doesn't take all that long I sort of have a generalized outline of where I want to go with the show and then I send clips over to our producers and they pull them because they're awesome what they do that's the best that's most praise our producers are ever gonna get and I better pull that clip and play it again at Christmas time that's exactly right because it ain't coming again and and and you know when it comes time for the show then I basically am able to just riff her for 45 minutes you because you do not have there's nothing career it there's nothing written for the show that that's something that I think a lot of people don't realize whether it's podcasting or talk radio which is the world that we both came from before you don't have like notes and stuff first yeah there are a few hosts who actually will have like scripted monologues but not more often than yeah more often than not it's you're doing on top your head okay so it's Ben and his brilliance and then the amazing team exactly aren't they an amazing team they are just amazingly mediocre Joel says Hannibal Shapiro with your restricted taste to music oh I like Joel already what are your thoughts on alt genres like electronic EDM trap Bollywood etc our synth pads heresy I don't know anything you just said I don't know any of those who ever listened to 80s music I have listened eight I'm assuming like he means like the synthesizer noise okay so synthesizers suck okay so it's either sizer and the synth pad the same I I don't why are you asking me I just said I don't know what the hell you're talking about I'm too tired for this Alicia I don't know I don't know okay so when it comes to electronic dance music I mean I've heard some of it that I think is is like I think some Daft Punk I believe is EDM correct so so some of the some of their stuff is somewhat interesting although deeply repetitive but overall not too into it it seems musically unsophisticated to me that's because I think we won't be seeing you Coachella next year no I'm gonna go no on that probably is there any I'm gonna ask a follow-up to that question is there any top 40 song that you like right now no um I'd have said have to look at the current app for it okay in the past couple of years there been a couple of top 40 songs that I thought were at least catchy and whether there was well there's that what what's the one that there's one I plan on the show you like the boom clap one oh that was a long time ago terrible taste wow I can't believe it yeah you said that you thought it was a catchy tune it is saying it is a catchy tune yeah and there's also the I don't think Adele is rebel just for kicks is not the name of the song that has a catchy bassline so right now I know when I look at top 40 songs I don't actually look for a good song I just look for a catchy bassline because that's basically all the music has become Oh Phoebe says does your wife ever watch any of your speeches or debates uh yes she does enjoy watching anti speeches and debates actually she she actually she because she likes me she she likes watching the speech is better than the debates because if you love somebody and you watch them in an adversarial situation a lot more nervous yeah exactly especially its women we get a little anxious but she likes listening to the show so whenever I'm sort of making fun of her or or you know nodding at her she she's she's listening and and what does she do for a living I forgot why I've heard she's a doctor oh that's that I have heard that and to be a doctor requires a certain set of skills and that's why you should go out and cultivate your own set of skills with skill sure it's an online learning platform over 20,000 classes in business design technology and more you can take classes in everything I mean everything we're talking data science and creative writing and photography watercolors you name it and they have it whether you're trying to deepen that skill set or start a side hustle or explore new passions Skillshare is there to help keep you learning and thriving again listen right now whatever job you have you're not gonna have it in five years let's just face this ok just warning everybody here you're not gonna have that job which means your resume better be constantly increasing and getting better and that's what Skillshare does for you join the millions of students already learning on Skillshare today with a special offer just for my listeners get two months of Skillshare for just 99 cents that's right Skillshare is offering my listeners again two months of unlimited access to over 20,000 classes for just 99 cents once you start you're not gonna want to stop the learning is just fantastic to sign up go to Skillshare comm Shapiro that Skillshare comm slash Shapiro to start your two months right now that Skillshare komm slash apparel go check it out man I guess the whole crew and I better hurry up our resumes in five years since apparently we won't have jobs well I mean skill show com indeed Ali says you could if you could choose any person currently alive to win the 2020 presidential election who would it be and why I mean I've said for years Thomas so would my deal president because Thomas ol is a brilliant thinker an eminent writer he I think that the presidency honestly the more I look at the presidency just as an institution I'm not sure the president actually does all that much then we give the president a lot of credit for stuff that happens in the country well the president has to operate along two tracks one is to pursue the policy president Trump I think on policy up