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To listen to this episode, subscribe to The Michael Knowles Show on iTunes:ย the left embraces another hate hoax all other distinctions fade away this is not the party of AOC or the party of Nancy Pelosi Democrats have become the party of Jesse Smollett we will examine the live-action roleplay of the left then Republicans cheer on a o'seas new Republican challenger but is the fresher facer conservative in New York's 14th congressional district just a wolf in sheep's clothing we will examine her current statements and her old tweets finally a new report shows Trump hasn't built any wall and a woman marries her chandelier Love Wins all that and more i'm michael knowles and this is the michael knowles show [Music] have we got a packed show today let's jump right in a Georgia state representative claimed on Sunday that she was verbally assaulted by a man in a grocery store by a white man and do you know what he told her allegedly he told her to go back to where she came from that sounds very familiar doesn't it sounds like the chant that briefly some people at a trump rally were chanting about Ilhan Omar and more importantly it sounds like the line that the mainstream media were trying to use against all conservatives everywhere to smear us as bigots and xenophobes and nativists racists and whatever issed you want to use when she mentioned this story this state representative I did not believe it for even one second I just want to go on the record not for one nanosecond did I believe that a man in a grocery store started yelling at this woman to go back where she came from a white man probably wearing a mag ahead I knew from the first second that this was Jesse Smollett the Jesse smollett of the Georgia State Assembly and guess what turns out I was right the left believe this they left believe this immediately they bought it hook line and sinker why did they believe it and why did I not believe it it's because of different premises about America the Left believes that America is hopelessly racist and bigoted and so therefore of course some black state representative would be told to go back to where she came from go back to Africa in a grocery store I don't believe that America is hopelessly racist and bigoted I actually think that America is the most racially tolerant country in the history of the world we are by fear this multiracial experiment this this completely novel idea this experiment in mixing different ethnicities and cultures together all underneath a sort of unified American culture and American national identity they're not a racial identity and so I just never thought this would happen turns out I was right the Democrats believe this stuff and and to their credit actually she put on a pretty good performance her lawyer first red flag her lawyer tweets out this video after the alleged event happened so you know I decided I decided to go live because I'm very upset because people are getting really out of control with this with this white privilege stuff I'm at the grocery store and I'm in the tent out the alley says ten items or less yes I have 15 items but I'm not most pregnant and I can't stand up for long this white make up his white man comes up to me and says you lazy son of a you need to go back where you came from so you don't even don't be up that lazy that much pregnant this is your ignorant okay so look she put on a good performance she's crying she now she's an elected politician elected politicians are all actors they're all performers so you gotta you gotta remember that as well but what happened I don't know what happened in the grocery store maybe the guy called her some mean name maybe the guy was rude maybe he was out of line maybe he wasn't I don't know what happened but what I am certain of is that he did not tell her to go back to where she came from to go back to Africa where her ancestors came from or something like that it's just too perfect a political line for Democrats right now right after they made a whole hullabaloo about of this Ilhan omar thing I just know that that didn't happen and it looks like I was right because almost immediately this representative Erika Thomas showed her cards she kind of admitted that the story that she was telling on camera wasn't quite true we'll get to that in a second but first cellphone plans and bills are notoriously confusing more than confusing they're just there they're overly expensive you sign up for one thing and you get charged so much more it's impossible to know what you're actually paying for with all these hidden fees and and all these little fees that you know it adds up over time and all of a sudden they become huge costs no more thanks to men mobile mint mobile makes it easy to cut your wireless bill down to just 15 bucks a month I know you don't believe me I know because you've been burned too many times so have I with big wireless 15 bucks a month that's it that's what I'm telling you 15 bucks a month every plan 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wireless bill down to 15 bucks a month I'm like basically giving you free money go to mint mobile comm slash anoles KO wles so this Georgia state representative Erika Thomas admits almost immediately once she got off her lawyer's cellphone footage that she tweeted out once she's doing an interview with the media they say Sohee hold on you're telling me that this white man in the grocery store said go back to where you come from did that really happen representative Thomas here's what she says he said go back you know those types of words I don't want to say he said go back to your country or more back to where he came from but he was making those types of references is what hold on wait wait wait those types of words what what do you mean types of words he either said go back to where you came from or go back to your country or go back to Africa or go but or he didn't what do you mean types of words what so what's a word that's a type of word like go about toaster they've got they both have oor they the similar types of words what do you mean types of words very vague