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It’s our latest episode of The Conversation, and this month you’re speaking with the one and only Ben Shapiro! Elisha Krauss will present Ben with all your burning questions, and as you know, his answers are guaranteed to fill your tumblers with leftist tears.

Daily Wire Instagram: the.daily.wirei'ma stay there there are like signs and dances to go with it but I don't know what they all are oh you're like summer hello everyone I'm Alicia Kraus and we're live with our newest episode of the conversation and with me is our very own Ben Shapiro who we taking your questions live for an entire hour please remember that the conversation is streaming for everyone to watch but only subscribers get to ask the questions you got that right only subscribers oh okay only Daily wire subscribers how do you become a subscriber you ask well head over daily click the login become a subscriber if you're already a subscriber and in our video description if you want to ask a question or become a member just head on over there and be sure to tune in for next month's episode on Tuesday January 15th at 5:30 p.m. Eastern 2:30 p.m. Pacific featuring our very own Andrew Clavin that's awesome because that's my birthday and I won't be here you know when I'm here I sort 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intimidated or frustrated by insurance in the past give policy genius a try just go to policy genius com get your quote applied minutes can do the whole thing on your phone right now how genius is indeed the easy way to compare and buy life insurance so go check it out right this very instant and the other cool thing that everyone should be checking out is last night you were on Fox News so there you know I'm a big fan of martha maccallum she's awesome and she's pretty awesome and she let you kind of do your big book cover reveal I was pretty cool so the brand new book is called the right side of history how reason and moral purpose made the West great it officially releases but you can head over to the right side of history book calm and you can pre-order your copy after the show or during the show I hear that it is a great read you know how I hear that because I wrote it you're definitely going to want to add it to your collection and if you don't I'm gonna take it extraordinarily personally I did in fact spend an awful lot of time and effort on this book I consider it my magnum opus I think it's the best thing that I've ever written and I hope that you will enjoy it so go pre-order it right now and make sure that you can get your copy when it finally comes out so if they don't then they would be on the wrong side of history right that is correct and then you'd need life insurance because I mean this does protect you eternally this book I mean I don't wanna make promises I can't fulfill uh-huh but I just made one so there you are so we got some questions that are about to be rolling in who asked the questions you wonder oh our subscribers over at daily we're calm who we love a lot we do if you subscribe we love you if not the real question is why I'm here and you're not subscribing see I slave away each and every day to bring you the best in content then you don't subscribe you know what I think of you you know I think well first of all I love you thank you thank you for listening but also why aren't you subscribing so you can ask questions I know it's what you really want to do you know that's what you really want to do so go check that out right now all right if we could scroll up so I can see this awesome subscribers name there we go Samuel Samuel wants to know do you think political science is mayor I'm sorry do you think a political science major is useless or do you think it is more valuable if it comes from a well-known school say like Hillsdale what majors are good for getting into politics okay so political science is indeed a useless major I know as a Poli Sci major at UCLA here is what a political science major is good for one getting into law school - nothing else does not qualify you to do anything but if you go to some place like Hillsdale they actually teach you some of the Ancients they're very focused in true straussman fashion on Aristotle and Plato you'll at least read the classics you'll know about Western civilization if you go to sort of a generic policy Poli Sci program then they're teaching you about whatever stupid theories a couple of the professors at the school had you don't really learn all that much Poli Sci was good for me in the sense that it taught me that I couldn't trust what was being said in class I needed to go outside of class and read a lot of stuff but I think that Poli Sci major is let's put this way if you graduate with a degree in Poli Sci you were qualified to do nothing except go to law school or get a job where you actually learn what to do on the job alright I love this light-hearted question from Ely she wants to know a little behind the scenes funny story about your kids Oh you know it's hard to do that because there are so many funny stories about my choice well here's one from like an hour ago so my son just came charging in the room I was studying tombow to somebody and my son comes charging into the room with a jelly bean in each hand and he says to me daddy which jelly bean you want and I said I'll take that one and you smiled then you put both of them in his mouth because that is what children do children are just little monsters they're little evil monsters as far terrible people yeah last night my son we went to dinner okay so rule number one never take your two-year-old son to dinner right huge mistake but my son is in the he's in the mode right now where whatever he does is the most troubling thing like the most trouble something he can do people do so we go to the restaurant the first thing that he does is he takes a glass of water and pours it out on the table and then he takes salt and shakes it out all over the water and then he takes a knife and starts beating it against the puddle of water on the table and finally I clean all of this up and he says I want orange juice so I get him some orange juice he then proceeds to take the orange juice and