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Like this video? For more Michael Knowles and Daily Wire content, subscribe to this channel and the Daily Wire YouTube channel and ring the bell for notifications so you never miss a story!Joe Biden is admitting that he is being tested regularly you know we're all waiting on these tests and we're leading the world in tests he's not being tested for coronavirus no no he's being tested for something far more important to him in his campaign he's being tested for cognitive decline last question real quick some have speculated that you that you are subject to some degree of cognitive decline I'm 65 I don't have a word recollection that I used to have I forget my train of thought from time to time you got 12 years on me sir art have you been tested for some degree of cognitive decline I've been testing them constantly testing look all you know all I got to do is watch me and I can hardly wait to compare my cognitive capability to the cognitive cake bully of the man I'm running against thank you so much the man I'm running against whose name I just can't happen to remember right now I know what sistah is Ronald ursa I don't know it's something anyway I'm running against him he's something like that probably would have had a stronger effect had he not opened his answer with a joke about lying dog-faced pony-soldiers the cognitive decline is clear and the cognitive decline makes the campaign clear this lockdown this no debates no rallies this coronavirus is the Biden campaign we'll get into it I'm Michael Knowles is the Michael Knowles show [Music] I think well Joe Biden is on a cognitive decline all the rest of us are becoming we're entering into a cognitive incline we're beginning to realize what this whole last three months is really about at least from the perspective of the media and from politicians first though we had a question yesterday which was will the fourth of July be the next cancellation actually we'll talk a little bit about that today best comment though is from Paul which is of course the 4th of July will be canceled Michael these Marxist basement dwellers have always had an aversion to independence yeah they're just not capable of it question today would love to hear your thoughts in the comments the VP race obviously heating up who do you think sleepy Joe will be told to pick as his running mate I look forward to your answers both the funny answers and the real answers I would like to know Joe Biden had not held a presser for 88 days 88 days you'll notice is just about the whole length of the lockdown and the Biden campaign had never done better you know before that lockdown campaign looked really bad Trump was leading him everywhere now 88 days later all of a sudden in national polls and in the swing state polls Trump's campaign is down Biden's campaign is up Biden's campaign is up because nobody's seen Joe Biden he has been hiding out in a basement and if he could hide out there until November third he certainly would do that he finally comes out he's got hand-picked reporters in the room he still takes a relatively tough question which is just are you in cognitive decline he doesn't know how to answer it and doesn't answer it convincingly then it's just one mistake after another so it's a very open to the conference right this is the moment you want to project confidence when you want to show on back forget about those 88 days that I've been hiding Biden accidentally admits that his campaign hand-picked all the reporters and told him to look out for certain reporters and to only call on the easy ones I'm happy to take questions if you have he gave me a list how to recognize his Alex AP out there that's the part you're not supposed to say I think the name also has a lens not Alex but that's neither here nor there you're not supposed to say that they gave you a list of people to recognize and only call on the easy ones and then he did get easy questions just consider this two days ago during a White House press briefing press secretary Kelly Makani was asked the question of whether President Trump was upset that the Confederacy lost the Civil War that was an actual question a White House press briefing compare that kind of questioning to these softballs for Joe Biden I was told by NBC Mike it's my great relief he doesn't have to follow me every day around the country last time a lot of us saw you on the campaign trail you were still locked in a very difficult nomination battle the polls though today show you with a sizeable national lead a lead in a lot of the states that are critical in the electoral college I wonder where do you think the race stands at this moment what keeps you up at night as you look ahead and can you maintain this advantage without campaigning in a traditional way especially this fall when voters begin to really tune in do you think that you'll be able to just be as successful and wonderful as you are right now do you think you'll be able to keep doing that mr. vice president hard-hitting questions there from NBC News it's the sort of question that we can come to expect you know I I think that the Trump campaign and the President had made some missteps during this lockdown we'll get into what some of those are in just a moment but you can't discount the media here the fact is during a real presidential campaign Joe Biden would if he wouldn't be asked to have questions by reporters he would make mistakes himself but what this coronavirus locked-down has managed to do is cancel the campaign so he hasn't had to do that this is his first press conference in three months and is probably not gonna be doing a second one anytime soon so he gets these easy questions then he's asked how to get Americans on the same page since everything now in the virus has become so woeful II politicized well I think the way to get on the same page is to I'm gonna try to say this politely is to lower the rhetoric based on division stop appealing to the the less healthy side of society that's embarrassing that's an embarrassing answer one because he doesn't have an answer to the question right he says we're gonna lower we're gonna lower it by lowering the rhetoric and but he he both doesn't have an answer like he hasn't thought of an answer and