James Franco Reveals the Dirty Little Secret of Fast Food Labor: It’s Not Worth $15 Per Hour

There was an odd, but interesting, op-ed at the Washington Post‘s website yesterday by James Franco. (The actor.) In it, he wrote about working at McDonald's as a teen. The piece, entitled "McDonald's was there for me when no one else was," is actually kind of delightful; I suggest you give it a read. After dropping out of UCLA, Franco needed to find work because his parents wouldn't support him while he went to acting school. Here's how he stumbled into the gig at Mickey D's:

I had very little work experience. In high school, I was fired from a coffee shop for reading behind the counter and from a golf course for reading while driving the cart on the driving range. All the waiter jobs were taken by more experienced actor/waiters.

Someone asked me if I was too good to work...

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May 8th 2015
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