Movies from Film Forum, 04/04/02Even though Smoochy made critics dig deep in their thesauruses for words that mean "unpleasant," they saved a few harsh words for the sci-fi teen adventure flick Clockstoppers as well.Here's the premise: A watch has been created that can stop or slow time, and the teens that have it are trying to keep it from the clutches of pursuing bad guys. Judging from reports about the acting, the writing, and the lack of ideas, it sounds like the special effects team may have been the only ones working on the film who had anything interesting to do.Mainstream critics quickly dismissed it as derivative and dumb. Robert K. Elder (Chicago Tribune) complains, "Sci-fi hijinks and a government conspiracy serve merely as window dressing for a ham-fisted message about the importance...

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Jan 1st 2002
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