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Like this video?ย For more Ben Shapiro and Daily Wire content, subscribe to this channel and the Ben Shapiro YouTube channelยย and ring the bell for notifications so you never miss a story!the French Prime Minister attacks President Trump abroad Democrats prepare to take power and Republicans struggle for a message I'm Ben Shapiro this is the Ben Shapiro show all righty well we have a lot to get to today first of all happy Veterans Day to everybody thank you to all of our veterans all over America and abroad we have a lot of folks in the military who listen to the show we always appreciate everything that they do obviously we couldn't do what we do on a daily basis everything done that we do here on the show is only backed by the enormous force and might of the American military and the amazing commitment that the men and women of the American military have every single day to keep us safe and to enshrine constitutional principles not only in the United States but for our allies abroad 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trial don't wait go to stamps calm before you do anything else click on that radio microphone at the top of the home page type in promo code Shapiro that stamps comm promo code Shapiro again stamps comm promo code Shapiro for that special deal 55 bucks of free postage digital scale and a four week trial we're really excited to be broadcasting today from WLS which is the home of the Ben Shapiro show and will be in the new year as well and it's it's great to be in Chicago both my parents are from Chicago as I was saying to the audience beforehand I am originally I'm a White Sox fan I've been a Chicago sports fan my entire life which made me an expatriate in Los Angeles but everybody in LA is an expatriate in any case it's great to be here but I want to start today by talking about President Trump overseas so President Trump went over to France to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the World one armistice and it came complete with usual amount of controversy President Trump goes over there and it's very rainy in France and apparently he was supposed to go to a particular military cemetery on Saturday he did not go thanks to the rain people were saying well this is obviously because he's afraid that the rain is gonna mess up his hair that is not true the reason that he did not go is because they couldn't get marine one in the rain over to the site the next day he went over to a different Military Cemetery he made a speech there and when he did he actually went out there without an umbrella I think specifically to prove the idea that he was not super afraid that his hair was going to fall off as the rain hit it but the real controversy emerged when French President Emmanuel macron led tributes to the soldiers killed in World War one using in ceremony in Paris attended by scores of world leaders to pretty much go after President Trump and the narrative about European politics goes something like this Europe is the great bulwark now against world war because they are for internationalism and the European system and the people who are the real threats are folks like President Trump and Vladimir Putin and some of the sort of nationalist leaders in Europe now lumping all those folks together is ridiculous president Trump and Vladimir Putin are not on the same page on virtually anything President Trump well he likes to talk a good nationalist game the truth is that his version of nationalism is still tied to American constitutional principle because it has to be American nationalism is not the same as French nationalism or Russian nationalism or German nationalism in any case this did not stop Emmanuel macron from suggesting that he knew better than anybody else how to prevent the unimaginable hell of war in the future and he said that nationalism is the real problem and this does get to a root issue with regard to how President Trump talks and what the future of the Western world is so McCrone spoke bluntly according to the reuters of the threat from nationalism he called it a betrayal of moral values he said patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism nationalism is betrayal of patriotism here is what he had to say ill exactically die nationalism the nationalism on earth isin on his own news activatable a camp of the desert on gun Sukeena summative release you Sookie Rafi Viva Sakura birthday to the Condor Sookie please a pop town for those who don't speak French like me what he says his patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism nationalism is betrayal of patriotism when we say our interests come first those of others don't matter we erase the very thing that a nation holds most precious that which gives it life and makes it great its moral values now this is a very bizarre statement it's very bizarre statement for a number of reasons first of all patriotism and nationalism are not in direct conflict and to suggest that patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism is to misunderstand both patriotism and nationalism because the exact opposite of nationalism would be just by nature anti nationalism ready for racing of borders it would be internationalism and globalism that'd be the exact opposite of nationalism patriotism is not the exact opposite of nationalism patriotism says there is something specifically great about our country now there is overlap between patriotism and nationalism but they're not identical so nationalism can be used in a variety of ways you've seen blood and soil nationalism in Germany during World War two you've seen