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Will conservatives ever be treated fairly in the media or academia? What is Michael Knowles favorite Queen song and can he match Freddie Mercury's musical range? These answers and more in this episode of The Conversation.

Michael Knowles Instagram: @michaeljknowlesthat's it we're live with our newest episode of the conversation I am your host Alicia Krause and with me is the execrable excellent michael knowles will be taking your questions live for an entire hour alright so please remember you remember this right we've been doing this for like 18 months done this for a little bit but remind me of the rules what else so everyone is perfectly clear our conversation is streaming for everyone to watch but only subscribers get to ask the questions be sure to click the link in our video description if you want to ask a question or become a daily wire subscriber and if you become a daily wire subscriber for the whole year you get that amazing leftist tears tumblr that Michael just sipped some delicious la leftist tears from there's been a lot of la leftist fears right lately we've had a ton of rain right that's true I think it's all those tears from everything that's been happening in politics recently that high-speed rail just got shrunk to about 3 feet somewhere in Bakersfield I think that produced a lot I know it's here I know this is what happens there masochistic and don't worry folks next once episode of the conversation will be much much better and we have some exciting things in store because it will be with our very own Ben Shapiro and there's gonna be some really cool audience interaction on that episode of the conversation that we haven't done before but I can't reveal any more secrets or otherwise I couldn't get I don't even know about this what's going to happen I can't say any okay my lips are sealed said sad so no who's sad you've made some people very sad and mad this week I saw that and Tifa plans on showing up tomorrow night at your Thursday night you'll be a Notre Dame I'm gonna be a Notre Dame on Thursday it's because a Notre Dame the president of that university has decided to cover up murals of Christopher Columbus because Christian he is he is one of the greatest men in all of history and the left has just decided that Columbus is the devil incarnate so mostly because their moral idiots and historically ignorant so I'm going to be explaining why Christopher Columbus is one of the greatest men in all of history and apparently an Tifa is upset about that so a bunch of losers in black masks have decided they're going to come at me but they're gonna get Lert once they listen to my speech do you think they'll actually listen you think they'll come in to the I don't know if they're here you out I don't know if they're capable of listening I know because now those stupid masks I think cover up their ears too much they got some like cotton it's very chilly so I will see what happens I think a number of them have already they've RSVP'd to the anti-fatigue they've RSVP'd to come listen to my lecture but they should because they would probably learn a thing and I think the title of the lecture is Columbus hero not heathen that's right that was the most politically correct one that I could come up with there were a few others that got rejected in the drafting folder and it's gonna be streamed on all of our daily wire and over by our buddies at why yeah yeah it's gonna be part of the AFT or it's gonna be a lot of fun and people are gonna learn a thing or two they're gonna they're gonna unlearn a lot of leftist anti historical nonsense that they think they know about Columbus and they're gonna learn what a wonderful man he was all right we got our first question all right this one comes from Jonathan he says hi Michael what status do you think that illegal aliens brought to the US it's minors should have or have available to them well the first question is not what status they should have the question is what status do they have and the status is not legal they're not American citizens they are foreign nationals who were brought to this country illegally so they are foreign nationals and they should be dealt with as foreign nationals and their criminal parents certainly should be dealt with as foreign nationals now the question is if you were to come up with some deal as to building the wall closing the border dumping a lot of money into border security deporting a lot of other people who shouldn't be here illy who are here illegally and should not be here if as part of a deal on that you were to say that part of the compromises that we would have to give some plausible legal status to people who were brought here under the age of 18 I might be willing to consider that but without building the wall without deporting a ton of other people without deporting all of the criminals who were populating our jails as illegal aliens without without those components I'm not even remotely interested in hearing any arguments about giving amnesty to the so called dreamers many of whom were like 40 years old at this point and by the way they try to present this group of people as they're all going to MIT they're all joining the military they're all with all the Americans who aren't yeah right that's great I mean in that regard I'm very