Why ‘Sing’ Can’t Escape ‘American Idol’s’ Shadow

Imagine if all those wannabe singers on your average reality showcase weren’t quite … human.

No, instead of young men and women vying for insta-fame, they were gorillas, pigs and mice desperate for fame.

“Sing” starts with that surreal premise. And, in fits and starts, it climbs higher than its reality show underpinnings. The story is always a jukebox selection away from mediocrity all the same.

SING Trailer # 2 (Animation Blockbuster - Movie HD)

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Matthew McConaughey supplies the voice for Buster Moon, a down on his luck Koala bear impresario. His antiquated theater has left him bankrupt, and he needs one “really big shew” to save his financial future.

So he throws an open call out to...

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Nov 20th 2021
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