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00:08 "... attention elsewhere move the war on ..."
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03:05 "... like the war on Christmas but there ..."
03:50 "... about the war on Christmas is about this ..."
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06:13 "... winning the war on Christmas and that is ..."
06:25 "... celebrating that we are winning the war ..."
12:03 "... in taking Christmas aside in the war on ..."

The media The French riots in the streets. The years-long War on Christmas rages on, and Christmas is finally winning! Now cultural conservatives must turn our attention to a more insidious struggle: the War on Advent. President George Bush dies at 94; we examine his legacy. Then, climate change alarmism burns down Paris, and Ocasio-Cortez says something nonsensical.

Like this video? Subscribe to our YT channel and leave a comment below!the years long war on Christmas continues to rage on but now Christmas is finally winning now cultural conservatives must turn our attention elsewhere move the war on Christmas forward to the more insidious struggle the war on Advent we will analyze what conservatives can learn from Advent then President George Bush dies at 94 we examine his legacy a climate change alarmism burns down Paris and you're gonna be shocked to hear this Alexandria okay Jie Cortez says something nonsensical I'm Michael Knowles and this is the Michael Nolt Oh [Music] well there's no place like home for the holidays so nice to be back here in LA and I obviously the war on Christmas has been going on for a long time some deny it many people deny it we will show the evidence for it but I want to move in a new direction I want to move the war on Christmas forward we're winning we're making up ground Christmas is winning Santa Claus is on top of a tank and 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believe that there is a war on Christmas it actually turns out the majority of Republicans 56% of Republicans do not believe this is a war on Christmas I think largely this is from the fiscally conservative socially liberal set they don't want to get oh they said I'm not one of these people I you know I just want to go and I'm a cool guy and I want to go to cocktail parties I don't care about silly things like the war on Christmas but there obviously is one the evidence is all around in 2005 Boston got rid of its Christmas tree it officially changed the name of the Christmas tree to the holiday tree what holiday is it for or I gosh I don't know what is it is it Arbor Day is that I guess actually that is the one example it could be for Arbor Day in 2005 Walmart got rid of Christmas from its marketing materials target same thing Best Buy in 2006 got rid of Christmas from their marketing materials the classic example is Starbucks Starbucks for years and years had little snowmen and snowflakes and Christmas trees and things on their cups then in 2015 they decided they were gonna take out anything that even vaguely resembled Christmas paraphernalia and it was just a red cup and that's what this is all about the war on Christmas is about this bland tedious taking the particular out of life the thing that makes life enjoyable or the details the particulars that's why we like diversity that's why we like talking to people who don't agree with us maybe or who see the world a little differently that's why we like eating different kinds of food watching different movies we don't just watch the same thing day after day reading different books we like that diversity and the diversity comes out in the particular it seems to me with the war on Christmas people want with the left once broadly is for us all to be exactly the same look the same dress the same talk the same just be gray and like that that new meme going around the NPC meme it's the meme of the non-player character and it makes out the left to be just like robots who have nothing differentiating them from everybody else that is what this event it's about taking away the particularity of the season and the particular particularity of which holiday is being celebrated we can say Happy Holidays but which holiday are you talking about you're not talking about Arbor Day so they did this at Starbucks in 2015 there was both a backlash from some cultural conservatives and then people pretending that there was a much larger backlash to make fun of cultural conservatives so the neck year it got even worse the cup got it was a green cup and it just had a mosaic of random people on it didn't have anything to do with New Year's nothing to do with Hanukkah nothing to do with Christmas not even anything to do with Kwanzaa which is a completely made-up holiday it's a contrived atheist socialist holiday made up in the 1960s by a professor at Cal State Long Beach it has nothing to do with it has no tradition whatsoever it's just a political fad that virtually nobody celebrates anymore didn't even have that it was just a green cup with a you know what ostensibly should have been the least offensive picture nobody could have any problem with it trouble is it wasn't saying anything it didn't celebrate any particular holiday then President Trump gets elected he campaigns in part on the war on Christmas he gets elected and you know the Starbucks cup it starts you get a little bit more a little bit more shades of Christmas in there this year oh man I go in on November 1st they're already blasting Christmas music wall-to-wall they are already they've got four different Christmas cups a little Holly in there the big Christmas blend of go it's great so Christmas is winning the war on Christmas and that is a wonderful thing I'm happy to hear it but because we can never just be