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To listen to this episode, subscribe to The Andrew Klavan Show on iTunes: opponents of Donald Trump are rushing to condemn the president's latest tweets instead of proposing workable solutions to the nation's problems which would be hard work and involved telling the truth and so that's off the table over the weekend Trump attacked Maryland congressman Elijah Cummings is a bully because Cummings has shouted at and condemned border enforcement workers while his own Baltimore district is a disgusting rat-infested hellhole in an angry response Cummings gave a press conference with some of his city's most important rats whom he praised is the largest and hardest-working rats in the country cummings said quote come home i come home to my district every day to make sure these rats are doing their good work of making this city a living hell so I can call people racist and squeeze more money out of the federal government to spend on god knows what unquote the rats agreed and suggested Trump's tweets were racist since some of them are black from the disgusting grime of Baltimore's gutters Democrat presidential candidates rushed to share in the outrage Kamala Harris said quote this is appalling if people start calling out race baiting lawmakers for the fact that they do absolutely nothing to improve the lives of black Americans why there won't even be a Democrat Party unquote cory booker also made an appearance dressed as Spartacus saying he hadn't had time to change after after last night's gladiator Party Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi gave an interview on the subject to the statue of Sacagawea in the Capitol rotunda which she mistook for a Washington Post reporter Pelosi said quote once again the president has disgraced himself by telling the truth in such a way that we can misconstrue it as racism the people of Baltimore would surely rise up in protest if they weren't so beaten down by poverty and despair plus the rats in that town are just awful unquote the statue of Sacagawea then left the rotunda to file a story with the post who said hiring the bronze Native American was cheaper than bringing on actual journalists trick reporting I'm Andrew Klavan and this is the Andrew Klavan show [Music] [Music] you know you frequently hear people in the media both on the left and the right saying Trump's tweets are a distraction and we must address the serious issues instead I completely disagree with this right now the most important thing happening in this country politically is a dance craze called the Donald Trump three-step here's how it goes step 1 Trump tweet something both obvious and true the four congresswomen known as the squad or anti American idiots Elijah Cummings bullies the Border Patrol while his district goes to hell in a handbasket al Sharpton Sharpton is a race-baiting jerk now Trump tweets these simple and obvious truths in a rude and boorish manner because he's a rude and boorish guy but only a rude and boorish guy would say them at all because the left which includes the Democrats the news media Hollywood universities social media and corporate America the most powerful elites in the country the left has worked for decades to render these truths unsayable in polite society they do this for the simple reason that the decadence their ideas have brought down upon us serves the elite as leftism always serves the elite while the rest of us suffer step 2 the elite machinery goes into gear to defend itself from Trump's truth the Democrats call him racist the media calls him racist commentators choke up over the racism of it all Hollywood academics social media racist racist racist anyone who states these simple obvious truths Trump states must be a racist not one mainstream media outlet spends even a second trying to fairly investigate the question was Trump right was what he said true what are the facts all they do is report the charges of racism then bring on commentators to amplify those charges and meanwhile universities teach children to think the charges are true and Hollywood makes movies to convince you there and so on anything to make sure that none of you little people get the idea that you can disagree and speak the truth like Trump does because if you do you're racist and you'll pay with your reputation with your job with your social media platform somehow you will pay big time step 3 the rebel media US Fox and the rest of all the smaller outlets point out that well yes the squad is anti-american and racist yes their ideas are destructive and hateful yes Cummings hasn't done a damn thing for the people he's supposed to serve Baltimore is hell and yes al Sharpton is a bad guy and anti-semitic creep with blood on his hands who by the way played a major advisory role in the Obama administration and for this we get demonized demonetised ban boycotted an algorithm to death but maybe maybe the truth gets out then we repeat step 1 I call this the most important political phenomenon in the country right now because it's offering Americans a simple choice will we choose to speak the truth even at the cost of being reviled or will we be cowered into silence and surrender our country to slow socialist death we just finished eight years of the slow socialist death stuff are we ready to go back we're ready to go back to apologizing for our freedom and prosperity to the world's tyrants ready to go back to the cop killings and race riots in our cities ready to go back to the crappy economy that crushes the poor while elites thrive and too coddling violinist Islamists or the Middle East burns and the Iranian terror State Rises or can we follow Trump's leads shatter the communications hegemony of the left and take back the right to speak freely and debate openly in hopes of returning our country to its great foundational ideas now I've always been honest about this part as a gentleman who values politeness I regret that it requires a rough guy like Donald Trump to make this play that happened because polite sophisticated right-wing thinkers sat in their think tanks and theorized while the culture burned but in