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As a life long Frank Herbert fan, I can say this film pissed all over his great work. Where 2 start? Neo Marxist Messaging: This film tried to equate the geopolitics on Dune to the genocide of the American indians and imperialism. This was really not in the book. The Harkonens knew so little about the Freman, their population estimates were off by a factor of 100. Misandry: Replacing male characters with females. What more can I say Affirmative Action: Replacing White characters with black and asian characters LGBT: Probably was in there, but I missed it Anti-god: Nothing too noteworthy Further Comments: Dune is not a book meant to be adopted to film. As a professional film critic, I can always say what i would have done to make the file objectively better. However even if all the BLM, diversity nonsence was removed, I don't know what I would do to make Dune adaptable to the screen. David lynch tried, there was a TV series and now Dune 2021. Every single screen adaptation fails to capture the amazing universe envisioned by Frank Herbert. My recommendation: Read the book.
Nov 22nd 2021
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