pour it all over the table then we get in the cars a little bit left of the orange juice I'm like a fool like a fool I give it to him because he's crying and whining because he won't stop crying and whining and I give it to him I say don't spill it by the time I get home it's one block one block he's poured on himself so I get him out of the car and say you know it's time to go take a shower no no way I've to take a shower cuz you're covering Orange no well tough I'm big you're small No so anyway I wrangle him finally into the the bathroom and then he proceeds to start digging immediately through all the drawers in the bathroom and dumping things on the floor this is my life pretty much for four hours a day with my son my daughter is my daughter is really smart and also very sassy it's not like she's very cunning and she does not take crap from any wonder where she gets that yeah she's my daughter's a lot more like me my son's more like my wife my son is just sweet by nature and really nice and a little bit mischievous and and as for my daughter my daughter is like you cross her you die I mean my daughter in the zombie I'm really good evil glare - oh yeah and then she's given that since she was like two weeks old exactly if the zombie apocalypse happened I have no fears for my daughter whatsoever my son's a wild man like he'll if there was not me apocalypse my son will do the same thing he does every day just find a light sock and sticks a finger in it but my daughter would immediately grab a hammer and start going to work zombies outside but it is true that um it's funny I walk around the city a lot with my kids and when people see with my kids they're like oh you're a happy person like right cuz I'm with my kids that's that's the actual rule kids are the best they are indeed and also the worst this is the this is my theory about I've said this before theory about life when you're single your spectrum of happiness to sadness goes from like you mean like a seven at the upper end and like a two at the lower end and then you get married and then your spectrum of happiness goes from like a ton at the upper end to a zero because when your spouse is upset that's worse than anything else or your spouse is sick or something and then you have kids and then all limits are removed so the happiest stuff that ever happens with your kid it with your kid is the happiest stuff that will ever happen to you like what my kids are playing together when I'm watching them like ride the ponies at Griffith Park or something like that's spectacular and then when they're hurting like when they get hurt or when they're fighting with each other or they're just being maddening it's the worst thing ever and you're like why didn't I sell these children to the circus because the circus is banned now cuz you know animals can't write them I know I'm surprised they still let me ride the pony I mean I'm gonna say something really politically incorrect there should be a child circus and the child circus should be only single women who love watching babies because I've noticed that when I bring my children out to the mall you wake up all the single ladies all the single women are like looking at my kids like if somebody ever want to make a fortune they wouldn't have like these web these live porn cams on the web they'd have likewise baby cams on the web and all it would be is just like okay make the baby crawl okay make the baby turnover maybe don't use those two words in the same sentence forget you have a that that's true that's in the same way guys stop it terrible okay moving on norm says Ben the subtitle of your new book indicates that you believe that the West is built on two poles Athens and Jerusalem do you believe that these are in tension with Leo Strauss is view or do you believe that the moral purpose of Jerusalem and the Telos did I say that right yes it's all right pagan Greek or pagan Greece can be regarded the same like this glass so first let me unpack the questions for people the question for folks you don't actually understand exactly so so Strauss in theory is basically that there's reason and there's Revelation there's Jerusalem and there's Athens Jerusalem is about the revelation of moral principles from on high that are not based in reason and Athens is based in reason and so these two things are been in tension and that is what has created the West and then the perspective of the Scholastic's that these two things are actually not in tension then Greece that religion is indeed rational that is there's an inherent rational side to religion so I tend to so I believe in one sense I'm a Strauss e'en in one sense I'm I don't mean to split the baby when one sense I'm in Strauss II and in one sense I'm a scholastic so I'm scholastic in the sense that I think the basic principles of religion can be reasoned out for natural law so I think that if you have a view toward toward the purposes of the universe I think those can be reasoned out in the same way that Maimonides and Aquinas did in sort of two mystic thought and and these match up with the generalized main principles of the Torah I also believe that in order for you to even utilize reason you have to certains you have to take certain principles as revelatory and this is where there's attention because you have to take certain principles for granted the capacity for human reason the capacity for freewill the idea that there's an understandable universe these are all things that cannot be proven in fact science cuts against some of these things but you have to assume these things in order for you to even use reason to achieve certain ends and so that means that you have to take certain principles of reason on faith right that's a revelation you have to take those on faith in order for you to even utilize your reason now the reason it ends up being in contends up being in conflict with the faith and in tension with the faith because then you use your reasoning like well why should I believe any of those things in the first place because it's not necessarily rational and that's why I say that faith undergirds reason and it's a mistake when reason goes to war with faith to the extent that it starts undermining itself all