a fight like this you use the weapons you've got and that means Trump and I'm very much hoping that Donald Trump 3-step leads to a fourth step namely re-election alright we're going to talk more about this Twitter war because I actually do think it's the most important thing but first we're going to talk about bowl and she knows I was lying awake last night way into the morning I was thinking boy these bowling branch sheets are really good-looking and they they just feel great you know now you guys you if you had ball and branch all you do is sleep because they're so comfortable you would just fall asleep but I'm awake all night long so I get to appreciate what a what great sheets these are they're more affordable than you think what makes them unique is that each sheet is crafted from a hundred percent organic cotton that means bowling branch sheets not 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just it's just shameful for the following reason Cummings is in Congress Congress makes law the laws are what the border guys the DHS guys and all the people who are working so hard at our borders are trying to enforce you don't like what's happening down there change the laws but they don't they sit on their ass and they yell at Trump and they've sat on their asses for 20 years they yell at Trump because they want the borders open so here's Elijah Cummings bullying DHS Secretary Kevin miquelina about stories coming out from you and your agency that everything is pretty good you're doing a great job I guess you feel like you're doing a great job right what you're saying we're doing our level best in average what does that mean what does that mean when a child is sitting in their own feet geez can't take a shower come on man what's that about none of us will have our children in that position they are human beings and I'm trying to figure out and I get tired of folks saying oh oh they just beaten up one the Border Patrol Oh baby just be done up on Homeland Security now what I'm saying is I want to concentrate on these children and I want to make sure that there they are okay I will say it I've said it before and I'll say it again it's not the deed that you do to a child it's the memory to the side so that I mean yeah he wants to concentrate on the children because he doesn't want to concentrate in the fact that Congress hasn't done anything about this which they could do Trump is right about this 15 minutes all they got to do is change the asylum laws the solemn regs Trump is doing everything he can to make this better he really is he's been complaining about it he complained about it all through 2018 what was he called guess guess go ahead it starts with an R I'm just gonna give you a hint it starts with O he's called a racist racist racist racist while they said it's a manufactured crisis Trump is right Elijah Cummings is now blaming this guy so Trump strikes back on Twitter here's what he says representative Elijah Cummings has been a brutal bully shouting and screaming at the great men and women of Border Patrol about conditions at the southern border when actually his Baltimore district is far worse and more dangerous his district is considered the worst in the USA has proven last week during a congressional tour the border is clean efficient and well-run just very crowded Cummings district is a disgusting rat and rodent infested mess if he spent more time in Baltimore maybe he could help clean up this very dangerous and filthy place now just to be fair he said the same thing about Nancy Pelosi that her district is also falling apart and before we go into the st. Elijah narrative which where I'm sure we're gonna hear about the hard-working might dear friend oh my goodness is wonderful man here's a story with a hat tip to Molly Hemingway who tweeted it out this is from May from the examiner alana goodman writes a charity run by the wife of representative Elijah Cummings received millions from special interest groups and corporations that had business before her husband's committee and could have been used illegally according to an IRS complaint filed by an ethics watchdog group Cummings a Maryland Democratic chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform his wife Maya rocky more 48 is the chairman of the Maryland Democratic Party and briefly ran in the state's Quba torrential race rocky more runs two entities a non-profit group called the center for global policy solutions and a for-profit consulting firm called global policy solutions LLC whose operations appear to have overlapped according to the IRS complaint filed by the watchdog group national legal and policy center on Monday the complaint states global policy solutions received more than 6.2 million in grants between 2013 and 2016 according to tax records several of the nonprofit's group's financial backers have business interests before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform all right I don't want to get into high weeds about its but it's typical typical Democrat malfeasance where they use their power for pet patronage and funneling money and usually into their own pockets what's his name Cummings was in debt for a long time it says uh he was in debt for a long time but he's doing quite well now anyway here's Baltimore here is a lake local Fox station Fox 45 reporting on Baltimore following around Baltimore's mayor Catherine Pugh about a year ago city leaders identified some of the city's most violent neighborhoods what the hell we should just take all this David to target who need to smell the grass under Baltimore's violence reduction initiative oh Jesus just last week we went with mayor Pugh was she toured in East Baltimore neighborhood listen I've been out in 54 years this enables Baltimore's violence reduction initiative is about taking steps to rid communities of the cornerstones that contribute to crime my god you can smell the dead animals blocks of dilapidated buildings help to hide the addiction that's crippled this community that's why they call her mayor pew because she can smelt the rats of dead animals and possibly bodies who were buried in there I mean we saw all saw this