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For more Ben Shapiro and Daily Wire content, subscribe to this channel and the Ben Shapiro YouTube channel and ring the bell for notifications so you never miss a story!as more and more Americans move outside Authority z' debate how to crack down george w bush releases a cove at 19 video and Joe Biden continues to struggle with Tara Reid sexual assault allegation i'm ben shapiro this is the ben shapiro show [Music] today's show is sponsored by expressvpn protects your data from prying eyes and express it VPN dot-com slash man alright well may the fourth be with you and quick note on that let's just all hope that one day Disney will stop taking all the nostalgia we have for what was one of the great intellectual property pieces in the history of Hollywood and using all that nostalgia nor to promulgate social justice warrior bullcrap that will be the day when they can stop blaming their toxic fandom because the reality is Star Wars is fantastic my son loved Star Wars my daughter loves Star Wars missins birthday is this week we're having a Star Wars theme party you know who's not gonna appear at that party anyone from the new Star Wars series will be all the originals cuz that's all he cares about all he cares about you know I thought the originals are good and everything else blows and you know why that is because they used to care about the story in Hollywood already well now to the actual news of the day so over the weekend the president of United States President Trump he did a he did a town hall event with Fox News at the Lincoln Memorial's pretty stunning backdrop actually and there are a couple of big headlines that came out of this headline number one is that President Trump revised upward his estimate of the number of deaths from corona virus to up to a hundred thousand he is not wrong about this obviously we will probably hit a hundred thousand over the course of the year we already have about seventy thousand a little bit under seventy thousand I saw a rumor going around last night that the CDC had revised downward their estimate by half that's not true the CDC data was not taking into account the last couple of weeks because they were just relying on number of actual reported deaths as opposed to the number of estimated deaths those tend to come in over the course of the next couple of weeks so we are currently at about sixty five thousand sixty-six thousand dead in the United States the virus will kill somewhere between 75 and a hundred thousand President Trump is correct about this this was the original estimate that dr. Burks put out and that Anthony thought you put out from the IH m e model it suggested it could be as high as a quarter of a million and we will end up somewhere in that range in all likelihood here as president Trump acknowledging that and also acknowledging that the steps taken by the government have actually prevented this from being a lot higher we're gonna lose anywhere from seventy five eighty to a hundred thousand people that's a horrible thing we should lose one person over this this should have been stopped in China it should have been stopped but if we didn't do it the we would have lost as a million to a million four million five that's the minimum we would have lost probably higher than it's possible higher than two point two okay one of the big questions here is whether that is because the health care system would have been swamped and it would have looked like Italy because even Italy didn't end up with those kinds of numbers or whether the only thing preventing us from hitting that one point five two point two million is the fact that we are locked down in which case the letting up of the lock down is going to lead to a dramatic spike in cases so either the modelling is somewhat wrong or we have basically acknowledged that we're not going to end up between 100 and 240,000 see this is sort of the problem here is that what the models suggested is that even with social distancing we would end up between 100 and 240,000 in most states have really not completely released their population even in states like Georgia or Colorado which have started to release their population people aren't crowding into movie theaters people are still wearing masks people are social distancing and one of the things that's fascinating is that it's unclear what exactly we're aiming for at this point what exactly are we aiming for are we stalling for time or trying to play for time so that there are new therapeutics that are brought to bear or so that a vaccine is developed or are we basically doing this Whedon thing and aiming for hurt immunity because Sweden continues to approach hurt immunity in places like Stockholm we already know that according to the antibody tests well over a quarter of the people in New York City have had kovin 19 which means that they're kind of getting to the point where herd immunity is is not that far off right now there's a lot of death till you get to herd immunity is sort of the idea but even there the real question is how much death is necessary for a herd immunity if you can segment off the populations that are most vulnerable meaning that if you actually look at the stats in various areas around the world what you see is that anywhere from 40 to 50 percent of all deaths in places like Italy in places like Sweden in places like another ones are happening in old-age homes in the United States that number is anywhere from 20 25 to 40 percent so if you were actually able to protect those places if you