he also can't come up with an answer because he's obviously in cognitive decline and has I don't think we're telling tales at a school I don't think I'm an armchair psychologist he can't finish an English sentence but think about what he what he did manage to say see what he said was we're gonna lower rhetoric the usual way to bring Americans together the usual way to bring people together in politics is to make your argument clearly give your vision for the country and then your opponent gives his vision for the country and then whichever vision of the country you're the people want that's the one they go with but Joe Biden then have a vision for the country doesn't have any answers to these questions his answer is lower the rhetoric which means reduce the politics reduce the amount that we're discussing reduce the power of the people reduce the freedom of the people to choose their own leaders and to choose their own path this has been the leftist premise for a hundred years now take the important questions out of politics give them to experts usually wearing lab coats and one of those we have coming up and then we don't need to worry about all this political rancor that is what the liberal establishment and is there any greater representative of the liberal establishment than Joe Biden that's what they're selling you is a politics without politics and then Joe Donald Trump comes along and ruins their plans because he actually brings up some questions about immigration about trade about how we govern ourselves about what institutions of the government actually make the rules he shakes up the system and says hold on you've had a lot of your power taken away people and Joe Biden comes in and says the way I'm gonna bring people together I'm gonna lower the amount of politics that we have all together no campaigns probably no debates no nothing just a rigged system to get him into office and it was at this moment that I realized what this whole lockdown is really about which we'll get to in one second but first I want to thank our friends over a blink sale the revolutionary invoicing so where it is changing the landscape for small businesses and independent contractors everywhere you should not have to send nagging emails to get your invoices paid when I was freelancing even today I still do some work on contract and I always forget to send the invoices and then I forget to follow up with blink sale you can send beautiful customer in and invoices and estimates within seconds you can stay on top of your outstanding invoices let your customers and clients easily pay your invoices online you'll even get instant notifications when a customer opens your invoice so that you'll know if they're actually just trying to avoid paying you forget about using invoice templates or stressing about coordinating a bunch of different software programs blink sale takes care of it all so you can spend more time focusing on the work that actually gets you paid and actually makes your business a success definitely go check it out see for yourself try blink sale for free at blink sale comm slash Knolls that is bli NK s al e comm slash Knowles blink sale spend less time filling and more time doing what you love at this point in the biden presser I realized what the coronavirus lockdown is all about we talked yesterday about how it there's no medical purpose to the lockdown anymore the point of the lockdown was not to stop the virus or to cure the virus right what isn't it's it couldn't possibly achieve that the only point was to flatten the curve not overwhelm health care system we never even came close to overcome overwhelming the health care system we did that we achieved the only thing the lockdowns could achieve the only purpose of the lock downs at this point could be political and what's the political purpose it occurred to me yesterday that the lockdown is Biden's campaign it's the whole campaign how did I figure this out because Joe Biden mentioned during this presser first run in 88 days he's not going to campaign he's not gonna hold rallies he's she cares so much about his fellow Americans that he's gonna sit at home until he wins the presidency by default well you know I this is the most unusual campaign I think in modern history in that but I start off with the premise like that I'm gonna follow the docs orders not just for me but for the country and that means that I am NOT going to be holding rallies I am NOT going to be for example you all are here but thank the school has put those circles around so we keep the social distancing everybody has masks on as soon as I finish this I'll put my mask back on and so it's all been almost all been virtual although I have gone to Euston I have gone into Pennsylvania I have gone to have travel but what I do I get in make my case and leave take questions and leave and and so but you know me I'd much rather be out there with people because that's where I get the greatest feel okay first of all not the best choice of words for Joe Biden you don't want to talk about how you want to be around people because you can feel them sort of a side point this is so corrupt this answer is so unbelievably corrupt the first part he says I'm not going to hold rallies meaning I'm not going to campaign meaning it's the beginning setting the stage for the excuse of why he's not going to participate in a debate with Donald Trump that's the first part if he's not holding rallies it's not holding a campaign then how on earth could he go to a debate it's the same point he says I just don't want to bring people together in a physical location so therefore I'm not gonna I'm not going to campaign he's not gonna be able to back out of the debate unless he starts to set the stage now so that's the first part why won't he debate Trump because Trump would eat him for lunch there would be nothing left other than Joe Biden's very shiny teeth just said just chattering there there is we got very good looking to you I assume they're not natural but that would be the last thing left okay the second part why won't he hold the campaign doctor's orders well not just for me but for the country this is something we've talked about now for weeks which is that what the left does is they exploit science capital as trademark