How to Talk About Ghostbusters Without Sounding Like a Jerk

As I've noted elsewhere, the discussion surrounding the reboot of Ghostbusters (1984) is pretty terrible because Ghostbusters (2016) has devolved into a front in the culture war and no culture war issue can ever be discussed with anything resembling decency. Allow me, then, to offer a few do's and don'ts for discussing the reboot without sounding like an idiot or a jerk.

Do highlight the mediocre gross in a smart way. Breathless stories about "empty theaters" on opening night that certain websites ran with are the worst form of anecdata: totally unverifiable and unquantifiable. Do not circulate those stories. Similarly, you should cast a critical eye on any story that suggests Ghostbusters (2016) was some sort of win at the box office. Forces on both sides of...

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Jul 19th 2016
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