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University apparently they have been adorning the flyers for my speech with Hitler mustaches which is always delightful because you know when you take an Orthodox Jew and then label them a Hitler that's that's never a bad look at all and it's see what's in me I will say it is amazing so many of these social justice warriors on the left the so-called snowflake types are the people who are so sensitive that they can't bear to hear an opposing viewpoint and they're really sensitive because if you say something it hurts them right it's it's so hurtful and the hurt I can't help it just hurts so much they have to stand up and have to they have to protest or they have to they have to try and get you cancelled right these same people whose sensitivities are just like the all-time high when it comes to the most blatant violations of civic discourse they are first and foremost now you can in tribute to ignorance but they don't know anything because this is particularly true when it comes to stereotypes of edges they don't know anything and they don't care anything about that because Jews are not an intersectional hierarchy group for people who don't understand intersectionality the original concept of intersectionality has thrown out there by kimberlé crenshaw this professor made at least a little bit of sons her argument was that there are different ways people can be discriminated against and if you check the box in a couple of different categories then you may be discriminated against in more than one way so for example if you're a woman maybe you get discriminated in one way and if you're a black woman maybe you get discriminated against in another way because you're discriminated against by virtue of being above black and women now maybe that's true right that argument is at least plausible but what the intersectional left has done is they've taken that argument and then they have decided that there is an intersectional hierarchy that there are levels of victimhood in American society and the more levels of victimhood you check the more we should value your opinion and more victimized you are by American society well that means that Jews don't rank right because Jews are disproportionately well educated Jews are disproportionately wealthy Jews are disproportionately living in in nice areas in the United States they don't have severe family problems as a general statistical rule right and that means that they don't list on the intersectional hierarchy despite the fact that use our per capita the group most likely to be targeted by hate crimes in the United States for example but the left doesn't care about that the left thinks that Jews are not part of the intersectional hierarchy and that means they don't bother to learn the offensive lingo they shouldn't be using so the left is supremely sensitive about any language that is used by anyone reasonable and then they imply that that language is exorbitantly racist bigoted sexist homophobic alright so for example if you say Western civilization people on the hardcore social justice warrior left say what you actually mean by Western civilization actually what you mean is you mean white people I know alright that's not what I mean if you say judeo-christian culture like no it sounds you by judeo-christian culture you mean white people what what now say say what that the so they're they're they're its antennae are up they're up everything's a dog whistle for the left right when Donald Trump said that this impeachment hearing is a is a political lynching they immediately went to all he means like black people he's comparing himself to black people being lynched in 1921 Tulsa that's what he means it's like no he means the same thing that Joe Biden meant when he talked about Bill Clinton being politically lynched in the late 1990s he meant like you know the long history of people in the United States of many different races actually being killed without proper try I mean that's so that's what's remembered the antennae are up except when it comes to the Jews and you can see this in in perfect perfect ways with regard to this this one group at Stanford so they're holding what they call the silent rally which has got to be the most boring rally of all time right what do you stand there it's not even a die-in right like Diane is dramatic you actually festoon yourselves with makeup or something a silent rally is I guess you just stand there and then we're all supposed to believe that you've been silenced even though you have silenced yourself like you can stand there and yell I'm not stopping you enjoy yourself so they put out a flyer about me and again it just shows that the sensitivity is only supposed to run in one direction okay this was there at flyer we are tired of Stanford administration's complicity in putting black brown trans queer and Muslim students at risk by allowing you stand for college Republicans to bring ben shapiro to campus so we'll start with this particular point before we get to the insanity of the the rest of the flyer so this is a line that the left likes to use a lot is that if they hear something they don't like they have now been put at risk they've been put at risk when you've come in my speeches if you've ever been to one of my college speeches nobody's at risk at any point people who disagree are allowed to