happy and take a win we now have to look at the next problem well I'm happy I am celebrating that we are winning the war on Christmas President Trump I don't want people to think I'm not grateful for a president Trump campaigned on this people made fun of him for it and it is true just anecdotally you go to places now and you hear Merry Christmas more often at the the Christmas tree lighting at the White House here is President Trump making this point in his typically subtle way Merry Christmas everybody we just have to say it all together Merry Merry Christmas it's great to be with you and let's light the tree First Lady will do the honors we have to say this we have to say it just in case you didn't miss by in case you missed it so you remember during the Obama era a Barack Obama took Christmas out of the White House Christmas card just said happy holidays have a good holiday but there was no Christmas in there this was a big break with tradition now a representative Democrat rep jungkook got the Trump White Christmas card he said it's the gaudiest Christmas card he's ever seen it's gigantic it's oversized it's red it's got gold all over it very very Trumpy it says Merry Christmas written right on top I'm offended that I did not get one of these cards but c'est la vie these things happen so so in any case they they've got you know the Christmas cards out there Barack Obama you'll remember during his administration started a fight with the Little Sisters of the Poor he wanted to make a group of nuns pay for abortions this was obviously a terrible thing people shouldn't be forced to violate their conscience especially nuns and what a Donald Trump do he comes into office he invites a group of nuns in a full habit just as Christian as they can possibly look to come and sing at the Christmas tree lighting here they are [Applause] [Music] just lovely turns out that group of nuns there they are very popular musicians they've had billboard and Amazon number one recordings they're number one in classical they're not beating out ariana grande but they're still doing pretty well so this is all great this is a big embrace of this you even got Hollywood stories like Chris Pratt talking about Christmas in explicitly religious terms Chris Pratt gave an impassioned delivery he was describing the Gospel of Luke kind of like Charlie Brown at the annual candlelight procession at Disneyland over the weekend here's Chris Pratt about two thousand years ago God sends an angel named Gabriel to a city in Galilee named Nazareth to a virgin who was betrothed to a man named Joseph of the house of David as a descendant of King David that Virgin's name was Mary and having come in the angel said to her rejoice highly favored one the Lord is with you blessed are you among women the Bible says when she saw him she was troubled at his saying and considered what manner of greeting this was that seems confusing to me so I'll just paraphrase she was kind of scared because an angel just fell it from the ceiling I love that guy I also love the way that he takes these very serious he's obviously quite Christian and he takes these serious Christian concepts and then he does infuse it with his movie star young guy exuberant energy did this at an award ceremony where he told people to believe in God and understand that they have a soul and the soul matters but he just doesn't his way that's not pedantic it's not it's just really really good so it's great to see him do that that's that's all wonderful now that we're in the Christmas season there is this rush to rush it there's this surge of people trying to rush our way to Christmas we're back in we've got the particularity of it because it doesn't make sense why our people talk about it's the most wonderful time of the year oh it's your family and it's almost wonderful - why is it wonderful why is this time wonderful if it's just the holidays if it's not about a holiday if it's not about a holiday that celebrates something then why are people so happy and excited and nice it's not just the turkey you know it's not just people eat turkey at other points of the year why is it what makes it different than Thanksgiving what makes it different than the fourth of July the next stage of this the thing that I think we could all use a little help on is Advent because people forget Advent Advent is that period of time before Christmas it's this time that the four Sundays before Christmas in the Christian tradition celebrate four mysteries that are supposed to prepare us for Christmas it's this penitential season it's more of a solemn season it's not all dancing around the Christmas tree yet in the four mysteries that are celebrated our death judgment Heaven and Hell we said we explore these mysteries we meditate on these mysteries that that have mankind has considered for all of human history when we were living in the caves we have contemplated these mysteries what is death what does death mean what is judgment will there be a judge will I have to pay for my sins what is heaven is there hope of something after this world what is hell will I be punished in the Hereafter what what his punishment look like these are mysteries you know the right has always been really strong in taking Christmas aside in the war on Christmas and the left has constantly been trying to drive out Christmas celebrations and it's very easy to understand that concept but very few people are sticking up for Advent and Advent could really teach us something whether you're a Christian whether you're not Christian whether you're on the Left whether you're on the right everybody could really use it we're it's such a fever pitch right now we're all at each other's throats politics is quite divided we're really angry to each