It’s Time To Get Rid Of The ‘Hate Crime’ Category | The Matt Walsh Show Ep. 197
01:23 "... to begin with about hate crime s um ..."
01:32 "... hate crime against empire actor ..."
01:52 "... a victim of a hate crime as he claims ..."
10:46 "... um hate crime hoaxes are ..."
10:54 "... um we know that hate crime hoaxes happen ..."
11:24 "... hate crime hoax well that kind of stuff ..."
11:31 "... hate crime hoaxes happen ..."
11:45 "... hate crime s themselves the the very fact ..."
11:49 "... of the hate crime designation seems to ..."
11:52 "... this kind of thing so hate crime hoaxes ..."
12:02 "... hate crime frauds ..."
12:15 "... hate crime they were treating this and ..."
12:18 "... hate crime ..."
12:24 "... exist the problem with with hate crime s ..."
12:46 "... count as a hate crime which is absurd ..."
13:43 "... that a hate crime that's gonna get the ..."
13:45 "... special little tag of hate crime ..."
14:54 "... with the whole hate crime idea ..."
15:00 "... for a crime um hate crime s ..."
17:36 "... hate crime ..."
17:52 "... there would be hate crime charges there ..."
18:09 "... but it wasn't a hate crime the police ..."
19:31 "... so we need to get rid of the hate crime ..."
19:35 "... if we're going to have hate crime s um ..."
19:42 "... then i think hate crime hoaxes ..."
19:45 "... false hate crime reports should be ..."
19:47 "... treated as hate crime s ..."
20:28 "... itself should be treated as a hate crime ..."
20:32 "... again the hate crime designation is ..."

Today on the show, Jussie Smollett’s possibly faked ‘hate crime’ story yet again demonstrates why the ‘hate crime’ category shouldn’t exist. Also, people are freaking out because their tax refunds are smaller. I’ll explain why you shouldn’t want a big refund.

Like this video? For more Ben Shapiro and Daily Wire content, subscribe to this channel and the Ben Shapiro YouTube channel and ring the bell for notifications so you never miss a story!well it had been snowing here for the last several days and then to top off all the snow we got about a day's worth of freezing rain so there was probably an inch of ice on top of the snow so yesterday i was the one who suggested to my kids hey let's go out and sled uh down the big hill outside out back because with all the ice we'll be able to go super fast and it'll be fun so we went out and um and then i was the one who suggested hey let's build a ramp out of the ice because we'll be able to go really high off of the ramp and it'll be awesome now i'm told that in in most situations um at least my wife tells me that usually it's the the children who suggest dangerous things and then the responsible adult being the responsible one says no let's not do that but i find that in my case sometimes it's sort of the opposite so we built the ramp and um anyway the end of the story is that my back is really hurting today badly uh my kids are fine but i'm i'm i am not so i would like to say i learned my lesson but i didn't all right welcome to the mattwall show by the way and remember that if you want to get the whole show if you're watching on facebook you only get 15 minutes if you want to get the whole show go to itunes and subscribe to get the whole show there or you can become a premium member of the daily wire okay i want to talk to begin with about hate crimes um following up on something we discussed yesterday um with this alleged hate crime against empire actor uh jessie smallette or smullet that actually i'm not sure how pronounced his last name i'm gonna say smallet because it sounds better um now look there is as i said yesterday there's a chance there is a technically a chance that he really was a victim of a hate crime as he claims we cannot at this point conclusively prove the negative and maybe we'll never be able to it is notoriously difficult and oftentimes impossible to prove a negative to prove that something did not happen but we can use our faculties of reason and we can um and we can use our common sense and we can look at the available evidence and we can arrive at a plausible conclusion and i think the most plausible conclusion with this story is that it is a hoax it is uh it is fake um in fact absurdly faked fake actually so just to review the claim briefly smilet says that he was walking back uh from a subway restaurant at 2 a.m in chicago in the middle of winter and it was sub-zero temperatures but he was going for a nice walk back from subway and he was suddenly attacked by two racist assailants and he says that they assaulted him they poured a mysterious chemical on him that apparently was bleach they tied a rope around his neck and they shouted this is magga country um along with anti-black and anti-gay slurs smollett says that he fought fought off his assailants and he was able to attack um able to get away from the attack and impressively he made it home with his subway sandwich his tuna sandwich still intact and he still had his the rope that they put around his neck he still had it he was wearing it around his neck like a necktie eventually he called the police although according to the police report he was hesitant hesitant to call them but he did call them and eventually he went to the hospital he took a selfie in the hospital bed which is when everyone found out about this and um the selfie shows a small scratch under his eye but not much else in the way of bodily injury now there are many way many reasons to doubt this story number one i think the first reason is just that it's absurd it just it's it's a crazy story um and it would be hard to believe no matter where it was supposed to have happened but in chicago chicago is most certainly not maga country when you think of mega country i don't think you think of downtown chicago not only is it chicago but it's one of the most liberal areas in one of the most liberal towns in uh in the country so you may as well claim that you were assaulted by maga terrorists at like a vegan convention in uh in portland or something it's just it's the last place in the world that you would expect to encounter a roving band of