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Democrats are officially impeaching President Trump. We examine the political merits of scorched earth. Then, Buttigieg channels his inner Beto, a NJ Democratic politician defends the murder of Jews, and Gorsuch comes under fire for wishing someone a merry Christmas.

Like this video? For more Ben Shapiro and Daily Wire content, subscribe to this channel and the Daily Wire YouTube channel and ring the bell for notifications so you never miss a story!democrats are officially impeaching president trump escalating to unprecedented and historic heights their three-year crusade to overturn a presidential election and subvert our constitutional order have they finally gone too far as the left threatens to undermine our laws open our borders steal our property destroy our institutions and force taxpayers to fund the wholesale slaughter of infants the stakes of the 2020 election become clear the left wants a fight we will examine the political merits of scorched earth then pete buddha judge channels his and supreme court justice neil gorsuch comes under fire for wishing someone a merry christmas all that and more i'm michael knowles and this is the michael knowles show [Music] they're doing it impeachment is happening it's officially happening today the democrats have the votes they will be able to impeach the president this impeachment is a big deal i know it seems like it isn't i know it it's so ridiculous they've been trying to do it for three years now we've kind of lost interest in it this is a big deal president trump will be only the third president in american history to be impeached the third out of 45 presidents he will be the first president to be impeached without any reason whatsoever without even the pretense of having committed an impeachable offense the democrats dropped that there's no bribery charge so it's just about removing a guy that they don't like from office this does not matter politically right now this does not hurt trump right now trump will be acquitted just as soon as cocaine mitch can snap his powdery fingers he will be acquitted we will forget about this possibly within weeks but historically this really matters historically we are in a position now where the constitutional order the separation of powers might be fundamentally broken historically we might now be in a position where rather than having three co-equal branches of government the president the legislature and the judiciary we may now be in a situation in which the legislature the congress reigns supreme over the executive and the executive is basically just serving at the pleasure of the congress a a fundamental perversion of our constitutional order the problem with impeachment here is not a problem in the here and now that's why democrats think they can get away with this and that it doesn't matter and they can give a little bit of a little bit of red meat to their base what matters here is the historical question president trump knows that so trump is speaking out he just sent a letter to members of congress of course to nancy pelosi in the senate but also a letter to history it's six pages long i will give you just the highlights the whole thing is a highlight but i will give you just the the top highlights first 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represents an unprecedented and unconstitutional abuse of power by democrat lawmakers unequaled in nearly two and a half centuries of american legislative history all true he goes on by proceeding with your invalid impeachment you are violating your oaths of office you are breaking your allegiance to the constitution and you are declaring open war on american democracy you dare to invoke the founding fathers in pursuit of this election nullification scheme yet your spiteful actions display unfettered contempt for america's founding and your egregious conduct threatens to destroy that which our founders pledged their very lives to build absolutely beautiful absolutely right he goes on this is the money line this is my favorite line of the entire letter you are the ones interfering in america's elections you are the ones subverting america's democracy you are the ones obstructing justice you are the ones bringing pain and suffering to our republic for your own selfish personal political and partisan gain now he backs this up he backs up this claim about democrats subverting the constitutional order and just trying to get their own political agenda across with no regard for the constitution he backs this up by citing many examples of democrats over the past few years simply pledging that they're going to get this guy out of office regardless of whether he commits an impeachable offense or not here is a quick cut of this that the rnc then put into an advertisement to come out at the same time as the letter preventing a potentially disastrous outcome from occurring next year and i'd like to impeach the bastard right now an imposter he really should be punished that's charlatan in the white house i am not running for anything except the impeachment of trump we cannot accept a second term for donald trump if we don't impeach this president he will get re-elected [Music] so that's what it's all about and we know that's what it's all about trump is not trying to convince democrats not to be utter partisans to the detriment of the country what he's trying to do in this letter is show historians how wrong this whole process was and and that's what you get in his final paragraph he says he says it explicitly i write this letter to you for the purpose of history and to put my thoughts on a permanent and indelible record 100 years from now when people look back at this affair i want them to understand it and learn from it so that it can never happen to another president again great letter a great letter i think he's right about the historical point i think in a hundred years people will look back on this impeachment as a a truly shameful period of american history either when our constitutional order was sort of irreparably sent down this broken path or this this path of no return or it will be a moment when we all reflect and say hmm we'd rather preserve our constitutional order than push our own partisan interests but this is a real moment