other the left is especially angry at the right and we're missing fundamental eternal mysteries major major questions beginning with death that was yesterday was the first Sunday of Advent we're now in the Advent season and this one I think it really really matters because sometimes when people are at a fever pitch in politics I sometimes think do you not realize you're gonna die some day John Maynard Keynes The Economist said in the long run we're all dead so I don't know if your policies will work in the long run in the long run we're all dead and when we contemplate that mystery I think it makes us appreciate each other a lot more appreciate our country a lot more and appreciate Christmas which is coming up we will get to that if is you know because Advent leads to Christmas which is sweet as honey and speaking of honey honey we'll help you buy all of your Christmas gifts and save a lot of money you know how much I love honey I've been an evangelist for honey for years before my show existed before the daily wire existed I love honey honey is the way to always get the lowest price on the Internet especially important when you're buying your gifts Hanukkah just started I think it's the second night of Hanukkah tonight christmas is coming up you're gonna need to get your gifts 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slash cough FAC OVF efe that is two words join honey calm slash cough fa c OV e fe fe and that's my Christmas present to you that's my gift to you as I saved you a bunch of money on your Christmas shopping so this is Advent nobody wants to talk about Advent we want to start playing Christmas music starting on November 1st I suppose this is evidence that people can never be happy you know last year I was complaining that Starbucks didn't do enough for Christmas now they start Christmas on November 1st and I said no that's too soon but maybe maybe they're just not getting it wrong you need a middle ground you need to have a little balance here and if you rush Christmas it's like rushing through dinner it's like you sit down to a beautiful dinner and you've got steak and turkey and potatoes and all of this and you sit down and used to start eating pudding cups and then you saw I'm full I already ate all my pudding cups no you want to build up and you want to remember why we need Christmas in the first place why is Christmas the most wonderful time of the year why is Chris Pratt reciting the narrative from Luke well why is he reciting the infancy narrative why do we watch a Charlie Brown Christmas whereas it was reciting this this amazing moment in the woods in in somewhere around the Year Zero when in a little cave in a little manger surrounded by livestock because there was no room at the end the God who created all of us the divine love that made us in the universe becomes flesh enters into the creation as a little baby born on a traveling Road born in the lowest of the low inside of a cave and why does that matter what does that mean why are why do we need that to happen the reason we need that to happen is because of death and judgment in heaven and hell you know in our culture we are so afraid of death yes I see this all the time when I read all of the tech blogs and science blogs every other day there's somebody in Silicon Valley who says that we're about to find the cure for death oh we're so close to the cure for death all those all those people who lived before us they sure missed out because now they're dead but we're gonna live forever and this reminds me of every foolish ruler for all of history every Pharaoh every guy who was certain he was going to find the elixir of life and he would live forever he looks and we make fun of these people because we know death is a fact of life I don't know that we would want to live forever in this world I don't think I would in this world of decay and corruption I don't want to live forever in this world but we will die but now the cosmetics industry has exploded people spend evermore money on products on surgeries on Botox on plastic surgery on whatever to make it look as though they are not aging to try to pretend that we're not going to die I go to funerals you know people who are not religious friends of mine who are atheistic and it's always so sad they're these really sad celebrations of life they call it and I guess that's nice you like the person you want to send them off but you don't know what you're celebrating because in in those moments people don't understand what death is they don't know is there a heaven is there a hell where is this going what does it mean is life some random chance the left has convinced us that there is no meaning to life that there is just life is a random cosmic accident it's a tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury signifying nothing and so when we die that's a it's just a pure tragedy there's no comedy to it there's no hope what is it obviously religious people say if some religious people say that there is life after death the death isn't the end but death does have a meaning they have different explanations why did death come into the world why do we have to die why are we in a creation such that we have to die what is the the biblical answer is because man is free man has free will man sinned and so because man sinned debt sin and death entered into the world and corruption and decay and that's why so there's death the the second mystery is judgment why in it we're in this world where we say don't judge don't be so judgey don't you cry young man don't how why are you being so judgey there is no right or wrong it's just like you know it's whatever it is this this throwing off ideas of judgment has come back on us and we're now our entire ethical discourse