happy to do that but the studies show that simply is not the case they have lower educational attainment they have low so they have higher access to welfare services so to have a serious conversation about that you you first need to close the border because as has been shown by fusion by Amnesty International reported by The Huffington Post applause conservative outlet all those conservative institutions between 60 and 80% of the illegal aliens who are women and girls that cross this border illegally or raped and sexually assaulted on the journey that is just one example of one of the horrific consequences of illegal immigration and by giving amnesty to millions of so-called dreamers you create a huge perverse incentive to continue that awful degraded inhuman a process of crossing this border illegally so I'm not interested in any sort of amnesty for those dreamers until that border is locked down all right this question comes from Mick he says dear Michael what are the top arguments against Keynesian economics as the left commonly uses those arguments to justify their socialist or government spending policies yeah that's referring to John Maynard Keynes who is really misrepresented I think in the culture John Maynard Keynes is an interesting thinker and an economist but all we ever think of him for is pumping money into the federal government pumping the economy full of money we think of him as relating to FDR's policies and the idea being that the government should be the driver of economic that's how it's that's how Keynes is used in popular economic arguments but of course the government is not productive by definition the the public sector is not productive the only productive part of the economy is the private sector that's where the government gets all of its money from so eventually as is always the problem with socialism and I'm by the way I'm not giving a some sort of sophisticated academic dissertation on John Maynard Keynes I'm describing him as he is used in popular arguments the problem with those arguments is the problem with socialism as Margaret Thatcher observed which is eventually you run out of other people's money and it might take a very long time and the people might not feel when they run out of money and you actually might just borrow money from China to run up that you might be able to run up 20 22 trillion dollars of debt but eventually the the jig is up and you realize that you do not have any of that money and and we can try to think of all these cute little ways around the fact that in order to produce wealth you need to produce anything at all but ultimately the way to wealth is the productive sectors of the economy not the government borrowing or printing or taxing more money all right next question another Jonathan says dear master of Kufa Fei how do I say that right you're saying it right president Trump actually says it wrong but you're saying totally right can you explain some of the greatest accomplishments of Calvin Coolidge and why you think of him is one the best u.s. president he shrunk the government that's it that begins and ends there Calvin cool he also had a pet raccoon that's cool that's a cool story but mean now they are not really supposed to be kept as pets kill a cat one time really well I kind of like that you know I mean really like taking a strong firm stand as president he shrunk the government that's why that's why conservatives love Calvin Coolidge no other president has shrunk the government Ronald Reagan tried to shrink the government the Democrats wouldn't let him President Trump I don't know that he's really tried to shrink the government he's reduced some waste some inefficiencies he's shrunk some departments but all of the conservative ideologies that have cropped up over the last hundred years starve the beast shrink the government the larger the federal government the smaller the citizen the government is best which governs least all of those you actually see come to fruition in Calvin Coolidge he came to office after Warren Harding another very maligned president who actually was not too bad and and for the last hundred years we haven't had anybody shrink the government it would be nice if we did but I'm not holding my breath only silent Cal was able to do it cheers alrighty so you celebrated him on Presidents Day I celebrate family days all about all presidents yes sorry I don't even use the term I mean it you know the federal holiday is Washington's Birthday yes it is not we do not have an official holiday of Presidents Day I do want to celebrate Franklin Pierce or Millard Fillmore I'm not celebrating the Office of the President we don't have Congress day we don't have Supreme Court day I am celebrating George Washington the greatest president all-time champ never getting beat and all the rest of those guys you know fine whatever but you don't get a day I celebrate the sales the sales that's right you buy bedding if you need a mattress in a car Presidents Day weekend it's the time to go folks like that way yeah but you know if we're just celebrating sheets on president day I guess we're only celebrating the Democrat presidents if you know what I'm saying catch that anyway Mick says Michael what is the reading or strategy technique that you use because you're able to recall and remember and explain so succinctly