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Like this video? For more Andrew Klavan and Daily Wire content, subscribe to this channel https://www.youtube.com/c/thedailywire and ring the bell for notifications so you never miss a story!cnn is now reporting that the most mostly peaceful demonstrations for racial justice are all donald trump's fault because they're violent riots serving no purpose at all in the cable network's latest news show preposterous sources a volkswagen pulls up and dozens of cnn commentators amazingly yet hilariously pour out onto the set and begin denouncing trump for the violence that isn't happening in the mostly peaceful cities that are burning down for some reason that is trump's fault after gleefully honking his red rubber nose don lemon tells his viewers quote let me pretend to be clear these cities you see where innocent people are brutalized this is donald trump's america or at least those parts of donald trump's america that are governed by democrats and that's why they're mostly peaceful and i'm very serious about this as you can tell from the faint moistness in my eyes which i feel gives me the sensitive look of a graceful doe in a peaceful forest glade but perhaps that's beside the point unquote joe biden has also emerged from his basement to praise the mostly peaceful protests that are actually riots that are trump's fault so he denounces them speaking to a broom closet he mistook for a meeting of very thin people reenacting the bride of frankenstein biden said quote come on man these are people when i look at them i see the whole history of a kind of thing that we need to do better because do i look like someone who would support radical leftists like my good friend bernie sanders or my running mate kamala harris i mean who do you think i am no really who do you think i am because i can't remember and while you're at it where do you think i live because i'd like to get back in the basement unquote biden then declared victory in the election and resigned the presidency which would make kamala harris the first woman of color ever to become president in an old man's imagination trigger warning i'm andrew clavin and this is the andrew clavin show [Music] [Music] it makes me want to sing [Music] all right we are back laughing our way through the rapid fall of the republic uh please go on the andrew clavin youtube channel we i think we have over a hundred thousand subscribers already we are trying to get to 16 million uh so please uh sign up as quickly as you can and leave a comment because if your comment is stupid enough it will raise the level of conversation on the show and we will read it on the air today cora hansen says i was told to consume more vegetables so i watched some joe biden clips harsh but fair i think oh here's some good news by the way you know uh you know how i'm always talking about my uh helix mattress and how much i love it because i'm up all night and so i get to experience the comfort of a helix mattress every single minute of 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keep it it's more than three months and if you don't love it they'll pick it up for free and give you a full refund they also have a forever warranty to find your perfect sofa check out allform.com clavin and all form is offering 20 off all orders for our listeners at that address all form dot com slash clavin so all you got to do is you got to know how to spell clavin it's k-l-a-v-a-n all right we got the mailbag coming up so kiss your problems goodbye but meanwhile for those of us who see the hilarious side of soulless corruption the left sudden switcheroo from the mostly peaceful narrative to the violent but it's trump's fault narrative has been a comedy bonanza obviously they're in a panic as the polls shift trump's way because the news media can't hide the riots anymore that's funny but it does sort of make you wonder what exactly were they thinking in the first place did they really believe we would be okay with looting rioting arson and savage attacks on innocence and police did they really think there were enough people in the country who hate themselves in america so much that they'd support mayhem everywhere these media types i know are trapped in an iron bubble of lies surrounded by people who think exactly the same way they do but you think at some point it would have occurred to some of them that riots and violence are bad and most people prefer good over bad because it's good and bad is bad but apparently that never occurred to him i think they got tied up in the perfect rightness of their own logic this is true in any logical syllogism if your premise is false your conclusion will always be true there's a fact if grass is red then cows can fly that's a true statement if grassy's red cows can fly as long as the premise is false the conclusion no matter how absurd will be true the left's premise is that every black or mexican or muslim criminal is really a victim of white oppression the oppressor by that logic are mostly people who are not criminals so the criminals are not criminals and the not criminals are the criminals this completely illogical conclusion is true because the premise is false criminals are not oppressed in america they're just criminals they broke bad there may have been reasons they broke bad but so what there are always reasons and plenty of people who have the same reason to stick to their decency the left believes that the not criminals deserve the attacks of the criminals because they're being paid back for oppression so we were just going to stand for it that's why we would just be fine with the riots with their false premise in place every conclusion the left comes to no matter how low how violent how ugly how hateful how nonsensical is true they're stuck in a trick of logic their premises are wrong so all their conclusions are right and since they're always right they figured all of america would agree to just sit back and have their country destroyed surprise all right brian stelter