blood and soil nationalism in Italy in Mussolini's era you see blood and soil nationalism in North Korea right now you see blood and soil nationalism to a certain extent in Vladimir Putin's Russia patriotism is the idea that there are certain fundamental principles to a society that are so important that it makes the society better it makes us exceptional this is why I think that Americans like to call ourselves Patriots rather than nationalists but to suggest that our patriotism is universal that the principles that we hold true that those are universally applicable to anyone inside and outside America's borders is to ignore the fact that various principles can take various forms all over the world the founding fathers were very much aware of this if you read the Federalist Papers the founding fathers specifically talk about how America was built in a specific way because of our unique history and because of our unique geography and because of our unique breakdown in terms of religion all of that meant that these fundamental human rights principles broke down in a different way here than they might in other places so for example just to take an anodyne example the United States is version of nationalism treasures the idea of a bicameral a bicameral legislature we have two houses of the well there plenty of places that don't right Israel is a democracy it has at one house of the legislature the Knesset does that mean that Israel is worse than the United States what means that it's different than the United States and how runs now I would say that America runs better because vibe our camp because of our bicameral legislature but that is an element where nationalism does not necessarily mean opposition to other nations and McCrone is doing something that I think is actually ethically dubious he's setting up a straw man when he says that Trump says our interests come first those of others don't matter Trump has never said that we're what Trump has said is our interests come first specifically because the interests of others matter if America is weak we can't actually do good things for other nations if America is weak if we can't maintain our own values if we can't maintain our own borders in our own culture how exactly are we supposed to offer opportunity for people who want to come to the country if America were not America if we if we put everybody else's interests first we could not survive as a country and placing nationalism in direct opposition to patriotism means that you are going to sacrifice the interests of your own country for supposedly the values of people of other countries and you can actually see Europe doing this which is why Europe is dying in the United States is not Europe's border policies have been specifically designated toward the idea that Europe owes other parts of the world its fealty that Europe is supposed to open its borders that all problems on earth are the problems of the Europeans and that means open immigration from some places in the world where there are a lot of folks who don't share European values well that's that's very nice as far as it goes but what it actually leads to is a breakdown of exactly the principles that Emmanuel macron wants so Emmanuel macron many of the folks in Europe on the Left they like to talk about our principles our open borders free flow of capital free flow of people because we are not for nationalism we are for patriotism and that means letting in as many people as possible well the result of that is a massive blowback all across Europe what you're seeing is precisely the opposite of what McCrone and his friends actually want in Europe what you're seeing is right-wing governments elected in places like Sweden in places like Norway you're seeing all the Nordic countries move to the right specifically because of immigration issues because it turns out that Emmanuel macron version of values is not actually the same thing as the Swedish version of values or the Nordic version of values or the Italian version of values what you are seeing is a blowback from manual McCrone sort of universalism toward the idea that folks are saying listen we got to protect ourselves first yes we have universal principles but we can't help other people can't give charity to other people if we just leave our front door unlocked if we allow people to raid our safe there's no way for us to give charity or to hire people or to be strong on behalf of others in that the first rule in a moral system is that you have to be able to defend yourself specifically so that you can help other people and I think that by trying to draw this distinction between patriotism and nationalism McCrone is actually demonstrating why Europe is falling apart because again if your central principle is that nationalism is bad then when you end up with is internationalism well internationalism can be done in a number of ways but most commonly it's done with multiculturalism and when multiculturalism eats a continent you see the continent fall apart from within and that's what you're seeing in Europe is birth rates plummet as importation of foreign labor becomes a way of life as much of that labor is coming from places where people don't actually share European values when those values collapse there's nothing left what Veterans Day is really about and what McCrone is missing is that it was nationalism that led people to sign up and go fight the Hun right it was nationalism that led people to stand up and say our nation is special our nation is worthy of protection it wasn't that we wanted to uphold the international order it wasn't that we were there to enforce UN obligations