we've never seen something like this before we've seen impeachments too and a process begun for richard nixon before he resigned but only two impeachments that the difference here is there's really not even a pretense of having committed an impeachable offense that poses a fundamental risk to the way that our government is structured you might say that history won't look kindly on trump because of all the terrible awful no good rotten things he did it's very difficult to figure out how history will look in the heat of the moment because we all have our partisan political passions if you can just kind of cool down your emotions about this i know i'm preaching to the choir here but i know that if the left could cool down their emotions and historians look back on the trump era what are they going to see they're going to see a great economy they're going to see in terms of domestic policy a sort of moderate republican president they're going to see a guy pulling back on our wars overseas they're going to see a guy getting tough on trade with some of our trading partners or trading adversaries they're gonna see a guy who was impeached without having committed an impeachable offense that is gonna look pretty good for trump it's gonna look pretty bad for the democrats i mean even just consider george w bush george w bush who had a fine couple terms in office at the time everyone said he was hitler he was the worst president of american history he was an idiot he was adult he was evil he was terrible now with the hindsight of 10 years people look back on him and say oh yeah he was fine even democrats look back and say yeah he was fine whatever imagine what history will say about president trump with this truly unprecedented impeachment i love the letter because it shows you the stakes the left is pushing open borders full-on property confiscation taxpayer-funded abortion the redefinition of biological sex literally the redefinition of our own nature and now the complete undermining of our constitutional order when you look at that when you look at the stakes of that and you consider any opposition you might still have to president trump as a conservative or a centrist or a moderate or a libertarian or any of those those philosophies you've got to ask yourself who cares about the tweets who cares who cares what he said about john mccain who cares what he said about rosie o'donnell who cares about any of that nonsense you've got the american left posing a fundamental danger to our constitutional order and you've got a loudmouth reality tv host who's actually been a pretty good president that's not a tough choice for me and i don't think that's a tough choice for a lot of americans where some people see only risk only threat only danger in this impeachment i got to tell you i see some great opportunity we will get to that opportunity in a second first i got to thank our friends over at honey you know this time of year you got to try to get the best deals 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someone who is so do them a solid tell them about honey takes two clicks to install you're going to love it right now it is free it installs in two clicks get it at join honey dot com slash knowles k-w-l-e-s that is join honey dot com slash knowles in this impeachment where some people are seeing only risk only danger i'm seeing some opportunity it's a great opportunity never let a crisis go to waste as rahm emanuel says so for the past few weeks few months we've been debating what is conservatism what are we here for what are we conserving what do we stand for the libertarians and the traditionalists and the religious right and the neo-conservatives and the populists what do we all stand for together people accuse us of only opposing the left they say the only thing that unites all the disparate factions among the conservative movement is triggering the libs that's pretty much all we want to do maybe that's not such a bad thing maybe opposing the left is actually enough to unite all the disparate factions on the right people forget this because we look back at history through rose-colored glasses because nostalgia is history after a few drinks we think that the conservative movement from world war ii until the fall of the berlin wall that that was some pure amazing movement that had no problems with it and it had an affirmative plan and i love bill buckley and ronald reagan as much as the next guy but that entire conservative movement that persisted for the second half of the 20th century or more was based on opposition to communism that's all that it was about that's how you united the national security guys and the libertarians and the traditionalist types the religious right too is by saying we oppose communism the libertarians opposed communism because it was collectivistic the social conservatives opposed communism because it was atheistic we all came together even though those groups didn't have a whole lot in common we opposed godless communism we wanted to trigger the international libs and now that that same impulse is is bringing us together the same impulse that gave us fusionism and the postwar conservative movement is keeping this trump-era conservative movement together all right the left accidentally has given conservatives a reason to unite nowhere do we see this more clearly than impeachment when they ask us what do you stand for i don't know we stand for not letting men into the little girls room we stand for not killing a million babies a year we stand for not stealing all of our property we stand for not completely shredding our constitution that's enough for me all right maybe it doesn't fit beautifully on some manifesto somewhere maybe you can't sum it up in a one sentence log line but i oppose all of those things i want to conserve our american traditions our american republic that's what i want to conserve and if the only way that i'm going to unite all the various groups that have interests here is to oppose the left good enough for me nancy pelosi makes a fine villain nancy pelosi is a good enough reason for us all to come together if they are going to throw out a president because they don't like how the election went they're they're not willing to play fair and square in an election year no less we're what 