Materialism at the Multiplex

Of the six films cited by A.O. Scott in his year-end list that represent "the big theme of our times: ‘Just look at all my stuff!' It’s capitalism, baby! Grab what (and who) you can, and do whatever feels good" three in particular leap out as connected. Spring Breakers, The Bling Ring, and Pain and Gain are all about the various ways in which media manipulates us into wanting a certain lifestyle. The unrealistic desire for more is the new American Dream.

Spring Breakers opens with a montage out of a Girls Gone Wild video. Beer is poured on bare chests while idiots hoot and holler. The sun shines bright, the music is boisterous, and the crowds are intense. These young adults are living the life—the life as projected by MTV and soft core pornographers, anyway....

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Dec 12th 2013
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