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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the mask wars are driving people insane. But the mask issue should not be ideological, and does not need to be a battleground in the culture war. Today I hope to inject a little bit of basic common sense into the mask debate. Also Five Headlines including crazed Taylor Swift fans doxxing a music reviewer who didn’t like Swift’s album enough. And in our Daily Cancellation, I will preemptively cancel the false narrative around the latest video of a man dying in police custody.

To listen to this episode, subscribe to The Matt Walsh Show on Apple Podcasts: on the matt wall show the mask wars are driving people insane uh but the mask issue should not be ideological and doesn't need to be a battleground in the culture war so today i hope to inject a little bit of basic common sense into the mask debate because a lot of that is lacking also five headlines including crazed taylor swift fans doxing a music reviewer who didn't like taylor swift's album enough she liked it but not enough and so she got doxxed and in our daily cancellation i'll preemptively cancel the false narrative around the latest video of a man dying in police custody i have the video footage we'll talk about it of course there's a lot of false narratives already cropping up all of that coming up okay beginning here look usually i save the daily cancellation for the end of the show and and we will have one at the end of the show but today is going to be a rare double cancellation we will cancel at the beginning and at the end and who knows maybe in the middle too you never know what i really like to do is cancel any and all mask cultists on either side okay pro mask anti-mask anyone who intentionally makes a scene in public over masks pro or anti is canceled anyone on a crusade to spread the good news or bad news about masks is canceled anyone who even talks about masks is cancelled i'm so sick of it which means that i'm cancelled too fine this is a this is a kamikaze mission on my part this whole mask thing is driving people quite literally insane uh masks have become somehow a societal touchstone a battleground for the culture war which i suppose shouldn't surprise me i mean even butter and syrup and chicken sandwiches have been battleground for the culture war in recent times um but now masks have become a way for both sides of the culture to to to to to signal their allegiance you know they have become a way to identify the in-group and the out-group pro-mask first anti-mask the two tribes because everything is tribal these days so i want to show you the latest example this is um a video uh pretty disturbing in a lot of ways this is from a walmart in georgia in georgia watch this you take care of yourself [Music] yes you heard that right the old woman in the mask wishes death on the family that doesn't have a mask to include the small children she wishes death on small children because they aren't wearing masks like i said driven insane she says i hope you all die because you're going to kill me now even if that were true what kind of adult especially older adult wishes death on small children in order to preserve their own lives you know this four-year-old must die so that i can live another few years and be miserable and selfish the whole time i have to spread my i still have so much more misery and selfishness to spread throughout the earth um then again i shouldn't be shocked because a similar thought process has led to the murder of 60 million children in the womb in this country so what else could i really expect and also for the record of course she is not going to die because those people aren't wearing masks she is going to die at some point we all will but it's not going to be because that family wasn't wearing a mask she's wearing a mask all she has to do now is avoid them walk in the other direction if anyone in that family has the virus it isn't going to jump out of their mouths and travel through the store through the aisles to attack her while she's over in the raisin bran aisle or whatever she's doing so if you're really worried that that uh about people who aren't wearing masks why are you in their face yelling at them just walk away give them space isn't that what you would do if you're afraid someone has a deadly disease but let's be fair here okay pro mask cultists aren't the only ones making scenes in public i'll show you another video this is a video and there are many like it of a guy at a grocery store in california going crazy screaming at employees who are simply trying to enforce uh their company mask policy watch get away from me [Music] you need to leave right now there you go [Music] outside now that is not a random person harassing that guy okay this is an employee works for the establishment they were being perfectly reasonable he's being a lunatic okay now i want to make a few points about masks and if i'm lucky i'll piss off everybody on all sides of this infernal debate um we'll start with this number one masks are not magical cloths that guarantee you safety from all all harm in fact the science is not settled at all on how effective the masks actually are that's why the government originally told us not to wear them scratch that didn't just tell us not to wear them but aggressively scolded and shamed anyone who did wear them you may remember this tweet from the surgeon general in february i said seriously people stop buying masks all cabs they are not effective in preventing general public from catching coronavirus but if healthcare providers don't get to get don't get them to care for the sick patients it puts them and our communities at risk so if if the government has trouble