right good answer thank you I mean I'm sure you're telling yourself that in your head too why I wasn't hey Eric wants to know hi Ben I have a crush on this girl at my school I love romance questions but I haven't been able to work up the courage to ask her out is there any advice and he wants you to run in 2024 well I mean honestly I would have better advice if I'd had any extent success at that like ever except for except for my wife I am old-fashioned I'm very straightforward so I know that this it depends I am very relationship oriented when it when it came to dating which meant that to me there was an end to the dating right the idea was not just to go on a date with a girl or have a good time or a little movie or whatever the idea was that I was dating for a relationship and so I never did this whole well I'll become friends with her first and we'll hang out in groups now gradually like kind of ask her out but not really ask her out my feeling is that good women good young women but you know teenage girls whatever whoever you want date that those people are interested in guys who are straightforward now that may actually cut against you in high school when there are a lot of frivolous people who want to do frivolous things but it's it's a rarity now for a guy to just ask out a girl for a guy to just walk up to a girl and say listen I find you really attractive I think I've gotten to know you a little bit and I really love to take you out for dinner I think that girl a lot of women pretend they don't want guys who are aggressive that way I think that every good woman wants a guy who's aggressive enough to ask out a girl if he's not aggressive to ask enough to ask out a girl he's not aggressive enough to go out and protect a woman he's not he's not aggressive enough to to create a life and a family in a in a in a cold world for for that woman and for your kids women actually like guys to be guys they don't want guys who are kind of like the emo okay maybe we'll go out and pass him guys and if you're if a woman likes a passive guy she's setting herself up for failure because there are certain qualities and in manliness that are necessary to the success of a relationship but I mean you should really ask Italy to that question because the Lygia is a woman so she she might know what like a guy should ask a girl so if you were a teenage girl again you know it's some years ago I was 20 when I met my husband instantly had a crush on him because you know he's a lumberjack and I mean he looks like a Viking like a real-life Viking and so we actually worked together so we were always professional you know in our work situation but once after we had worked together for a couple months kind of gotten to know each other on the road all this stuff one of the things that instantly attracted me to him and why I was willing to like jump into a long-distance relationship with someone that I had only known for a couple months it's because of how direct he was yeah women like to be pursued and even the girls that pretend like they don't want you to be direct really do you want you to be direct so I totally agree this and this is how it was with my wife when I when I met my wife basically my sister said there's this really attractive girl who I met at this shall atone like on a Sabbath at a UCLA and I said awesome and then I just mmm I actually my sister emailed her and said I want you didn't meet my brother and my wife was actually kind of trepidatious about this and then I just called her up on the phone I said you want to go out and that was pretty much that so it's again I think that what a lot of feminists say women want not even close to what women actually want in men which is why every single study The Temper been done shows that women actually like more masculine men including feminist women yeah I'm say they don't like more masculine men I mean they nobody actually wants I mean for lack of better term the sweat boys that's actually not a thing that women actually want there was an article years and it's not a rape on vegetarians that's it's a riff on the life's fun kind of the appearance there was an article years like probably 12 years ago and it was in GQ and it talked about how Republican men bleep better and they're good but I think that part of it like the author's perspective was that she was this pretty woman that went out and like had you know yeah relationships of men's on both sides of the aisle yeah and it was that because Republican men were more manly okay and I will also suggest that one of the reasons that that this study would show that sort of thing is that Republican women tend to be married to those Republican matter and that sex within marriage is a lot better by every survey imaginable for women particularly inside marriage when women women require a level of comfort for a good sex life and the idea that women are really happy jumping bed to bed is just nonsense dudes are happy jumping bed about because just a physical act for men but for women it's an act of emotional intimacy and that's why inside marriage inside long-term relationships but mainly marriage because it hasn't commitments attached sex is a lot better for women than it is just being randomly promiscuous despite what society says the women are gonna be happier with the Sex in the City lifestyle there's a reason that the end of sex in the city basically all of them end up married because that is the end goal for most women with kids if they're right if they think that most women who are healthy and most men who are healthy but when it comes to sex most women who are healthy want a long-term relationship because that is how we are biologically built I mean I know that we're gonna try and run up against biology now but the reality is that in every primate species women have to be a lot more sexually selective than men because females have to be a lot more sexually selective than males because that is how we are built evolutionarily men are built to spread their genetic material and women are built females are built to be incredibly selective about the people and and beings with whom they mate so there's this a really interesting video over at Prager you and it was the preview video