on the wire David Simon yesterday I think I've created the wire is tweeting about whatever evil racist is we saw on his show what a rat-infested crime-infested hellhole baltimore is but if you watch the show carefully he would always go and blame the Republican governor instead of the Democrats so the Democrats were always fighting for a better world but the Republicans were evil because they weren't there he said he would always went out of his way I mean this is a place that hasn't had any kind of Republican governance in a million years Depp the new deputy police commissioner the other day got mugged he got held up at gunpoint while he was out with his wife so just just to highlight for a minute the hypocrisy here is Bernie Sanders talking to Jake Tapper this is cut six and just how disgraceful it is that Donald Trump I mean now that it's now that it's Donald Trump saying it suddenly it's racist to tell the truth Jake it's it's unbelievable that we have a President of the United States who attacks American cities who attacks Americans who attacks somebody who's a friend of mine Elijah Cummings is one of the most decent outstanding members of the House of Representatives he fights every day to improve life in his community I do find an interesting that when we have rural Republican districts where life expectancy is going down where downtown's are boarded up where people are struggling and people are struggling in rural America they start bleeding to urban America they're struggling in suburban America our job is to bring people together to improve life for all people not to be a have a racist president who attacks people because they are African Americans that is a disgrace and that is why we're gonna defeat this president ice so that was Bernie yesterday here's Bernie in 2015 after taking a walk through Baltimore but anyone who took the walk that we talked we took around this neighborhood would not think you're in a wealthy nation you would think that you were in a third-world country but today what we're talking about is a community in which half of the people don't have jobs we're talking about a community in which there are hundreds of buildings that are uninhabitable we're talking about a community where kids are unable to go to schools that are decent so yeah same the same thing why is that not Elijah Cummings fault why is Elijah come he's not responsible for his district I mean what would it what is it that suddenly alleviates him of the responsibility for helping his district what is it about Nancy Pelosi that she is she lives in her walled building her walled mansion is not responsible for what is happening to San Francisco you know here's the editorial I found from a publication called issues at I wrote down issues and answers but I believe its issues and ideas and and I want to read just a portion of it cuz it's just so true and he's got all the facts and figures laid out he says take a look at the eight other cities that beat Baltimore on the list of the radius cities what do they all have in common Chicago hasn't had a Republican mayor since 1931 Philadelphia last saw a Republican mayor in 1952 Detroit in 1962 San Francisco has been democrat-controlled since 1964 Washington DC has never had a Republican mayor in Los Angeles Democrats have run the city in all but eight of the past fifty-eight years in New York its eight in the past seventy-four not counting John Lindsay who switched parties while in office Cleveland's been run by Democrats in all but sixteen of the past 78 years indeed if you want to see what Liberal Democratic policies tend to produce go to any one of those cities or any other Democrat strongholds Democrats promise to help the poor and downtrodden grow the middle class make life more fair but their policies consistently produce the opposite these cities are rife with crime Baltimore ranks number one for robberies and number two for murderers many of the other rat infested cities also ranked high for violent crimes their infrastructure is crumbling the middle has largely abandoned them and far from tackling inequality Democrats have made it worse Washington San Francisco and New York are all in the top 10 for biggest income inequality levels according to the Brookings Institution other Democrat cities Providence Miami Boston New Orleans are also on the list Washington San Francisco New York Detroit and Cleveland are also among the 10 worst run cities according to the wallet hub three other Democrat strongholds Oakland Flint Hartford make the worst run list yet whenever the desperate conditions of these cities get discussed they're treated either as if these problems simply fell out of the sky that somehow Republicans are to blame well that more taxpayer money will solve everything the connection to liberal policies never gets made and I would add liberal culture by the way which destroys families and denigrates families in order to promote you know transgenderism which may be a painful condition but affects almost nobody so rather than focus on Baltimore and Cummings Trump would do well to point out that it's decades of Democrat rule that have destroyed some of the country's finest cities high taxes intrusive regulations make them inhospitable to business government control Union cronyism encourage waste and corruption soft on crime attitudes lead to more crime drug abuse and rampant homelessness and this is important you see the same thing at the state level of the ten worst run states in the country all but one is solidly Democratic and of the best run states only one is democratic according to her ranking by the Mercatus Center this has nothing to do with race it has everything to do with the sorts of policies the left has implemented but the race is used to protect it they hide behind their skin the color of certain lawmakers skin they hide behind the color of the skin of the people they are oppressing the people in Baltimore who are being oppressed are black it's I think a 53% black City they're the ones who are paying the price for the Democrat policies and the Democrat culture so let's take a look at the rounds of the msn because this is