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Daily Wire Instagram: the.daily.wirehi everyone we're live with our newest episode of the conversation I am your host Alicia Kraus and our very own Michael Knowles will be taking live questions for an entire hour that's right this isn't Friday live instead of the conversation everyone is free to watch so you can watch the conversation it's streaming for everyone but you can only be a part of it if you're a subscriber to the daily wire how do you do this it's easy go click on the link in our video description to ask questions or sign up and be sure to tune in for next month's episode on Thursday September 20th at 5:30 p.m. Eastern 2:30 p.m. Pacific featuring Ben Shapiro you know that episode is gonna be marking the year since we started these things really in that crate wow that's wild it's been you've got a turn in a year next month oh my gosh it'll be like an older wiser rhino wiser older though certainly definitely not wiser yeah that's alright has marriage made you a wife marriage has definitely made me wiser it's it's made me more dependent that's for sure like you know in the old days I was in the gutter you know eating whatever sort of slop the kind strangers would pass to me now I get taken care of I there's a woman who loves me this is a much better world it's a nice thing that's a nice thing yeah have you noticed how many issues you have I my issues have issues I've got yeah well because it's funny because my husband died we do when we talk to newlyweds sometimes they are like yeah I thought I was totally fine I thought it was really cool and independent and like no issues at all and then I got married and I realized I had tons of issues yeah I well it's interesting too because I'm married to Saint little ELISA she went from sweet little ELISA and we were single to st. little ELISA so in in the light of that my issues become more pronounced you know we should probably once and for all make it very clear that we are not married cuz some people have been we're oh that's right I got I was getting tweets on this and you know Michael I I can see a lot of chemistry between you and sweet little Alicia no no I mean I feel the chemistry cut it with a butter knife no first question alright Joel says blessed assumption Knowles what Lenten periods do you share with the Oriental Orthodox Church other than Advent and Great Lent and the sweet little Lisa we're heads oh that's a great that's a very good question I'm sorry to tell you I know very little about the oriental Orthodox Church what I can tell you though is Ellen and for the headscarf this might be confusing for some of them Protestant viewers there is such a thing as a man Tia this is what Catholic women we're in more traditional liturgies the Tridentine mass and I will say one issue the first time I took sweet little ELISA to a Latin Mass you know they have like a grab bag of mantillas if you want to have them and put them on but you know I would wear it myself if you're a lady or take care of yourself you don't want to grab and put something on your head or anything so so that sweet little Issa didn't go for that I think there was a stumbling block on the way to correct a liturgy yet one has to have their own man Tia but I wish I knew the answer to the oil oriental church I will say on this though there are other rights around Los Angeles and all around the world of Catholic liturgies and Catholic masses so people get this confused they refer always to the Roman Catholic Church as though the church is just Roman but the Catholic Church has lots of rights and as a Byzantine Rite it has all sorts of rights even in LA there are multiple rights so the Roman Rite is only one of them and one thing I will say too not to be too confusing on this but with and the Eastern Orthodox Church is which is separate them from the Catholic Church even though there is an Eastern Rite within the Catholic Church are you with me thank god I just love Jesus and I'm not a nomination continues well but the one aspect on this and this has even infected the wrote the Roman yep right and the Catholic Church is while the Eastern liturgy is all sung it's very beautiful the whole liturgy is supposed to be sung even in the Catholic Church even in the Roman Rite we get a lot of those acoustic guitars and the priests facing you and kind of just talking and it's very it's not as it's not as good we have we have something to learn from the east and I hope that we continue to bring that back into the Catholic tradition okay interesting Evan says Michael why haven't you appeared on lwc Reuben Report or Joe Rogan and Andrew are regulars on the show as well as other places do all my favorite podcast hosts have something against that's a great question what listen Joe and Crowder if your watching this yeah that's it that is a really good question I think they should have me on I don't know it might be some sort of PayPass anti papist anti potpourri bias they do say or they show you to write a real book they I'm not doing that I already sold all the books I don't need to do I've got the biggest book in the world the you know orther Schlesinger the historians sin that anti-catholicism is the deepest most enduring bias in American history now