right and then she he backs off and even further she goes I'm not gonna say that he said go back you just said it you said it in a teary-eyed video that your lawyer shop that you tweeted out obviously for a political game so she backs off it right because it it just seems like it was too good to be true this shows why we should all treat these claims of hate experiences and hate speech and hate this and hate that with a grain of salt then incredibly cbs46 the local CBS affiliate in this area gets both of these people the man who allegedly told her to go back home and this representative Erica Thomas gets them together in a parking lot to hash out what really happened and what it turns out is the guy actually isn't white at all and he's not a trump supporter and he's not a Republican he's actually a Hispanic Liberal Democrat and he contradicts her narrative her first narrative events I got it's not her second narrative of events he gives what he says is the real story on camera with Erica Thomas here's what he says black brown and any woman that's out there that's nine months pregnant and a white man comes up to you it calls you up oh I don't care what no as you are Oh nobody comes up to you it calls you a son of it I have a sick man that degraded me a berated me and I'm not crying no I'm not I'm standing right in front of you and if you know how you made me feel yesterday I'm Hispanic I don't care what she thinks she's doing it for political purposes period like I said earlier I'm a Democrat I will vote Democrat the rest of my life okay so to call me what she wants to believe for her political purposes then make it black white brown or whatever it's so untrue so I looked into this a little bit because look the guy could be lying maybe he's lying about being Hispanic he he certainly could pass as a white guy but he could also he looks kind of Hispanic - I don't who knows he maybe he's lying about being a Democrat maybe turns out no if you look at his social media history he's a Democrat just last week he was defending the squat aoc Ayanna Presley Ilhan Omar and Rashida to leave he was actually defending Omar and Omar is at the center of this this whole non traversรฉe because Omar was the the object of the go back home chants send her back chants the narrative explodes here she is the Jesse Smollett of this week there's gonna be another Jesse Smollett next week there's gonna be another Jesse summit after that because the left is living in a hoax Fantasyland this guy whatever he said to her he might have called her a lot of names but what he it seems like he didn't say go back home he's a liberal Democrat he's Hispanic and the best part of it all Twitter is forever the Internet is forever four years ago now Erika Thomas this representative tweeted out quote going downtown Atlanta for an event I hope I magically bump into Jesse Smollett hashtag biggest fan you don't say representative Thomas if this were a Hollywood script if someone just turned this events these are these events into a Hollywood movie the studio would reject it they'd say it's too obvious it's too on-the-nose you can have her say at the end of it that she's a huge fan of Jesse Smollett the most famous race hoaxes are in the country but that's actually what happened because we're living in the simulation because this is the matrix because it's just too perfect in the face of a hate hoax like this all of the other distinctions among Democrats and on the left fade away this is not the party of AOC or the party of Nancy Pelosi that's not what unites all of them what unites all of them are these hate hoaxes what unites all of them is that they see Nazis everywhere they see concentration camps everywhere they see racial bigotry everywhere they're the party of Jesse Smollett it's a party of a LARPers live-action roleplay they're playing out of fantasy on the media they're playing out a fantasy in the halls of Congress it isn't true they want to pretend that they're fighting the great civil rights battles that were already fought and finished 50 years ago or more a hundred years ago or more 150 years ago they're they're playing that because right now basically in the grand scheme of things we don't have any problems we don't have real problems so we have to invent fake verbal attacks fake racial hate hoaxes at at grocery stores we have to invent white Trump supporters out of Hispanic liberal Democrats out of Hispanic liberal Democrats who defend Ilhan Omar it's a fantasy and as long as the Democrats by the way are living in a fantasy the GOP is going to have a strong electoral advantage this is how I think a lot of how Trump won in 2016 and why he's looking good for 2020 is because you had the left living in this fantasy world of evil racists half the country are deplorable irredeemable bigots and we looked around we said that isn't true we're the most racially tolerant country in the history of the world it's cut through that BS if you campaign on fantasy you're probably not going to win if you campaign on reality you have a better chance of winning this is why AOC in New York's 14th congressional district is facing a new challenger although there is something a little wrong I think with this challenge your campaign and I want to get into it because I don't want conservatives and Republicans to to be taken in by a wolf in sheep's clothing if that's what she is so moving from Georgia to New York's 14th over in Queens in the Bronx the socialist darling who's really from Northern Westchester but she pretends she's Jenny from the block AOC has a new GOP challenger shiri Murray and everyone on the right is really excited about this because she's a woman because she's an ethnic minority the because she's an immigrant from Jamaica because she just checks all these boxes like we fall into it two on the right the left focuses on all identity politics the the left focus is on all of the intersectional boxes and we rightly say that that's stupid the politics isn't about those superficial characteristics it's about ideas and it's about the country and it's about may the best person win regardless of their skin color or