until the last three weeks I thought was it like an a-minus now I put him more like a beer a b-plus because of the last couple weeks of policy I'm not supremely happy with but overall I think he's done a pretty good job on policy but there's another side of the presidency and that is the teaching side of the presidency this is what Ronald Reagan really excelled and having Thomas soul out there lecturing people on basic economics everyday sounds amazing to me like using the power of the presidency to actually teach people about politics to teach them about values I think would be a wonderful thing see I would choose your spirit animal Oh nikki Haley well Nate Nikki's great un ambassador hashtag girlfriend terrific Blake says Ben Trump is coming to speak in my town tomorrow and the whole town is planning to protest it's tense is there any do you have any advice should should I see him speak bail out of town or walk into the fire well I mean it depends are you really that animated to go see the rally if you're I made to go see the rally go I mean don't don't be deterred because of that it'll be a safe place I mean he's the President of the United States and I'm gonna let him get shouted out of town or something yeah you know I've been in that situation myself and if they'll protect me they'll protect the President of the United States so I'm think I think it'll be okay but the fact that people are still feeling it necessary to go out there and protest on May as I understand you're making headlines I understand you think that you are virtue signaling and that this is going to get policy done one of the things that's I think detrimental in the way the illegal immigration policy is being done right now is that so many members of the media and the political class think that the louder they speak in the more they yell the more they're going to get something from Republicans it's the opposite what they're actually doing is they're undercutting the support base for Republicans to do anything and more importantly they're undercutting the support base for Democrats to work with Republicans because it's a lot easier politically for Democrats to sit off on the side and yell about things than it is for them to actually pass something comprehend the Republicans Haley has a really interesting question she says what are your thoughts on 13 reasons why of course the Netflix series it's based on a book and its controversial impacts on society I am personally supportive of its graphic content but a lot of people are offended by it so I watched a lot of the show I was not a fan of the show there are a couple reasons for this so number one they're good statistics that show that in the aftermath of the release of the show there was a dramatic uptick in the number of Google searches for suicide and suicide methods there's something called the word that effect the word that effect is a well documented suicide copycat effect it goes all the way back to the 19th century in Germany where there is named after the the book The Sorrows of Young Werther by Goethe and that book has this romantic story about this young man and shoots himself and supposedly there were a lot of people who shot themselves because it was such a popular novel well you actually see in the aftermath and for example Marilyn Monroe's suicide there's a copycat effect where I think an additional three hundred and three people in in the in the survey period committed suicide over the average specifically because when people see celebrities commit suicide this creates a suicide epidemic and thirteen reasons why you saw some evidence for that also I do not believe the typical explanation that people who are bullied necessarily commit suicide as someone who's viciously bullied I never had suicidal thoughts I think that suicide is a lot more complex than you're mean to someone they go and they commit suicide I just said the the data on what causes suicide are extraordinarily mixed that doesn't mean you should bully anyone obvious I think bullying is immoral and evil but the the sort of basic idea of 13 reasons why is you have a perfectly normal girl or a girl who's at least mostly normal who ends up committing suicide specifically because a lot of people are mean to her and I just don't think that the evidence is there for that in fact what studies tend to show is when you remove depression from the equation that bullying has very little to do with suicide the depression can pre exist in fact people who perceive themselves as victims of bullying very often perceive themselves that way because they were victims of depression already so if you're more depressed you tend to see yourself as a victim of bullying as opposed to somebody who's just taking their lumps interesting Sarah says hey Ben which book do you like better 1984 or brave new world why so 1984 is a better book just as a book I like George Orwell is a better writer than Aldous Huxley but that with that said I think brave new world is a more accurate look and what the possible future can look like now 1984 obviously was written with communist Russia in mind with with tyrannical fascism in mind and am brave new world was written more with the kind of decline of Western civilization mind if you look at the the the sort of promise of brave new world which is that we'll all be drugging ourselves into bliss and we won't have any responsibilities and we'll just be able to have children right well children will all be produced in a lab that's a lot closer to what society is aiming toward now this sort of hedonistic pleasure the 