one of the most prominent female journalists in the country uh who bravely went to bed and wept rather than meeting his deadline which of course no male journalist would do he was on c-span plugging his new book it's all fox's fault or something like that and he got this call from a viewer who says you guys lie more than trump ever could here's the clip this is how low you'll go is that you went out and you made you made lies and you uh you defamed a child and then you had to settle out of court to pay this child for distorting information about this young individual so i would say you know if anything that's happening at cnn and anybody who buys your book it's really just one of those things that is dividing our nation and i don't believe in dividing our nation it hurts our great nation and so cnn is really the enemy of the truth and that's my opinion grateful for the call and i know that you're not the only person that feels this way there has been a process of radicalization that's happened in this country with media bashing that is absolutely unprecedented mainstream newsrooms are built to make sure that that bias doesn't seep into the news covers and yet sometimes it does i absolutely acknowledge that this is this is an amazing clip because crying brian is basically not listening to this guy at all he immediately goes into his routine you've been radicalized you see you hate the news media trump has taught you to hate the news media the guy's talking about nicholas sandman he also talks about the chirons that say things like fiery but peaceful cnn is a disinformation network it is an anti-trump pro-democrat network everybody knows it even the people who watch it know that that's what they're seeing everybody but brian stelter now today what i want to talk about is something that is being called the conspiracy theory from donald trump and we get this a lot and conspiracy theories are funny things because i don't talk about them a lot because most of them are so crazy but in a world where the news media is almost universally lying to us they're not doing any reporting they're spreading hateful generalizations about people they don't like immediately they're not getting the facts they're not telling people to be patient and wait for the facts they're spurring the violence on if there's a shooting and the victim is black and the cop and a cop shot him then immediately it must be a racist killing and they spread that before you even get to find out oh guess what you know george floyd was actually a guy who held hostages and uh jacob blake was actually an accused rapist before you get those that information you're already the riots have already started so the other day they asked trump about q and that's not what i'm going to be talking about but you know trump made some trolley remark about q and on they said oh he's uh you know dealing with this far-right conspiracy wikipedia defines q anon saying it's a far-right conspiracy theory alleging that a cabal of satan worshiping pedophiles running a global child sex trafficking ring is plotting against donald trump who's battling them no part of the theory is based on fact and back off for a minute and i think okay that's a crazy conspiracy theory i grant that but no part of it is based on fact there's no jeffrey epstein who is sex trafficking underage girls to people in me who may have included an english prince and a former president of the united states that didn't happen he didn't go to prison and hang himself in an uh high security cell with no guards to watch him with no video suddenly all the video cameras were broken and and you wonder why these people have conspiracy theories about this stuff we don't think people in hollywood are abusing children every single day in an uh epidemic of abuse you know really the thing is this is a conspiracy theory but it's a conspiracy theory that's brought about by the fact that something is going on and the news media is not reporting it those two 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in the plane it was almost completely loaded with with thugs wearing these dark uniforms black uniforms with gear and this and that they're they're on a plane where's the wheels i'll tell you sometime but it's under investigation right now so trump is saying that the people who fund biden and he's linking them to the people who fund the rioters who are moving about on on planes from city to city and of course he uses the phrase dark shadows and the media goes after him new york times trump's latest conspiracy theory people in dark shadows you know it's a conspiracy theory and listen trump has set himself up for some of this right when he was running in 2016 he had he went after obama on his birth certificate which was i think nonsense he went after ted cruz saying his father may have been involved in the assassination of president kennedy trump complicates things for people who like him and support him and want to defend defend him because he does go off and say kooky things but there's also other conspiracies he talks about like obamacare which is an actual conspiracy to overturn an election that was an actual conspiracy he talks about china what china is doing and everybody said oh he's you know xenophobic china china why all the time i was laughing at him because the way he keeps saying china china he was right he talks about the invasion of people coming in illegals coming in over open borders he was right so on the one hand trump can go off the reservation and say crazy things and on the other he often hits the nail on the head and a lot of times the minute you hear the press going conspiracy there you conspiracy theory it simply means that they are about to be exposed as the corrupt people they are and because the news media is corrupt because it is brian stelter level corrupt don lemon chris cuomo level corrupt i mean i'm talking about minor corruption i am talking about cnn level corrupt we don't know we are having a hard time getting information in a world where basically