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Like this video? For more Michael Knowles and Daily Wire content, subscribe to this channel and the Daily Wire YouTube channel and ring the bell for notifications so you never miss a story!nearly 700,000 people filed for unemployment last week more unemployment claims than we saw at the peak of the 2009 recession we will examine the promising signs for a cure to coronavirus and perhaps more importantly the promising signs the President Trump is ready to free us from the dictatorship of public health experts then mainstream media journalists humiliate themselves because today is a day ending in Y and the New York City government publishes a helpful guide on how to have sanitary group sodomy during the pandemic all that and more on Michael Knowles and this is the Michael Knowles show [Music] all right we've got a lot of updates here for the coronavirus and I can't wait to show you the New York City pandemic sex guide which is a real thing which we will really get to this is this is what the dictatorship of expertise gets us first what are the updates tax filing deadline has been moved this is a very good sign it's going to be moved to July 15th so if you haven't done your taxes yet you know good you get a little bit more time some other big moves that President Trump announced on Friday the US border with Mexico will be closed to non-essential travel president Trump has been trying to get this for three and a half years and it took a global pandemic for it to work but that that is done the US border with Canada will be closed to non-essential travel perhaps more important than closing the border with Mexico since there were all those Canadian socialists up there another important update President Trump has invoked the defense production Act this is a Korean War era law began in 1950 and this is a way to turn American industry to government ends so for instance if you need to start producing a lot more ventilators the government can work with private industry to do that it sounds a lot more monumental than it is and it sounds like we're basically gearing up for World War two again I guess in a certain way we are but actually the defense production act has been invoked many times it was invoked by Barack Obama during his administration it's been invoked something like 20 times since 1950 so not earth-shattering stuff but you know everyone's so on edge during the pandemic that anytime they hear something like that they think that we're going to all that war or something a student loan payments have been suspended for 60 days so if you've got your student loans that you owe on you're certainly not in school right now so it seems perfectly fitting that you don't have to make payments on those student loans and no one's got any money coming in anyway so if you've already graduated good that you don't have to make payments on those either and the Indiana primary election has been pushed back to June this is part of a trend that we saw starting in Ohio when Governor Mike DeWine decided he was going to cancel the primary for coronavirus a judge told him he couldn't do that he said who cares about the judge and just closed the polling stations so it's not just Ohio anymore it's happening in Indiana this is going to seriously affect the 2020 race it's it's going to affect all the way up until the Democratic convention and then it's probably going to have effects on the general election so if you thought that the whining about it being an unfair election in 2016 was bad just wait until we get to November of 2020 and then the big update on the numbers we now have 451 deaths from coronavirus in the United States now this all began in late January so you know obviously for 251 deaths very sad for each of the 451 people and their families for all of us but it's not a hundred thousand people it's it's maybe not as bad as some people were expecting that however has not stopped the public health experts from telling us really we're still on the brink of civilizational collapse that's why we all need to stay locked up in our homes and not go anywhere this from dr. Marty Meharry at public health expert from Johns Hopkins University who is insistent that we keep up the hysteria because if not hundreds of thousands of people are going to die some of America still isn't denial that we even have a problem and you know we live in a very opinionated country but this is not fantasy football here these are facts and this is data and what's happening in Italy will happen in the United States they had 793 deaths in the last 24 hours I saw your interview with dr. Friedman just now I don't think he answered your question about how many cases word we're gonna have here we're gonna have hundreds of thousands of deaths and we're gonna have millions of people with the infection that's based on the data of Italy extrapolated to our population what they're experiencing now is over 4,000 Americans dying per day when we get to their point in the infection okay this guy is seriously misrepresenting the facts what he's doing has become typical of the mainstream media and the so-called experts you know the we are we are right now basing our national politics on the apparently sacrosanct advice of public health experts rather than dealing with politics as they are which is where we discuss issues that are often internal questions and try to persuade our fellow citizens we've put all of that aside that entire American political tradition