1984 but that's only because you know we live in a post Soviet Union era so if you're living in North Korea right now I'm sure 1984 was young a lot more realistic to you interesting Steven says while perusing my long forgotten list of books I read for high school I remembered DeVita's heart by kind Potok okay have you read it what are your thoughts that's actually one of the ones I have not read so high in Potok has a couple of books that are just fantastic the the his two best books are the chosen in the promise the chosen is just fantastic book about sort of the conflict between Hassidim these the ultra religious more mystical sect of Orthodox Judaism and miss nog dam who are people who are supposed to be sort of the rationalist it's if you want a window into sort of some of the complex conflicts and Orthodox Judaism both the chosen and the promise are excellent books and well worth reading and Christian says what key aspect do you think a society needs for it to become democratized well the first thing that you need is two thousand years of judeo-christian development and then after that after that you can start talking about democracy the reason that I say that's not you know I'm being facetious obviously had democracy in ancient Athens but for a society be democratized requires a certain regimen of belief in individual rights and also a belief in the capacity of reason to help us convince one another of argumentation what I would say is that reason in the absence of religion tends toward communal state tyranny and religion in the absence of reason tends toward religious tyranny tends toward theocracy so you need a common set of values those set about that set of values is built on a certain set of key principles ranging from individual value worth and freedom to the concept that a that it's the that any sort of tyranny from above is likely to lead a more conflict which has been historically accurate I would say although you know obviously a lot of great philosophers make the case for and Socratic rule from above I think that's a failure because I think bottom line is the decentralized knowledge is a lot more effective than centralized knowledge so I'm gonna ask a selfish follow-up question that I have to that and it's in more modern times because that has been a kind of an argument that's used well the United States shouldn't go and try to democratize other countries and there's no way that you can make democracies out of places that haven't had that so you can't make democracy out of places that haven't have it but you do have to nuke them twice and then occupy them for several generations right minutes that's what happened in Japan obviously in in Germany there was a nascent democracy of imira democracy before the Nazi Germany and then we had to occupy them we still have troops on the ground in Germany so you can't you can democratize a country but it requires forcibly changing the culture of the country and a lot of deep and abiding ways if you are going to implant that in foreign soil like I think Iraq could have been a democracy but it would have taken and and is still a quasi democracy we don't have taken a long time of westernization and safety and security in order for democracy to take place the first precondition of democracy is a rule of law there actually does have to be rule of law where people feel like they're not gonna have their stuff stolen because if they feel like they're gonna have their stuff stolen then you you form up into tribal bands and you beat the crap out of each other all right nicholas says hi Ben and Alicia been with Congress asking for documents from the DOJ recently regarding the Russia probe the DOJ will not provide them unredacted shouldn't these congressmen have access I think to all this classified information you you bet yes Congress should have access to the classified information did do J should turn it over you know there's a lot of talk by the DOJ about the risks of turning over the sort of classified information but then some of the classified information came out and it wasn't risky at all so I don't trust the DOJ anymore what I don't understand is why President Trump doesn't just declassify all of this so President Trump with the stroke of a pen Kandee class file this information make it public make sure that it doesn't violate classification standards when it's handed over to Congress he hasn't done that I don't know whether that's because he hasn't paid proper attention to it or whether it's because there's some classified material damages him but it seems to me that at this point we all ought to see the documents because we've had so much leaking though do you think that if there is legitimately classified information that a democrat or republican could leak it well I mean yes but I mean that's the whole point of declassifying so for example I think the Carter page FISA warrant ought to be unclassified and we have to see that right now because there's been so much talk about it we'll either know within the first five minutes or not whether that thing was trumped up from purposes of getting President Trump as opposed to now this is legitimately gotten FISA warrants I'll put it this way I'm a lot more suspicious of political motivations inside the FBI that I was this time last week before that Department of Justice Inspector General report came out yep House says with a declining global birthrate even we had an article this week on Daily wire about how diaper sales in the United States are down because Americans

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