Big Fat Liar

Movies from Film Forum, 02/14/02Big Fat Liar stars Frankie Muniz (TV's Malcolm in the Middle) as Jason, a kid who discovers that his school paper is being turned into a blockbuster motion picture by a thieving Hollywood executive (Paul Giamatti). With the help of his friend (Amanda Bynes) he sets out to right the wrong. His parents, who consider Jason a chronic liar, come to admire their son's efforts, and Jason himself learns a lesson about the value of telling the truth.Phil Boatwright describes it as a variation on "the boy who cried wolf." He says, "Although I admit to laughing out loud several times, I think the silliness of the plot will leave most grownups cold. But kids will have a blast."But the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops critic labels it a "lame comedy" and an "unfunny fantasy."...

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Jan 1st 2002
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