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Players kneel before the national anthem to protest “systemic racism” on Major League Baseball’s opening night; the Washington Redskins become the Washington Football Team; and Anthony Fauci throws out a first pitch.

Like this video? For more Ben Shapiro and Daily Wire content, subscribe to this channel and ring the bell for notifications so you never miss a story!players kneel before the national anthem to protest systemic racism on major league baseball's opening night the washington redskins become the washington football team and anthony fauci throws out a first pitch and makes sure that nobody catches anything i'm ben shapiro this is the ben shapiro show this show is sponsored by expressvpn stop putting your online data at risk get protected at ben well you know i learned my lesson a few weeks ago i suggested that when i watch sports i actually like to watch sports i know that sports are supposed to be a distraction from everyday life that's what the goal of sports is in fact my friend clay travis who hosts over at outkick the coverage and over at fox news at fox sports he pointed out on this show that the word sport comes from dysport the word dysport which comes originally from anglo french which it used to mean divert or to amuse literally it meant in old french to carry away the mind from serious matters that's what sport was sport was a distraction no longer we have entered a new woke world and frankly i'm really excited about it because here is what i want here's what i want i want more politics in sports i've decided the time has come i'm tired of all of this apolitical mumbo jumbo where we all sort of get together and just have a good time and don't focus in on all the things that divide us now i need everything to be divisive i want every single thing to divide americans i want to turn on a baseball game and the first thing i want to see is i want to see political platforms laid forth by every single player i need to know what john mankata the second baseman for the chicago white sox i need to know what he second third base trades off positions and because he has two separate positions on the field i need two separate policy platforms as well i need to know what john mankata thinks about the payroll tax i need to know it and if i don't know it before the game starts i'm just not going to watch the game more than that i need every single player to mouth platitudes about america and how much america sucks i need them to at exactly the tone and tenor that i like and if they don't i'm not gonna engage i'm just not gonna watch i'd be so angry i'm gonna suggest that they are just not socially conscious and if anyone else says to me you know i just want sports to be a political i know they're lying i know they're lying because just by saying they want sports to be apolitical they're being political don't you see right that isn't the national anthem political isn't the flag isn't everything political i want everything to be political i am only i pledge right here right now i am only going to buy hvac parts from ceos who agree with me politically i am only going to be served by baristas who mouth the slogans that i like if somebody doesn't shout at me silence is violence well handing me my chips and and fish i i'm simply not going to take i'm going to slam that right down on the table and walk out of the restaurant that is the way life is going to get better in this united states we cannot have any sort of common areas that are apolitical because if we do then we refuse to acknowledge the evils that go along uh that go on around us every area of american life must be infused with the nastiness and polarization of american politics and particularly i want everybody to mount the slogan that america sucks while simultaneously taking part in some of the most lucrative businesses that the world has to offer that's what the people i want to hear from most are the people who are the most privileged in our society i i need to hear from people who earn millions and millions of dollars i i want to i'm desperate to hear from people who earn millions of dollars about how they are victimized in american society and how american society innately victimizes people who are members of their group i definitely need to hear about that i want it you want it we all want it and when i turn on baseball i don't care so much about like whether somebody can throw 100 miles an hour or can hit the curve what i really care deeply about is what aaron judge thinks about everything everything ranging from america's china policy to how exactly we handle restructuring of social security i need to know about it i do okay and so i was super happy with major league baseball's opening day i mean i was just pumped about this because they finally got the message we finally rammed home the message guys every single thing has to be political every single thing we can't just in the middle of a pandemic you know be distracted by sport you know like the world during world war ii when it was considered kind of important to have sports be there as a distraction for the american public because we were doing important things at the same time no they got it all wrong during world war ii we didn't need major league baseball to to just exist so that we could all be distracted and look at the box scores what we really needed is for major league baseball to be extraordinarily political in every possible way we don't need sports as a distraction it's no longer just sport sports is politics politics is sports it's all one giant agglomeration of of anger and rage and that makes america better i feel like i feel like every time i have a conversation with someone i disagree with we shouldn't be able to talk sports so we can sort of distract ourselves and remind ourselves what we have in common as human beings instead we should really just you know club each other over the head about politics that it's made the world better that's how i felt on opening day i felt so much better about america knowing that extraordinarily rich baseball players were kneeling to protest in america's systemic racism i i i felt i don't know about you i felt great about it 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listen i'm an mlb tv subscriber i love baseball it is my sport my white socks are gonna be really interesting this shortened season they have a bunch of young up-and-coming players so i was pretty pumped and then i got even more pumped because i realized not only was i gonna get