homicidal trump-loving bigots prowling the streets you just you you wouldn't expect that um i you i you wouldn't expect to run into them anywhere but least of all in chicago and the question is what were these alleged violent bigots doing out in sub-zero temperatures in the middle of the night in the first place and why did they have a noose and a bottle of bleach ready on hand a bottle of bleach which by the way would have frozen within minutes so they couldn't have been out for very long and if this is supposed to be a random attack well then how did they know that smellette was gay they say that he says that's part of the reason he was attacked well you know he's just a guy walking down the street with a subway sandwich uh if it's a random attack how would they know that he's gay there's no way they could have known that or was it supposed to be targeted and is he saying that well they they knew him because he's a celebrity um were they out searching the streets and risking hypothermia in order to find and attack a relatively obscure supporting character from a show that they've almost certainly never seen i could tell you one thing if these people exist they are certainly not the kinds of people who are going to be watching the show empire i think that's um there's a pretty good certainty of that but even if we allow for the possibility that these attackers exist and we overlook all of the questions about why and how they were out in the middle of the night in chicago in the first place that still leaves us with the very odd fact that samala smallett went home with the rope still around his neck which just um you know if that were to happen to you and you were assaulted in the middle of the night someone put a rope around your neck as soon as you escape the first thing you do is take the rope off right and then the second thing you do is call the police right away you don't wait 45 minutes you don't go home and talk to your friend finish your tuna sandwich uh you you call them right away so it just doesn't make any sense um and it couldn't have been and i think he claimed that he wore the net he wore the rope to preserve evidence well no uh you could still preserve it if you take it off and anyway he wasn't even sure if you wanted to call the police right away so if you're not even sure you want to call the police you're not going to be worried about preserving evidence second thing is the video footage doesn't support the claim uh that he's talking about police have been able to piece together most of his jaunt to and from starbucks or a subway and through security camera footage because it's a big city and their security cameras everywhere they they there's only a 60 second gap that they can't see um so there's no footage of the attack and there's no footage of the assailants either and smollette says that conveniently the attack happened in that 60-second span which is possible you know it is police say that it's possible that the the assault as described could have began and concluded within one minute he could have had this fight uh for his life against two psychotic racists uh in the span of one minute 60 seconds it's possible possible uh it's also possible that he was assaulted by a unicorn um it's it's possible that that he got into a fight with a leprechaun it's possible that you know a giant climbed down jack's beanstalk and and kicked him in the face i mean it's possible i can't say it's impossible 60 seconds that we can't see i mean literally anything could have happened right but possible and plausible or two different things third thing is um smollett has not been eager to help the investigation which is suspicious he didn't want to hand over his phone records or his phone finally he did handle hand over his phone records after about two weeks of stonewalling them but they were heavily redacted so redacted as to be useless um fourth thing is millet is not acting like the victim of a vicious beating just a couple of days after suffering he says bruised ribs he was on stage singing and dancing and not showing any sign of physical impairment whatsoever which doesn't make any sense i mean if you've ever bruised your ribs before now broken ribs okay it's not as bad as a broken rib but if you've ever if you've ever bruised your rib before you know that it hurts to breathe or move uh let alone get up and um and perform a musical number it's just a couple days later you're at the very least you're going to be in visible pain right and then the fifth thing is that his neighbors don't even believe his neighbors have come out and said that um in fact quoting one of his neighbors agent muhammad who lives in the same building as uh the supposed victim told the new york post i don't believe it not around here half the people are gay and the other half are black so it's just that's significant because if this look if his neighbors came out and said yeah this kind of stuff happens all the time um that would be kind of strange that's the first time we're hearing of it but if if if the neighbors were saying that then i would say okay well okay well that's uh the plausibility dial just kicked up a few notches then in that case but no they're saying the opposite they're saying this kind of stuff never happens around here um so all we can do is just use our our heads and decide if this seems like something that actually happened um even if we can't totally disprove it as i said it's hard to disprove anything we can't there have been many alien abduction stories that people have claimed over the years and we can't really disprove any of those alien abduction stories if some guy says that he was getting out of his pickup truck one night heading heading to his house and he was abducted by an alien we can't really disprove it it could have happened but again we can use our heads and look at the evidence and decide whether or not it's plausible but here's the thing okay so that's that the specifics of that case um hate crime hoaxes are pretty common and that's the other thing we have to weigh here with this case um we