were able to test all the people going into those places if you were able to restrict the movement to people or inside the old-age homes then you could immediately remove presumably about 25 to 30 percent of that entire death toll from the rolls which starts to make this look a lot less deadly for the rest of the population particularly under age 60 if you're under age 60 the chances that you're going to die from this thing are very low unless you have a serious pre-existing condition like diabetes and if you're under the age of 40 there's almost no chance that you die from this thing or even sustained is damage from this thing statistically speaking so the question is what we are aiming for I'm gonna get to that in just a moment cuz President Trump it's not clear whether we are just waiting for a vaccine to be developed or whether we think that therapeutics will be like what is the change where is the game-changer here and if there is no game-changer then nature will have her course the only question is how long it takes for nature to have her course and if nothing changes then either a lot of people die over the course of a longer period of time or a lot of people die now or if those are the two choices and neither one of them is very good we're gonna get two more of this in just one second first I need to take a moment to give a shout out to all of our advertising partners who helped make the show possible obviously there's a rough economic times and they rely on you to continue patronizing them and we rely on them to continue advertising on the program to ensure that this show can continue to be brought to you we are super grateful for our advertising partners I love all of the products that we sponsor on this show and all of our advertisers we're all trying to get through this together and we really appreciate you patronizing our advertising partners speaking of which one of my favorite advertising partners my friends over at the pearl source so mom's Day is coming up Mother's Day is 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confident we'll have a vaccine by year's end he's been engaged in a in a grand attempt to accelerate progress toward a vaccine here is the president we are very confident we're going to have a vaccine at the end of the year by the end of the year have a vaccine by the end of this we think we're going to have a vaccine by the end of this year and we're pushing very hard you know we're building supply lines now we don't even have the final vaccine Johnson and Johnson if you look at Johnson & Johnson is doing it we have many companies or I think close because I meet with the heads of them and I find it a very interesting subject because it's so important okay so if we're betting on the vaccine by the end of the year then presumably the goal is that we continue social distancing we continue wearing masks herd immunity is is not something that we aim for because obviously once the vaccine arrives then we can artificially create herd immunity I mean it's effectively what a vaccine does it artificially creates herd immunity that would normally happen through a diseases natural progression through the population you keep as many people alive as you can until then you vaccinated all the people who are capable of getting the vaccination and then you move on with your life because that's the best you're going to do so hopes for the vaccine are actually maybe balancing against a wider opening up right if you if you think of AK scene is not gonna be developed for five years here then you may as well say have at it right you may as well say okay here's what we're gonna do we're just going to protect the most vulnerable populations we're gonna tell them to stay at home we're gonna aim for hurt immunity with the rest of the population and go out and willy-nilly have fun in fact there are some scientists who are suggesting exactly that but we'll get to that in just a minute but what's really fascinating about all of this is the imagistic s-- of the whole situation the imagistic of the whole situation are really interesting so president Trump's actions as I've said from the beginning have been pretty good I mean once the once the feds got serious about this they got really serious there was no ventilator shortage I mentioned this last week everybody was talking ventilators ventilators vents there was no ventilator shortage there's talk about overwhelming the medical system didn't happen there was talk about the federal government not people what they need didn't happen in fact every major Democratic governor in America has come out and said that the federal government did what they were supposed to do and getting people what they wanted that's not stopping Joe Biden from claiming however that Donald Trump blew this in dramatic fashion even though Joe Biden has no evidence that Donald Trump actually blew this in dramatic fashion this has led Joe Biden to putting out an ad he has to run on the back of the pandemic because the fact is that before the pandemic Joe Biden was probably going to lose before the Pens I met Joe Biden was in serious trouble because the economy it was quite good because Donald Trump remains popular in a lot of those swing states more popular than he is in the country at large now Joe Biden is jumping on the pandemic really to attack Trump and this is why image matters the buck stops here Harry Truman said it it means no excuses it means taking responsibility the ultimate responsibility for the biggest decisions in the world every great president has lived up to it