In the Final Analysis, the X-Men Are Only Human

The superhero movie Logan doesn't look, sound, or behave like any other superhero movie ever made. It's set around El Paso and the Mexican border town of Juarez, then in Oklahoma, and finally in North Dakota. It's dusty and gritty and mostly rural, entirely unlike the nine world-capital-hopping X-Men movies featuring Hugh Jackman's Logan (also known as Wolverine). No major city is destroyed or threatened here; the only urban scene is set at a casino in Oklahoma City. The planet is never in jeopardy, and the movie's climax doesn't involve the world's salvation.

Logan is old, tired, and slowly being poisoned from the inside by the indestructible metal that was inserted decades earlier into his once-indestructible body. Even more striking, his onetime mentor Charles Xavier (Patrick...

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Mar 15th 2017
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