know that hate crime hoaxes happen we know that that's a thing that happens but two trump-supporting racists wielding bleach and a rope in the middle of the downtown chicago in 2019 uh we don't know of anything like that happening so that's something that's completely unknown versus the other explanation which is a hate crime hoax well that kind of stuff happens all the time and i think there are many reasons why hate crime hoaxes happen but one reason that i think we need to look at is certainly that these things happen because of the designation of hate crimes themselves the the very fact of the hate crime designation seems to encourage this kind of thing so hate crime hoaxes happen because the category of hate crime exists that's one way we can get rid of hate crime frauds it's just getting rid of the category and then there are no no more fake hate crimes right of course that won't stop people from making up stories he still could have made up the same exact story but it wouldn't be a fake hate crime they were treating this and still are treating this as a potential hate crime um which they shouldn't be because that category should not exist the problem with with hate crimes is um first of all not every kind of hate counts for a hate crime um not all the crimes that are done out of hatred count as a hate crime which is absurd and arbitrary so for instance if somebody slashes a black man's tires because they hate him personally they have some sort of grudge against him as an individual and they hate him they hate his guts personally well that's a crime and that's a crime committed out of hate but it wouldn't be treated as a hate crime now if somebody were to slash the same black man's tires let's just say he's this guy's having a bad week and his powers got slashed he got new tires now they're slashed again by somebody else and um and this time they're slashing his tires because they hate the demographic the category he belongs to they hate him because he is a black man not because he's that particular black man because but because he's a black man now in that case that's a crime same exact crime also committed for hate and now all of a sudden we're gonna call that a hate crime that's gonna get the special little tag of hate crime but why why though why that distinction is it really somehow not as bad to be targeted because because um the person targeting you hates you personally i mean would it make you feel better as a victim to know oh no he doesn't hate my race he just hates everything about me personally that's all well never mind then i mean that's okay that's so much better no i don't think so if anything wouldn't be worse i mean wouldn't it wouldn't it feel worse wouldn't it make you feel even more violated to know that this this crime happened out of a special disgust and hatred for you as a person um look there are many crimes that are motivated by hate but we have this completely frivolous ranking of the kinds of of the kinds of hate that really count and to rank them is ridiculous in the first place but i don't even think we rank them correctly not only that but the second problem with the whole hate crime idea is that hatred isn't even the worst kind of motivation to have for a crime um hate crimes most of the time aren't as bad in my mind as other kinds of crimes like like take a crime of indifference so if you kill a guy for his shoes it's probably true that you don't hate him in fact not only do you not hate him but you don't feel anything for him at all you were just totally indifference to his existence as a person you were willing to throw away his life for a pair of shoes because his life meant nothing to or someone who goes in robs a liquor store and shoots the clerk in the face and kills him kills him right that right then or you know someone who gets mugged and killed for their wallet i mean these are crimes of indifference you are killing somebody because you want their money or you want whatever they have and you just do not care about their life the fact that they are a living human being does not register with you at all now i would say that that attitude an attitude of violent indifference is not only worse uh not only more vile uh less human more animalistic but it's also far more dangerous it is far more dangerous to have somebody who is totally indifferent to human life as opposed to someone who's filled with hate i mean neither are ideal but look i'll tell you this if if i had to choose between sitting next to one of them on a bus i guess i'd take the hateful person over the person who just is has no regard for human life whatsoever because you never know what someone like that's going to do there was a case in baltimore a few years ago a um a white tourist was down in i think it was fed hill which is um the part of town with all the college bars and stuff and it was st patrick's day it's back in 2012 or 2013. and uh the guy was drunk you know as people tend to be at uh on st patrick's day in the middle of the night and so there's video of this guy maybe you remember this this guy was walking down the street and he was assaulted beaten knocked down stripped naked and robbed by a group of black people i think it was four uh uh black people did this now the culprits were eventually arrested and they were sentenced you know i think they each got like a year in prison um with time served and all that kind of stuff pretty light sentence considering the crime but the reason why the sentence was so light is that it was not considered a hate crime even though the victim was white and the assailants were black and we obviously know that if you reverse the races i mean can you imagine can you imagine a video footage of of the races reversed of four white people doing that to a black guy there would be hate crime charges there would be riots in the street there would be laws being passed it'd be the only thing we talked about on the news for days at a time um except this happens and hardly anyone hears about it and you know they get a year in prison or whatever but it wasn't a hate crime the