and explain the philosophies of numerous writers and numerous philosophers stop it you're gonna make me blush it is very important to make time to read every day I actually don't succeed at it every single day I always try to leave at least an hour to read and some days I just run out of time so you have to just read 30 pages a day if you can set aside time to read 30 pages a day don't you don't have to speed read you don't have to just read those 30 pages even if you don't understand everything just push through you will retain a lot the other thing that has helped is I have worked as an actor in my life and you do learn how to memorize things very quickly for the short-term and the long-term this does help work on your memorization you don't need to be an actor you don't need to work and give speeches or anything work on it just for yourself one great way to do this is to memorize poems in the old days people would memorize poems in school from the time they were a kid to the to graduating high school or in the Bible Belt we have the Bible memorization Club Bible memorization memorizing Psalms this is really helpful you should do both I mean there are poems that I learned in seventh grade that I can recall WordPerfect their monologues I learned as an actor that I can recall WordPerfect and it really helps I think in our modern culture we're in cell phone land so we don't memorize anything the curricula now tell you don't memorize facts don't memorize biographies just you know learn how to think learn broad trends but if you don't learn the facts then you won't learn how to think that's the little secret they don't tell you I think even as an adult take a moment memorize a poem memorize a psalm memorize Bible verses whatever that will help you retain more when then you set aside an hour every single night to read philosophy or history or novels or whatever you're going to read and so your anniversary is my like my wedding anniversary yeah well you just said that you're such a great person it's somewhere in 28 to June or July or June 2nd thank you very much October 24th is her birthday and if I got either of those wrong by the way we're gonna need to fix that in post before sweet little ELISA if you're watching 10 years coming up so all right this question comes from norm how and why was Andrew Jackson a great president you know look a lot of conservatives at bash Andrew Jackson and they say he was a terrible president I don't do that he was the hero of New Orleans he was a strong man a good military leader not a terrible president he is her and because he was a big populist so he was he let everybody into the White House and they trashed the place and broke all the China port booze everywhere he instituted the Trail of Tears he was a little harsh on the Native Americans I think Elizabeth Warren's people he sent Elizabeth Warren's great-great great-great-grandfather packing that was not so nice he showed very little deference to the court he famously I believe it was Andrew Jackson who said the Chief Justice has issued his opinion now let him enforce it so he had a more expanded view of the presidency these are reasons that conservatives attack him I think a little bit of it is unfair I think they go after him because he's the founder of the modern Democrat Party and so we were all willing to take cheap shots at him whenever we want his expanded I don't like cheap shots though well some more than others I don't the expanded view of the presidency I don't think that that's necessary terrible I think a lot of conservatives take an overly broad view of the powers of the legislature as for the populism I think a lot of elitist conservatives who want to have their nose in the air and never relate to practical politics or take a dismal view of the people but I like the people I think it's perfectly fine in a democratic republic to appeal to people and Andrew Jackson did that as well so he's actually a mixed bag I know this is gonna irritate the left and the right but his presidency I think needs to be considered on the whole and on the whole he did some great things and he did some bad things like most presidents like yeah that's true so you know some I mean Millard Fillmore was just a bad president Franklin Pierce was just a bad president also Woodrow Wilson Woodrow Wilson he was just a bad president why me Carter Jimmy you were actually now Andrew Jackson is really rising in my estimation I consider all of these guys Lord Matt says Michael are you working on a new book and if so what is it going to be about I actually am I'm sorry to say as I you know well I've got the revised and expanded edition of reasons to vote for Democrats coming out in ten years but I actually am working on a book with words but I'm not going to speak about it publicly one because I don't want you to steal my book and two because writing a book with words it turns out is a very tedious task and so I don't want people to put me on a time line sometimes when you project like what you're doing then it holds you it holds you accountable yeah I hate accountability are you kidding me I don't want any accountability responsibilities like religion accountability yeah but that's yeah that's to the big guy he already knows what I'm doing you know I can't it's very tough to fool that guy but but you I can fool Jimmy