their genitals but we fall into it too because we think mmm a o'seas campaigning on all those identity politics maybe if we campaign on that we can win I think it's kind of silly but sometimes look III understand why it's effective to us because it shuts down most of AFC's arguments sometimes in our excitement I think we don't do our due diligence here so this woman she remotely Amory rather has been doing the rounds on Fox News and doing the rounds on social media here is Murray explaining her campaign on Hannity well it's disgusting I think the narrative on the national level needs to be dialed back and that's why I'm in the race I'd like to represent the constituents in Queens and the Bronx and we see AOC from the time she's been elected she put out policy like the job-killing green New Deal she then went on to kill the Amazon deal in New York which would have put some 25,000 jobs in Queens and so these are some of the reasons along with kitchen table issues that I do believe that a OC has neglected in her limelight bid to focus on in the congressional district so this is a little bit vague isn't it she's saying she doesn't like the job-killing green New Deal and she doesn't like the job-killing Amazon deal that aoc AOS who shut down the Amazon deal and took away about twenty five thousand jobs from around her district it's a little vague the problem with the green new deal isn't just that it kills jobs it's that it's it costs ninety three trillion dollars it's that it won't really do anything to help the environment it's that it knocks down all of our buildings it's that it outlaws cars and airplanes and cows and it takes away our personal choice and it's that it becomes a transfer program for federal funds to people based on their race or their sex or all these strange characteristics it's that it's it's profoundly unamerican and that it's socialist and the problem isn't just the jobs what you'll notice when politicians when all they talk about is job-killing and they're really vague on cultural questions usually it means they don't agree with you on culture and they're trying to hide something about their political views whereas President Trump talked about jobs a lot but he always couched it in culture he said we're gonna love America we're gonna stop criminals from coming into this country we're gonna kill terrorists we're going to stop socialism you know he used pretty specific language sometimes a little too specific probably when it comes to President Trump but at least he was telling you where he came from so it's a bit vague Hannity asks her to get a bit more specific and she fails to do that how would you describe yourself politically and and how do you feel about President Trump in the two plus years is two-and-a-half years he's been in office well I migrated here from Jamaica and I know firsthand what it is to not just be an immigrant but to go through the process right and so what do I think about what the president is doing I think that the president is delivering on his promises when he got elected huh come again he said please describe your politics please tell us what you think of the president and she said I think president Trump is delivering on his promises when he got elected that's largely true but it doesn't answer the either of the questions that Hannity asked she never describes yourself politically she never explains what she thinks about Donald Trump delivering on his promises okay this kind of confirmed my suspicions when I saw it but then we found out some really bad news Murray celebrated when a OC won her primary election last year she celebrated when AOC beat Joe Crowley in the Democratic primary not ten years ago not five years ago one year ago she tweeted out an article the article was titled a 28 year old Democratic Socialist just out stood a powerful powerful ten term congressman in New York and and this woman she reamer II the GOP candidate for Congress tweeted out quote congratulations Alexandria Queens is headed in a new direction and it's time for new leadership hashtag yes all right that's not great I guess there are some possible explanations for this it could be that she wanted to shake up the Democratic establishment okay that's fair enough this would be like a kind of acceleration estai dia you want you want the the most radical people in your opponents party to come out because it'll show how crazy they are and then Republicans are more likely to win now I don't know I mean she said Queens is headed in a new direction was obviously headed to AOC so it was headed in the direction of socialism that's probably not great hashtag yes that's not great the only other explanation is that she didn't know that AOC was a radical socialist but that one falls apart because the article she tweeted out identified aoc as socialist now how is I was sharing more we gonna answer this the answer she gives us pretty weak sauce she gave this classic answer that politicians who either don't believe in anything or who don't want you to know what they believe give the answer she gave was a tweet quote I was hopeful when AOC won she took on a democratic political machine and won but nothing has changed since why because she's only been focused on fame and politics of division and hate we deserve and expected better that's why I'm running join us you were hopeful when a socialist won the primary you were hopeful when a radical-socialist beat a relatively more moderate democrat what what about that made you hopeful what were you hoping for I mean this is the classic and it's a smart answer in the sense that some people who are centrist politically or more moderate who don't pay attention to politics you could see them saying look I was hopeful when Obama won that he would be good but then he was bad I had no actually a number of people who are now Trump supporters who said that I was hopeful when Obama won but he wasn't good and so I had now I'm more conservative part of the reason it's plausible with Obama is Obama only spoke in vague terms hope and change you know kind of like the terms that cheery Murray's talking him but aoc didn't speak in