Wknd Box Office: Next 3 Days, 127 Hours, Fair Game, Harry Potter, Inside Job, Today’s Special

By Debbie Schlussel

Wow, a banner weekend for movies.  Not only just one FOUR REAGAN movie, but two of ’em.

*  “The Next Three Days“:  My kind of movie. This is a great thriller.  It’s tight, it’s fast and full of action and suspense, and you never know where it’s going.  Loved it, but beware, it’s an adult movie and not for kids.  It has blood, killing, and a discussion of women at the beginning that uses the t-word.  (I liked the discussion, by the way, which was about how attractive women can’t work for other women.)  This movie, though there isn’t any sex in it, isn’t for prudes.

Russell Crowe is excellent as a community college professor who is desperate to get his wife,...

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Nov 19th 2010
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