getting people to buy into masks they only have themselves to blame and a little bit of acknowledgement and accountability on that score would be nice after all they were again the ones going out and shaming people for wearing masks for months until they changed their tune number two masks are also not a communist conspiracy to control and oppress you a federal mask mandate requiring people to wear masks all the time everywhere in the country would be bad news and i certainly and certainly unconstitutional and i would oppose it passionately but in most cases even aside from what the local ordinances say retail outlets and other stores have their own policies requiring masks and a big reason they do that is to cover their own butts against liability someone's going to get sued because a customer got coronavirus in their store nobody wants to be the company that that deals with that lawsuit that's perfectly reasonable as far as i can tell and if i was in their shoes i'd probably do the same thing walking into a store that requires requests masks and making a point of not wearing them just makes you a jackass not a freedom fighter these establishments have the right to set the rules respect that or go elsewhere also by the way when you go charging into a store without a mask all you're doing is causing problems for the kid at the entrance who's supposed to be enforcing the rule or as was the case in the video i just played for the young lady who who has to enforce it you're just getting him in trouble or her in trouble and making their lives more difficult that makes you a jerk not a hero i mean who do you think you're standing up against you're standing up against you know an employee that gets paid nine dollars an hour just causing problems for them number three you're not a hero for wearing a mask either it's not a sign of virtue it doesn't make you a good person people who don't wear masks aren't evil uh if they aren't wearing them in a store that requires them they're being jerks to the store employees but they aren't demon spawns i mean the guy in the video kind of acted like one a little bit but but but most aren't and uh they aren't a re they aren't any real threat to your health either just give them a wide berth if you're concerned you'll be fine if it's a situation where masks are not required as is the case in most of the establishments where i happen to live then people will make their own decisions and you should mind your own damn business personally i don't wear a mask unless it's required that's my choice my business you make your own choice and if you're petrified to leave your home unless every human everywhere is wearing a mask then you suffer from paranoid delusions and you should probably seek psychological care coronavirus is the least of your problems you insane person number four wearing masks outside while you walk down the sidewalk is very stupid and pointless and in 100 degree heat probably not sanitary with all the sweat and everything that's gathering in there you're not going to contract or spread the coronavirus while walking past someone outside the virus according to the cdc and all research we've seen is mostly spread through close and prolonged contact with symptomatic people that accounts for the vast majority of infections your chance of getting it outside walking down the road is extremely extremely extremely small but again make your own choices you know it's up to you number five actually there is no five four is quite enough my point is made um those are all of my opinions about masks i have no more opinions i don't know how many how people have so many opinions and so strongly about masks this is one of those things as i said at the top where i wish we could all just have just a little bit of common sense that's all just just apply a little bit of normal common sense to the situation and um and i think we'll be we'll be okay all right let's move on to our five headlines [Music] we're going to go through these headlines here remember um there's so much going on in the news if you want to keep up with all of it make sure to get a reader's pass at go to subscribe today and that will give you access to all of our exclusive content uh minus the the mainstream media left to spin get exclusive op-eds from your podcast hosts as well as guest writers in-depth analysis from daily wire reporters um on top of all the regular breaking news as well the membership tier is three dollars a month but you can get your first month for 99 cents so go to subscribe and join today okay um where are we number one a hologram effigy of george floyd will be touring the southern states to be projected onto confederate monuments in georgia north carolina virginia other places floyd's family members are behind this project and they unveiled it at a ceremony in richmond i think it was yesterday and it was projected over a jefferson davis memorial the daily news the daily news describes the hologram this way says the hologram starts out with fireflies that coalesce into a 3d image of floyd with his name depicted in graffiti on either side to reflect the murals that have sprung up worldwide now okay i want you to imagine how traumatizing this must be legitimately traumatizing for george floyd's victims and yes he did have victims um just how how would you feel think about how you would feel put yourself in the shoes of his victims think about the woman who was robbed at gunpoint by floyd after he forced his way into her house held a gun to her stomach in front of her child how would she feel how would you feel if that happened to you seeing the giant face of your attacker glowing and projected onto a memorial like you some kind of heavenly vision uh this as as i've been saying