I'm not saying anything about Rogan or about crowder I like both of their shows a Reuben Reuben that's why Reuben was in there but they got a they might have to prove it all right Nancy Catholic until proven otherwise fellas Stephen says even though the Western society is judeo-christian based are there any lessons we can take from Taoism or Buddhism like yeah I guess whatever sure you know one example is Michael Oakes shot who's a great conservative political philosopher he'll he'll quote from the from Taoism every so often plenty of good writers quote from Taoism or at little anecdotes from Buddhism but there is this a real issue among secular Westerners where they've never really been exposed to their own religious tradition if they have they misunderstand that they haven't been exposed to the real thing so they look outward to foreign cultures because they think that there's something nice about this there's a kind of pervasive anti-western sentiment so people look at this how old Buddhism that's really cool oh yeah maybe I do this the the probably not politically correct word in New York is jubu is people who were born Jewish they're secular Jews and they become Buddhists is that pretty common jubu a very common it's all you know people you see you see women I saw a friend of mine on Instagram she posted a picture of her yoga studio she said yoga is my church and this is I think when it comes from is people look out at that Eastern mysticism while they laugh at not only not only Western mysticism but at the foundation of our society judeo-christian morality and the Christian religion so I think like sure people can quote Taoism that's great but there's much much to be learned from your religious tradition and unlike sort of I don't want to be sectarian orgy graphically discriminatory here the reason one is a Christian is because one thinks Christianity is true it's correct it's universal the Catholic Church means the universal Church Christianity is a religion where there is neither Jew nor Greek nor male nor female or slave nor free but all are older one in Christ that's different that's a that's a quality universalism and unlike other religions which are based in philosophy or in poetry Christianity is the only religion that I can see that's based in a fact it's based in the incarnation of Christ it's based on his life his ministry and his death his conquest of death on the cross and his resurrection that's pretty different so I'd recommend looking into that before you look into the daodejing or something okay Richard says Mike why are you the butt of every joke at the Daily wire had seen obviously not Mathieu he said it's a jealousy because of your best-selling book they hate us they hate us because they ain't us that's what it's really happy hate us because they ain't us I think it is I love you that you're like a New York boy thing ain't I know I mean I know that's what's I'm Michael from the blog I'm as much of an urban New Yorker as Alexandria Oh Cassio Cortez you know we we grew up in adjacent towns so no I think it is this and I got to tell you I've got to look at it from their perspective I look at it from charity you know which is these guys you know they've written a lot of books how many books has been written drew is written I think yeah he's been writing his column forever and I sold way more books than then like all of those books combined so I understand you know it's a and frankly the more they go on they make fun of me you know they use all of these words you know I wrote a blank book and I would say brevity is the soul of wit so Rachel wants to know how you pronounce this word oh here we go I don't want to here we go don't want to really right so the question is how do you pronounce graphic I think what rachel is alluding to is the word jiff graphics interchange format jiff now so there's a big debate is a gif or is it I'm Jefferson thank you because the creator said it do you want to change the name of Sunday Rachel that yeah do you want it that's exactly that's exactly right that's our Bible in our seminary I want to change it what did the Creator call it that's right you go it and it you know by the way I get it there are some worth first of all this whole thing how do you pronounce graphic you don't pronounce it giraffe ik that's ridiculous when you you know when you use acronyms as a word yeah pronounce the letters as they fit in that word as they fit in the original words but sure there's a girl gift-giving okay those are hard jeez there is gibberish gypsy you know plain words have a soft G so when the guy says it's pronounced jiff we have to create it we have to go there this is a debate essentially over prescriptivism and descriptivism and language some people say there are rules to language you can speak properly or improperly some people say nah man hey it's just whatever you know it's just words man and like so okay obviously language evolves over time but the descriptivists types these hippie dippie lefties they want to accelerate that because they use language to pervert the culture so it is incumbent I know this seems like a minor point it is incumbent on all freedom god-fearing America loving conservatives to pronounce it jiff what a letter please do that was much