vague terms she said I'm a socialist and I want socialism that's what she campaigned on so what were you hopeful for you were hopeful that she would be socialist right and then she wasn't I mean what do you mean you were hopeful that something would happen and then nothing has changed the only thing that AOC would change is that she would make the country more socialist change in itself isn't good you change in one direction or the other if she made the country more American more conservative made us more economically competitive made us love our country more that would be a good thing but if she did the things she said she was going to do which you said you were hoping for then that would make the country much worse that change would be terrible doesn't make a lot of sense last year she celebrate a socialist winning an election but now she knows better is that what she's saying either she's still a left winger or just twelve months ago she exhibited egregious judgment and ignorant either way this is a bad sign now I'm I'm interested in this race because a Oh see and I grew up in exactly the same place we grew up one town apart from each other at exactly the same time we're the same age and we've had similar life experiences so I'm curious about it I'm also curious about it because a or C and I have spent about the same amount of time in her current congressional district and I'm interested in it because this is she is the leader of the Democratic Party right I mean she is the fresh-faced DNC chairman Tom Perez said she's the future the party she gets all the media attention so this is gonna be an important race and I just don't want conservatives and Republicans to get hoodwinked by a fraud I'm not saying that Murray is definitely a fraud I'm saying there are a lot of questions about her so if if Miss Murray wants to come on the show and talk about it I'd be happy to have her on but she's got a lot of answers to give she's got a lot of explaining to do there are other Republicans in this race and I just don't want conservatives to fall into that trap of saying oh look she checks all of the intersectional boxes she'll be really good to run against aoc when in fact she may be quite left-wing herself much more left-wing than other people in the race we'll just have to follow it and if Miss Murray wants to come on the show she's more than welcome in even crazier news than aoc I know it's hard to imagine anything crazier than aoc but in the realm of news that is crazier than Alexandria Ocasio Cortez a woman is marrying her 91 year old chandelier that's that I almost could end the show right there but no let's look into it it's a bit of a may-december relationship obviously the chandelier is much older than the 35 year old woman but love is love you know hashtag and love wins hashtag hashtag and this woman obviously has a right to marry her love right here she is explaining her nuptials just like anybody who falls in love with somebody else they want to be close to them and so I enjoy being close to my chandeliers I've admired them for years I love the way that they've looked and looked the way that the light catches on the little crystals and I've just loved them in general I think the beautiful thing I think it's good in the world to have a bit of variety in how different types of people who were all the same well would be a really boring place all right that's Amanda Liberty her name is Amanda Liberty it used to be a man to Whitaker but she changed her name to Amanda Liberty a number of years ago when she entered into a different romantic relationship she entered into a long-distance relationship with I'll give you five seconds to guess her name is Amanda Liberty who was she in a long-distance relationship with she was in a long-distance relationship with the Statue of Liberty here she is then when I met Lady Liberty the flags already knew another friendship with Lady P they were already friends so I wasn't it didn't feel like I was cheating on anybody the first part Libby that I fell in love with was a crown and a torch as well but it was a crown that initially got me attracted to her I just want to be able to tell people that I love him because I am proud of loving her I am really proud to have him I'm really proud that she's part of my life she's proud didn't we just celebrate pride Pride Month didn't we just celebrate all the different sorts of sexual identity and gender identity and sexual attraction this woman actually does have a sexual orientation that is recognized which is the sexual orientation toward inanimate objects obviously she seems a little crazy does that maybe that's hate speech if I say that she seems a little crazy maybe I'll get kicked off of youtube if I say she seems a little crazy we will examine the similarities and differences between late Chris Whitaker Liberty or Amanda Liberty's attraction to famous statues and 91 year old chandeliers and the rest of our sexual morality will explain why this is the logical or illogical I guess conclusion of so much of the left to view on sex then we will explain the greatest irony of the 2020 race and has to do with Bernie Sanders's campaign and then finally a masterstroke from President Trump on Twitter which the mainstream media obviously are ignoring a lot of the conservative media are ignoring it I think too the the conservative movements peril will explain why President Trump is so interested in ASAP rocky dollar sign wrapper we'll get to that in a second but first you got to go to daily ten dollars per month one hundred dollars for an annual membership what do you get what don't you get you get me you get the and reclaim and show you get the Ben Shapiro show you get the map will show you you get to ask questions in the mailbag coming up on Thursday you get to ask questions backstage you get another Kingdom you get all of it and you get the leftist tears tumblr this is really mmm that's really good it tastes like exposing their hate hoaxes that's what it tastes like the feeling of exposing their ridiculous divisive narratives like it for instance if I were walking in South Central Chicago in the