It’s Marvel’s World; We’re Just Living in It

If this summer has proven anything, it’s that no one is ever allowed to preemptively criticize Marvel Studios ever again.

The wags laughed and laughed when they heard about Guardians of the Galaxy. Here Marvel was, investing more than a quarter-billion dollars (after advertising costs) into a movie about a talking raccoon and a ragtag band of intergalactic losers with virtually no connection to their massively successful Avengers-related films. Producer Kevin Feige must be drunk with power!

And yet, here we are, summer 2014 over, and Guardians of the Galaxy reigning as the king of the box office thus far. Last weekend it streaked past another Marvel film (Captain America: The Winter Soldier, a much more certain prospect than Guardians ever was) to claim the top spot. It will, sometime...

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Sep 5th 2014
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