Cavalcade (1933) Bluray Review: Noel Coward's Masterpiece Finally Arrives on Home Video

Mostly by his own hand, Noel Coward’s carefully crafted image is that of dignified men in tuxedos, elegant women in evening dresses; martinis, drawing rooms, cigarette holders, diamonds, and people who use words like “darling!” and “wonderful!” There was much more to Coward, though. As aloof and carefree as his image was, there were many times he used his work to defend and protect things he cared deeply about — things that mattered.

Based on Coward’s stage play, “Calvacade” (1933) is about something that matters — how one English family perseveres through fruitless wars, separation, unspeakable loss, and the collapse of virtue during the Jazz Age.

The story opens on New Years Eve 1899 with two London families living under...

Aug 17th 2013
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