for a while now you know we we have gone of course way way way beyond just uh expressing outrage over an unjust death this this is way into the realm of canonizing sanctifying hero worship of a man who was to put it really mildly not a hero at all um [Music] but this is what we're doing let's go to number two here's a a fun story reading from the new york post it says a suspected arsonist faces up to 20 years in jail for trying to torch portland's justice center and he was and i hope he actually does all 20 years which which but i think we know that's not going to happen uh he was easily identified thanks to a tattoo of his name on his back according to prosecutors edward edward shinzing 32 was one of 30 who broke into the area that houses the city's police headquarters under the cover of protests in late may the mob attack led to the area later being secured with heavy gates after smashing windows the mob spray painted offices broke computers and then started a series of fires in a jail records office forcing staff to flee for safety um shinzing was according to the police department identified by a comparison with a jail booking photo and a distinctive tattoo of his last name across his back um a booking photograph shows his surname in large letters across his back seemingly matching those of a topless intruder caught in security camera footage from the attack uh yeah and unfortunately for for him his last name is shinzing like at least if it was smith or johnson or something like that he could maybe claim that the guy in the footage is someone else someone with his last name who looks just like him and also has the same tattoo it's not a very plausible denial but at least it's possible uh it's more possible than claiming that there's more than one qinzing in the area uh up to mischief i'll never understand of of all the the dumb tattoos people get i will never understand getting a tattoo of your own name this is a somewhat common thing and i i just don't get it it's it's pretty lazy for one thing it seems as though you went to the tattoo parlor sat down had no idea what you wanted and then came up with this on the spot it's like the tattoo artist so what do you want um i don't know i hadn't really thought about it i mean my name let's just go with that but of course that's not how tattoos work you know maybe it works that way in like prison i don't know but in the in the free world it's a slower and more considered process and yet you settle on your own name and though and then you go and commit crimes with your shirt off exposing your name antifa antifa they are not sending their best uh they really aren't or maybe this is their best which is a scary thought number three the actress uh i think she's an actress tiffany haddish appeared on carmella anthony's carmelo anthony's show yesterday come on anthony of course the basketball player apparently has his own show everybody does these days they even gave one to me i mean it's pretty easy to get one and during the discussion at one point she explained why she doesn't want to bring kids into this world and speaking of being paranoid listen to this i'm not a fearful person right but like i have watched many of my friends not many but more than two of my friends growing up be killed by police officers you know and and it makes you feel like dang you know as a black person we were being hunted and like i felt like and i've always felt like that we're hunted and we're slaughtered and it's like they get this license to kill us and that's not okay and you know now i'm i'm older now a little older and people are like you're gonna have baby when you're gonna have some babies when you're gonna drop some babies and and there's a part of me that would would like to do that and i always make up these excuses like oh i need a million dollars in the bank before i can touch you i need this i need that but really it's like i would hate to give birth to someone that looks like me and then knowing that they're gonna be hunted or killed you know like why would i put someone through that look i know it doesn't matter at this point uh nope nobody nobody cares it we're way past the point when things like facts make a difference to anyone but for the record this police are hunting people down thing is completely and totally untrue um not even a little true there is literally zero truth to it it never happens so when someone says police are hunting and killing uh black people it's not just that they're exaggerating it's that they're inventing something that never happens certainly not in recent history unless i mean prove me wrong give me an example give me an example if you have one of police going out and hunting and killing a black person um now there are cases of people of police killing people obviously in the vast majority of those cases the people who are killed were in the process of trying to kill officers that's true as as we have gone over even of the unarmed killings in most of those cases uh the the the person was trying to kill officers either by using a uh a weapon that doesn't count as a weapon in the official reports like a vehicle or by trying to disarm them take their weapon and use it against them that sort of thing and in the very very very very small minority of of actual unjust killings none of them that i've ever heard of could be honestly described as police hunting and killing someone you want to say that george floyd killing was unjust fine if you say that that the man was hunted and killed then you're just a dishonest ridiculous hack and i think you know that um number four the daily beast has a report now about the insane backlash a music review for the site pitchfork faced her name the reviewer named jillian mapes and mapes wrote