go to they're told that they should go to the front of the line so that they can ask questions everything is very respectful everything is very civil and the fact that they think that this is now putting people at risk that it is it is incitement my language is incitement by virtue of the fact I disagree with it I have never called for violence against anybody this is complete insanity but this is how they try and throw you off campuses they say that your language is inherently inciting why because I say that transgenderism gender dysphoria gender identity disorder is a mental illness how is that inciting III don't believe that people with mental illness should be harmed in any way god forbid that's ridiculous I'm talking about the classification of a disorder and it's categorized as a disorder in the in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual okay in any case they continue we do not protest because we are too sensitive to hear opinions we don't like we protest because we are strong enough to defend ourselves well I'm pretty sure it's because you're too sensitive to hear opinions you don't like it it's not just that you're protesting it's also that you say that Stanford is complicit in putting students at risk because I'm saying sniffle gate but that's not the best part of the amend says please wear black if possible which I guess I'm not I'm not sure why is it a funeral of some sort in any case that's not the worst part of this flyer so here is here's the worst and also the best part of this flyer so this flyer includes it includes a spray bottle a graphic of a spray bottle that says on it been be gone silent rally Hoover tower 6 p.m. and then below that there's a picture of me and a picture of an aunt and a picture of me and picture of a cockroach in a picture of me and a picture of a potato bug it looks like so I am literally portrayed a Jew as an insect to be exterminated oh ah the most sensitive people on earth they're so sensitive ah dog whistles everywhere and they're just too openly saying this stuff I mean this is the same kind of it is the same graphic that was being used at like the Rwandan genocide by people who wanted to murder vast swathe through people they famously the the who famously the the groups in the one that were being targeted on radio that were the ones that were that were murdered they're being targeted as cornhole cockroaches sure you have an exact graphic of this sort of thing right this is it's it's like Nazi rhetoric and they put it on the poster okay and then they issued they issued some sort of apology which is hilarious their apology is almost as bad as as the bottle picture itself I guess an aunt a flea and a Beatle on the bottle so they issued an apology and in the apology they call me an anti-semite okay so the issue an entire flyer talking about how terrible I am and how terrible all of this is and then they issue like this full there's no other way to put it I mean that that image is I'm not gonna say it's Anne siese Medicaid certainly ridiculous okay it's certainly ridiculous I think it's it's ignorant and I'll credit them with ignorance because I think they really are stupid to put this on a on a poster I think they're morons more than their open anti-semites but then they they apologize by calling me an anti-semite in their letter it's it's beyond it's beyond beggars belief at beggars belief their apology says we would like to apologize to the Jewish community for the flyer put out with the been begone bottle that resembled insect spray not me they're not apologizing to me they're apologizing to the Jewish community more broadly we understand that this imagery plays into anti-semitic tropes that say Jews our insects and pests that need to be exterminated this trope has been used to justify violence against Jews in many instances throughout history and is never acceptable we sincerely apologize for using this imagery well it was not our intention to hurt anyone or invoke Ben Shapiro's Jewish identity with this flyer we hold ourselves accountable to the impact of this imagery as a coalition of concerned students that includes Jewish students we are very sensitive to anti-semitism how are you though are you though because he continued this way they say therefore as we call back this flyer and apologize for its anti-semitic tropes we condemned Shapiro's Shapiro's unwavering Islamophobia and anti-semitism I'm the anti-semite you see not the people who put in Orthodox Jew on an extermination bottle of insects me I'm the anti-semite you're that ox Jew who keeps kosher just spent a month in Israel keep Sabbath sends his kids to Jewish school like I'm the aunt nail that guy's nailed it right on the money they say they reject my anti-semitism because why am i a somatic they said because of my belief that the only way to be a real Jew is to agree with him and through his strong support of Zionism so my support of Zionism makes me an anti-semite you say because I support the existence of a Jewish state I hate Jews if you can follow this logic you should join this group and then you should go wear black and silence yourself cuz you're an idiot really by the way I don't say the only way to be a real Jew is to agree with me I do but that Judaism is a philosophy as well as a religion and if you reject all the tenants of the philosophy and the religion then it's very hard to argue that