basically amounts to if it feels good do it that's that's about the level of moral discourse that we have right now in the country we can't explain why it's not good to do certain things why it's not good to like watch a bunch of porn and go carousing all the time and stop by where wherever else you know because in one particular sin of our culture is is that sex is everywhere I mean there's ill in the culture one of them is dead so it's a good example because we say oh if it feels good it's not doesn't matter it's okay we oh well as long as you're not hurting anybody or if you're hurting them but it's okay and they kind of like it or well you know that's that's what our discourse has gotten down to and you'll even have people dishonestly quoting but the Bible quoting the scripture and they'll say well you know judge not lest ye be judged correct I'm not judging a person I'm not going to condemn a person but we must make moral judgments it's the only way that we can live the the only way that we can get out of bed in the morning is to make a judgment say should I get out of bed or should I should I stay in bed all day and sleep you get you go down to your kitchen and you you make a judgment you say do I eat Cheerios or do I eat bacon and eggs I never eat Cheerios I only make it and eggs because I'm an adult but you know some people have these judgments they have to do I smoked three cigars tonight or 17 cigars tonight what am I going to do these are all judgments but we don't want to have those judgments and I think it's in part because we we have the sense of sin mankind has always had the sense of sin everybody sins constantly we're always making terrible decisions but that's that's why we need a corrective that's why we need Christmas that's why we need to at least atone that's why we need to accept a moral standard but because we don't accept any of these things now we have the sense of sin and we're so anxious we so don't want to be judged for it that we're trying to abdicate all of our moral reasoning maybe this may be the second weekend in Advent could do a little something even for conservatives who have that kind of thought then there's heaven what is heaven is there is there hope after death if there's judgment is there a hope of something beyond this world UK you know the the theological virtues are faith hope and charity without hope we have nothing when you enter when Dante enters into hell in the poem the Divine Comedy on top of hell it says abandon all hope ye who enter we have a spate of despair in America we have suicides way on the rise among teenagers it's up 70 percent among the whole culture it's very high especially a middle-aged men middle-aged white men in particular killing themselves in spades a ton of people taking antidepressant drugs that number is way way up and now for the for the second year in a row for the first time in half of a century the average life expectancy is decreasing because of despair what does that have to do with heaven we'll get to that in one second but first before you die before you get to heaven before the Judgment you need to take care of your health not in a vain way but because you because you want to live your life to the fullest and that can feel overwhelming that is why I love Omax three ultra pure supplements om x3 is the purest way to get them it's ultra pure it's natural it's not going to completely mess with your body it's not some wacky chemical that's trying to do it's it is pure and it's good for your health try Oh max calm /co f 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pure for free with your first purchase try o max calm slash cough f a free box of Oh max rupees and first purchase how many times do I need to tell you that right now go try o max calm / go f f/a terms and conditions apply they always do heaven is there any hope I see people despairing and I know there were mental health problems people have but mental health problems doesn't explain the surge in suicides it doesn't explain the cert the reason why average life expectancy for the second year in a row for the first time in 50 years in America has actually decreased decreased in the wealthiest most prosperous most free most equitable country in the world people are not living as long is because of suicide and drug addiction drug overdoses why are people killing themselves with drugs and other means it's because they are despairing despair means with it without hope it is the absence of hope spero are a is to is to hope and it's the absence of that but what are we hoping for well there's I various things I I am hoping one thing that kind of keeps me going is once I finish this show I'm gonna go up in smoke a stogie because we've got the backstage Holiday Edition coming up that's one thing maybe tonight I'll get to go see sweet little ELISA that's a hope I've got a hope that you I don't know that the show gets really big I've got a hope that I'll get to go to some more colleges and give more talks I've got all of these various hopes I have plenty of hopes but what are my ultimate hopes it has to transcend the physical world because ultimately I'm gonna die no one here gets out alive maybe one guy I know I know one guy who did and he's about to be born in a few weeks but other than that it's very difficult to you know once you're in the ground you're gonna stay there for a long period of time so what is that ultimate hope is there somewhere that I can go does my soul live on what is my soul is my soul physical or is it metaphysical is it is it spiritual what is that so the other reason you need this is because we live in a really nice culture where everything is super Pleasant all the time and we have cool electronics and TVs going and it's all just