says Michael is atheism a defensible or valid worldview nope next question no it's it's not it's not defensible it's not valid but I've held that view for a long period of time especially when I was younger when I'm done when I was a young and um yeah but no between the ages of 13 and 23 I would have called myself an atheist or an agnostic I think a lot of precocious thirteen year olds are attracted to atheism I think precocious thirteen year olds are exactly the right temperament for atheism because it appeals to elec xual pride and ignorance there's a reason why the greatest geniuses throughout all of history have believed in a very similar concept of God all the way from the ancient Greeks through the present there is no really good argument for atheism the best argument for atheism is suffering the fact that there is suffering and injustice in the world however I think that actually ends up being an argument for God there are many very good arguments for God from the ontological by Anselm of Canterbury through the two mystic arguments forgot the cosmological argument is very popular I so if you're really if you if you want to appeal to your own intellectual pride the all of the arguments for God are far better than the arguments against God ultimately though these arguments are just arguments and all meaningful speech depends upon the ultimate meaning and the ultimate truth with the capital T which is God so those arguments actually sort of beg the question ultimately we're talking about faith we're talking a reason can get you to a certain point and then there is faith that enters in there is revelation revelation is very important as well for my process back to God I relied on intellectual arguments then I read a lot of good writers about this then I looked throughout history was delving into philosophy and only at that point didn't I arrive at what would be called the numinous or religious experience for some people it's exactly the opposite maybe it's better for it to be exactly the opposite it kind of goes in a little faster for me I was very stubborn about it but regardless of which way you're going to enter if your entry from an emotional view a spiritual point of view an intellectual point of view historical philosophical though anyway the arguments for God are far better than the arguments against God which I think are basically just fantasies i people say that believing in God is wishful thinking I don't really buy that I think atheism is wishful thinking some people wish that they won't be held accountable for what they do some people wish that life doesn't actually have meaning that there's not a transcendent more that there isn't virtue that there isn't Tilos that there isn't purpose in your life because it allows you to be decadent or whatever you're doing right now but that's wishful thinking buddy and it's not a great thing ultimately you know CS Lewis said it's one of my favorite lines on the subject if you look for truth you might find comfort in the end but if you look for comfort you will not find truth or comfort only soft soap and wishful thinking to begin and in the end despair so put the truth above all things and I think that will lead you to the truth and the way and the life I mean talk about the memorization skills how about that quote at the end there you know Winston Churchill said maybe apocryphally but I think he actually said this one that it is good for a young man who is uneducated to read a book of quotations and that's I think a self-fulfilling prophecy Evans as Michael Congrats on 300 episodes there you go i actually had forgotten that I had my 300th episode today and you're still here that's a hundred times the number of episodes that Ben initially had signed up for yeah I never thought that Ben could fail at anything except apparently and firing you sorry Ben okay Evan wants to know being that you are so external could you please tell us how your show got the green light how being is I'm so excellent I don't know I mean I think that shows are given to excellence and excellence is rewarded by getting a show uh you know I've often wondered this myself how did it get the green light because you know I have famously on my set I have a check from Ben for $400 framed because he and I made a bet about the presidential election and then I won the bet and he had to give me the check and he was very upset about this then I published a blank book and I sold more books with no words then Ben is probably written a dozen books and I sold more books altogether and Ben was very angry about this and then he helped me promote the book and then he helped me got me a literary agent all these things so I don't I think what it is with Ben is that he's got in in all of his brilliant broadcasting he's got this deep masochistic core and I think it's this essential masochism that got him to Greenline my show and has led him to keep it around for 300 episodes let's be honest though how many cigars did you buy the god-king oh well there's there's no question I mean I pay my every penny that I get from Ben I just have to constantly bribe back to Jeremy the god-king not to cancel my show but that soon that's just a cost of doing fiscal that's right yeah it goes right back yet so right yeah I don't know we in back in Keynesian economics Jon says what is the best