aside for the moment and now we're just doing whatever these public health experts tell us but are they telling us the truth I mean the first thing if you're watching that clip of Meharry the first thing that's so strange is looking at on screen you've got the host then you've got Karl Rove as the Republican voice then you've got Donna Brazile the former head of the Democratic National Committee as the left-wing voice and then you've got the public health expert as another as another left-wing voice but he's supposedly objective and merely scientific if you look at Donna Brazile the whole time he's talking about how you know hundred thousand people are gonna die it's gonna be mass chaos there's gonna be mass death everyone on screen is very serious about it except for Donna Brazile who is like smiling and nodding and it looks really weird it's the weirdest creepiest reaction imaginable and if you look maybe she's just a strange person but if you want to try to look into that and find out the political implications of it it would seem that the political implications are that the left I'm not saying the left are cheering on deaths I'm saying the left is cheering on the alarmism because the alarmism allows them to get more of their public policy priorities through you saw the other day a Rob Reiner meat head from all in the family famously far leftist guy said enough of this state-by-state lockdown we did in a national lockdown now just kind of funny because meathead says that he hates Donald Trump and yet he wants to give Donald Trump so much more power because really what the left wants to do the thing the Left loves about the coronavirus epidemic is obviously not the sickness what it loves though is the power that is going to the government right now and the total stopping of politics there is no politics during the epidemic it's just a tyrannical group of public health experts tell us what to do maybe for our own good doesn't change the fact that they are determining how our government is running that's the first part that's pretty weird about this the second part that's weird is 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the death rate in Italy isn't anything like the death rate in the United States right now the death rate 7.9 four percent from coronavirus but the death rate in the United States is only one point six eight percent now they might say well that number is gonna rise and rise and rise as the United States gets closer to the stage where Italy is they'll say that Italy is 11 days ahead in terms of the pandemic than we are is Italy got it so much sooner but that doesn't seem to be true if you if you even track Italy in the United States day by day we did it last week I think was last Wednesday or Thursday if you looked at where the United States was in terms of death count compared to where the United States is compared to where Italy was 11 days prior Italy had 200 deaths the United States had 100 deaths even though the United States is five and a half times larger than Italy so even if they were the equal populations we still had many fewer deaths and then you look at how much larger our population sizes and you see that that rate is significantly lower so why are the Italian number is so high what is it about Italy well there's some good reason to believe that Italy is simply a different country than the United States I mean not not just in terms of the literal question they are literally different countries but in terms of the national makeup so the Journal of the American Medical Association JAMA shows that 40% of infections and 87% of deaths in Italy have been in patients over 70 years old yeah this tracks with what we've been hearing the whole time I mean even if you just look sort of superficially you realize Italy has the oldest population in Europe the second oldest population in the world they all greet each other by kissing and they're all smokers right and they don't have a particularly functioning government and so it's just a little bit different than the United States I mean there was one story I kid you not it came out out of Florence that the mayor of Florence various politicians there in the early days of the coronavirus endorsed a hug a Chinese person campaign hug a Chinese person so that it could be shown that Italians are not racist we are now told we're not even allowed to hug our spouses we're not to hug our family members for the risk of the the virus spreading but Italy early on was willing to risk that entirely to show how not racist they are probably not the wisest public policy move according to JAMA the majority of people in this group were seriously being affected by the corona virus in Italy are likely to need critical hospital care including 80 percent of 80 somethings which is putting a ton of stress on the Italian healthcare system but there is an expert there another expert who's on the other side like Western professor rich Hardy who says that actually the reason isn't just from the age groups and the way the hospitals are run actually it's a reporting issue so he says quote the way in which we code deaths in our country is very generous in the sense that all the people who die in hospitals with the coronavirus are deemed to be dying of the corona virus that means if you go in and you're you've got corona virus right so you're 84 years old you've got corona virus you were admitted to the hospital also you've got stage 4 pancreatic cancer also you've got pneumonia also you had a