you are in any way consonant with Judaism that's like saying that you're not a real Christian if you reject the divinity of Jesus or I mean that's it seems like fairly obvious they also say we reject Shapiro's false belief in white Western supremacy that he cloaks in the idea of judeo-christian dizer now they're back to the dog whistling I say judeo-christian values and they say what I mean is white Western supremacy white when am I ever talked about white people being supreme ever are you out of your minds the answer of course is yes we will not let been Shapiro's manipulative and hateful language divide us they say we hope you join us this Thursday my manipulative and hateful language okay so that is the update from Stanford I look very much forward to speaking tonight at Stanford University I think it's going to be a blast so we'll get to more on that in just my plus I do have an update for you on a story that of course made major headlines across the country that is the story of this kid in Texas who was nearly handed over to his mom who was basically prepping him for gender transition at age seven and she said she's gonna wait till he was 11 but nothing stopped her from 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Telus judge Kim Cook's ruled that dr. Angeles and mr. Jeffrey younger James's parents have joint managing conservatorship and joint decision-making over their boys James also has a twin brother named Jude both G or glass a pediatrician and younger had gag orders placed on them by Judge cooks barring them from speakings the media in the case of course gained national attention after a jury decided that one guardian should have sole conservatorship over James and that person should not be mr. younger while a third party yesterday posted on Facebook a picture of James going to school as James says going to school this is what it looks like when James gets to choose a firm this also a photo taken yesterday just before church James and Jude proud to be men saved James saved thousands of children in an update it was noted that mr. younger emailed the principal on Monday and James and Jude teachers had reported there was zero stress or disruption in the classroom today just another day in school prayers answered the updates concluded as you know Joerg less argued that James was actually a girl because James said that he was a girl and there was testimony from the father that mom had basically been telling him he was a girl since the age of three and reinforcing all of his gender confusion younger said that his ex-wife would in his opinion only show James love and affection when he would present as a girl he also posted a video that we played on the show of James at 3:00 telling younger that mommy tells him he has a girl jurgis had complete authority over the psychological and psychiatric care for the boys prior to the judges October 23rd ruling but the fight over James is not over according to the Dallas Morning News and now G or Gillis is seeking to have judge cook's recused so he's going after the judge why because the judge tweeted out or put out on Facebook an article from the Dallas Morning News and captioned it the governor nor any legislature had any influence on the court's decision basically saying yeah we're an independent court and the fact that Greg Abbott said that he would step in and investigate had nothing to do with what the court actually ruled here before younger was hit with a gag order he told LifeSite news reporter madeline jacob his ex-wife contemplated quote cutting the penis off james in an email presented to the jury he said the Texas I grew up in the Texas I live in if a parent did that we're just gonna give him the child the to the other parent we're not gonna tolerate that kind of craziness it tells you how far our society has changed well if that story is accurate if this is all accurate that James is now going to school as a boy it does give the lie to the idea that somehow this kid invariably identified as a girl that parental behavior has no impact on child behavior I mean it's an insane idea in the first place that parental reaction to child behavior has no impact on how children act that's asinine anybody who has kids knows that so we'll keep you updated on that case as updates become available okay meanwhile the latest in impeachment gates wants you 19 so the left is trying to dredge up basically I think that there's a game that's now being played by the left on impeachment gate on the one hand they're suggesting that there is a that there is an actual issue with Trump's Ukraine behavior that is impeachable and they're they're asking a bunch of questions that bring in people to testify they're running what is in effect a normal impeachment process I know that a lot of people on the right said that the impeachment process is not normal that the process is skewed okay there is some truth to that I mean they did a lot of this behind closed doors they did not actually comply with the same sort of procedures that they did with regard to the Clinton P from but now they're doing a lot of open doors hearings next week they have vowed that they are going to open the doors and do a bunch of different hearings apparently those hearings are going to include hearings with William Taylor the ambassador bill Taylor who was the highest-ranking Ukrainian official from the United States