middle of the night you know and I had walk in there and I I had some people in maggots come up to me and tell me this is maggot country and beat me up I would not drop my left is tears tumblr I couldn't because when those hoaxes are exposed I got to catch those tears or I will drown go to daily wire comm we've got a lot more we'll be right back this woman Amanda Liberty I wonder if she'll change her name to the chandelier the chandeliers name is Lumiere like in the movie Beauty and the Beast so maybe she'll become Amanda Lumiere after this she says that she's really proud of her attraction to inanimate objects to Lady Liberty into the chandelier she has an open relationship with the chandelier she sleeps with different chandeliers in her bed every night that's not a joke she actually does that I don't mean to make fun of a crazy woman she's obviously very mentally unbalanced it's probably not good for these journalists in the UK to go into her house and film her because she is a crazy person however it's instructive for our culture because this is a devastating report for the love is love sexuality for the love is love view of sexual morality hashtag Love Wins this woman describes her marriage to a chandelier in precisely the same way in which the left describes the evolving definitions of sex and gender right down to the emphasis on the word pride I'm so proud of it she says quote I'm determined to have this commitment ceremony to prove that I'm here for Lumiere and that my love is going to last I know a lot of people think my attraction to chandeliers is strange but I'm not crazy obviously she's crazy but she's no crazier than a man who says he's a woman she's no crazier than a man who feels in some metaphysical way that he wants to be a woman and I'm not even using crazy as a pejorative term I'm saying he's got something wrong in his psychology and he should be treated for it and we should treat this woman for it and we should be compassionate toward her but we shouldn't indulge her fantasy that she's married to a 91 chandelier any more than we should indulge the fantasy then a man a grown man is secretly a six-year-old girl and therefore should go into the little girl's changing room or the girls bathroom because that isn't true as far as I can tell there are three main premises of the new concept of sexual morality we've discarded traditional sexual morality theology of the body to trick traditional sexual mores we threw that away in the 1960s that's gone for most of the pop culture so what is the new sexual morality I think it's got three premises one other than pedophilia and bestiality all sexual desires are good this is the love is love idea for some reason pedophilia and bestiality are excluded but everything else love is love every other sexual desire is not not only not bad not only neutral it's actually positively good why is that well it's because of the second premise no sexual desire other than pedophilia and bestiality should ever be repressed you should never if you have some sexual desire whether it's to sleep with another person who isn't your wife or whether it's to I don't know do whatever you want to do it should never be repressed this is the Love Wins idea of sexual morality and then the third premise is if it doesn't hurt anyone else and it feels good do it and actually you've got to even sort of modify that third premise because you can hurt each other I mean people embrace Fifty Shades of Grey BDSM sadomasochism so really what you would say is if it doesn't hurt anyone else without his or her consent and it feels good do it and we there are still these the the left still looks down on pedophilia and bestiality although you're seeing in kind of these far left academic conferences a movement afoot to normalize pedophilia as well obviously you've got pedophilia in the news because of the Jeffrey Epstein underage sex trafficking scandal that is apparently ensnared Bill Clinton who flew on Jeffrey Epstein she had 27 times even though the jet was nicknamed the Lolita Express those are the three premises though okay this woman is embracing all of those premises she says quote people often can't understand that this is just a natural orientation for me look at those words natural orientation I was born this way it's my or it's not my desire it's not my preference it's my orientation I'm fundamentally oriented to want to sleep with a 91 year old chandelier well if you're fundamentally oriented that way you can't change it she goes on that I can find the beauty in objects and can sense their energy because she's finding this beauty how dare you frown on beauty she senses their energy maybe you can't sense their energy but she can don't erase her lived experience don't deny her truth she goes on I'm not hurting anyone by entering into a relationship with them I am simply just following my heart here it is I'm not hurting anyone if she's not hurting anyone what's it to you who were you to say that this is harmful look there are plenty of normal relationships that are really harmful they're probably a lot worse than her relationship to the chandelier why not just let her alone it's not she's not hurting anyone else she might be hurting herself she might be living in a fantasy and deluding herself but she's not hurting anyone else so who cares using the current sexual morality can you explain why that's wrong what she said you know I'm not saying using traditional views of sexual morality I'm saying using the current popular view you can't you can't say she's wrong so that leaves two options either you can conclude that what she's doing marrying a chandelier is not wrong or you can conclude that the current sexual morality is somehow lacking the current sexual morality is insufficient to describe reality I have a feeling that as a culture what we're gonna do is just say you know there's nothing really wrong with marrying a chandelier because that's easier and you don't have to tell someone that their desires ought to be repressed or that their desires are wrong in order to speak about this in a serio

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