but Donald Trump yeah no I don't take responsibility at all first of all the governors are supposed to be doing a lot of this work and they we're back up without an ordering clerk we're back up Donald Trump thought the job was about tweets and rallies and big parades he never thought he'd have to protect an early 330 okay so that's Biden's dad here's the thing when it comes to shifting blame the Obama administration was bar none the best at this they were incredible at this how many people went under the bus in the Obama administration I mean that bus we just speed bump its own staff regularly I mean the number of heads of departments who ended up going under that bus very Kathleen Sebelius at HHS was one of the people who ended up under the bus Lois Lerner at the IRS ended up under the bus lots of people ended up under that bus Joe Biden not famous for taking responsibility famous for stealing other people's verbiage and from to make speeches but not particularly famous for taking responsibility nonetheless the the push by the Democrats and by the media is going to be the president Trump is too volatile to lead now the reality is again that Trump's actions in the pandemic the actions have actually been okay it's the messaging that's been a problem and here's a perfect example of this so Andrew Cuomo has about seventy seven percent popularity in New York he's been horrible I mean really horrible his leadership has been terrible he did not shut down the subway system if you're gonna lock this thing down you gotta shut down the subway system he didn't do it Andrew Cuomo did not even bother to shut down the subway system overnight for disinfecting until last week Andrew Cuomo had a rule in place in New York that if a person in an old-age home went and was diagnosed with Koba 19 they were had they had to be let back into the old-age home which is basically a recipe for infecting everybody and killing everybody Andrew Cuomo didn't lock down the state until late March Andrew Cuomo spent all of his time on TV whining about how he wasn't getting ventilators rather than presumably changing the rules that he could protect more of a citizenry meanwhile Bill DeBlasio in New York horrible mayor Wright spent the weekend ripping on the Jews meanwhile people were out at the parks on mass right but nonetheless Andrew Cuomo's popularity is like 77 percent including 53% of Republicans why because the Andrew Cuomo understands the image here which is I take this seriously so Andrew Cuomo over the weekend for example he went out and he personally disinfected trains he was out there personally disinfecting the trains okay wow what a hero what a hero you know this sort of kind of political posturing is really dumb I remember that Barack Obama used to do this every time there was some sort of natural disaster he would jet in and then he would take the helicopter to the natural disaster there'd be pictures of him looking out over the natural disaster and this meant that he cared a lot a lot a lot well now Andrew Cuomo who shut down the subways originally because the subways were the chief spreading point for the virus now he's out there and they're pictures of him disinfecting because he cares so much he cares okay so he understands the game the game a listen this is the thing about Trump Trump says the game doesn't exist the game is dumb he is not wrong about this all right this is one of the things that people actually on his side kind of like about Trump is the fact that he just says the game is stupid and I'm not gonna play it but the reality is that most people are susceptible to the game Cuomo knows this which is why he's out there doing this sort of thing it's also why it's damaging for Trump to get volatile with regard to sort of unifying messages so George W Bush put out a message over the weekend there was sort of a unifying message for the country that's not a bad thing he's the ex-president of the United States and Trump promptly just crapped all over him which again is that a great look in the middle of a time when we need unity no it isn't and that again is Trump fundamentally misunderstanding what his job is to do right now politically speaking he understands his job when it comes to trying to secure the American people it's actually precisely the reverse of the Obama administration when it came to keeping the American people safe the Obama administration was not very good at keeping the Americans people safe particularly when it came to foreign policy when it came to pandemics the they never had to face anything like this nobody's had to face anything like this for a hundred years in the United States but when it came to foreign policy the Obama administration was constantly leading from behind shifting responsibility not doing the things that were necessary to keep the American people safe and then posturing about it Trump shockingly is actually quite bad at the posturing but the policy is actually quite good we'll get to that in just one second first let's talk about the fact that Mother's Day is coming up and you have a chance to get your mom the best bouquet available in the past waiting until the last minute to order a Mother's Day bouquet from 1-800 flowers that might have worked out fine this year is a bit different because there is limited delivery because the system has been basically overwhelmed it's important to lock in your bouquet order right now right 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rise okay so that that is Bush fundamentally understanding the kind of stuff Americans want to