over the e to avoid politics the whole thing Biden's been talking about in this presser so you say the doctor doctor's orders to the country is we can't have a presidential campaigning you just got to elect me no actually that doctors don't diagnose country's doctors diagnose individual patients what you do political demagogues like you diagnose countries and tell them to just do whatever you say she's saying in the name of science we can't have a presidential campaign this year but then he realized he is in public he is doing a thing right now right he actually is traveling around the country occasionally at least to raise a little bit of money at least to make a comment here or comment there so he has to back he goes and that's why you know we all have to wear masks and I'm gonna wear my mask just as soon as I got off this stage it's like Andy Cuomo yesterday shaming Trump for not wearing a mask Andy Cuomo himself wasn't wearing the mask and that's why I'm not gonna bring any people together in a room well I mean I know I brought all of you together in the room but that's because it was politically convenient for me but I'm not gonna do it I'm not gonna do that after this and I'm not gonna travel I mean I know that I travel to some places but I'm only gonna travel when it's convenient for me it's all just BS okay the whole thing is BS everyday this lockdown this absolutely medically pointless lockdown goes on is a point you can take away from Donald Trump's tally in the presidential race and a point you can add to Joe Biden's tally it's the only way they can win and it's the only explanation for why the lockdown is still going on what is the other explanation they're talking about how the cases are exploding sure but the deaths are not the number of deaths are not and the death rate is not and if the whole point of the virus is we don't have a cure for it we don't have a vaccine then there's nothing the lockdowns can do all you can do is Flint the curve we already did that yeah I'm so frustrated with Republican governors and even some people on campaigns who think that this is still about medical science who think that this is a fair playing field it's not it's a setup folks gotta stop it okay I hope that people from Republican campaigns including the biggest one are listening right now you have to run against the lockdowns you've got to run hard against the lockdowns the lockdown is the entirety of Joe Biden's and the Democrats campaigns you if the Democrats had a capable candidate who is articulate who they thought could beat Donald Trump in a debate you can bet your last dollar they would be holding rallies every single week you can bet it but they're not okay and so they've got to walk back they've got to lean back on an absolutely corrupted and perverted exploitation of science enough on that let's move on to the scientist that where we've all come to exalt doctor foul chief peace be upon him Rand Paul figured this out Senator Rand Paul who has been kind of snuffing this out from the very beginning he was speaking with the exalted dr. Fatih and he he honed in on a point that I think is one way that we're gonna be able to back moderates and some liberals off from their religious devotion to the lockdowns that point is sending kids back to school all of this body of evidence about schools around the world shows there's no surge all of the evidence shows that it's rare I mean we've so politicized this and made it politically correct it the w-h-o releases that it's rare and you have a scientist up there honestly giving her opinion what happens to her she's blackballed and her a report that she refers to is taken off the website when you go to that that scientist speech in you and you try to link on the lick the WH o has now screened it from us because it said something that's not politically correct it guess what it's rare for kids to transmit this but I hear nothing of that coming from you all I hear dr. pouches we can't do this we can't do that we can't play baseball even that's not based on the science I mean flu season peaks in February we don't know that kovat is gonna be like the flu season it might but we don't know that but we wouldn't we wouldn't ban school in October you might close some schools when they get the flu we need to not mean to so from sumptuous that we know everything we need to not be so presumptuous that we know anything that could sum up the whole error that we're living in but as long as we are living in this era where the the most important thing to have is some credential to say that you're part of the scientific establishment don't forget Rand Paul is a scientist right he's a medical doctor and so it carries extra weight when he lobbies these criticisms I think he's honed in on a on an important message here that Republicans would do well to listen to which is the schooling issue what's gonna happen in the fall a lot of colleges are not going to reopen as a matter of fact you know I usually give what eight or nine speeches on campus as a semester those have virtually all of them have been canceled so far because we don't even know if the schools are gonna reopen but colleges are the least of it I mean sure I've got friends who now are going to graduate school or who now will have to do zooom classes for college fine what about people in high school or middle school or elementary school what about those students whose parents need to figure out what's gonna happen to them every single day there there are some proposals going around in New York and other plate let me show them at huge school districts let's say they're gonna reopen the schools only a little bit so which obviously would serve no purpose if you go to school even one day a week or one day a month even you're going to be exposed to the virus and it's not going to achieve anything but some of the proposals are they're going to go in person to school two days a week and then they're gonna be home from school three days a week and do it on zoom' so medically achieves nothing but economically how is that supposed to work just to use the example of New York City if you are a parent in New York City it is a statistical certainty that you work you have to work because it's a very expensive place to live and very very