a positive but mildly critical review of taylor swift's new album folklore i think it's called and because it wasn't positive enough swift's fans harassed her actually doxed her according to the daily beast posted her address and her phone number um doxed her because that she didn't like taylor swift's album enough she liked it but didn't like it enough you know she gave whatever b minus or something whatever her grade was and it wasn't an a plus you know it's not good enough this is why of all the lost souls of all the deranged groups of people in america and there are many of them none are more lost or more deranged than people who find their their identity in their fandom you know whether they're fans of a pop star or a movie like star wars or a tv show or video games whatever it is um there's nothing wrong with being a fan okay i'm a fan believe it or not there are there are things and people that i like if you can believe it not many but there are some what i'm talking about is finding your identity in your fandom if that's like the most important thing to you in your life for that to be basically the number one thing about you the most prominent component of your life is that you're a fan of this thing or this person uh if you fall into that category then you are no offense the most pathetic sort of person that it's possible to be the phrase get a life was invented for you specifically um and here's how to know that you're in that group okay maybe maybe maybe you're not sure if you're if you're that far into it um here's how to know you're in that group or you're you're headed in that direction you're nearly in that group if you get angry actually truly angry when someone doesn't like a form of entertainment that you like you know if you are incapable of having a discussion with someone who is critical of your favorite thing or who doesn't like as much as you if you cannot engage with any critical discussion of this thing or person that you like uh because you become blind with fury and start to feel real hatred towards that person that's a good sign that you are way way too invested in this thing whatever it is and yes that goes for sports teams too i will throw that in not gonna leave that out and i say that as someone who sometimes teeters close to the edge of being a pathetic loser in this regard i admit that i do take my fandom of the baltimore ravens quite seriously too seriously in fact and um and so yes i am kind of a pathetic loser there but but the saving grace is that it only lasts for four months out of the year uh so for four months of the year i'm a pathetic dork when it comes to the you know my football fandom but then i revert back to being normal again for for the rest of it so it's only a third of the year okay for me being pathetic it's not too bad it's not great but it's it's not as bad as it could be but even as seriously as i take sports you know i still don't take it as seriously as some people do you know i've seen a not unfamiliar sight people get into fist fights i mean many of us have seen this if you're at a a stadium or a sportswear i was at a sports bar a little while ago and two dudes in different team jerseys got into a fight now granted there was alcohol involved okay but but even so um i've never been tempted to punch someone because they liked a different team than me think about what that is okay you're you're trying to cause physical harm to someone because they like to watch a different group of men play a game oh yeah this group of men are better at playing the game than than your favorite group no they're not no this group is even better you bastard i'll kill you i mean it's just it's it's not stable is all i'm saying it really does stop and think about what you're doing every once in a while um okay number five this is this is good to report from the new york post um says let me read a little bit it says there's some real monkey business at a british safari park where a roving gang of baboons armed with knives and even a chainsaw have been wreaking havoc and sowing fear according to a report the prowling primates are known to have vandalized vehicles uh ripping off windshield wipers and mirrors from them at the knolls noseley safari park uh but the baboons now i'm just reading through here oh this is disappointing i should have read this before now park officials are saying that it's uh it's a myth the park told the news outlet we believe many of these stories have grown in exaggeration as they've been retold with embellishment to make the objects that are sometimes found in the enclosure seem more exciting and unbelievable ah that's disappointing this is what i get for just going with the headline usually i try to do better than that usually i try to you know i i i try not to be one of those people that just sees a headline and i'm off to the races but when the headline is chainsaw wielding baboons i'm going with the headline okay because and this is exactly why then you read the details and it's it's depressing because it turns out maybe that's not actually the case i i like the idea though okay this is what i want to say this is good because i think we can all agree right that it's it's probably time to wrap up this whole humanity deal like i think we've all it's it's we've we've all seen enough we've really run our course and milked it for what it's worth and uh it's probably time to just you know get on with it get on with the apocalypse one way or another so it's just a matter now choosing the best apocalypse okay how do we want to finally self-destruct and a planet of the apes type of thing could be a lot of fun now if i had my pick of the of the litter i would still go with the alien invasion but if that's not going to happen if