hear and then from the immediately takes the opportunity to your smack bush which is that like how exactly is this useful he tweeted out Pete headsets oh by the way I appreciate the message from former President Bush but where was he during impeachment calling for putting partisanship aside he was nowhere to be found and speaking up against the greatest hoax in American history not everything is about you dude not everything is about you and that kind of that that kind of narcissism does not serve President Trump well in the middle of a pandemic it just doesn't most Americans don't want to hear that stuff they don't know again that is Trump not getting the imagistic part of the job correct but here's the thing about Trump he is getting a lot of the substance right okay so President Trump has a gut feel that Americans want to get back to work and he is correct about this so President Trump over the weekend he said listen people want to go back you see it in the protests more than seeing in the protests you see it in the number of cars on the road seriously you want you want a better gauge for how many people want to go back to work than the protests all you have to do is drive around the freeways in Los Angeles on a weekday traffic is up like 25 to 30 percent it used to be that you could really just speed through LA you'll actually hit traffic jams on occasion during weekdays in LA is still technically shut down there's president Trump saying people do want to go back he is correct about this there I don't honestly I don't understand how this has become a partisan issue this should be a data-driven issue somehow this has become a partisan issue I think I have an inkling as to why it has become a partisan issue and that is because as I've said before there is there's a part of the of the hard left that sees this crisis as an opportunity and speaks out openly about that Hillary Clinton said this crisis is an opportunity and the longer you walk down the more of a crisis it becomes economically which requires the government to step in so for folks on the left for folks on the right they're a bunch of countervailing interest that have to be balanced here one is how do we what is our exact policy here with regard to saving lives and flattening the curve are we aiming for hurt immunity are we not aiming for herd immunity how do we protect people who are most vulnerable how do we allow people who want to go back to work to go back to work also how much economic damage can we take before the damage becomes essentially irreparable and you have tens of millions of people who are for all intents and purposes on long-term unemployment insurance for Democrats those questions just don't exist in the same way because the idea is well you know if we lock down forever and that's obviously the way that we saved the most lives in the immediate term sure more people may commit suicide to them of jobs sure more people might lose their life savings sure more people might not have homes sure more people might not be able to to sustain their businesses but that's where the government steps in and so it's a win-win because we wanted the government's to step in in the first place as we will see this is an actual agenda item for many Democrats right now which is why a lot of Republicans are like okay so I think that you have a separate agenda here this isn't your agenda here is not actually about saving the maximum number of lives your actual agenda is changing the underlying political dynamics of the situation when you lose faith in the law that's when you start to see people disobeying the law right here's President Trump explaining people do want to go out and you see it in the protests I think you can really have it both ways I think a lot of people want to go back they just want to go back you see it everyday you see demonstrations all over the country and those are meaningful demonstrations oh it's big stuff but you also have some people that are very scared probably everybody scare when you get right down to it it's a terrible thing a terrible thing that happened to our country okay what are you saying there is obviously correct but the question becomes how scared are people not to go out people are going out okay the reality is not to protest the reality is many many Americans are leaving their homes many Americans are leaving their homes in fact by data provided to NPR by a mobile phone location data company called safe graph based on the locations of about 18 million mobile phones across the country NPR's analysis determined the percentage of cellphones that did not leave their home location daily in every u.s. county it has been dropping steadily since the middle of April and it is dropping precipitously now about 50% of mobile phones that safe graph had data on stayed home on April 12 which was Easter that number hasn't come down since that number hasn't since come anywhere close showing a steady decline with the most recent numbers showing that less than 40% stayed home on April 27th the trend is consistent across the entire country it's for all the talk about its red states and these red straight idiots were going out and dangerous it's it's true everywhere you should have seen the pictures from New York yesterday have you seen some of the pictures from New York I mean they're insane the pictures from New York of people who are not even close to social distancing in the middle of lawns in New York City like blanketed with human beings by the way not the Hasidim okay people who are shirtless in the Sun in New York