stroke last week if you are admitted to the hospital with corona virus and you die there then it will be recorded in Italy as you have died from corona virus but that's very confusing because there's a good chance that person would have died a week later anyway whether they had corona virus or not so how do you track it we have this tracking problem in America too although I think I actually have the solution and it's going to put a lot of left-wingers in a bad position when they try to extrapolate the last two weeks and make it into a national power grab policy we'll get to that in a second first I gotta thank our 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wles for 25 percent off so you've got this big recording issue in Italy there was one analysis of this showed that you you might be able if you if you got rid of the recording issue you just looked at people who died directly immediately of the coronavirus primarily of the coronavirus you could bring down their death numbers by something like an order of magnitude but it depends on how you look at it so we have this in the united states - a big scare example came out last week here in my own city of los angeles we'd been hearing 80 year olds die of coronavirus seventy five year olds maybe but people who were young do not until last week we heard of a 34 year old guy in LA who died from the corona virus I think he had just gone to Disneyland so he's in a very crowded place mean it even scarier that is a scary headline especially if you are someone about my age what they buried in the article though is that this guy had underlying health conditions and some pretty serious ones he had a lifelong history of asthma of frequent bronchitis and then as recently as 3-4 years ago he had testicular cancer so he was treated for cancer this is no easy treatment and then he got coronavirus those details are relevant here because something tells me that the health of somebody who doesn't have those chronic conditions who hasn't recently been treated for cancer is quite different than somebody who has so how do you figure out who is right there are two groups of people right now as I see it they're the people who say that shutting down the world economy pausing everybody locking everyone in their apartments is perfectly reasonable and there should be no end in sight and really if anything we under reacted so the Democratic governor of New York some doubt summed up this view Andy Cuomo and equal moe is now all the left-wing governors are trying to one-up each other so you know governor Newsom in California does something and equal moe wants to do more than that or the local mayor's Eric Garcetti in LA does something because the leftist mayor of San Francisco does something so then the governor wants to do it right there all one-upping each other Andy Cuomo said of his policy to more or less lock down the state he said if everything we do saves just one life I'll be happy now how you can argue with that sentiment you don't care about human life if that's the that's the conclusion if you don't want to do everything that Andy Cuomo is done then you don't care about human life now of course this policy is absurd none of us actually believe it's true 90 people 100 and actually the numbers closer to 100 102 people die on average in car accidents every single day so we should ban cars right is there we wouldn't just be saving one life we'd be saving 102 lives a day 102 people who would go home to their families every day if we got rid of automobiles so do you not support getting rid of automobiles what you don't care about human life you're not as wonderful and moral a person as andy Cuomo no of course not that's not that's not the takeaway from that I mean even just consider what Andy poem was saying he's saying if we stop the global economy and that saves one life from the coronavirus it was worth it how many lives are gonna be ended because we stopped the global economy I mean just forget about how the supply chain is going to affect people forget about how all of the confusion is going to affect people's lives just consider everyone losing their jobs record number of people have applied for unemployment we'll get to that in a second when people lose their jobs suicide ticks up personally no of two people who have killed themselves because of two people who have tried to kill themselves one person who succeeded because of this shut down coinciding with this shutdown is weren't you don't need to send sympathy or anything and these were not like close friends of mine but these are stories that I've heard of from friends of mine so I'm only one one degree removed from them how many more stories are there like that okay if just me just I have heard of two people doing this one of whom succeeded at it what's going on around the country already you know and let's say one person lives from coronavirus but then one person kills himself because he lost his job if we're taking a purely utilitarian calculus here probably wasn't the smartest thing to do right that's what Andy quote that's andy poem was calculus here that's one group of people and i think what they're saying is indefensible but it's emotionally very compelling the other group of people think maybe it wasn't the greatest idea to shut down the global economy maybe it was maybe it wasn't we just don't know that's the group of the skeptics so there's the people who say grind everything to a halt please install doctor foul chi as our world ruler who