my dreams are dashed um then i think yeah arm the baboons maybe do a little genetic manipulation type of thing like they do in the movies and just let them go to work um not a bad way for the human species to go out i think you have to admit so those are our five headlines let's go to our daily cancellation today for our daily cancellation i'm going to be canceling preemptively all the false narratives current and future um over the latest incident of a suspect dying while police attempt to restrain him during an arrest this is lionel mor morris he died on february 4th at a grocery store as police tried to place him under arrest uh the media is running with the story the usual suspects are uh chiming in another george floyd they're saying the washington post headline is clearly meant to give a certain impression their headline if you can talk you can breathe arkansas cops tell man who later dies in police custody okay but all you need to do is read the washington post article the actual article not just the headlines speaking of actually reading articles to see the truth so let's uh let's let's do that now let's let's look at the this is like the second paragraph of the article it says morris had run from officers on february 4th and then placed one officer in a chokehold and tried to pull out a knife according to police after the supermarket had reported him for removing a drone from its packaging i.e he was trying to steal it um but as an officer had his knee on this 39 year old's back inside harps food store morris handcuffed and lying face down repeatedly offered a succinct and familiar plea i can't breathe there's body cam footage and surveillance footage that has been released and you can see it online prosecutors cleared the officers of any wrongdoing in the case and that's why it's um in the news now and that's why the footage uh the footage was released the footage shows why there was no there there are no charges in this case the body cam video is 45 minutes long i'm not going to play the whole thing of course but but here's a here's how the arrest began at least we'll play this and you'll see just the beginning of it you can go on youtube to see the rest but here's how the the arrest started okay now put your hands on your back all right what's up on your back come on sir please okay put it back there oh now you can't see a lot of the details there but you can tell he's running obviously fighting the officer ends up on his back and we're told morris tried to pull a knife put an officer in a chokehold um also here's here's uh there's there's other information about this story that's important this also is from the post but it's buried deeper down in the article it says uh the medical examiner concluded that morris died of methamphetamine intoxication with a combination of exertion struggle restraint and conducted uh electrical weapon deployment uh according to a letter from prosecuting attorney carol cruz to explain his death in custody tapeley pointed to toxicology reports finding that morris had substances including methamphetamine morphine amphetamine opioids opiates and cannabinoids in his system okay so a whole bunch of drugs to review here morris died because he was trying to steal something cops were called they tried to arrest him because theft is illegal fyi he ran assaulted officers tried to use a deadly weapon and all of that commotion eventually killed him due in large part to the cocktail of illegal drugs that he had put into his body who is to blame here is it the cops who tried to arrest a man who committed a crime and then defended themselves against his violent attack or is it the man who took a bunch of drugs tried to steal something then attacked the officers who came to arrest him who should we blame it's a tough call isn't it actually no it's not it's not a tough call at all um this this is pretty straightforward and amid all this talk about accountability holding police accountable how about some very basic accountability for people like lionel morris why in all of these cases that part of it is always left out what could the cops have done differently okay what could lionel morris have done differently i can think of dozens of things he could have done differently um certainly several big ones like don't steal uh if you do steal and the cops come okay they have every right to arrest you you are trying to commit a crime we live in a civilized society we have laws if you break them you get arrested so don't run if you do try to make a run for it which seems like a really bad idea because you're you're you know first of all the woman that you're with is is is is not running so they've got her they're going to find you you're on surveillance footage you're not going to you're not going to get away so running makes no sense at all there's no reason to do it uh but so don't do that even if you do do that don't then assault the police officer when they finally catch up to you um and even if you do all of those things don't take a bunch of potentially lethal drugs ahead of time that could uh you know result in your death i mean that's that's a list of what four or five things that lionel morris could have done differently and if he had made a different choice on any one of those things okay just just if you take any one of those points if you had made a different choice he'd be alive today and it's it's not a high bar either right like don't take a bunch of drugs try to steal something and then assault the officers who come to arrest you that is not a high bar to get over it it's not like we're expecting something unreasonable of lionel morris in this case he made a whole series of really really bad choices

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