expensive place to raise kids so the parents there are working what are they supposed to do they're gonna call in their boss and say hey I'm gonna need off three days a week I can't tell you what the three days are by the way yet and I'm not sure when it's going to be set but I'm gonna need that so I'm gonna start working two days a week now is that cool with you imagine if you called your boss and said that probably would not go over very well as a practical matter you can't do it this is why from the beginning the the lockdown proponents have been trying to figure out the school issue because they know they actually said in Los Angeles they said we're I think we'll throughout all of California we're not going to reopen churches until phase three but we're gonna try to reopen schools in Phase two or its phase 4 versus Phase three or whatever they knew that they had to reopen the the schools early because there's just this first of all they want to keep indoctrinating your kids but second of all there's just this very practical matter of you don't know what to do with the kids whereas they felt they could put off allowing people to go back to their churches for a longer time this would be a good one to hammer home on you know there was a decision that came out from the Supreme Court yesterday finally some slightly good news from the Supreme Court that is more permissive of school choice and of religious schools and you know in a week that's been very trying or two weeks it's been very try on the Supreme Court at least this opened the door to school choice a little bit why because school choice is very popular it's always been a good wedge issue for Republicans to talk to demographics that don't usually vote for them and it's a good a good issue here in the lockdowns I at this point I'm convinced that the Supreme Court just makes their decisions not by reading the law but by looking at public opinion polling and then whatever is really popular that's going to be the decision that they push for in many many cases so I think you can actually use that to your advantage here when you're talking about the whether or not we're going to reopen anything just say like hey where are they gonna make you send your kids they're not gonna let you go back to work they're not gonna let your kid get an education there I think if you focus on that for long enough you're you're going to be able to win over some of those moderate where the suburban women the the people at the very few people in the middle who don't have a decision yet about this presidential election another great wedge issue here is another public institution not the schools it's the police how many times have you been told ever since Democrats brought up this idea of defunding the police that defunding the police doesn't really mean defunding the police oh you fool you think defunding the police youth and when I said I meant to defund the police no no it means to move the budgets around and reallocate resources and well AOC just came out and exposed that lie completely she said quote defund police means defunding police she issued a press release on this yesterday congresswoman Alexandria Cassio cortez defunding police means defunding police it does not mean budget tricks or funny math it does not mean moving school police officers from the NYPD budget to the Department of Education budget so that the exact same police remain in schools it does not mean counting overtime cuts as cuts even as NYPD ignores every attempt by City Council to curb overtime spending and over - over spends on overtime anyway she wrote anyways AOC it does not mean hiring more police officers while cutting more than 800 million dollars from New York City public schools if these reports are accurate then these proposed cuts to NYPD's budget or a disingenuous illusion this is not a victory the fight to defund policing continues I love her so often I love I love this congressman because she might have terrible ideas for the country but at least she tells you what she thinks remember with the green New Deal she put forward the green New Deal which is a radical transformative Marxist policy idea that has actually very little to do with the natural environment has a lot to do with vast redistribution of wealth nationalizing industries reparations programs health care programs all this kind of stuff and when she put that forward 93 trillion dollar plan over ten years Mitch McConnell Senate Majority Leader came out and said we got a vote on this immediately I want to get all you Democrats on the record about this green New Deal immediately well she's doing that same thing again with defunding the police a very very unpopular position right now we're looking at New York City yesterday in New York this there was this big budget fight to see whether they were gonna defund the police or not mass gathering huge gathering outside of City Hall it was it was so jubilant people gathered together in this large group at one point they just started dancing you that mass gathering by the way totally fine coronavirus not going to spread it all if you want to have a presidential debate or a campaign rally or go to the beach on the 4th of July that is gonna spread coronavirus but if you want to dance around outside of city hall and try to destroy the New York City Police Department best Police Department in the country that is totally fine just another little example of how SuperDuper serious coronavirus is from a medical perspective so scientific perspective pandemic can't hold a presidential election so they're dancing around outside and they get their budget cut 1 billion dollars cut 1 billion with a be cut from the NYPD's six billion dollar operating budget that's a that's a huge percentage particularly as crime and shootings are way up they are on the rise and it's not just New York cutting LAPD also cut a lot of money from the budget not quite like NYPD but the LA City Council passed a motion two to one cut 150 million dollars pass from the police budget and also to replace the Los Angeles Police Department officers with unarmed quote crisis response personnel to be assigned to nonviolent calls for service such as neighbor disputes I the the Orwellian politically correct jargon here is really something