Blue Crush

Movies from Film Forum, 08/22/02It's hard to imagine what Movie Mask might do to the scantily clad heroes of John Stockwell's Blue Crush, a movie about surfer girls striving to make their mark in the sports world. But even religious critics are admitting that there is more to this surf flick than meets the eye. The human drama at the center is realistic and engaging—at least compared to other titles in the surfing genre. And everyone agrees: the waves are truly worth catching.Holly McClure (Crosswalk) says, "I really enjoyed this movie for a lot of reasons but mostly because it introduces the sport of surfing as I've never seen it before. I also like the fact that the hero turns out to be a woman who gets her dream and her man! If you've ever been curious about surfing and you can't...

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Jan 1st 2002
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