way to approach the study of history outside of the classroom and do you think that there are any areas of history that are underrated oh well of course where to begin the way to approach the study of history outside of the classroom is to read the history that interests you that's the only way that you can do it I don't think you can convince yourself to be interested in some period of history if you're not and you're not going to take that time which would be your leisure time and study something that doesn't interest you so just go exactly where you want to go go for the dessert first skip the salad go right for the thing that most interests you because that will open up a lot of other historical understanding to you for eras and periods and people and places that you might not have even known existed and then you'll you'll sort of find a path down there the most underrated era of history or are the Middle Ages which some people persist in calling the Dark Ages this is a ridiculous epithet that was developed during a renaissance by people who thought that they were better than all of those ignorant idiots that came before them you know like Thomas Aquinas or Dante or the greatest thinkers in all of history that period is is hugely underrated and and misrepresented and it provides a lot of terrifically interesting history to say nothing of philosophy poetry all of literature the theology I really like to focus there on medieval British history medieval continental and Italian history and literature you know Dante is my favorite poet greatest poet ever in all of history so I really like to focus there but if that doesn't interest you go where whatever interests you reading any history will open you up and expose you to too much more you'd be a good homeschool parent I hey how about when Ben finally fires me I can be a homeschool parent because well first you have to be a parent that's true yes I mean come on it's most a year I know I got to get more Catholic about but that would be a very like homeschool parent answer of what is your child interested in and then take that and that's how you educate them and I would say the same thing about reading whether it comes to politics or history or any topic right there I mean they're obviously there are some parameters you need to cover certain things but if they're really pushing back against it you you might not want to belabor it you might you might maybe go and allow people to follow the intellectual paths that they want to follow I've I've always kind of decided my own course of Education I've always from the time I was ten or something pushed in certain directions followed certain paths and to try to stop a kid from doing that is probably futile and to try to divert them to another path also probably not going to yield much in the way of results true david says who is your favorite philosopher you just told us that dante was your favorite poet certainly how can you pick a favorite philosopher there's there's no way to do that and what is a philosophy george w bush was asked this question and he said jesus christ because he changed my heart but jesus isn't a philosopher he's a savior he's God is the divine logic of the universe so I don't know if that answers the vices then I guess that would be my answer who are some great philosophers Aristotle and Plato probably figured out just about everything and there hasn't been much to say since then Thomas Aquinas does Aristotle better than Aristotle does and Alastair MacIntyre who's a more modern philosopher recognizes this and has a terrific modern book after virtue so I really like him I'll just throw out a few names of other than Aristotle and Plato people like a top five yeah top five I mean we all know obviously everyone loves the enlightenment philosophers who I think are very overrated but just a few names that maybe you haven't heard of might be worth reading Alastair McIntyre's book is very good one of my favorite books written in the last hundred years is poetic diction by Owen Barfield it's a study of meaning and a theory of knowledge does that sound a little but in the clouds it is it's a very difficult book to get through but it is tremendous reading it is a must read for conservatives and Christians alike that guy's name is Owen Barfield he was an inkling along with CS Lewis and who's friends with Chesterton too I believe as for those guys Chesterton Hilaire Belloc CS Lewis kind of modern philosophers and writers those are terrific guys to read yeah we'll stick with that for now I explicitly a lot of reading that's a lot of reading I explicitly don't want to cover all of those environment philosophy yeah because I just you know guys keep like people had thoughts before John Locke okay the lock worship in this country so don't lock I'm perfectly willing tonight I don't think you need to knock lock i I just I have to I'm counterbalance doddle but just to be a fan of Aristotle doesn't mean that you've to knock lock maybe it maybe it doesn't maybe I don't know you're I mean they're all fine within theirs they're trying to work through things Conte is trying to work through things that these more modern philosophers are trying to work through basically the collapse of the Western mind and so they're doing their best but come on you know and there's there's more to life than