really really nice great but as a result of that when things go wrong people lose their minds you know Millennials the most coddled generation in American history four kids at college right now there was a study done out of Arizona State University it showed that two years after the 2016 election students were a quarter of college students were suffering from symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder and that's not made up they weren't just pretending they were actually suffering clinically high levels of stress stress levels as high as people who experienced a mass shooting incident seven months after the mass shooting that's how high it is because a Republican won the White House that's when things are so nice when we're in a decadent society when kids are coddled and protected from the harsh realities of the world then when things go wrong they're so fragile they break they crack what why is that when what is the ultimate hope if you don't have an ultimate hope then once those things crack you're gonna fall into a pit of despair so what is heaven and then the fourth mystery what is hell what is there hell Antonin Scalia did an interview with New York magazine with this very glib woman a number of years ago and he mentioned that he believed in Hell and she made fun of him she said oh my gosh it must be very scary to believe in Hell in the devil he said you know that's this is basic Catholic theology that hell exists do you know how out of touch you are with America most of Americans believe in Hell and in the devil most of people throughout history have believed in Hell in the devil why does hell matter hell matters because it means there is divine justice well we like to do both in religion and in our sort of pseudo religions you hear all these people who say I'm spiritual but not religious oh I'm not a Christian but I like Christian teachings oh I okay whatever they what they try to do is they want all the really nice comforting things and they don't want any of those harsh realities they want the heaven they don't want the hell they want a God without wrath to lead a people without sin into a kingdom without judgment through the ministrations of a Christ without a cross to quote a famous theologian so if there is no hell what does that mean it means God is all merciful we know God is merciful he is love God is love but but without if there is no hell then there is not that justice and we don't have the human freedom you know so much what what Chris Pratt is talking about at that candle lighting ceremony is this incredible moment in the world at the Annunciation when the angel comes down and tells Mary that she's gonna give birth to Jesus the angel comes down God's grace pours down on the world and and then heaven holds its breath because Mary a sense she still has free will she can turn away from God she can say no but she says I am The Lord's servant may his will be done we have free will this is the defining feature of humanity we have freedom we have liberty and we can reject God we can choose hell if we want to we can go right down there we can we can choose hell on earth we can choose hell beyond earth it is it is up to us God does not deny us that dignity of freedom what a beautiful thing it can be that there is justice how beautiful a thing that we have that Liberty you know in America we talk about Liberty so much our country is that a free country founded on life liberty and the pursuit of happiness but how do we pursue that happiness and what is the substance of that Liberty why is it so important why is it so essential how do we exercise it and when we use our Liberty and we abuse our Liberty how do we get mercy how do we redeem ourselves that is what we are waiting for at Christmas that's what Christmas is about it's not you know I like I wouldn't recommend discussing that or at your office Christmas party I don't know when when you know Suzie the secretary is sloshed on on eggnog you know and you start discussing death judgment heaven and hell that might be a little bit of a downer you know everyone's playing Rock around the Christmas tree and you're there with a little fire and brimstone I'm not suggesting that but in in the moments when you're not at those Christmas parties like that are all over the place or holiday party or whatever in the moments when you're actually contemplating the season and the reason for the joy of this season think about those things because it seems that maybe it seems a little sad or inconvenient we don't want to think about it the reason that we have despair flying throughout our culture is because precisely because we don't want to think about it this is the season to do it don't skip it because if you skip that season you are going to skip the entire celebration we have so much more to talk about we've got to talk about President George Bush dying the legacy of George Bush people on the left and the right are getting it wrong the Paris riots this is these are my favorite riots as far as riots go these ones couldn't be better because the mainstream media won't report on the actual cause of the riots which is global warming alarmism we will get to that in a bit and we've got a lot more if we've got time but coming up tonight let's talk about hope talk about awaiting wonderful things coming up tonight don't miss our next episode of daily wire backstage Holiday Edition and at this I have to defend the word holiday here because it actually isn't Christmas yet we are in Advent and it's Hanukkah it's the second night of Hanukkah so we're being ecumenical it's the holiday edition daily wire god king jeremy boring ben shapiro Andrew Klavan Alicia kress and little ol me we'll

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