the corporate arm of the Democrat Party this is the PR corporate arm corporations protecting their profits their profits are aided when when trade is free of completely free completely global that's when corporations do their best that's when they become powerful plus big regulation means little guys can't get started right if there's lots of regulations you need lots of lawyers to comply little guys can't do that they can buy you know if if the government if there's crony capitalism which is socialism if the government is in control of business then the way you get favors from the government is you buy off the government you do it with campaign contributions or bribes or lobbying and who can do that the big guys can do it the little guy just trying to start a business can be regulated out of business immediately and will be will be as a favor to these corporations so let's take a look at the faces of these corporations namely the so called journalists who front these corporations to make sure that social the socialist agenda goes forward let's take a look at ABC NBC and CBS reacting I think it's yeah it's me see an ABC I think reacting to Trump's tweets many of the residents and political leaders of Baltimore have been reacting with outrage the Baltimore Sun was out with a scathing editorial titled better to have a few rats than to be one but President Trump is doubling down as of midnight last night still tweeting about congressman Cummings and his City Cummings district includes most of Baltimore and his majority black House Speaker Nancy Pelosi swiftly condemned the tweets as racist tweeting we all reject racist attacks against him Trump also used that term infested on Twitter to target for minority Congress women last week telling him to quote go back to the totally broken and crime-infested places from which they came all for congresswoman are American citizens only one Ilhan Omar of Minnesota was born outside of the United States in Somalia well good morning to you Willie President Trump is once again attacking a leading person of color in Congress igniting another firestorm and bringing more charges that he's using race to try to divide Americans for political gain I think we can't let that get lost this is all about him and the president knows he sparks a race you know does this racial division business which is what he does quite a bit he knows it serves two purposes one is it distracts from the story he doesn't like and that is what Cummings is investigated and to his base likes it yeah there's no way the vase so that was an NBC and ABC I didn't when I shouldn't have put CBS in there ABC and NBC where were the facts where were the facts I mean I'll admit there's a story in the fact that people accuse the president of racism and that he said something and there that was their reaction that's the that can be the lead but then where are the facts who's right is it racist is it racist if it's true of course not the truth isn't racist the truth is just the truth but the whole purpose of the charge of racism is to silence the truth and we've lived with this now for decades for decades if you said hey there's high crime in the black community or you're a racist if you said you know the fact that blacks don't get married and have children out of wedlock which means there are now more black kids born out of wedlock than there were during slavery days when the Democrats were actually selling blacks down rivers and separate their families tearing their families apart it's worse now because of Democrat policies because they actually found a way to make it stick the fact when you say that oh you're racist right it's always to silence people so the very reporting is a term of a form of bullying it's a form of bullying people into silence and it's been going on a long time is now infested social media it has infested search engines it's infested algorithms it is just a way of bullying you it's just to get at you and Trump is a big rude guy with a very thick skin who doesn't care and again it bugs me that we let this culture slip so far that a person could not fight back without being rude but they took over our system of manners they took over they said that's being polite that's racist that's a terrible you're a terrible person if you tell the truth about what our policies do and by the way none of these people lives in black neighborhoods none of them lives in the poor neighborhoods Barack Obama doesn't live in a poor black neighborhood he didn't send his kids to a poor black school they none of them do because they know what they do to these places and they had an absolutely no way to address it without going and looking people in the face and saying hey you got to get married before you have kids hey you need a job you need an education the gangs are bad things you know what taking money being living off the law yes of the government feeling entitled having entitlements is bad for you nobody wants to say it and you know the guy the guy who really did the worst job yesterday was Chris Wallace and I hate to go after him because Chris Wallace is pretty fair he goes after everybody he yells and everybody the same but his characterization of trumps tweets I don't think he should be fired for it but I think he should be rebuked for it because it was absolutely unfair listen to what he said he's talking to acting Mick Mulvaney the acting what's the word I'm looking for Karen I can't come on with it go ahead listen to Chris Wallace of jacks to the president defending as morter policies but this seems met to be the worst kind of racial stereotype let me finish yeah racial stereotyping black congressman majority black district I mean no human being would want to live there is he saying people that live in Baltimore are not human beings so Chris help me with this no human being would want to live there would want to live there using people it's not the people want to live there they can't get out what is he talking about and this thing with infested he's the the acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney you know what what is he even talking about and say this thing with the