'The Sitter' Blu-ray Review: 'Uncle Buck' Meets a Tired, Filthy Script

  The pitch probably went something like this: “Uncle Buck” meets “Adventures In Babysitting” meets Judd Apatow.

How can it lose!

Well, it loses bigtime in the opening scene when our protagonist, Noah Griffith (Jonah Hill), is seen performing oral sex on Marisa (Ari Gaynor), a girl who refuses to return the favor and is using him for all kinds of selfish reasons. Desperately awkward and dealing with issues brought on by his father abandoning him, Noah rationalizes the one-sided relationship into a mutual one that will eventually put him and the children put in his charge in all kinds of danger.

Slacker Noah doesn’t normally babysit, but makes an exception to help out his mom. Naturally, each of these three kids is dealing with their own separate...

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Mar 24th 2012
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