to behold they're going to have crisis response personnel for nonviolent calls for service now the thing about non-violent calls for service is sometimes they turn violent sometimes violent calls for service also known as when you call the cops start out not very violent this motion was introduced by la councilman Herb Wesson and five other colleagues on the 15-member LA City Council and Wesson said he would be working with on the project with members of black lives matter in Los Angeles black lives matter a Marxist organization that seeks to destroy the Western proscribed nuclear family their words not mine and wants to defund police entirely so what they're doing though is they're going to take away resources from the cops crime is going to go up shootings are going to go up they're gonna go on and they're gonna put it in fake cops some new kind of cops that they're calling crisis response personnel well how is that going to work out we have an example from the chop remember the chop I thought the chop was over chop Chazz the the occupied zone and Seattle apparently it's still going on people are still being killed there by the anarchists when you replace the police first of all when you defund the police you don't just defund the police it gets replaced with something that's what we're seeing in LA in the chop what it gets replaced with is roving gangs and unbelievably the chop which was established putatively because of police brutality and they wanted to stop police brutality while they set up their own police force and that police force is now shooting black teenagers and killing them it's so it's so ironic you can't say it's funny but it's so darkly ironic you you you almost can't even react to it a 16 year old fatally shot in the chop on Monday morning a 14 year old a child is in critical condition at the Harborview Medical Center and a volunteer medic you know they don't have doctors in the job because it's an independent country they've got volunteer medics said that it was the chopped security forces who shot the black teenager the irony is almost too much this person also described chopped as an active war zone well the chop is a little crystal ball my friends if the chop policy is begin to be passed in actual cities around the country in Los Angeles and New York then we're going to see our cities turn into active war zones for the near future it's already happening crime is already on the rise this is another from a political perspective good thing for conservatives to talk about because what it looks like our cities are headed into is the 1970s urban decay death mayhem destruction poverty this led to some Republicans it most notably Rudy Giuliani in New York getting elected in the 90s and cleaning it up because it doesn't matter what you say your political affiliation is and your ideology and when you've got people dropping like flies around you and you when you're afraid to leave your apartment at night you're gonna want a little bit of law and order a good point to focus on one because it could save lives before it gets too bad and two from a political perspective it's it's one way to exploit what the left is using as their exploitation you want to hit your opponent in politics at the weak point right and so right now Donald Trump's entire campaign is rallies right he holds these stand-up specials when he goes to give these rallies the rest of the campaign that is not quite as strong as Trump himself and so what did what are the Democrats do they take Trump's best campaign platform segment opportunity they take it off the table so now he's just got the rest of his otherwise not that great campaign now what can we do we can use what they are doing we can use that against them on at least those two issues on schools and on cops there was a there was a study just came out Siena College Research Institute found 57% of New Yorkers New Yorkers opposed reducing any reducing funding at all for the police and 60 percent said that they opposed defunding the police that was in a separate question that's even in New York so a good one to hit them on we will get to what happens as this continues we will also get to the the rancor I mean we looked at the crystal ball of the Chazz we'll look at the crystal ball of the college campuses in just one second first though I've got to thank you because you have allowed my YouTube channel to blow past the hundred thousand subscriber mark we're now past 115 thousand subscribers so thank you you can check out all the bonus content on that channel and I also have to make one last request of you we're one spot behind pod save America on the Apple podcast charts and I really don't like those guys the liberal pod bros the Obama alumni and so I would really like to blow past them that would that would just be terrific so if you wouldn't mind please go over and subscribe on Apple podcasts to the Michael Nolt show guest and leaving a five-star review and would greatly appreciate that if you're not already a daily why remember consider getting a reader's pass at daily wire calm great value for only 3 bucks a month and when you sign up you get that first month for only 99 cents you also get access to exclusive editorials and lots of fun content this one from Matt Walsh activist once imagined to be our new anthem it's the worst song ever written you know Matt is always so subtle he's always so you never know quite where Matt Walsh stands so anyway you get great content like that great election insight head on over to Daley sign up for just a buck we'll be right back with a lot more Ernest Hemingway famously pointed out that things happen gradually then suddenly I think politics is heating up it is accelerating at a pace that we are not used to in this country and so a lot of people don't realize the ground has completely shifted and we need to recognize that frankly even Joe Biden doesn't fully comprehend well he doesn't fully comprehend very much but he doesn't fully comprehend how much the ground has shifted in politics so for instance he was he was asked a question about the statues should we pull down Jefferson and Lee and all that and he gave this answer that is going to please absolutely no one he tried to walk this

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