Weekend Box Office: Anti-Religion “Invention of Lying,” Great “Zombieland,” Butch Feminist “Whip It,” Mikey Moore Agit-Prop

By Debbie Schlussel

This week’s new releases present a troika of offensive, leftist blather.  Hatred of religion, hatred of capitalism, hatred of femininity–take your pick.  There’s a movie for each one, this week.  Ironically, it also includes one of my top comedies of the year, the excellent “Zombieland.”

*  “Capitalism:  A Love Story“:  Read my complete review.  Hypocrite Michael Moore tells us that capitalism is the root of all evil, while it’s actually the root of his fat bank account.  Again, read my complete review of this lying agit-prop.


*  “Zombieland“:  This is one of my top ten or top 15 movies of the year.  It’s funny, it’s cute,...

Proper Review
Oct 2nd 2009
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