more eloquent argument than mine I'm just like the dude that made it that made the best thing on the internet my humble opinion yeah you don't want to change the name aside the ability to make amazing Jess right like just do what he says do what he says you know it's there what your love has accepted it Rob used to be in the gift camp oh yeah no you've got to come over I mean I get it some people they like really hate their dads or something they're like yeah dad I'll show you I'm gonna yeah okay it's all right I know you might have a problem with authority you might not like rules and discipline decadent cultures demand a little bit of discipline okay Joel wants to know what are your thoughts on female altar assistants it's not allowed in the oriental Orthodox Church but from the Catholic churches I've visited it's quite frequent yes of all of the questions one could get on altar assistants I'm glad that that was the one that we got these days I don't love it I don't really like it although if frankly I sort of like grown men to be altar servers I know there's you know you kind of have this image of the little altar boys and that's that's fine but I like actually the dignity and the solemnity of having that grown-ups do it too I don't love it i I know this is unpolitical II correct and I doesn't make me a feminist or something but I think there were roles for men and women in the church and certainly there you couldn't call the Catholic Church misogynistic or sexist institution some of the greatest people in the history of the church have been women st. Catherine of Siena or Joan of Arc or whoever but there are different roles and I think there's this modernist tendency to say well why can't women do this why can't women do this why can't you there are different roles that's why because there are different roles in the church and that seems perfectly fine if you go to church and your experience at church is all about me me me me what can I do what can I want to do this I want to do that you're probably missing the point you're probably missing the point and as on many things I I admire what you what you all do out there in the Eastern Church all right Luke says hey Michael what's your favorite thing about working at the Daily wire well obviously it's good look at that smiling face huh when you see that kind of smiling face working at the Daily wire is a real blast I got it I have to drop my cynicism for a second here it's a real blast because we were all kind of pals beforehand we were all knew each other socially before this thing even started this has only been around as far as I can tell from the backstage crew the backstage like you Jeremy drew and back then yeah we knew each other socially the result there's a lot of people here that make it happen that's why you make a great point this thing has exploded this was like five people when it started it is way bigger now all the writers people around the country so that that is true and everyone here I I hate to be this earnest and end nice but everyone here is just terrific that everyone here really is wonderful this just does not happen in work environments but they're all great people and the thing I really my favorite thing about working at the Daily wire is it's a tale as oldest time guy comes I moved out to LA I was doing little plays in New York independent films and stuff and you know this is the classic actress story you move out to Hollywood to become an actor you wind up in conservative Republican politics to the right of Attila the Hun a tale is all this time and I really love that irony in that coincidence or Providence it's very fun Jonathan says do you think there's anything we can do to both protect our national sovereignty and help people fleeing bad situations in their home countries either through US policy or as individuals of course of course there is and we do it and on a huge scale we accept people into this country and an absurdly high rate and I think that's a wonderful thing there is a question raised which is why we don't accept all of those persecuted Christians in the Middle East a lot of persecuted Christians in the Middle East we never talk about it they just dedicated a shrine to it at the Church of st. Michael in New York to the persecution of Christians we see the stories and yet all of the refugees during that big crisis of refugees 2015 through the present day I suppose it was all about Muslim refugees we don't talk about Christian refugees even though it was Christians fleeing Muslim persecution that's a that's a question and I think it highlights an issue broadly which is the United States is the greatest place on earth it's the greatest place to live I include all of the Western nations in that I love going to Italy I go to Italy for more than five days I get the hives you know I and I really like Italy I love the language and the culture in the literature and I just think like why can't you people make things work why don't you understand capitalism I went to a sandwich store the most famous one in Siena I waited for an hour and a half outside they wouldn't give me my sandwich they were closed the guy shows up I say don't can I get my sandwich now he says there's no bread a sandwich store is panetta dia pani con