What 'Jurassic World' Means For 2016

  What ‘Jurassic World’ Means For 2016 The 2016 hopefuls would benefit by emulating Jurassic World's strategy, adding a fresh twist to an established brand. June 5, 2015 By Bre Payton After Tomorrowland’s box-office flop, some lamented that its commercial failure is a sign of America’s waning appetite for the new and original. Instead perhaps “the old and the familiar” are what the public is hungry for, both in entertainment and politics. “There was good news out of Hollywood this week for Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush and Han Solo. The latest box office receipts suggest that the public appetite for the old and the familiar is surprisingly robust,” Gary Silverman recently wrote in a piece for the Financial Times. ‘Jurassic World’, the long-awaited sequel...

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Jun 5th 2015
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