that got the most hate and it talked about how men are better off when they marry because you live longer you typically make more and yours you have a more active sex play yeah well I mean that's that's totally true there's this idea that all men are getting you know are having sex whenever they want if they're single is just no that is untrue Joel wants to know that Georgia might be deep purple due to the trend of the tech cybersecurity jobs that he thinks are moving to the east like the army Cyber Command in Fort Gordon etc how can the GOP gain those suburban urban votes such with all these demographic changes so I think that number one the GOP has to stop squirting urban voters so they and I don't mean black voters I mean like people who actually live in big cities there's this cultural gap where it's like we like Cowboys we like steak and we have to write we can like all those things but we can also say that it's kind of cool to live in a city where there's lots of cultural things to do we can like movies we can like TV we can like all of these things we can like symphonies we can we can do all this if we can we can like gastropubs right we can do what we can we can I play for the winner you can be like one of these humans right you can do all those things and still be possible right look look cries sadly great although the best description of lacrosse that it is soda for ghosts but the but the truth is that we haven't reached out to urban voters and again I'm not speaking about minority voters it's not of you from him and we haven't reached out to suburban voters particular president Trump is in a very poor job of reaching out to suburban voters because he's basically doubled down on the rural base suburban voters are still families I mean his families who are occupying tract homes in the suburbs and particularly you can't alienate moms okay it was security moms one Bush the election in 2004 and women in the suburbs are still deeply concerned about law and order about security about the predictability of their local government about the capacity to raise their kids as they see fit all of these are winning issues I've never felt the conservatism is limited is is limited by kind of cultural overlap in terms of kind of cultural harness like what kind of movies you watch or what kind of food you eat but it is limited by by principle if you are allowing your kind of cultural conservatism you know vegans are terrible vegetarians are terrible they can't be conservative all this kind of stuff wait I know it's fun to joke about but the reality is I know a lot of vegetarians who are actually conservative and I don't think that's terrible I don't think that's wrong I think we should be trying to appeal to as many people as we can without you know giving up our fundamental core principles I actually have a very dear girlfriend who happens to work at the Heritage Foundation that is the most vegan vegan II person I know yeah I mean that there are a lot of granola conservatives out there and but they're but they're actively being alienated by I think a lot of people who we talking read America about how much Hollywood scorns us and that's true but in response we've cultivated a sort of reverse scorn and I'm not sure that's that's helpful well coming from a steak eating IPA drinking home birther I feel like I read the line you have like chickens in your yard we talked about whether you're white trash before they show you Lisa everyone from the Bible Belt is white trash okay al a boy are you hitting everyone Alicia let's move along the subscriber question sounds good Jonathan says hi Ben I really enjoy your show how historically accurate do you believe the New Testament is I mean as a Jew not particularly so I think that the the historical accuracy of the New Testament is Madeley in the circumstance as a Jew I don't believe obviously the story of Jesus dying and then being resurrected and then and then ascending to heaven or any of any of that sort of stuff no you tell me what's the story so that you don't remember the story no I know the story I know that he was resurrected yes after three days no that is not what happened after that what happened after that well then there's there's a whole all the epistles so it talks about like Paul like Paul the Apostle and his traveling and growing the church no no that all that I got what happened to Jesus what happened is he does he's in heaven we don't know when he's coming back right so okay revelations good so that's so that's the part of this or not I just wanna make sure like I have somebody here can check my work so but have you it is a good question though because there's so much that happens a lot of early church right so a lot of these that influenced history for years right so I think that these stuff about the relations with the Roman Empire is is largely accurate I think the part about Jesus specifically is not historically accurate from the Jewish perspective I think that a lot of the descriptions of the Jews are not particularly historically accurate there's nothing in high Maccoby who's kind of gone through and looked at the New Testament and described what there is not supremely accurate like for example it talks about the Sanhedrin meeting in the temple on yom tov on meeting on passover basically and they do the last supper wouldn't happened they didn't meet that night the there's talk about the people in Jerusalem waving palm fronds during the time of Last Supper and that's not accurate is happening during Passover that's a different holiday that's a code so there there are certain areas where as a Jew you read it you're like well that doesn't seem particularly accurate to me but again this is not my case against Christians believe in what they want to believe this is why Jews don't believe that so interesting Keegan wants to know hey Ben I can't wait to read your new book what's the name of that new book it's called the right side of history thank you for asking Alicia he wants to know do you have any writing routines or habits that you stick to oh I love it when a drew gets these questions - who's drew so regimented when it keeps writing he says thanks for all the great work you do oh thanks he said