'Nichols' Review: Holy Grail for James Garner Fans Has Been Found

For 24 episodes, between September of 1971 and March of 1972, James Garner returned to the television Western a full ten-years after leaving “Maverick,” the Western series that made him a star. “Nichols” was something entirely different, though, which is probably why it only lasted a single season. Two years later Garner would get his groove back in a major way with “The Rockford Files.” And for over forty years, “Nichols” would remain unseen and become something of a Holy Grail among Garner fans like myself.

  Thanks to the Warner Archives, the Holy Grail has been found. All 24 episodes of “Nichols” are now  available in a single DVD release, and this review will be of the first ten.

Let me start by saying...

Proper Review
Oct 15th 2013
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