15 days from an election from entering into an election year now but they can't wait for that because they know if they don't impeach trump he might very likely get reelected there are still some republicans who haven't gotten the message i know it's hard to believe that there are still like four never ever ever trump conservatives out there it's not a big deal these kinds of cranks have always been around there was an op-ed published in the new york times just yesterday of course it was in the new york times called we are republicans and we want trump defeated this is supposed to be some shocking message even the republicans are breaking rank with trump this was written by george conway kellyanne conway's overgrown child i guess she's technically married to him uh steve schmidt he's an old mccain romney type john weaver who i actually worked with on a presidential campaign a number of years ago but he's also a very moderate republican who's worked for democrats and rick wilson another another squishy republican so four rhinos basically i mean four republicans who aren't that kind of republican for republicans who never want to be identified as such they write this piece in the new york times which is the mouthpiece for the left and they say we need the president to be defeated the president and his enablers have replaced conservatism with an empty faith led by a bogus prophet oh the great conservatism capital m with a trademark over the e they've replaced that glorious ideology with pretty much the same thing they replaced the conservative movement that opposed international communism with a conservative movement that opposes leftism more broadly all right whatever seems about the same to me then they write a bunch of nonsense and they talk about why we're not going to vote for trump i mention this not to give this terrible op-ed any air time i mention it because the times and the left and these never trump republicans want to make it seem as though this is unprecedented this is courageous this has never happened before this happens every election i remember back all the way to barry goldwater in the 60s you had some squishy fake republican going on tv four democrats and saying look i'm a republican but i could never vote for barry goldwater do we have it i think it's a commercial called confessions of a republican i don't know just why they wanted to call this a confession i i certainly don't feel guilty about being a republican i've always been a republican my father is his father was the whole family is a republican family i voted for dwight eisenhower the first time i ever voted i voted for nixon the last time but when we come to senator goldwater now it seems to me we're up against a a very different kind of a man this man scares me now maybe i'm wrong a friend of mine has said to me listen just because uh a man sounds a little irresponsible during a campaign doesn't mean he's going to act irresponsibly you know that theory that the white house makes the man i don't buy that you know what i think makes a president i mean aside from his his judgment his experience are the men behind him his his uh his advisors the cabinet and so many men with strange ideas are working for goldwater there it is i mean you could replace that guy with george conway you could replace the word goldwater with trump you'd get the exact same commercial this always happens every year there are some squish defectors who like being a conservative or a republican in theory but they're so afraid of contradicting the prevailing liberal leftist culture and they don't want to lose friends at their parties in washington dc and new york and la and they don't actually care about affecting the country all that much they just you know they want to be respectable and they wear nice suits and ties and they have fancy glasses and they sit in their chair a certain way and they say i'm a republican but not that kind of republican i mean it's interesting to note that this sort of phenomenon in the modern era began with barry goldwater because barry goldwater was pushed as a conservative candidate explicitly this was right at the beginning of the conservative movement the bill buckley national review post-war conservative movement and you had all these liberal republicans like john lindsay and nelson rockefeller and dwight eisenhower and then you finally had some conservatives who stood for a different view what phyllis schlafly called a choice not an echo it wasn't just democrat and democrat light but you had democrat and conservative republican and that's when the squishes come out and you're seeing the exact same thing here you're seeing republicans like these guys george conway steve schmidt republicans nominally who work for squishy republicans who work for republican but not that kind of republican who work for republicans who are no more than democrat light and you get this guy trump and for some reason trump in particular really seems to irk them you know what that tells us about trump it tells us that despite all of the commentary to the contrary despite everything we've heard from the former gatekeepers of the republican party and movement conservatism trump is actually pretty conservative much more conservative than any of the guys who wrote that op-ed much more willing to fight for the things that once at least united the conservative movement than any of the guys who wrote that op-ed we are up against a clear political adversary a lunatic destructive aggressive left all those other conversations are academic okay the the left must be defeated i'm i'm channeling my inner cato the elder the roman republic politician who said carthago de lenda est in my opinion carthage must be destroyed the left must be destroyed the left delinda asked our opponents oppose everything we stand for now look our opponents are our countrymen i'm not saying we got to hate these guys i'm not saying we should be angry and furious at these guys but i'm saying we must stop them they cannot succeed if they succeed we don't have our country anymore we'll have something else but it's it's not something that i'm eager to live in that i'm eager to possess i want to conserve our country our constitution our dignity of life not killing a million babies a year our own human nature the the