word infested you've got to hear this on on CNN Victor Blackwell he's crying about infestation infestation is now a racist term anything anything they can do to shut you up for pointing out what their policies do these are Democrat runs cities these are Democrat policies that did this to people this is a Democrat culture this is a left-wing culture we have a president who curses now not because of right-wing culture the right was all it was always protesting against this all of this stuff is brought to us by and for the left and now this guy is gonna cry he's gonna break down in tears because of infested as a racist word only the only reason Trump would use the word infested I mean the guy knows all the best words so the only reason he would use the word infested is to attack black people this is absurd infested he says a week before his inauguration January 2017 Congressman John Lewis should spend more time on fixing and helping his district which is in horrible shape and falling apart not to mention crime-infested Donald Trump has tweeted more than 43 thousand times he's insulted thousands of people many different types of people but when he tweets about infestation it's about black and brown people September 2014 at the height of an urgent health emergency why are we sending thousands of ill trained soldiers into in bola if Ebola infested areas of Africa bring the plague to the US Obama is so stupid infested he says there's a revolution going on in California so many sanctuary areas one out of this ridiculous crime-infested and breeding concept infested he says the president says about congressman Cummings district that no human would want to live there I don't know what we would do without CNN for laughs but I mean could we have a little news with our emotions please you know this is the thing you the words they want control of the language because the language allows you to express thoughts and if you can't control your language you can't control your thoughts if you can't use the pronoun you want you can't say hey you know what I don't care what kind of clothes you wear I don't care what you think you are you are the sex you were born and there's no getting out of it tough luck it you can't control the language if you can't use the language you want to use you can't express the ideas in your head and that is the whole point you know the most telling one of these though it's not the funniest I think that one was the funniest the funny the most telling one is brian Stelter right brian Stelter job is to investigate the medium we know he does this with the courage you know an insightfulness that only a leftist blockhead could bring to the job but now he goes after a report on Fox News the evil Fox News the one outlet the one major outlet with a right-wing slant and it does have a right-wing slant although their news their special report is the best news program on and very fair but that but no question Fox News despite the many Democrats who appear on it both as anchor men and as guests but despite all that it does have a right-wing atmosphere or right right-wing slant the one place with a tenth of the viewership of the network's it's the one place so it's the demon it's that this is the great what Chuck Todd called the great propaganda machine of the right one cable station one lousy place so he investigates a report that he says inspired Trump's tweet which was a report about how bad Baltimore is her LinkedIn profile pointedly says she's a commentator quote not under contract which means she's going on Fox for free earlier this month she has had to take on Cummings by making web videos about Baltimore's rundown neighborhoods but I tell you all this to explain here is where the president is getting his information clack it was booked on Fox again on Saturday the president was watching and then an hour later he tweeted but first listen to what she said on Fox there is a crisis at the border but there's also a crisis in Baltimore and I don't think many people realize this but congressman Cummings it represents the most dangerous district in America she went on to use words that Trump would parrot basically exactly watch there's a band in row homes too filled with trash homeless addicts empty needles that they have used and it's really right next door so it's attracting rodents cockroaches you name it the videos are real but they're not even Fox's videos they're relying on an unpaid guest to win in the neighborhoods talk to people because she wants to support Trump and tear down Cummings and all of this happens and then Trump tweets an hour later he tweets about a woefully incomplete view of Cummings district with clearly racist connotations he's besting any Fox for telling the truth even he says the videos are real and by the way both he and Chris Wallace used the idea that there are in fact wealthy places in Cummings district but that's part of the problem the inequality the inequality that's that socialist ideas always create what socialism does is it wipes out the middle class and creates a power class that that has access to money and a an impoverished class that needs to go begging to the power class for any scrap of bread it can get their hands on that's what they're selling that's what they're going to be selling it the debates over the next two days on the Democrat debates this is what they're selling and the whole idea is to silence you so you do not say it doesn't work and by the way it doesn't work for people of color because it's not about color it's never been about color when we say that they call us races for that when we point out it's not about color it's just about America it's just about this country we love it's not wanting to see people suffering in these cities it's not wanting to see police chased out of the cities the inner cities by violence so that the criminals can run the place which was what was happening over Obama that effect that people had because the the cops didn't want to be accused by the president of being racist so they didn't enforce the law who suffers it's the poor people who always

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