If You Love ‘Yellowstone,’ You Need to See This Forgotten Mel Gibson Gem

“The Passion of the Christ” wasn’t the only movie Mel Gibson released in 2004.

While the religious epic cemented him as one of Hollywood’s most unique and successful filmmakers, another Gibson film had some thinking Max Max had lost his mind – and for good reason.

Legend has it, the idea for “Paparazzi” was born out of a conversation involving Gibson about bad run-ins with paparazzi. Written by Forry Smith and directed by Paul Abascal (a former hairdresser for stars like Gibson), the movie dials everything up to 11.

Critics weren’t fond of that style, but in retrospect, should feel appropriate for a movie produced by Gibson about a celebrity action star killing paparazzi pests.

After years of supporting turns in hits like “Good Will Hunting” and “2...

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Nov 28th 2021
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