Weekend Box Office: Hurt Locker, G-Force, (500) Days Worth Seeing, Skip the Rest

By Debbie Schlussel

Sorry I’m late with my movie reviews but there were so many this week, and I’ve been delayed with figuring out glitches from my new site design.  Now my reviews will be easier to find.  Ironically, the best movies this week are a kids’ flick,  and Iraq war movie (that isn’t “anti-war”), and a romance.

*  “The Hurt Locker“:  This was, by far, the best movie this week, and probably one of the best of the summer, if not the year.  While it’s a tad violent, somewhat bloody, and definitely not for kids, I loved it, but for the opening quote onscreen, written by anti-war, pro-HAMAS New York Times fabricator Chris Hedges.

Hurt Locker shows us what it’s really like, every day on the...

Contains Mention
Jul 24th 2009
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