will tell us everything to do a wise and Noble Emperor and there's the other group that says maybe we need to balance different things maybe we shouldn't just focus with 100% myopia on the coronavirus this is what is meant by the dictatorship of public health experts there's a leftist idea that the people we should put in charge or the experts and this has been the leftist idea for hundreds of years now if you're the public health expert then you've got to run all of public health policy if you're the environmentalist expert you've got to run all environmental policy now the trouble is all these different areas of policy affect one another if you're the economic expert you got to run all of economic policy they all affect one another and so there's a conservative idea which is that of course we listen to the opinion of experts of course we should look at the data look at science but the experts are actually the last people we should put in charge because the the experts by definition their whole career has been putting on blinders so all they can see is their one field of expertise but actually in governance in politics you need to take off the blinders you need to have generalists in charge so that they can not miss the forest for the trees that group of people who are say maybe the skeptics or who are trying to balance other priorities here as well I certainly count myself in that group I suspect most of you count yourselves in that group how do we figure out who's right I have a solution but first I've got to thank our friends over at M sleep you haven't trouble falling asleep these days I suspect maybe you are maybe you got some worries on your mind I know just about everybody has worries on their mind these days if you've tried everything from pills to pillows with little success it's time for you to try AB AB sleep is a wearable solution that fits over the forehead and gently and precisely cools the forehead to reduce those racing thoughts allowing people who suffer from sleeplessness to drift more comfortably into a deeper more restorative sleep the minds normal way of dealing with 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right here you can't do it by simply counting deaths from coronavirus you can't do it by the counterfactual either you can't say well had we not done these measures then the numbers would have been the same right because all we know is the effect of what we actually did all right what you'll hear from the power grab people at the end of all of this even if we lock down the whole country and we get to the end of it we crash the global economy and let's say only 50,000 people die you know something comparable to a flu epidemic what they will say is we had to do what we did because if not 10 gazillion people would have died and you would have no way of proving that wrong except this one the way to count the effectiveness of these policies is to first factor in all the people who would have died anyway even without coronavirus this is this would fix the recording problem in Italy so every single day about 7,500 people die in the United States of heart disease car accidents all sorts of ailments people die I know that we forget this in our materialistic culture but people do die so 7,500 people die per day what we now need to do and then that takes in seasonal flu that takes in all other sorts of epidemics what we need to do to figure out the true death toll from coronavirus both in the United States in Italy elsewhere is simply figure out how many more people died per day now it by the way you can't take it just day by day because that's an average so you have to look at exactly how many people died different seasons of the year when this is all over when you're calculating the death toll we need to take that number into account it also will allow us to compare it across countries is our response like Italy you know that expert who went on TV Meharry at the top of the show he seems to think that we're exactly like Italy some people want to point out that actually our response has been quite different from Italy we don't have hugging campaigns we have social distancing campaigns here for one example we and the border much earlier if the number is massive of extra deaths from coronavirus here and elsewhere in the world we will know that we did the right thing if the number is not massive if the number is more comparable to say a flu epidemic we will know that we perhaps overreacted we will be able to hold to account people who stoked the hysteria now luckily President Trump gets it the left doesn't get it the left is going bonkers and they're posting a lot of weird videos and weird sex guides around the internet which we will get to but president Trump is showing evidence that he really does get it me smacking down the mainstream media all the while to show it we'll get to that in a second first I got to thank our friends over at over at the Daily wire website actually not not even our friends at a regular sponsor I got to thank our members and our all-access members if you haven't had a chance to see some of our new content called all access live you should head over to Daley and check it out a Jeremy and Ben kicked this off last week and then we all did live streams each day over daily wire comm we're going to continue that all this week at 8 p.m. eastern 5:00 p.m. Pacific this is a very relaxed show okay this is not one of our highly produced totally organized news shows this is just a way to hang out because