Three Movies Leaving (and One Coming to) Netflix You Should Watch

I suggested last time that this feature might be a regular thing. "Semi-sorta-regular" will have to do. And I thought I'd switch it up: There are a couple of movies I really enjoy leaving Netflix June 1, so I wanted to highlight those instead of what's coming to the service. But time's running short! If only there were a three-day weekend coming during which you could have killed some time by watching them.

(I really didn't plan this well, did I? Maybe next time.)

Event Horizon (Leaving June 1)

A deeply frustrating film in that it's 80 percent effective sci-fi/horror and 20 percent god-awful climactic action, Event Horizon nevertheless always hooks me in when I stumble upon it on premium cable. It's the story of a ship that went through a black hole and brought back something...

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May 26th 2015
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