baseball i was going to get social justice warrior messaging with my baseball which is what i crave it's what everybody craves we're already getting it with basketball and with football as we'll get to in just a moment but to get it with baseball which is my personal favorite sport i i loved it every single second so last night the yankees and the nationals kick off the kick off the mlb season in an empty stadium and they kick off the season by kneeling not for the national anthem but before the national anthem while holding a very very very very very very very long black cloth which has solved all of our problems murica amazing they all melt now why were they kneeling they were kneeling to protest systemic racism systemic racism the vaguest most weasel word weasel phrase used in american politics today it means virtually nothing as john mcquarter has said as glenn lowry has said the term systemic racism has very very little meaning it's deliberately designed glenn lowery the the professor at brown university who happens to be black he pointed out in my program yesterday that the term systemic racism is basically just a way to silence debate because by saying systemic racism you now suggest that anyone who disagrees with your take is in fact a racist so all the players who by the way are disproportionately of color i mean the the mlb is not disproportionately black but it is disproportionately hispanic and latino the the mlb you have all these people who are earning millions of dollars to hit and throw a baseball kneeling for the systemic racism of the united states which is always wonderful they knelt for it and they played a beautiful video from morgan freeman a social justice catechism right before the game and frankly i'm looking forward to the seventh inning neil i think that'll be the new aspect of major league baseball that's really exciting instead of standing for the national anthem i think we should kind of just sit for it generally and also mostly for the seventh inning stretch we need seventh inning stretch is not woke enough i'm sorry it's snacks of privilege you even have time to stretch how many people around america cannot stretch today because of income inequality how many people around america are forced not to stretch stretching is for white people because yoga is a white people thing okay no more seventh inning stretch we need to stop the seventh inning stretch instead we need to play donald glover's this is america and everybody needs to kneel it's the seventh inning neil that's what we need from now on okay so morgan freeman led off the season with a bizarre meaningless video about empathy because of course the implication is that if you disagree with kneeling for america's systemic racism you're not empathetic right that is the goal of this particular video change and create a new canvas of optimism empathy must lead the charge this moment signifies our charge our brotherhood our unity equality and unity cannot be until there is empathy today and every day we come together as brothers as equals all with the same goal to level the playing field okay there's only one problem okay empathy is actually kind of bad for politics the reason that empathy is bad for politics is because it leads you to empathize with people that you are more likely to like as opposed to people you don't like okay so first of all the pitch for empathy is actually there have been several books that are written on this social science books talking about how empathy is not actually the best thing for politics it actually almost deactivates the reasoning centers of your brain because when you're empathetic you don't actually create good policy this doesn't mean that feeling sympathy for people is a bad thing it means that if empathy is what drives your policy-making you're probably not acting in a rational fashion but the the real goal here is of course not to generate empathy the real goal here is to suggest that if you disagree with the idea that america is systemically and institutionally racist you're not an empathetic person and therefore you're a bad cruel and callous person right the the idea is that that empathy is really about me it's really a moral statement about what kind of good person you are and you can't watch baseball until you say it along with morgan freeman you can't you can't just watch a game and be distracted which is the goal of sports now listen none of this is to say real obviously i'm being incredibly sarcastic none of this is to say that players don't have a right to speak they do yeah i think that every player has a right to speak just like every other american i think also their words should be taken with exactly um the same amount of seriousness that their expertise on the subjects dictates so when it comes to actually hitting a curveball the actual art of hitting a curveball i'm not an expert on that and when i sound off about it you should take it with a grain of salt right i flamed out as a baseball player at age 12. but when i talk about you know systemic systemic racism in the united states it's meaning economic inequality things that i've actually spent years studying then probably should take it a little bit differently than a baseball player who spends zero time studying it but knows that they're supposed to kneel for the morgan freeman social justice invocation before a baseball game yeah that we don't have to take everybody's opinion with the same amount of seriousness but we are now being dictated to really by the corporation that is mlb right it's not really the players so some of the players are doing this kind of stuff and you take them with about as much seriousness as they deserve what's actually happening right now is that the major corporations have decided just like all major corporations across america that if they virtue signal an incredibly vague fashion about things that social justice warriors want then they can buy off the social justice warriors that's really the goal the goal here is not about forwarding any particular any particular good in the united states the goal is avoiding the blowback it's the same reason you see so many corporations across the united states paying rob and d'angelo to educate their people on diversity they don't actually care what robin deangelo has to say they're just trying to limit their liability it's the exact same thing with regard to these major sporting events and teams and corporations their goal is to avoid public blowback they don't want to be called out for not being empathetic enough so