it was that France wanted to protect itself Britain wanted to protect France the United States wanted to protect Britain and France because it was in our interest to do so if it were not in our interest to do so then we would not have fought that war and the same thing is true of World War two now it's certainly much more true of World War two than World War one a war that nobody really understands why it happened it's far too complex but this has real ramifications for how we pursue foreign policy today so folks on the Left will say that the United States should really only pursue foreign policy when it's not in our interest it's very odd if you look at how the how the have the left critiques the wars in which America has fought typically they say that America's wars that have been justified are only justified when they are not in America's interest right when those when those wars are when we have no connection to the outcome of those so for example bad war is Vietnam why is Vietnam a bad war specifically according to the left it's because America fought it for imperialism now in reality Vietnam may have been the most anti nationalist war of all time right we really had very little interest in Vietnam as far as what was happening here at home Vietnam was half a world away it was it was an attempt to hem in the the Russian and Chinese influence in the Far East in a way that was going to have massive impact at home at least for a long time the left hates it though because they say that it was just evidence of American imperialism what's a good war a good war is the war in Yugoslavia a good war is the war in Libya a good war is America putting troops on the ground in Somalia places where the United States has very little interest that's where the left says it's a good war but when the United States has an actual interest then all of a sudden the war becomes bad well this is a good way to destroy your own base this is a good way to destroy your own country because again the the lessons of of every war are that powerful countries need to act in their own interest this is why President Trump is president right now he's really president because of a couple of different forces that were evident from from the Obama era force number one President President Obama appeared to be anti nationalist he appeared to be anti patriotic he appeared to be a guy who really cared very little about American priorities and so America is a dark force in the world and Americans responded to that by saying okay well this Trump guy's weird and all but at least he likes the country at least that guy is fond of the country and thinks America has done good things all over the world so I don't know at McCrone thinks that he is his doing here I don't know whether he believes that the bulwark against the breakdown of Western civilization is going to be ripping into people who want their country's interests pursued but if so he's wrong he'd be better off making the case that America's interest is in the international interest in France's interest is in the international interest and Germany's interest is in the international interest that in other words we share interests those interests are not identical we don't have to eliminate borders we don't have to get rid of what makes America strong or France strong or Germany strong but we share interests and as sovereign nations sharing interest that's where we are strongest which has historically been the truth now the rest of the weekend was kind of weird apparently there are a bunch of topless women who charged president Trump's motorcade in Paris according to the Washington Examiner they say at least three topless women jumped to barricade to confront President Trump Sunday as he traveled to a ceremony I don't know whose barricade they think they're jumping or why that would be a dissuasion for president Trump this seems this is bizarre so feminist the feminist group that has staged similar topless protests they claimed responsibility saying on Twitter that the women were protesting the hypocrisy of the event the words fake and peace were written on woman's woman's body as she ran within feet of the presidential limo President Trump did his best to open the car door but Secret Service prevented him from doing so you do have to you do have to admire the complete lack of touch of being in touch with reality that some folks on the Left have when it comes to President Trump so much so again that they think that it's going to be like oh yeah what is the logic there hey President Trump is really gonna be upset if we run up to him with our boobs head again uh-huh okay said there's that again one of the one of the reasons that I go back to this nationalism patriotism point is because it is very obvious that the left believes that people all over the world share interests people all over the world have the same interest because the only way you can make the case that nationalism is bad and it's directly opposed to patriotism is if you believe that people all over the world have basically at root the same interest and this is a sort of point that was pushed by politicians on both side of the aisle from Woodrow Wilson all the way to george w bush george w bush was fond of saying that there was a yearning in every human heart for freedom that is just a lie it is not true there is a yearning in every human heart for freedom that is very often overcome by other forces including a need to feel part of a community including a need for sanctity right Jonathan Hyde talks in his book the righteous mind about all of the different values that we hold dear in our everyday lives in