bread is the first thing in the word he's I said can I give you my money so I don't know so I went off on a tangent there right now I'm always hungry what I mean to say is the United States is the greatest country in the world everybody would live here if they could and we can't take the whole world if we take the whole world that doesn't make their lives better it just makes America disappear it makes it blend in to nothing right did to deconstruct into nothingness so we have to be precise about who we take in but we haven't been very precise in recent years have we I wonder why the overlooking Middle Eastern Christians almost entirely raises some other questions about what maybe we should change our immigration regime and in our refugee regime because these individual cases you would take every single person but broadly let's not forget if you can only take a finite amount of people that then mercy to one group could be cruelty to another group and you've got to be really precise this is not a not a clear-cut regime all right Rachel says how do we debate with leftists if they keep changing definitions of basic words such a good point they keep changing the words this is their primary motivation for how they fight cultural and political battles so the great example I mean the one we all see is illegal alien they took that's a technical term undocumented immigrant undocumented immigrant dreamer yeah some of them are dreamers aren't they dream I dream to but I don't not counted as a dream they do it on that but even a really specific and incredible one is marriage marriage for all of human history has had a definition it's varied within those definitions but it's always meant the union of husbands and wives leave one husband and multiple wives perhaps one husband and one wife but husbands and wives the left changed that definition without asking anybody they said marriage is the union of two people who love each other just two not three for some reason just two and they said so therefore if that's what marriage is if it's just the union of two people who love each other then why don't same sex attracted people have the same rights as straight people why don't we have gay marriage they say well the question isn't rights everyone should have the same rights the question is what is marriage but they skip that by changing the definitions of words the way that you fight this you see with the pronouns the pronouns now they're saying you have to call him her and her him and me of what I don't know what people call me the way you fight it is not giving them an inch do not give them one inch and it's a little awkward it's a little awkward when someone refers to Caitlyn Jenner whom I like very much I do I've never met Caitlyn Jenner I like a lot of the things that he says apparently he's a Republican I like that but one must refer to Caitlyn as him because he is a him it might feel a little awkward people might judge you but you have to do it when someone says talk to start sorry man undocumented dreamer and dreamer and future American whatever you have to say illegal alien you have to stick to that language or else we are going to get law in fantasy and that in this but can you still to Rachael's original question though can you still use language that they refuse to acknowledge yes in beating them in an argument of course absolutely you should use the correct language because it's not like these two phrases are equally valid illegal alien and future undocumented dreaming da da de blah blah blah illegal alien describes the the character of that person it describes the nature of the person in this instance that we're talking about he's in this country illegally he's not a citizen he's a foreign national he's an illegal alien undocumented doesn't mean anything I was undocumented when I worked at a sandwich shop at 14 I'm I don't know I'm undocumented now I don't have my car insurance probably printed out in spray on my phone I'm undocumented a dreamer we're all we all dream we dream when we go to sleep their language is weaker and it's built into fantasy and if we indulge that fantasy then reality is going to punch you in the face because you can't live in fantasy forever but if you just butt it up with that real good serious language that's strong sturdy language you will win because it's more compelling it's more evocative and it's more correct alright Joel says how should a visitor to a Catholic Church such as myself properly attend but not take communion I appreciate this question yes because I was recently at a meeting and I was seated with a whole bunch of priests and I texted our fellow your go-to Catholic friend and editor at daily wear Emily's naughty yes and I was like yo can I talk to a priest like I just talked to my pastor I didn't know depends on the priest I didn't know how to address it you know I mean like can you just you know when you meet a pastor in a non-denominational Church you're just like I really show what's your name they're all names like Josh they're all like Keith or something yeah hey man I'm pastor Keith what's up we don't Dave's and James and Julie and our church I'm just so I appreciate this question I Catholic grandmother who's watching is probably ashamed that I don't remember this