that's all we're doing these days in our quarantine the show is intended for our all-access members but during this national emergency and time of isolation we've opened it up to all of our members and in doing so we've we've accelerated the launch a little bit so please let us know what you think of that if you're around at 8 p.m. Eastern 5 p.m. pacific tonight join us over on the all-access live show daily head on over there subscribe you will not regret it we'll be right back with a lot more President Trump gets it he gets this fear he gets why we need to crack the dictatorship of experts he's taking it seriously just good we want him to do that he's also cracking jokes about tyrannical government who's doing a press conference I believe this was on Friday and he's standing doctor foul Qi and Mike Pence and Mike Pompeo are behind him and he cracks a joke about how he's got to get Secretary of State Mike Pompeo back to the State Department or as some people call it the deep State Department you know what I'd like to do I'd like to him to go back to the State Department or as they call it the deep State Department you don't mind I'd like to have him go back and do his job so does anybody have any question so the greatest part of this exchange is first of all Trump is not allowing this pandemic to cower him it's not is not allowing it to force him into retreat and to defer simply to the the dictatorship of experts but when you look at the chief expert in the country dr. fowey who's been doing a very good job the minute that Trump says the deep State Department you see the smirk just tick up on fat cheese face and you can see he's just trying to suppress a laugh so his mouth is all sort of contorting and he just puts his head down you know he's like scratching his forehead so that he can hide his smile he's obviously getting a kick out of it really gives me even more confidence that the guy knows what he's doing that he can crack a laugh about the the bureaucracy and our federal government that the next aspect of Trump's response that is really giving me confidence is a tweet he sent out last night all caps that's how you know that a Trump tweet is really serious he tweets that quote we cannot let the Cure be worse than the problem itself at the end of the 15 day period we will make a decision as to which way we want to go exclamation point love this my man that's exactly what you need to say right now because right now we're in quarantine we've been in quarantine for what like seven days or so and the that's making the market stank the thing that's making people freak out is we don't know when the end is going to be this is gonna drag on for two weeks two months 18 months I don't know we gotta wait for the experts to tell us how to live our lives I guess whatever they say that's what we're gonna do give up our liberties don't go to Mass they closed churches everywhere that's cool that's fine you take all of our freedoms take everything that we want to do indefinitely I don't think so Americans are willing to have solidarity come together help each other out so even suspend some of our rights for a limited period of time we need to know when that comes to an end and this 15-day period was what they talked about at the beginning 15 days to stop the virus or to slow down the spread of the virus cool I'll be a sport for 15 days won't be a spot sport for 15 months won't be a sport for 15 years need an end date and so that end date now it looks like it'd be about March 30th I really hope that President Trump sticks to this and barring some seriously evidenced catastrophe on the horizon if we don't extend it I want him to end it at 15 days there were almost six hundred ninety four thousand new unemployment claims between last Monday and last Wednesday that blows the 2009 recession out of the water it actually blew past the 2009 recession how much longer we gonna let that go on are we gonna let the unemployment rate get up to 30% maybe maybe starting to go there are we gonna let it stay there for months and months crash the economy probably not a great idea there were unintended effects of that that the our public health experts simply cannot factor in the media are furious at Trump for trying to remind people that this is going to end quickly for trying to find a quick solution to this they're furious at Trump because he attacked a reporter over this exact question he called an NBC journalist a terrible reporter for asking Trump what he would say to Americans who were scared that's the narrative the narrative the mainstream media is putting out for you right now is that a reporter asked a perfectly legitimate question mr. president what do you say to Americans who were scared and Trump unhinged crazy up against a wall couldn't give an answer to this question it was such a horrible moment for Trump the exchange came after President Trump announced the possibility of a breakthrough regarding a cure to coronavirus a drug called chloroquine and some people would add to it hydroxy hydroxychloroquine so chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine now this is a common malaria drug it's also a drug used for strong arthritis okay this is drug he goes on to describe it I love the way he to chloroquine some people look some people might say hydroxychloroquine okay what I'm take any either name but it treats malaria treats arthritis and this may have an application to coronavirus hey great n

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