Boring “Iron Man 2”: Arrogant Schmuck Superhero Reminds Me of Superman III

By Debbie Schlussel

I love comic books.  I love superheroes.  I love, love, love comic book superheroes.  And I mostly liked the first “Iron Man” movie (read my review), starring Robert Downey, Jr.  I soooo badly wanted to like “Iron Man 2,” in theaters at Midnight, Tonight.

But I didn’t.  I was bored to tears . . . and sleep.  Another movie critic literally awoke me from my slumber.  It was that slow.  And even though I had temporary sleepitude, I didn’t miss a thing.  There was nothing to miss.

This movie was a mess.  Yes, some of the special effects are cool.  But so what?  For much of the movie, Iron Man/Tony Stark is a creep.  We want our male superheroes, while cocky and self-assured,...

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May 6th 2010
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