yes what sin can you sow yes you should go to church and you should not receive Communion and this is not really an exclusionary sort of thing so the visitors don't get communion oh you shouldn't receive Communion if you're a Catholic and you're not in a state of grace you had a recent confession how long how recent should your confession have been I don't know it's good to go more frequently I haven't been in a little while I feel I don't feel great about their communion then yeah if if you haven't been to confession in a extended period of time and you have and you've committed mortal sins you even a Catholic should not receive communion that day and part of that is that absence of taking Christ this is my true flesh this is my true flood taking that into you and having Christ live within you it creates a longing and a desire to to do good and to confess your sins and to sin no more so you won't be awkward in any way when I go to church a lot of people don't take communion because it's not weird it's not like he's gonna know a guy sitting in there and everyone else gets up and goes and you really might you might be in some of the best company because one notices I've gone I've tried to go to confession a number of times I look on the website and they say they have confession at a certain time and nobody's there they just aren't doing it because people don't go to confession anymore it's the Forgotten sacrament and when the communion lines are long and the confession lines are short then people have lost the sense of sin and you're you'll probably be sitting or kneeling in the company of people who still have that sense so you shouldn't feel awkward or uncomfortable about that at all all right Nicholas says I know that you smoked cigars have you ever smoked a pipe and if so did you like it I've smoked many pipes I was very fortunate as a young teenage boy to I got as gifts kind of hand-me-down gifts a beautiful humidor Sinatra humidor for my cigars Wow and a number of vintage Dunhill pipes yeah well that's when you start smoking cigars yeah so I was probably 15 or something like that and I do have a number of pipes I have a emiram pipe a dunghill Miriam and a Shell Brier and a number of others and you're supposed to smoke a different pipe every day so you don't yes you don't burn it out you know so that they can cool down over the days you don't crack your pipe my issue with the pipe the great thing about a pipe is for about 10 bucks you can buy a lifetime supply of tobacco you go you buy a couple ounces it's like lasts you forever the thing with a pipe does it so much work you've got to like pack it in there's a special way to pack and I'm not very good at tamping or keeping it lit and the quality of the tobacco is not as good Sugoi cigar tobacco is much better so I prefer the cigars I've also heard and I read this piece and first things one time and it really stuck with me that the three kinds of tobacco you smoke correspond the kind of person you are to the cut the part of your soul that comes out the most so the cigarettes that's the pathos that's the appetite you know that's your just kind of addicted you're smoking the cigar is the ethos it's the chest it's the spirit it's mostly puffed out you know the smoke goes out it's it's you know big and billowy and the pipe is the logos it's the the idea of the philosopher with the pipe it has the feminine Bowl it has the masculine stem you sit there and contemplate and you puff and you work a little at it so for me I'm more of the chest I kind of prefer the the cigar not much to it but but only first things I of course the classic first thing is article right yeah that's what I would do although eventually when Shapiro inevitably fires me yeah I'm gonna have to retire the nice cigars and go back to the pipe okay so this is the episode of the conversation not Friday life we're having lots of fun and we're only taking subscriber questions so you need to head over daily wire calm right now and become a subscriber if you're not click on the link in our video just description to ask questions or sign up and be sure to tune in for next month's episode featuring our very own Ben Shapiro it's gonna be on Thursday September 20th at 5:30 p.m. Eastern 2:30 p.m. Pacific only subscribers can ask the questions mmm it's important you got to subscribe it's incredibly important and only subscribers get the really cool left is tears templates and this is essential these days this is really essential because otherwise we drown lane says Michael have you seen daredevil season 1 on Netflix it is well-liked by critics and viewers alike and has a lot of Catholic imagery and themes if you have seen it what are your thoughts I haven't seen it so I can't comment on daredevil I've heard it's very good the one thing I will observe with that though is there are their Catholic imagery and themes pop up all the time they pop up all the time in television I like that show young Pope I actually enjoyed that did you see they watched as very much Jude Law yeah it always comes up in the culture you know The Exorcist obvious you're always seeing Catholic imagery when you see it in movies it's always a guy in a confessional or something right going up to the the altar of the Cross and this