the United States we believe that liberty is at the top of the pyramid when it comes to values but for a lot of folks it isn't for a lot of folks its closeness to their religious community for a lot of folks it's a belief in in sanctity for a lot of folks it's a belief in that certain people must be separated from and when you look around the world and you're not a nationalist it makes me wonder what you're thinking for example this is a video of thousands of supporters of Islamist parties who took to the streets in Karachi in Pakistan they're protesting a the acquittal of a woman named Asia Bibi I'm going to show you that video in just a second first let's talk about you dressing a little bit better so you see this jacket that I'm wearing right now look at this magnificent piece of clothing look at this I mean feast your eyes upon it the reason that you want to shop at Peter Millar is because you want a jacket like this and let's face it you're not gonna have one unless you spend the money you need to go to Peter Millar's Peter Millar right now this is 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streets of Karachi to suggest that instead she should be given the death penalty this is what it actually looks like in Pakistan over the weekend [Music] we stopped it there these are not folks who share values right these are not folks who you want invading your country or coming into your country as refugees if they don't share your values again this idea that nationalism has to be forcibly stopped so we can make room for patriotism is the death of the West the West can only stand on its own two feet when the West knows its own values and those values are specific outgrowth of a set of core cultural and historical circumstances unique to the West these values are not held by everyone on earth the values that we have in the United States the freedoms we enjoy from freedom of speech to freedom and economics these things are the outgrowth of 3,000 years of judeo-christian development capped by an Enlightenment that is rooted again in those same values they did not spring up in the Far East they did not spring up in South America they did not spring up in Africa they sprang up at one particular time in one particular place because of a certain set of historical circumstances that were driven by a bunch of moral values and when we abandon those moral values in the name of everyone has the same values we're all the same all religions are the same in all cultures are the same and we ought to treat everybody as as exactly equivalent what you are doing instead is you are bringing in the threat in-house and you've seen this particularly in Europe and the United States you haven't seen it quite as much because our immigration policy hasn't been quite so welcoming with regard to and thanks to proximity we're not quite as close to places like you're seeing here but you've obviously seen the impact in crime rates in places like France and Sweden you've seen enclaves they've been formed of radical Muslims from places like this who believe in the same things that these folks believe in there's a reason that Asia Bibi is going to have to require some sort of amnesty some sort of some sort of sanctuary from the from this country she's gonna have to take refuge in your up she's gonna have to take refuge in the United States because again values are not always shared and pretending that values are always shared which seems to be a unique privilege of Europe in the aftermath of two world wars is astonishing also hearing the Europeans lecture us on preventing World War is really galling it's really galling these are the folks who brought us to world wars in course of a century the two deadliest wars in human history and then they're going to teach us all about what they've learned from those Wars at the same time that their continent is falling apart not just falling apart on cultural grounds its falling apart on economic grounds too and the fact is that the euro is in serious trouble that the idea of a confederation of European states was good insofar as creating a bulwark against Soviet oppression but it was not good economically speaking because it turns out they're a bunch of states in Europe that aren't gonna pull their pull their weight and this is what you've seen from Greece from Spain you've seen certain countries in the EU who are supposed to be doing bailouts you've seen in certain other countries in the EU who are not gonna pay for those bailouts and all of this is a serious problem all this is a serious problem so failures to understand their own economic interests have led the EU to fall apart and what you're seeing is a resurgence of nationalism now again I'm not saying that pure nationalism is a good thing it's not nationalism is just a means it is not in and of itself an end nationalism isn't even an ideology it's sort of like populism it's a tactic but it can be a very good thing and abandoning nationalism in favor of the International global governance regime is foolish and it's why President Trump when he says globalist in the left hears anti-semitism what he's really saying is we don't want international bodies governing for the United States how we ought to do our business that's all he's saying and frankly I don't see a whole hell of a lot that is wrong with that okay meanwhile there's a piece of news that is that is really troubling and nobody in America is is going to deal with it I'm going to talk about that in just one second but first but first we need to talk about how you brush your teeth so one of the most important things that you do for your health every day is brush