the elites are trying to get this stone of donald trump out of their shoes so they can continue with their globalization and their no borders and their free trade that makes them rich while the rest of us are sitting around getting our universal guaranteed income and taking opiates until we die that's basically the image so he trump links this funding with still talking to laura links this funding to the funding for these riots these mostly peaceful riots that are going on around the country but aren't happening but are trump's fault if they are happening but aren't happening all right so this is uh cut two talking about the funding for the violence but the money is coming from somewhere money is coming how can it rich people that have no idea that if their thing ever succeeded which it won't they will be thrown to the wolves like you've never seen so cnn facts fact checks this with daniel dale is their fact checker and it starts out oh trump is saying that that rich people are supporting these rights without any proof at all that's the lead right he's cut gets to the conclusion and then daniel dale has a fascinating piece of i i don't know what you call it tap dancing that he does on his fact check this is cut three if you want you can find a kernel of truth and that is that there are certainly wealthy people including famous celebrities who donated to racial justice organizations affiliated with the black lives matter movement but that's not what the president was suggesting here in the context in that interview he was suggesting that rich people are funding you know looters thugs people causing damage and there's simply no evidence for that and i think it's also important to note that this matches baseless conspiracy theories floated not only by people on the far right uh in the united states including people affiliated with the q anon movement but anti-democratic leaders around the world who often like to suggest that for example liberal billionaire george soros who is jewish is the one behind this stuff so i'm not calling the president an anti-semite or a dictator but i think it's important to note that this rhetoric matches some ugly stuff from anti-semites and authoritarians around the world unbelievable that is unbelievable so rich people are giving to black lives matter and their black lives matter riots all over the country but there's no proof that rich people are giving to rioters and looters and if you say that you're like the people who are attacking george soros who is jewish so you're an anti-semite which by the way accusing you of being an anti-semite for attacking a person who happens to be jewish is corruption per se in the same way it's corruption to say you're racist because you attack a guy who is accused of being a rapist and he happens to be black people who are attacking george soros some of them may be anti-semites maybe i don't know so anybody may this guy may be an anti-semite who knows but the point is people are attacking george soros are doing it with good and prop for good and proper reasons a lot of them and i'm going to talk about soros a little bit later on and get back to that but that was that was an amazing fact check you know let me go off on just a tangent i'm going to get back to this this who is funding these riots in a minute now let me just go back on a tangent for a minute these fact-checking things the left really believes in these fact checkers and they really think oh yeah we're fact checking things i want to show you an example from our friends at newsbusters an example of a fact check on network news and i want you to listen to it carefully he's fact-checking donald trump saying that there's more crime that that democrat cities are rife with crimes cut nine for weeks the president has said violence is out of control in cities run by democrats but we wanted to make sure that you have the facts is there a difference in the crime rate in cities run by democrats versus those led by republicans tom costello now with the latest in our series america's cities fact versus fiction amid national protests over racial and equality and policing president trump has often repeated the same claim the top 10 most dangerous cities in america are run by democrats 20 worst the 20 most dangerous are democrat run worse than honduras worse than afghanistan the reality check homicide rates are up in many cities run by both democrats and republicans up 13 percent in republican-led miami up 34 percent and democrat led to new york up 29 percent in republican run tulsa through june up 31 in democrat-led phoenix through july so did you catch the moment when they picked your pocket right they said trump is saying that the most violent cities in america are democrats but and the fact-checker says but crime is rising everywhere the 25 most violent cities in america are democrat run donald trump is exactly right there was no fact checking there there was no debunking there trump was right the fact checking was lying a guy put on his tie in the morning looked in the mirror put on his tie had his very fancy expensive haircut came into his high paying job at a network news station and lied to you can't not say it wasn't just a lie it was a con it was a switcheroo so how are you supposed to know how are you supposed to find the facts how are you supposed to not become a crazy conspiracy theorist so donald trump is saying there's dark funding behind joe biden and these violent people and it's all the kind of the same thing and also we know from bill barr who i the ag who i think is one of the most honest and best uh public servants in the country uh he's saying too that these people who are causing these rights are traveling from city to city people have noticed this before he is confirming that there's cut four these are the the same people many of them who came from out of town out of 175 arrests a hundred were from out of town and some these are the same people using the same tactics that have been used in various cities washington dc atlanta chicago