that another modern philosopher who is an answer to all of those guys that you should read is Michael Oakshott a British conservative he is never read any more but you should read him I'm sorry but my brain every single time I hear can't now goes to that amazing TV show the good place mmm yes that's true it's sad that that's where culture is that I would like that's a good show it's so well-written it's so good John wants to know is totally switching topics here we went from poems and philosophers now to sports do you know about sports I've heard of the sport you've heard of the sport like the Yankees that's about my entire knowledge of sports is the New York are you a fan of the New York Rangers cuz this guy has a question John wants to know what are your opinions about the Miracle on Ice or just hockey in general is that some new ice dancing show The Miracle on Ice touring is that no that's the Soviet thing yeah no that's great I mean I am only feigning some of my ignorance there that's great I really like sports when they involve like nuclear war so you know it's damn Hitler I mean that was really great that's right yeah I'm all for that I think that's great this is actually the reason why kneeling for the flag in football is so wrong is because sports are a national game sports embody a certain kind of politics and you shouldn't be disloyal to your country in sports that undermines the whole purpose of sports and Miracle on Ice is a good example on this hockey is fine I don't watch it very much you know when I get invited to go see a game I'm happy to and it's kind of fun but the most fun part of course is when they take off the gloves and start punching each other in the face so I guess what I really like is boxing but hockey's good - that's a good substitute boxing can be fun boxing yeah it's fun to watch yeah it's not I don't think it's great to do I know nothing about sports and I once went on a date with a guy and he brought me to a Rangers vs. Islanders game and I didn't realize it was like a rivalry or let's just say just more white it was probably good I wore white I think their colors are similar but it was interesting right so we're gonna get back to more questions there's some questions about your taste in music coming up I got a preview of those that'll be really fun and people are watching right now they're able to watch on all of our platforms just really cool but they might be saying hey how do I get to ask a question well only our incredible daily wire subscribers get to do that so be sure to click on the link in the video description to ask those questions or sign up to be a daily wire subscriber and don't forget tune in for next month's episode featuring our very own bench appear o who is yet to fire this week month's edition of the covers now we don't know what happens but we now in the next month so you know you might have some more questions my birthday is this weekend and Ben knows what I want grant wants to know dear king of goof FA do you enjoy queens music and do you have a favorite song I love Queen I you know I don't listen to a ton of modern music I don't you know I'm like good and appropriately stodgy like conservatives there are a few exceptions love van more oh good love queen I love Queen I've loved Queen since I was like three or four years old because as far as pop music goes those guys are so musical they were always so musical I love that it was big it was operatic it wasn't this wimpy stupid modern like wham wham pathetic rock music it was hey now don't gotta let Zeppelin I know we're going that way I annoys them to be like Robert Plant there I just mean all that like whiney hipster stuff today basically everything from Green Day to the present is just so like yeah I mean give me a break where is Queen had this beautiful theatricality beautiful musicality to it I don't know where to begin I love all their stuff I love you have a favorite yeah what's the I love a good old fashioned lover boy I love I mean I love I thought you're gonna say fat bottomed girls I love fat bottomed girls I mean I love I love the disco song what's the Bobo do one bites the dust great so I'm obviously Bohemian Rhapsody karaoke song of choice well Bohemian Rhapsody is the obvious one but the trouble is that Freddie Mercury had like a 17 octave range and I have a bad 4 notes so that I can vary between I love the show must go on I love flash I love man I just love I just love Queen I mean I love I'm in love with my car and they just had such whimsy they didn't take themselves too seriously but they took pop music seriously much more seriously than other bands yeah they're great great example of a good contemporary dance so along the lines of Queens we have a very special episode of backstage coming up on Monday and Bohemian Rhapsody is up for some nomination I thought you were calling us all Queens and or tuxedos but that's good you're referring to the movie about Bohemian Rhapsody that's good something will be discussed it's gonna be a lot of fun and I'm sure Bohemian Rhapsody will come up it's true did you see the movie and are you a fan of the movie love the movie I thought it was terrific I think the campaign against the movie and trying to rap Ryan singer around their necks is pathetic and absurd and it's

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