if instead they quote unquote lead the charge by saying incredibly vague things with no actual commitment to do a thing with no actual prescription well then they've fulfilled their pledge they've been shamed into repeating and believing and this is why you see the the boston red sox unveiled a giant black lives matter logo at fenway park yesterday i mean enormous right outside fenway park no really just perfect perfect like again the basic idea that black lives matter is utterly uncontroversial the group black lives matter is a neo-marxist organization the semantic overload that has been placed on the phrase black lives matter is deliberate okay when when folks in the black lives matter movement say they want to tear down the entire structural system of the united states they are not lying about that and then the idea is if you say well i don't agree with that then you must not agree black lives matter it's all semantic overlord overload game playing so the red sox are engaging this do you actually believe that the red sox believe the entire system has to be torn down in ibram candy and how to be an anti-racist fashion do you believe that i don't believe that this is just woke virtue signaling so that people will say oh look at the red sox look how much they care it's about the empathy and the feelings okay so at least i will say this at least the yankees and the nationals didn't know for the national anthem right they knelt before so kneeling for systemic racism is stupid because america's not systemically racist it isn't america is one of the most tolerant countries on the planet black americans are the richest black people on planet earth it is not particularly close the the system of the united states is built around the notion of equal rights we're not talking about the history of that of the of the failure of application of that principle we're talking about right now in 2020 america is not a systemically racist country the presence of inequality does not mean that all disparity is discrimination and so i have problems with the basic premise that everybody's supposed to kneel for systemic racism especially when the case that's being used even the george floyd case that is not evidence of systemic racism i'm sorry there's not evidence that derek chalvin who is apparently a very bad cop was not just being a very bad cop he was actually being a vicious racist who was targeting black people if the evidence is not in even on that but even if he were that would not implicate law enforcement across the country the 800 000 law enforcement officers across the country and that would not implicate the the generalized system of american rights duties and institutions okay but at least the yankees and nationals didn't know for the national anthem you can't say the same for mookie bats so mookie betts is a terrific terrific baseball player he plays for the los angeles dodgers and mookie betts is kneeling for the national for the national anthem he just by the way signed a contract with the dodgers worth 365 million dollars 365 listen you can be rich and you can still spot flaws in the united states but if what you're saying is that the system of the united states is deeply broken while you are currently kneeling for the national anthem getting no blowback and picking up 365 million bucks to boot yeah that's a heart that's a hard push that's a hard push right there okay by the way mlb is doing more than this right there's the corporate i talk about the corporate virtue signaling we'll get to what mlb is doing corporately in a second first let's talk about one easy way to make your health better i mean these days you should be concerned about your health and good health starts with good habits one of those good habits making sure that your teeth are clean believe it or not failure to clean your teeth properly it's actually been linked to things like heart disease it actually creates serious health problems not just in your mouth quip makes it easy to keep your mouth the way it is supposed to be by delivering all the oral care essentials you 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slash appear you get that first refill for free go check them out right this very instant okay so mlb has gone further than this so mlb has now issued a bunch of regulations on what is supposed to appear on the field according to sports illustrated mlb will debut a black lives matter stencil on mountains across the league apparently i don't like i've been watching baseball all my life they've never put a political logo on the mound okay and the american flag is not a political logo i'm sorry anybody who who suggests that black lives matter which again is a term that has been issued with semantic overload right does black lives matter just mean that we care about black lives because then it's not political and it also doesn't need to be said because it's 100 true and pretty much everybody agrees with it and if you don't then you are like one in 330 million does black lives matter mean america systemically racist cause that's highly political and if black lives matter reflects the organization it's even more political than that but i've not seen any political messaging on the mound before but apparently we are an unprecedented point in crisis for black americans which is just anti every piece of data ever existed in human history we are not at a point of existential threat for black americans it is just not true there is no existential threat to the 42 million black americans the vast majority of whom are middle class or up okay the the idea that the police are systemically hunting down black people is a lie it is a blatant overt lie they're a grand total last year according to the washington post of 15 black men shot unarmed by the police the majority of those cases is where the person was attempting to steal a weapon off a cop or was attempting to use another object in order to harm a cop like driving a car or something and by the way in all the other cases the cops were under investigation and so the the entire idea that law enforcement is hunting down black people is just not true okay but um but apparently it's a point of existential crisis which is why every major corporation now has to infuse the stuff that was supposed to be distractions from politics in real life right we have to infuse all of that with these deeply and and apparently universally upheld apolitical messages that happen to be very very political okay the sports illustrated reports mlp will debut a black lives matter stencil