Frozen II Proves It’s No Turkey

Frozen II entered its second week as, technically, a leftover. But as any Thanksgiving-loving American knows, sometimes leftovers are the best. So no one was particularly surprised when Disney’s Anna and Elsa once again snagged the biggest piece of pie.

Frozen II iced its second win by gobbling up another $85.3 million (according to early estimates) during the traditional three-day weekend. Add Wednesday and Thanksgiving Day into the mix, and Disney’s main course rises to a cool $123.7 million. That’s the biggest box-office meal any film has ever digested over the Thanksgiving holiday, by the way. In just 10 days, Frozen II has earned $287.6 million domestically, and it’s already the year’s eighth highest-grossing film—with...

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Dec 2nd 2019
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