"New York Conservative" Defamed!

My harsh critique of the Sarah Palin documentary “The Undefeated” was picked up by liberal sites like Gawker, Andrew Sullivan’s blog and Dave Weigel of Slate, who strikes me as kinda sorta a liberal or at least not a real conservative. (Weigel is a great guy, by the way, with immense knowledge of DC procedure.) Lefties, in comments, rejoiced, while many conservatives snarled. A bunch accused me of being a “liberal” (not even close), a Palin hater (not true either — I like her) and even a “New York conservative.” Well. That’s a low one, if literally true — but the implication that I have a Nelson Rockefeller body pillow is too much to take. I’m a conservative, albeit one who doesn’t get overly excited about God, guns and/or...

Proper Review
Jun 8th 2011
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