City two feet away from each other that is not Bill de Blasio may be deeply concerned only about the custom it turns out there are tons of people in New York who have not been socially distancing bill de blasio hover is so concerned about the Hasidim here she sent the NYPD to break up study sessions where people were socially distancing and wearing masks which is always a great look over there the bottom line though is that metrics are showing that people are getting out of their house a lot more a lot more when you take a look for example at Arlington Virginia on April 20th nearly half of cellphones safe craft provided data for we're staying at home over the next couple days the number two clients one-third as low as it was during the middle of March okay so so people are beginning to say you know what we're basically done with this we're basically done and as time increases and as the number of headlines coming out of New York decreases you are going to see an increasing push to open things back up and open open things up in pretty serious ways president Trump understands this he understands this said innate level and Frank he should understand this because this is not sustainable folks on the left may want it to be sustainable as we'll see in a second but it is in fact not sustainable so the question becomes what exactly are we aiming for what exactly is the goal here so you have deborah birx suggesting the protesting without social distancing is worrisome because you're going to get a broader spread and then we have to keep being vigilant and she's she's right about this depending on what we're aiming for here's dr. deborah birx it's devastatingly worrisome to me personally because if they go home and affect their grandmother or their grandfather who has a comorbid condition and they have a serious or very or an unfortunate outcome they will feel guilty for the rest of our lives so we need to protect each other at the same time we're voicing our discontent ok so again she's not wrong about this but the question becomes and I said this now several times what exactly are we aiming for so here's the debate the debate is between dr. Scott Atlas who is a professor over at Hoover Institute at Stanford University and between a historian who is who has written a book about this pandemic the historians name is John Berry and I will give you the debate in one second because this is the next stage of the debate that people don't want to talk about but we're going to have to talk about so we're gonna get to that in just one moment first let us talk about a great great gift you can get for your parents for Mother's Day I'm talking about maybe those important thing you can get them preservation of their memories so out in their garage right now are a bunch of old film reels that are just rotting away a bunch of old VHS tapes you own a VCR they haven't accessed those tapes in years but you can make all of that accessible right now what could be better than making all of those memories available to mom and dad in a digital format you can watch them with mom and dad even in a social distance it's just fantastic and this is what legacy box does you go into that garage you pick up all that stuff you put in a box you dump it in the box you send it to legacy box legacy box sends it back to you digitally preserved copies on a thumb drive DVD or the cloud ready to watch share and enjoy mmm plus they keep you up to date with regular email updates throughout the digitizing process legacy box is the world's largest digitizer of home movies and photos they've helped over 750,000 families digitally preserve their past rediscover your glory days by digitizing these a reparable oh you're irreplaceable heirlooms with legacy box when the favorite kid award this Mother's Day give mom a present she will not forget for a limited time legacy box is running a 50% off Mother's Day special that is a great deal for again maybe the most important gift you will ever get mom is preservation of all of those memories legacy box it's perfect for you for someone you love I've been doing it with my own parents it's fan-freaking-tastic it's great go to legacy box comm slash men save 50% while supplies last that is legacy voxcom slash men save 50% well supplies last okay so what exactly are we aiming for is the big question John Berry is the author of a book called the great influence of the story of the deadliest pandemic in history and he wrote a piece called will warm weather slow coronavirus from the New York Times and the answer is maybe but we actually don't know because the fact is that so much of the population has not actually been exposed to koruna virus he says modelers estimate estimate that the true number of infected persons is up to 20 times the reported number which still leaves about 95% of the population susceptible if as in 1918 susceptibility proves more important than seasonal influences hot weather will not give as much relief relief as hoped for by the same token that would mean the expected seasonal surge when colder weather arrives might not be as large as feared in other words more people will get it now and less people will be will be available to get it later basically because many people have had it also copa90 mutates much more slowly than influenza and its key spike protein the part of the virus that attaches to cell seems particularly stable amid all of the bad news that this virus has brought this characteristic of the viruses is silver lining it in several ways

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