police said because well they said well it's just an opportunistic crime it was a crime of opportunity okay so they beat him humiliated him stripped him naked and robbed him just for the hell of it just for fun well that's so much better or or is it why is that somehow better why is that somehow not as bad as attacking him for his race attacking him because they have a total disregard for him as a person and they're just looking for a quick thrill so they strict strip him naked and beat him and take his money and you're telling me that's less egregious and those people are less of a threat to society no if anything it's more egregious at least if they've beaten them because they hate him for his race at least that's a reason it's a bad reason but to attack someone for no reason is just is just animalistic it's i mean it's as i said it's it's sub-human think of serial killers think of serial killers who kill just for the sake of killing these are the most dangerous kinds of criminals and also the most vile and savage and vicious kinds of people because of that because they have no reason they just do it for the sake of it so we need to get rid of the hate crime designation but i will say that if we're going to have hate crimes um which we shouldn't but if we are then then i think hate crime hoaxes false hate crime reports should be treated as hate crimes themselves much in the same way that i think a um a false rape accusation that someone who makes a false rape accusation and is proven to have made a false rape accusation should get the same sentence that the rapist would have gotten uh and i think the same thing for hate crime folks because think about what you're doing you're engendering you're fostering suspicion and hatred against an entire group of people who you made this story because you because of the story that you made up you know if if smollette made this up then he's trying to paint white people as a dangerous psychotic um you know violent racist and that in itself should be treated as a hate crime but it won't be because again the hate crime designation is arbitrary politically charged ideological um and um and totally absurd for that reason all right what else uh okay i wanted to a lot of people are are whining uh i guess i could just leave it there a lot of people are whining that's all uh no in this case a lot of people are whining because they're getting a smaller tax refund this year and uh there have been a lot of stories about this in the news including a uh there's this headline from the new york times smaller tax refunds surprise those expecting more relief and so it's just a kind of sob story about all these people that thought they were gonna get a bigger tax refund and now they're not and they're blaming trump saying that the tax bill screwed them over because they're getting a smaller refund and so forth so this is one of my great pet peeves and uh and speaking of someone who has a lot of pet peeves i just let me just explain uh something here very very simply a smaller refund is a good thing okay you should want a smaller refund you should not want a big refund a smaller refund just means that the government took less money from you during the year so it owes you less at the end a big refund means that they that you gave the government too much money and they held on to your money without interest and then just gave it back to you a tax refund is not a gift it's not a bonus it's not a winning scratch-off ticket it's a refund a refund they are re-funding you the government is giving your own money back to you the goal here should be to to only give the government what you owe the government and i hate even using that word oh what you owe them according to you know the law so that should be the goal to give the government what you owe during the year and not much more than that so that you can keep the rest for yourself and save it or invest it or do whatever you want with it you know build a deck or do it whatever you want to remodel whatever you want to do go to disney world i mean it's your money right to give them more than you owe just means that they're going to hold on to your own money they're going to hold it hostage and they're going to pay it back without interest okay that that's why that's not a good thing that's not something to be excited about when people are excited about their tax refunds it's the most pitiful thing our founding fathers are getting heartburn in the grave when they see these these foolish americans celebrating their tax reveal oh i got a tax refund that's your money that was taken from you you could have had that months ago that should have been in your pocket all along what are you excited about they took that from you and you didn't even owe it um complaining about a small tax refund it's it's like if it's like if you lend somebody 50 bucks and then they give you the 50 bucks back and then you and then you're upset because you wish it was a thousand well wait so you wish that you had lent them a thousand dollars why wouldn't you rather only lend them 50 and then you could keep the other 950 for yourself it's your money after all no you see it's better to not be owed money unless people are paying you interest okay if you're a loan shark and uh people are paying you interest on it then i guess you're gonna make a profit but to to have to have people who owe you money and aren't paying you interest that's not a that's not a good thing i mean that's not a ideal sort of situation and this is why the withholding system is one of the most brilliant and most insidious and most deceitful devices ever conceived by the government i think the withholding system might be the best trick the government has ever pulled it really is brilliant and evil the withholding system where the government takes your money automatically with each paycheck and then holds on to it if they take too much and pay it back at the end the withholding system has made it so that the government can take even more than it's owed and people are grateful for it people are grateful to have the