during this entire period Taylor has been militants in his belief that President Trump was attempting to engage in a quid pro quo with the Ukrainian government to benefit himself politically they're also going to interview George Kent and they're also going to interview Mary yovanovich who was the ambassador to Ukraine who the best information seems to suggest was ousted because Trump didn't trust her and maybe didn't trust her because Rudy Giuliani was telling him not to trust her Adam Schiff announced these hearings they said that the the Wednesday hearing will feature bill Taylor and George Kent and then next Friday they'll hear from Mary yovanovich so the impeachment hearings are moving forward in a sort of if not normal than close to normal way right this is the way that the process typically sort of works okay but then there's another track that Democrats and the media seems to be pushing and that is trying to get inside Trump's head by trying to trigger him to do something and frankly it's a smart if nefarious strategy one of the things that you saw from the second half of the Mullen report is that President Trump is reactive to the media coverage of him he's extremely reactive to the chaos that he senses around him so if he feels as though the media are targeting him he is more likely to fly off the handle according to the Mullen report and then he is more likely to say things like and get himself in trouble in other words when you put pressure on Trump he tends to lash out and exactly that sort of lashing out is what Democrats are looking for because what they would like for Trump to do is appear to be obstructing the investigation appear to be involving himself in further to law breaking activity because here's the truth it's going to be very difficult for them to prove that Trump engaged in any sort of law breaking with regard to his Ukraine activity now may be bad it may be wrong it may be something a president shouldn't do but in order for them to determine that President Trump has committed a crime they actually have to fulfill statutory definitions of bribery and that's very difficult it's gonna be difficult to prove that even folks on the Left acknowledge this even if they were to come up with a serious abuse of power what they would basically have to do in that case is they would have to show full intents by Trump to get Joe Biden in advance of the 2020 election not intent by Trump to target political opponents from 2016 out of ire over 2016 right one of those has crossover with American interests we just spent two and a half years investigating whether Russia interfered with the American election so if we get to investigate that why would we not get to investigate whether Ukraine interfered in the 2016 election or to condition Ukrainian aid on their investigation of corruption I mean Joe Biden allegedly did just that and that was totally fine so in order for Democrats to prove actual wrongdoing here they have to prove intent proving intent with Trump is a tricky business it's a very difficult thing this is what the Democrats found out in the second half of the Moller report that's why they didn't impeach over the second half of the malla report because basically the second half of the Moller report said Trump was fulminating about Muller all the time he was ordering members of his of his cabinet to issue letters to other members of his cabinet telling them to do certain things and then those things were being rejected and so Democrats could have pushed impeachment but Trump Allah said listen I didn't have the wreck intend to shut down the investigation I didn't shut down the investigation I had the full power to do so and I didn't do it so difficult for you to claim intent well same thing applies here so instead Democrats are trying to push Trump to make a mistake now hey not six months ago not three months ago now they're trying to push Trump to do something now that will lead Trump into an obstruction trap or into a perjury trap onto something that will create an impeachable offense moving forward because they actually don't have the goods moving backward and this is why you are seeing the media start to manipulate their coverage to basically elicit a response that will be wild from Trump that also happens to benefit them electorally right I mean the wilder Trump looks the worse it's gonna be from in 2020 right now whoever is the adult in the room in 2020 is likely to win because nobody nobody who is center-to-center right wants to vote for Elizabeth Warren all Trump has to do is appear to not be crazy and who will win all Democrats have to do is appear not to be crazy and they will win and right now both are failing so Democrats aren't attempting they they understand they're not gonna make Elizabeth Warren insane so instead what they have decided to do is make from act crazy and the story they are using today to do this is this story from anonymous so remember there is a New York Times op-ed writer who wrote anonymously supposed to be a member of the Trump administration and now that person has written a book and the book is supposed to be about how Trump is just the worst the book is called a warning okay well now Huffington Post journalist yeah Charlie has reported on Wednesday night that the book claims that Mike Pence the vice president of the United States was fully prepared to go along with the