now kenosha portland and they use these black block tactics throwing projectiles at police and literally trying to inflict injuries on police arson and rioting they came equipped as even the mayor of washington acknowledged they come equipped to fight and uh it's completely unacceptable and the state is the first line of defense if if local leaders are committed to keeping the public safe it can be done okay so these guys just just like trump said they're flying around from place to place that takes money someone's giving them money who is it we have a right to know and we know the press is lying to us we know it we just saw them we just saw them lying to us so we know they're lying to us we have a right to know who is funding this destruction of our cities let us talk about the fact let us welcome back and this is a truly warm welcome and i'll tell you why i want to 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city in the country but uh but we're we're looking to the justice department to get to the bottom of it so this is not a grassroots movement and when donald trump says there's dark money dark money in the dark shadows supporting joe biden and this movement and both his movement i think that's worth taking seriously i mean this is not a grassroots movement this is not people who come out suddenly and say you know gee i'm really upset about the america and i'm going to paint a sign and do a march through the middle of town first we'll get a permit uh we'll apply for a permit so we can have a proper legal demonstration which is the way you exercise your first amendment rights in a unorganized society that's not what's happening right kenosha is now beirut you know they've destroyed cities um minneapolis is now minnesota is now one of the blue states in the country is now a battleground state and people are going what happened why why are people voting for donald trump why do you think here's an article from the federalist an excellent website molly hemingway's website it's written by sloane i guess his name is pronounced rockmooth he talks about the ford foundation he says it claims to be america's second largest private foundation the ford foundation has poured almost two billion dollars into groups active in quote disrupting systems to advance social justice according to its grant database the ford foundation boasts key members of the joe biden and kamala harris campaign as alumni executives harris's sister kamala harris's sister and ex-campaign chairwoman maya harris served as the ford foundation's vice president alongside biden's now senior advisor christabal alex who also ser who served as the ford foundation's program director during the obama presidency some of obama's top staffers are now ford foundation's top staffers tara rangarajan now ford's chief of staff served as obama's national security advisor from 2013 to 2016. before that she served as a special assistant to susan rice during the benghazi affair another ford exec xavier de souza briggs served as president obama's associate director of the office of management and budget during the final months of the obama presidency ford foundation gave prominent leaders of the communist workers world party funding to form the southern vision alliance a collective of activists that includes members of the group raining down terror in charlotte last week at the rnc convention remember after the rnc convention there was all that violence this is part of this uh group of activists part of those activists are part of this group shortly after getting two hundred thousand dollars from the ford foundation in 2016 these activists performed one of the first violent and illegal tear downs of a historic monument in the country in durham north carolina after the activists were arrested and charged for rioting and property damage they are being defended in court for free by lawyers from another ford grantee the southern coalition for social justice flush with ford foundation cash these activists continue to promote property destruction and violence during demonstrations the ford foundation likes what it sees in the alleged criminal gang this year the wealthy non-profit gave the group 750 000 more than tripling its inaugural donation bringing ford's total contributions to the uh sva the southern what's it called this southern vision alliance uh bringing the fort's total contributions to the southern vision alliance to 1.2 million according to the foundation's website marxist leninist groups also get ford foundation support directed by bernie sanders senior adviser philip agnew the dream defenders group seeks the release of criminals from prison and the end to the capitalist system in the united states the ford foundation has given this group 1.1 million dollars according to its grant database social media account show the marxist activists campaigning for democrat mayors state attorneys and prosecutors in florida who promised to end cash bail to fund the police and free hardened criminals from jail ford cheers the success of its anti-police campaign from its website it says quote already we've seen our grantees at the forefront of the change that's taken place over the last few days from the city council of minneapolis has pledged to dismantle the police department to reimagine public safety to mayor garcetti's commitment to divest 250 million dollars of the lapd's budget to support affected communities to minneapolis and portland oregon's voting to end the presence of police in their schools less police means more crime more violence less defense for decent people who remember from the opening the decent people are the bad people because the bad people are oppressed by the decent people that's the logic of these people and look you just heard this this is a powerful foundation the ford foundation funding these efforts funding the violence bailing people out and run by close contacts with kamala harris and joe biden and permeating the democrat party there is

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