very definition of sex itself our property i don't want people to come in and steal my property willy-nilly our separation of powers our federal government i want to conserve that and that's the battle right now and if you're upset because orange man said a mean tweet or he one time made fun of rosie o'donnell or john mccain or he i don't know used tariffs as a tool in a trade war and that's too much for you that's the line i will not cross then you should really rethink your priorities if you say well trump doesn't stand for anything i think he does i think it's pretty clear that he does he's been a very successful president but let's say he didn't i don't care right it is simply enough for if i've got a choice of two candidates one candidate has a completely internally consistent leftist world view and they want to undermine everything that i want to see in politics and then you've got a candidate who has this kind of hodgepodge of a political ideology and maybe some of it doesn't make sense together but i know that at least he's gonna try to stop the other guy from doing the things the other guy wants to do that's enough for me okay i'm more than happy to take what i can get politics is not the realm of the perfect politics is not some abstract concept where it's just floating in mid-air and we can have philosophical purity and everything works out great and we can't get our hands dirty politics is a real science it is a practical science and it is the art of inclusion as the new jersey governor tom keane famously said you got to bring a lot of people together bill buckley did this incredibly effectively in the post-war conservative movement ronald reagan did this incredibly effectively and they didn't whine and complain and moan and say oh what do we all really stand for why can't we all agree perfectly why can't we have a perfect doctrinaire manifesto of the five bullet points of conservatism that we all 100 agree to why do we have to have ronald reagan leading this he's a divorced kind of former liberal governor who didn't even go to the right schools or work in the right think tanks and he doesn't doesn't even necessarily wear the right ties he's kind of a hollywood guy oh how embarrassing for us that's not who we are that's not what we stand for give me a break you know it's it's sort of ironic because all these guys who are coming after trump and the people who support trump guys like that in that new york times op-ed they're saying that we're somehow betraying the conservative movement of bill buckley and ronald reagan the opposite is true buckley reagan goldwater those were these are practical guys they did something that many thought was not possible and they did it by bringing people together who didn't exactly agree with each other ideologically but they knew they had a common foe that needed to be defeated that's exactly what we're seeing today and the ones who don't have the stomach for it the ones that don't have thick enough skin for it the ones who don't have the vision for it whine and complain but they are not the heirs to the great successes of conservatives in american history we are and we have to keep pushing that victory just to drive this point home because i think maybe some people think i'm being hyperbolic about it our opponents so oppose what we believe as american conservatives they refuse even to speak english i'm not even just talking about beto i'm talking about pete budage pito pito obudajidge and chuck schumer and other leading democrats we'll get to that in a second first i gotta thank our friends over at quip the quip electronic toothbrush it comes in super duper handy whether you're at home or whether you're on the road they make an incredibly sleek cool toothbrush and it helps you stick to a healthy brushing habit i used to be a cheapskate i used to use those regular old manual toothbrushes it's like brushing your teeth with a stick doesn't do a whole lot my dentist finally tells me i need to use an electric toothbrush quips electric toothbrush has sensitive sonic vibrations with a built-in timer and 30 second pulses to guide a full and even clean it cleans your teeth so much better it makes it easy to stick to this healthy brushing habit you can start with the electric toothbrush then you get refillable 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the race is jumping on this train too he just tweeted out yesterday el pueblo unido which means the people united will never be defeated this is a radical leftist slogan today i'm proud to announce a bold comprehensive plan to dismantle the institutional barriers that have kept latinos from feeling like they fully belong in their country hey here's one of those barriers not speaking english how about the people speaking english will feel like they're home at this country how obviously the pandering is pathetic the pandering is so transparent but probably the number one issue that keeps latinos from feeling like they're welcome in america is when they speak a different language it's very hard to feel welcome if you don't understand what everyone else in the country is speaking what they're saying and the move from the left to not just to discourage assimilation and discourage learning english which is pretty new barack obama told people to learn english when they got to this country and that was 10 years ago 11 years ago when he was actually doing it more recently he was doing it as late as 2014 2015. when you've got now democratic presidential candidates not only discouraging learning english but actually speaking horrible absolutely indecipherable spanish themselves you have gotten to a level of radicalism that is truly boggling to the mind and it's not just buddha judge who's doing it it's humor too and it's by the way this problem is not just at the federal level the radical leftism is at the state and local level a uh a seattle uh seattle agency to deal with the homeless just used taxpayer money to to sponsor a drag queen strip show at one of its events new jersey school board member is defending a recent racist attack on jews there is a lot of radicalism here we'll get to that in a second first listen up i'm going to save you time and money this christmas season the perfect gift

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