government take too much money in fact they're disappointed if the government doesn't take too much you know they only get back 100 bucks or something at the end of the year and they say oh no that's a oh no that means that the government didn't take that much too much money from me i got to keep my own money oh no i got to keep my own money throughout the year this is a tragedy uh we have no concept of how much we're really paying or how much it really affects us and how damaged we really are by the waste in government tax day um should be a painful miserable horrible experience for everyone we should all hate tax day the same way we all hate the dentist and we all hate going to the dmv uh we should all hate tax day but again because of this brilliant and insidious ploy on the part of the government people are excited for tax day not because you know the government isn't taking their money but just because of the way that now they get their money back on tax day and they feel like it's a profit i was uh i was self-employed for one year i still have self-employed income but i might i'm primarily paid through my my job now but i was solely self-employed for one year and being self-employed was utterly eye-opening and i mean everyone should experience it at least for a short time it was eye-opening it was shocking it was it was traumatizing uh i still had ptsd from it now i always hated the irs like any good american but never more so than when i actually had to sit there and like pull out a checkbook and write a check for x amount of money and i had to watch my money march out the door and into the coffers of a wasteful bloated behemoth monstrous government i'm telling you that will make a libertarian out of anybody just actually pay your taxes for one year and you'll be a liberty you will be a radical libertarian bordering on anarchist by the end of it i guarantee it um but with the withholding set and and so if everyone had to do that if everyone had to write a check to the government you're not getting any money back uh they're not going to take it out automatically you have to sit there and write the check it's still the exact same amount of money so the same thing is happening it's just you are actively involved in the process and if everyone had to do that they would understand they would be able to conceptualize and get their their minds around um how much money they're paying it would become palpable and tangible and accountability there would be real accountability people would be really upset by government waste and by you know 22 trillion dollar uh uh you know national debt and by by all of this stuff people will be really upset about it but the system now is meant to insulate you from the pain of being built by the government it doesn't insulate you from the bilking the bilking is going on there's building either way right but in this case uh you just don't feel it because they they that's how they've structured it and that's bad it's bad to not feel it for the same reason that um you know it it's uh it would be bad to take a bunch of oxycontin and then press your face against a hot stove now yeah the the oxycontin the drugs will insulate you from the pain but they're not going to insulate you from the damage being done to your face and so the withholding system insulates us from the pain of paying all this money but it doesn't insulate us from the actual damages the actual effect of having all this money taken from us you know the system now it reminds me of um i don't know if you've ever if you've ever been on a cruise before and uh i don't know if i would even recommend it i went on one cruise once for it was on our honeymoon we went on a cruise and um and i i don't i assume this is how most cruises work but at this cruise they they they give you uh this little card at the beginning of the cruise and this is what you use to get drinks so you're not using your own credit card you don't pay with cash you just they just give you this nice little you know it's a nice little uh cute little card and it's really easy like you go and you get your your drink and um you give them the card it takes two seconds and you're not paying any money right away but then at the end of the week they give you your bill uh for for all that all that drinking you've been doing and then it's okay now i owe 700 bucks but the fact that they made the process the whole reason they give you that card i mean they could just as easily have to use a credit card a debit card pay with cash but they give you their own little card because they just want to kind of separate you from the realization of what you're doing they want to make the process of buying drinks as easy and painless as possible so that you'll buy more and you won't notice it um similar thing with the government although in this case again there's really uh you know at the end of the cruise you do have to write the check and but with the government for a lot of people they never write the check but imagine imagine a system imagine something like uh if you went on a cruise and they give you a card but it's more of like a debit card so that the money does come automatically out of your account but you don't feel it you don't realize it's happening and imag imagine this imagine if a cruise i don't want to give anyone any ideas but imagine if they gave you a little debit card thing and um but for every drink they charge you five percent more than it really costs and they take that out of your account and then at the end of the cruise they give you a refund they pay you back the extra that they took well then you would feel like you're getting paid to drink then you'd buy twice as many drinks because you get that nice check at the end even though it's your own money that they just took from you um so it's that's basically how it works so please stop complaining about your small refunds and uh be grateful that just means the government didn't take that from you in the first place all right um let's answer a few emails here

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