AJ: The Sopranos’ Most Realistic Character

Tony's son AJ was something of a running joke on The Sopranos: he was a whiny, directionless mess who slowed down the plot and kept us away from the action and was played with virtually no skill by Robert Iler. But as I've been watching the show's last episodes (currently playing every night at 8 p.m. on HBO Signature) I've come to realize that AJ may have been show's most realistic character.

He is the ur-Millennial. He is a whiny, self-centered mess. He has no direction, content to live at home while he waits for the world to bring him his desires. He is racked by white guilt and armed with just enough knowledge about important issues to fail to realize he's making an ass of himself when he talks about them. He wants medications to solve his problems.

I remember audiences being...

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Jul 31st 2013
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