invocation of the 25th amendment to remove the President of the United States for mental incapacity now there's a lot of talk about this in left-wing circles immediately after Trump's election that Trump is so crazy he can't be President the cabinet will oust him on the basis of the 25th amendment that he's incompetent and that he has to be put aside if you know Mike Pence if you know anything about my Pence the idea that Mike Pence was telling anyone around him that he was ready to get rid of Trump over the 25th amendment that is patently ludicrous it is insane but the media been pumping this story anyway without with a serious man with it with the serious amounts of credulity like this Clinton does not warrant credulity in fact this claim basically undermines the entire credibility of the anonymous person who wrote this particular book nakorn be our lead a much-anticipated book a warning reportedly written by an unnamed senior White House official claims that high-level White House aides were certain that VP Mike Pence would support the use of the 25th amendment to have President Donald Trump removed from office because of mental incapacity the source that provided the excerpts it did so on the condition of anonymity so it's an anonymous source providing stuff from an anonymous book by an anonymous person inside the Trump administration so now we are now three levels of anonymity removed from reality according to The Huffington Post according to anonymous there was no doubt in the minds of these senior officials that pence would support invoking the 25th amendment if the majority of the cabinet signed off on it the discussions about invoking the 25th amendment took place according to the book soon after FBI director James Comey was fired by the president Katie Waldman the press secretary for pens too responded to the news report by tweeting fake news atop from Poway in the White House responded to the report told the Daily where whoever anonymous is assuming this is actually in the book has exposed themselves as a complete fraud anyone who knows the VP knows he would never tolerate such talk and any such person would be immediately shown the door mark water the Trump 2020 director of strategic communications responded to the story writing on Twitter this is the dumbest thing I've ever read I served as vice president's press secretary at the time anyone who gives this nonsense any credibility does not know Mike Pence by the way even leftist journalists and censor journalists were saying like this is crap Jonathan Swan of Axio says anybody who covers pence knows this is an absurd claim well Jonathan's a good reporter and that is a hundred percent true Washington Post White House reporter Josh Taos he also agreed said what mr. Swann said obviously that's true but the goal of these sorts of stories is not of course to illuminate the situation in the White House is to get inside Trump's head and to get inside Trump said because the belief is on the left the more you get inside Trump's head the more likely he is to be volatile and to do something that will harm him in this whole impeachment saga ends in the 2020 election and listen I think Trump has reason to be suspicious I do I think he has reason to be suspicious of people surrounding him his administration Denix an insanely leaky the media have been given extraordinary access to stuff they should not have access to in any normal administration I'll get some more of this in just one second first let's talk about you getting ready for work in the morning okay well when you get ready for work in the morning typically that means if you're a dude you got he's gonna shower the whole deal and when you get those goods means you got to go to the store you got it when you run out you got to go to the store you got a pick between a thousand different goods some of them are good some of them are bad or theoretically you could just have the stuff delivered to your door yet best quality products very very easily and this is where Dollar Shave Club comes in Dollar Shave Club helps to make your life easier taking the guesswork out guaranteeing quality shaving products shower shave club by the way is way more than just razors they've got you covered head to toe they've got everything you need to shower shave style your hair brush your teeth it's a one-stop shop for all of your grooming needs they've got amazing something like their amber lavender body cleanser it is calming it is soothing they've got that the hair styling gel like all sorts of great stuff teller shave club can keep you automatically stocked up on the products you use you get what you want whenever you need it whether that's once a month or a few times a year I never have to waste time in a store wondering if what I'm getting is any good I don't necessarily right now you can put the quality of Dollar Shave club's products to the test their ultimate shave starter set has basically everything you need for an amazing shave they've got the executive razor shave butter prep prep scrub post shave do the best part is you can try it for just five bucks after that the restock box ships regular sized products at regular prices get your ultimate starter set for just $5 at slash pen that is slash pen go check them out right now in tyler save slash pen okay so as I say the strategy of the

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