Weekend Box Office: Sullied Secret Service in “The Sentinel,” Desperate Housewives Fans Stay Home

By If you’re a “” fan who’s expecting more of the same in this weekend’s movie, “The Sentinel,” you are on target.

Except that Kiefer Sutherland is not in it much–he’s a mere co-star who plays a geeky tight-ass. The Jack Bauer in this movie is played by well-preserved raisin, Michael Douglas. He is aging Agent Pete Garrison formerly of the PPD (the President’s personal protective detail).

If you like “24,” because it finally shows the terrorists as what they are: ISLAMIC, then you’ll be disappointed. Nope, this is hardly a spoiler. It’s a minor detail. But puh-leeze!: How many movies can they do about a KGB plot to kill the President, when–hello?!–the KGB is gone? Come on. Not too...

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Apr 21st 2006
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