Weekend Box Office: “Brothers” Spits on US Soldiers, Depressing “Everybody’s Fine,” Snuff Film “Armored”

By Debbie Schlussel

If you’re smart, you’ll skip all three of the new offerings at the movies, this weekend.  I was disgusted and horrified by all three of them.  They are so bad that I’m giving spoilers about what happens in each movie. You’ll thank me for saving you from these horrible experiences that they call “holiday season movies,” but which are anything but.  To do anything but tell you the truth about this cinematic excrement would be a disservice. So, let this serve as my . . .

****  SPOILER ALERT.  ****

* “Brothers“:  This movie spits in the faces of our many heroic American soldiers serving in wars overseas, living and dead.  While we know that in real life, there have been several...

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Dec 4th 2009
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