is interesting in a Protestant country right America and the Americas were founded by a Catholic discovered by a Catholic Christopher Columbus and I think Vespucci Amerigo Vespucci it's named after another one but all the rest of the people are Protestants the founders the framers the pilgrims everybody they're all Protestants and yet this Catholic imagery is always coming up and I think this is significant I think it's spiritually and artistically significant because it tells us that there is something about the Catholic Church that when people think of Christianity they think of that even people who don't like the Catholic Church they're kind of anti-catholic they confused about Mary and the Saints or whatever there's something they just keep going back to that and that tells you I think a lot about the spiritual history and the the in real time physical history of the civilization interesting Raymond says Mike are they gonna add Walsh that shirt or is he the broom closet oh I'm sorry or is he in the broom closet down the hall from yours he's not in his broom closet he's in his oh he's in his car we you know I have to say at least you know I get to come out of my car during the day and get into the to the Shapiro broom closet although I don't know this could be just like a big ruse because a Matt gets to control his environment entirely and whereas here I don't know what kind of things they're sending into this room kind of bogus and why I think you're safe yeah that's right now at least they air is a little cleaner you know you know Vee I certainly don't have any idea what shirt you're talking about but I would say with regard to Matt we had this big big blow up this big spat few weeks he did you see this oh no because it turns out the Matt Walsh is a globalist oh yeah he's a globalist yeah he started leading me down the globalist track I was about to become one of those nefarious deep state globalism and I stopped I said it was enough most because I had globes hitting me in the head so what you know listen once Matt renounced this is globalism then maybe we can all talk and be friends again it was really fun throwing globes it Michael by the way that's right you be there for them and if you like my shirt you can get them over on Amazon anyway Ryan says hi Michael I have a computer in two months of free time I want to learn a new skill but don't want to spend more than a dollar what should I do that's a great question oh you know you know what might be helpful for you have you ever heard of Skillshare baby oh yes Skillshare is so good as Skillshare is very important by the way like I if they didn't sponsor the shows I think I would still talk about Skillshare because Skillshare is so essential in our current culture which is like this is what happens when when Millennials especially I love to pick on Millennials have free time you know that you are millennial I don't mind mere I know that he is a younger millennial than I yes and I am in the generation but not of the generation and but this is what happens you know in our current culture you go home at night you work for like I don't know three hours a day and then you go home at night and you just get out your phone you go like this and you just like scroll or maybe I don't know if their pot delivery services everywhere so maybe you smoke a little pot and your squirrel uh right in nobody betters themselves and unfortunately for Millennials our education is pretty bad there are a lot of smart school you know yeah you've got a good education but this isn't even the teachers fault it's really the fault of the curricula but it's really bad people just don't know as much as they used to know and so there's a great service called Skillshare go check it out and you can actually learn real skills that will better your life and give you a better understanding of the world couldn't recommend it more highly that or you can just smoke a cigar for a couple I just want to know why he has two free months and he's not going out to get a job well you got some you need skills to get a job I mean maybe he graduated with a degree in lesbian dance therapy they're not hiring very well so he's good I appreciate the initiative good on you okay Arun says hi Michael can you explain papal infallibility in light of the many comments by Pope Francis which if not contrary to Catholicism seem to irk Catholic theological conservatives there are comments that are contrary to Catholicism that's absolutely true this can you give an example of one yes Pope Francis recently the Catechism to say that the Catechism is the popular book of teachings of the Catholic Church and it now says that the death penalty capital punishment is an attack upon the inviolability of the dignity of the human person I think I'm getting that almost exactly right and this is contrary to the previous catechism which said that while advances in incarceration might make it so that the death penalty is practically non-existent there's nothing intrinsically evil about it st. Augustine writes in defense of the death penalty st. Paul writes in defense of the death penalty Thomas Aquinas writes in defense of the death penalty this has always been upheld in the been

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