on mounds across the league in its opening week according to the washington nationals the stencil will first appear on thursday the nationals in conjunction with major league baseball stand with the black lives matter movement and will utilize the platform and national stage of opening day to express support for the fight against systemic racism and injustice so there it is right it's all about america's systemic racism and injustice and if you don't believe this well you're gonna watch baseball and you're gonna see it anyway just like you see it when you watch the nba and it's on the sidelines mlb will also allow players to sport a social justice message on their jersey for opening day according to espn's howard bryant united for change and blm are among the approved phrases to be written on jersey patches per bryant i also look forward to unborn lives matter i think that one will be real good i think free hong kong should appear as well like really let's just make this as political as humanly possible or alternatively what's happening with these corporations is they feel like they're gonna make a quick buck because capitalism always makes its buck now again if i sound upset about this i am i mean i am upset about this you have every right to do it your corporation you can do it i don't have to like it and i can also point out i think it is bad for the country when every area of american life becomes overtly political and you are forced to take a position on deeply controversial issues and you're supposed to actually not even take a position you're supposed to acknowledge and repeat that america is a systemically racist country in order to watch a damned baseball game it's an absurdity it's an absurdity and by the way this is of course the going message of the nba as well they've put black lives matter on the side of the court so if you watch a basketball game now you're going to be messaged too by people who suggest that america's systemically racist in a league that is 80 black and where the average salary is millions of dollars now again none of this is to none of this is to fail to recognize that problems still exist in the united states of course they still exist of course there are still races of course bad things happen to people on the basis of race sometimes but the notion that america is systemically racist and that lebron james is going to lead the charge okay lebron james i'm sorry he's just not a good spokesperson for this stuff he isn't okay lebron james yesterday he put out a statement about he said black lives matter isn't a movement it's a walk of life it's a walk of life and then he went further he actually said it's not a movement because there has been no movement for black people in america lebron james one of the richest black men on planet earth who grew up in apparently pretty impoverished circumstances and has risen to become not only one of the most powerful voices in the country but also one of the richest voices in the country apparently there's been no black movement no movement for black americans according to lebron james which um read a book here's lebron james a lot of people kind of use this analogy talking about black lives matter is a movement it's not it's not a movement when you black it's not a movement it's a lifestyle we sit here and say it's a movement and okay how long is this movement gonna last don't stop the movement no this is a walk of life when you wake up and you black you that is what it is it shouldn't be a movement it should be a lifestyle this is who we are and we understand it i don't want to hear i don't like the word movement um because unfortunately in america and society there ain't been no damn movement for us there ain't been no movement there hasn't been a movement for black americans there hasn't really really weird because if there hasn't been a movement for black americans i have been reliably informed by the new york times that slavery was at the root of the american experiment i've been reliably informed by every historic source in human history that black americans used to be held as slaves and then black americans were kept in abject poverty and segregation for a hundred years and now i have an extraordinarily powerful black man on my tv who earns hundreds of millions of dollars like a year right through advertisement and all sorts of other venues and by the way he's done a lot of great charitable work by the way lebron james and i hear from him there's been no movement for black americans none zero curious curious i feel like i'm not being fed a line that is true here but again if you refuse to acknowledge that that line is truth if you refuse to suggest that america is a systemically racist country today if you refuse to acknowledge then of course you are unwoke and by the way if you point out that you think that this very fraught battle the best place to fight that might not be you know on the field itself like if you want to have these conversations off the field go for it enjoy but when i turn into a baseball game i actually won a baseball game then you are apparently unwoke and and problematic and and also very political it's just as political to say you want to watch sports without politics as it is to say that every single player in the nba and the mlb and the nfl ought to mirror the sentiment that america is a systemically racist country this sort of stuff is designed to divide americans it is they're taking away uh they and by they i mean the corporations i mean the social justice warriors i mean the sports media i mean many of the players they're attempting to divide the country by specifically taking apolitical areas of american life and making them incredibly political it makes the country worse there are plenty of ways to have these conversations we have them every single day in this country every single day or have you not noticed but apparently unless everything becomes political then the country is worse off well we'll see how that goes i have a feeling that is not the case in just a second we'll get to other social justice warrior stories from the world of sports get to that in just one moment first let's talk about the fact that hiring can be really difficult so why not make it as easy as possible on yourself i mean this is a really vital volatile time in the economy if you're looking for a job or if you're an employer looking for a great employee you need to connect this is why you need a zip recruiter housing wire could relate they 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