your teeth but most of us don't do a properly quip is a better electric toothbrush it is created by dentists and designers quit was designed to make brushing your teeth more simple affordable and even enjoyable I bring my equipped toothbrush on the road because it is easy to pack you're enough to bring one of those bulky charging stations this this particular toothbrush provides you sensitive sonic vibrations a 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now okay well speaking of doing the things that America needs to do to keep itself safe we are not going to do one crucial thing and it's going to be a serious problem for us that crucial thing is we are not going to pay down our national debt nor are we going to take the measures necessary to pay down our national debt the reason I discuss this is because today the Wall Street Journal is reporting on a development that people who have actually studied American governance have known about for years apparently the u.s. dest the u.s. debt is going to cost us more in the near future than our own national defense that's just the the service on our own debt thanks to the weakness of the global economy tremendous there was tremendous appetite for Americans at write we were able to sell our debt and and everybody's going to buy it because America was still the best bet in the global economy but that could soon be ending according to The Wall Street Journal the Congressional Budget Office estimates interest spending is gonna rise to 915 billion dollars by 2028 or 13% of all outlays and 3.1 percent of gross domestic product along that path the government is expected to pass the following milestones will spend more on interest and we spend on Medicaid in 2020 by 2023 more than we spend on national defense by 2025 more than we spend on all non-defense discretionary programs combined from funding for national parks to scientific research in other words we are spending ourselves into oblivion and neither party has an interesting curbing this Democrats don't have an interest in curbing this because they like the spending eventually it's going to lead us to Nordic tax rates which is exactly what they want this is why they're talking about blowing out the debt even further they want Medicare for all they want free college and all this is going to cost tens of trillions of dollars over the next 10 to 15 years they don't care about that because in the end what they actually want is a middle class tax hike you can't tax the rich enough in this country to pay for all this stuff everybody on the Left knows this they're lying about it what they want is sixty percent tax rates for everybody making about 50 grand in the country because that's what the tax rates are in places like Norway and Sweden and Denmark so Democrats are fine with all of this and they're lying about what cost us money they say well it's the war in Iraq or the war in Afghanistan it's the tax cuts that is not the stuff that is bankrupting the country the stuff that is bankrupting the country is Social Security Medicaid Medicare it is those three programs that represent something like sixty percent of the entire American budget meanwhile Republicans are gun shy of this stuff for good reason they are deeply afraid that if they touch any of these third rails then their political support will collapse which is why President Trump has made it a point never to talk about entitlement reform he doesn't want to touch entitlement reform he's afraid of entitlement reform Paul Ryan will leave office without having touched entitlement reform and all this means that we are going to run this cut right over the cliff and then we'll have two parties that are either that are having arguments about cutting around the edges right austerity programs around the edges or raising taxes dramatically and that's because right now we don't have a principled enough American people in the end it's up to the voters to actually do the right thing here the American people are not calling for the sort of structural changes that are necessary because they don't see the crisis until the crisis actually materializes I'm old enough term I was part of the Tea Party I'm old enough remember when we talked about fiscal responsibility let's be frank about this president Trump was blown out the debt and Barack Obama blew out the debt President Trump is blowing out that right now the debt is rising at faster rates than it was under Barack Obama largely because of the tax cuts but also because Trump has not slowed spending in any serious way Republicans are so deeply afraid of touching this issue that they are going to leave office without ever having touched the issue which is going to lead to economic chaos because the other thing to remember is all the other countries that have been able to blow out their their debt to GDP ratio they've always been able to rely on the economic growth provided by the United States what happens when the United States is no longer providing that economic growth because we've had to undergo these massive tax increases or because we've had to undergo massive austerity things could get very ugly very quickly if we don't start to take a look at these issues and bad things are going to happen unfortunately we're instead going to focus on the 2020 election and the and the Rock'em Sock'em robots of the next presidential election so according to Mark Penn and Andrew Stein both Democratic operatives they think Hillary Clinton's gonna run again really I know every day we stray further from God's light the so they have a piece today called Hillary

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