thanks to me - that's so nice he loved the show someone appreciates you appreciated so anyway my writing routine when I was doing the book so it was fantastic because this required a lot of deep thought I mean it's it's basically a philosophical history of the West I mean everything from the Bible through the Enlightenment and beyond so I mean it's it's references starting with the Bible and ending with Sam Harris basically the history of Western philosophy and so what I would do is I would go into my very well apportioned library which is the best room in my house and I would shut the door and I'd put on Brahms and then I would sit there for like two three hours move the phone aside and just write that's the best way to write you do have to do that so the the notion that you can multitask it's just nonsense there's no such thing as multitasking there's just you being distracted and some people are better at being distracted than others but most people are really distracted it's one of the reasons why I've I've said this before on on this show but when people say can I have a minute of your time the answer ought to usually be no because a minute of my time is usually thirty meaning that it takes me five minutes to get out of my routine then I have to be asked the question to answer the question so now we're at like twelve minutes and then it takes me a solid 10 to 15 minutes to get back into my routine and so by the time this quick question has been asked I've been distracted so you really do need to be isolated you do need to be you know outside the the realm of your children jumping on your back with jelly beans yeah that's typically the way that it's done by my kids know when I'm in the house and so I've had to sneak into my house because what they do is they they run into the library we have sort of a recliner and they both climb on my back and my son pounds the keys of the computer and my daughter dies my back and shouts ride daddy rides and then I have to and then I have to run around the house with them on my back so having children really did make you more human-like having noted before during and after oh you knew me before I had kids yeah like it didn't make it I got terrible I was a person before I had a wife and children thank goodness so a little behind the scenes here there's an unnamed person of the office that just had a baby and this person said that she know knows a way to actually have a dialogue with you that isn't socially awkward or work-related right it's just pull out the phone and show pictures of kids I love kids kids are awesome kids are great adults suck kids are fantastic adults I'm thinking the capacity to make bad decisions and that pisses me off don't make bad decisions but kids you still gotta teach them to make good decisions so if they make a bad decision they're okay they're good because a little bit of grief yeah I mean until until they had about four then it starts to change radically Nathan probably an adult sorry Nathan Ben doesn't like you but he wants to know do you listen to music while you work and if so what type I don't know and it might make good life decisions so that means as far as the music okay so the music that I listen to while I work bath is good Brahms is good anything that has a particular level of regularity is is good chamber music is better for me than for any vocal music distracts me because then I started listening to the words so I can't really listen even if it's like operatic in another language yes I start even then it's still distracting because I'm trying to hear what the words are even if I can't understand what they're talking about but when it comes to you know I find chamber music to be best piano music to be second-best and then symphonies to be to be third of him if I'm concentrating all right Dustin wants to know what is something good or beneficial that one can get by reading Nietzsche any solid meat to put on pull from his bones well first of all I will say that his thigh bone the thigh meat is really done so okay so they what is the benefit cannibalism jokes yeah so okay so the Nietzsche I'm tired are you right now so tired and so tired of being here with you so the Nietzsche it's to the point of the Nietzsche the Nietzsche question so this does come up in the right side of history it does come up in my new book I have a long section on eating the part of Nietzsche that is exactly correct is when he suggests that without God there are no moral standards and so human beings are gonna have to remake their moral standards and and based them around will his critique is correct his solution is wrong so if you kill God and you kill a purpose to the universe and inherent purpose to the universe that can't actually be filled by reason and will that's not something you can do because once you remove God from the equation and it's God that grants you the capacity to be a creative human being you're made in God's image it's got to get to your value it's the idea that you are given this divine spark that makes you different from an animal once you get rid of all that it's very difficult to make the case that you be able to create a rational moral system on the spaces this is my main argument with Sam Harris who thinks you can do that I don't see any evidence for that at all so that critique is Right you know this is a part of Nietzsche where he talks about you know the the madman who's wandering saying we've killed God and what shall replace him that all that is right the problem is that Nietzsche is optimistic about that he thinks okay well what will fill that with is human will will fill that with human will and it's like well human will goes a lot of terrible places because it turns out that when we make our own purpose things go wildly wrong now that doesn't mean that people haven't misused religion and abused religion to for their own ends over the course of history obviously they have but the bounds of understanding there's morality outside you that you are not the source of all morality is deeply necessary and if you don't do that that's how you end up with the that's how you end up with the 20th century basically all right B

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